11 Best Baby Jumpers and Activity Centers for Your Kids In 2022


Make your baby squeal with joy with our list of the best baby jumpers. With various toys and accessories, these jumpers keep your child engaged for hours. Jumpers are a boon for parents, as they spare them a few minutes of me-time and allow them to catch up with unattended chores. Moreover, these baby jumpers are safe, help sharpen their motor skills, and double up as activity centers for your little ones. All the bouncing stretches and strengthens their muscles, and the set of pre-installed toys develop your baby’s learning and cognitive skills. Besides, this activity can tire them out quickly, which means that your baby will sleep for long, and you don’t have to worry about your baby being cranky during nap time.

However, choosing the right baby jumper may be challenging with various products available. So, read on to learn more.

Our Top Picks

Safety Precautions: 

  • Though these jumpers are meant for fun and learning, leaving the baby in the bouncy seat for too long can strain their muscles and back. So, if you want to keep them engaged for a long time, choose a jumper that comes with a lock feature so you can prevent the non-stop bouncing
  • Also, it’s risky to leave the baby unattended in a jumper, considering they like to put anything and everything in their mouth. Keep the jumper in the same room as you are so you can monitor them from a distance.

11 Best Baby Jumpers For Your Little One!

1. Best With Multiple Languages:Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper

Baby crabs, starfish, and a removable sea turtle station that teaches in 3 different languages! Watch your little one turn into a mini marine explorer with this ocean-inspired discovery jumper. With a colorful bouncy seat installed with multiple activities and marine animals to keep your baby company, the jumper is designed to keep them thoroughly entertained. And while your baby spends time jumping and dancing with his exotic friends, the seat also spins 360° and moves in all directions so they can enjoy it without any assistance. Go through this video review for a detailed understanding of the product.


  • Strengthens baby’s leg muscles
  • Easy to adjust with 4 different height options
  • Underwater-inspired flashcards included for boosting vocabulary
  • Easy to clean and the seat is machine-washable
  • Ideal for babies who can sit up unassisted


  • Expensive
  • The metal base might make noise on movement.

2. Best Portable:Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

Are you dealing with a little Tarzan at home? Create his very own jungle, anywhere, anytime! Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper is portable, easy to assemble, and comes with a hidden safety cord that ensures your baby is in the safest safari seat available. Also, the bouncing spring is super-sturdy, which allows the babies to jump, dance, and bounce as long as they want. Constructed to deliver joy to your baby and you, this lightweight jumper has a no-mark clamp too, so the walls and doorways remain mark-free. Check out this video for a detailed review of the product.


  • Easily attaches to any door frame
  • Height is adjustable up to 25lbs
  • Built-in toy tray and two removable toys included
  • The nylon seat pad is removable and machine-washable.
  • The plastic dome keeps the straps apart.
  • The straps are non-twistable.


  • The strap might be an issue while getting the baby out.

3. Best Ultra-Comfortable:Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center

Summer Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center

Love traveling or visiting parks? This portable activity center will make all trips fun-filled for your baby! Acting like your toddler’s playtime arena, the ultra-comfy bouncy seat is installed with multiple toys like a rattle, teether, and a mirror book to keep them happy and entertained. Ensuring all your on-the-go experiences are hassle-free and baby-friendly, it also has a removable UV-resistant canopy to protect your baby from harmful rays. Just what you need to make summer popping and playful for your little one, give this jumper a try.


  • Assembles and folds within seconds
  • Lightweight, portable, and space-efficient
  • Travel bag with shoulder straps included
  • Ideal to use in the house, park, or while traveling
  • The seat is removable and machine-washable.


  • The toys are not detachable.
  • The metal base might leave scratches on the floor.

4. Best Interactive:Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

Until your little bub is ready to explore on their own, let his or her curiosity expand on this bouncy and colorful jumper. Designed with 12 super-interactive activities involving sound, lights, and songs, watch your baby bounce, dance, and enjoy like never before. And since the jumper is movable, you can keep your baby close to you. Plus, the seat rotates 360°, letting your little one reach out to all the cute toys on its own. An ideal option to keep your baby busy and you hands-free at home, the jumper also promotes learning by introducing the baby to three different languages.


  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Strengthen baby’s joints and muscles
  • Provides 5 adjustable height positions
  • The toy station is easy-to-clean.
  • The ultra-comfy seat is machine-washable.
  • The toys help hone development skills.


  • Expensive
  • Bulky and not recommended for small rooms

5. Best With Light And Sound:Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

Watch your baby go wild giggling in this Animal Activity Jumperoo by Fisher-Price! Create a mini zoo at home with a spinner giraffe, slider lion, teether froggy, and more. Helping them learn, discover, and explore all at once in an ultra-comfy bouncy seat, it also keeps the baby involved with bright flashing lights, sounds, and songs. And while they learn to balance and jump, these toys are colored and designed to develop their sensory skills too. So, if you are nurturing an animal lover at home, this jumper with adorable mini animals will be ideal BFFs for your tiny tot!


  • Moves in all directions
  • Strengthens and stretches muscles
  • Rotates 360° to help baby reach out every toy
  • Easy to adjust with 3 different height options
  • The seat is removable and machine-washable.
  • It is ideal for toddlers who can sit up unassisted.


  • The seat may not spin around easily.

6. Best Space-Saving:Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Jumperoo

Are you looking for a space-saving and portable baby jumper? Then Woodland Friends Jumperoo by Fisher-Price will be an ideal option for you. With every jump rewarding the baby with a sound, light, or song, watch them explore and develop new skills with the interactive toys on the station. From a light-up piano, slider caterpillar to more animal spinners keeping them busy and entertained, there’ll never be a dull moment with this jumper in the house. Also, about being space-efficient — it folds flat and is easy to store.


  • Ideal for baby’s physical exercise
  • Promotes child development skills
  • Sturdy spring with fabric closure
  • Portable, lightweight, and spins 360°
  • Easy to adjust with 4 height positions
  • The seat is removable and machine-washable.


  • The seat may be stiff.

7. Best Bouncy Seat:Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

Send your baby on an underwater adventure with Nemo and his adorable marine friends! Installed with all the famous Nemo characters on the toy station, the jumper promises all-time fun for your baby. Also, it has a 360° spin construction, so your little mariner can easily reach out to all the characters without your assistance. Ensuring a happy workout session too with its bouncy seat and 13+ interactive activities, don’t blame us if your baby wants to dive into this ocean-inspired Disney jumper all the time.


  • Super-comfortable seat with high-back support
  • Toys have ocean lights, sounds, and songs
  • Buckle straps are sturdy and enclosed with fabric
  • Height is easy to adjust up to 4 positions
  • Ideal for toddlers 6 months and above
  • The jumper moves in all directions.
  • The jumper seat is removable and machine-washable.


  • Bulky, may not be ideal for small rooms

8. Best Sturdy And Durable:Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

Get your baby his or her very own gym in the doorway! If you are dealing with a super energetic toddler at home, this jumper can help them channel this energy through jumps to build muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Ensuring a safe and snug fit so your baby can stay comfortable throughout, Jolly Jumper can easily hold weight up to 28lbs. Plus, it allows free movement and helps easy breathing too.


  • Sturdy and durable jumper
  • Designed to fit most door frames
  • The shoulder strap keeps them from toppling over.
  • The door clamp is mark-free.
  • It has a safety buckle and Velcro straps for extra security.
  • It is ideal for babies who can hold up their necks unassisted.


  • Expensive
  • Getting the baby out of the jumper may be a hassle.

9. Best Gender-Neutral:Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

This jungle-inspired gender-neutral jumper by Evenflo has over 58 fun and learning activities for your baby! With sturdy construction and a super-comfortable seat that ensures safety, the balance pad at the bottom promotes secure bouncing and stability too. Helping your child develop motor skills, sensory skills, and more, this modern baby jumper combines physical exercise, fun, and learning like no other. And as for the wildlife theme, watch your baby become pals with the mini animals within a few uses!


  • Promotes child development skills
  • Strengthens neck, legs, and back muscles
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Easy to adjust with 3 height positions
  • Straps are sturdy and enclosed with fabric
  • The seat can be removed and is machine-washable.


  • Expensive
  • Minimal bounce
  • Bulky, not recommended for small rooms

10. Best Convertible:Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

This exotic-themed jumper will stay strong through all of your baby’s growing stages! Designed for newborns and usable up to 24 months, this activity and learning center is convertible into 3 different styles, which means you don’t have to buy a new jumper every time your baby grows! Plus, the 11 interactive toys ensure unlimited fun and skill development through object exploration. Just what your little explorer needs to expand his creativity while learning to balance, stabilize, and grow. Give this baby jumper a try!


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Ultra-comfortable and bouncy seat
  • Allows the baby to rock, spin, and bounce
  • Portable, extendable, and convertible
  • Travel-friendly and easy-to-store
  • Adjustable with 3 height positions
  • The seat is removable and machine-washable.


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

11. Best Overall:Jolly Jumper – The Original Baby Exerciser

Jolly Jumper - The Original Baby Exerciser

Lastly, this original and classic Jolly Jumper that guarantees one thing — a good and giggling bounce for your baby! Watch them jump away in happiness in this 6ft tall and sturdy frame that’ll also improve balance and stability. With a stand that eliminates the need for a doorway, it flexes and strengthens the baby’s muscles with every leap. Also, the snug seat ensures to keep their posture upright during jumps. All in all, Jolly Jumper is an ideal option if you are looking to keep your active baby occupied and entertained.


  • A trusted brand for more than 68 years
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Portable, folds flat, and is easy-to-store
  • Ideal to use indoors and outdoors
  • Recommended for babies 3 months and above
  • The seat is designed to support the baby’s spine.
  • The shoulder straps provide extra safety.


  • Expensive
  • The straps may entangle while getting the baby out.

That’s all folks! Those are the 11 best baby jumpers for your little one. However, you must check out the safety precautions before using a baby jumper. Also, if you need assistance with choosing the best baby jumper, we have a buying guide for you below!

How To Choose The Best Baby Jumper?

Look out for these features while shopping:

Construction: Pick a baby jumper that has a durable and sturdy construction, so you don’t have to worry about it crashing or slipping midway while your baby jumps.

Comfort: Babies are sensitive to discomfort. So, no matter how many toys are installed on the station, if the seat is uncomfortable, they would want to get out. Also, a bad seat can affect the baby’s posture and balance, so comfort is essential while choosing a jumper. 

Bounce: The bounce is what makes these jumpers unique; otherwise, they are just seats with toys. Inspect the strength and flexibility of the springs before purchasing, so you don’t end up with a stiff product. 

Safety: Every jumper comes with safe and secure features. However, check if the jumper has safety buckles or is topple-free to avoid a hazardous situation. 

Weight: Another important feature that many parents end up skipping is the weight limit. Check if the jumper can carry your baby’s weight in the long run for a safe and comfortable experience.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna is an experienced baby products reviewer. Her understanding of child behavior and development helps her curate product lists keeping in mind what suits babies the best. She has reviewed the best baby jumpers and has included a buying guide in this article to help you make the right decision. The products listed in this article are quality-assured and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do I Need A Baby Jumper?

Active babies love to move around the house and explore. And since you cannot stick around with them all the time, getting a jumper is ideal. Not only does it improve the baby’s physical strength and balance but also keeps them occupied and entertained.

2. How Old Should My Child Be?

Your baby should be over 4-5 months to be eligible to use most jumpers. However, it depends on the jumper you are purchasing. Some may be ideal for babies who can sit up without assistance.

With a plethora of baby jumpers to choose from, zeroing down on the best baby jumpers for your little one can be challenging. Baby jumpers are not only fun to play with but also an interesting way to make the best use of your outdoor space. While picking the right one, ensure that it suits your little one’s age, is durably built to hold their weight, comes with safety features, and does not contain sharp edges that may harm your child. Also, don’t forget to check if the jumper is bouncy enough and is easy to maintain to ensure your child has a good time.

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