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When a baby is born, they spend a lot of time in a crib. Thus, you should bring home the best baby mobiles to keep them occupied and engaged. These colorful musical toys from trusted brands help address the infant’s boredom by stimulating their auditory and visual senses.

These tried-and-tested toys trusted by moms and dads come in various designs and with different interactive features. So, to help you select the right one, we bring you a list of the most engaging baby mobiles. Hang them in your child’s crib to make their crib time fun.

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15 Best Baby Mobiles

1.Best Sustainable:Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

Haba brings you this safe and trusted toy made entirely of beech wood sourced through sustainable forestry. It is a ceiling-mounted baby mobile that can be placed above a baby’s cot, in any room. The toy is shipped with a string that lets you suspend the toy from any regular ceiling fish-hook screw. If you want to know more about this nature-themed mobile, here’s a video worth watching.

Color: Meadow Days | Item Weight: ‎12 ounces | Batteries: ‎3 AA batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎4 x 7.5 x 13.38 inches


  • Non-toxic, water-based paint
  • Helps stimulate the baby’s vision
  • Wooden rods help balance the toy’s weight for stability
  • Keeps spinning for 10 to 15 minutes


  • May not include installation hardware
  • May be slightly heavy

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 10,282 reviews on Amazon indicate that this product has a loyal following.

2.Best Projection:Haba Nursery Wooden Mobile

Here’s a mom-approved crib mobile with a projector at the base of the arm that displays images of cartoon animals on the canopy. You can remove the canopy and the toys to project the images on a wall or ceiling. Four soft toys are attached to the canopy that spin in their place. This video takes you through this customizable mobile’s unique interactive features.

Color: Rainbow | Material: Beechwood | Item Weight: ‎1.2 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎10.79 x 14.88 x 1.89 inches


  • Plays music, classical lullabies, and natural sounds such as heartbeat and womb sounds
  • Can attach to any crib using universal straps
  • Easy to operate using buttons on the crib mobile or remote
  • Three musical settings


  • Projection may turn off randomly
  • Volume may be low

Our Tester's Experience

"I found the solid wood baby mobile appealing; the bright colors quickly attracted my baby. Balancing it, though slightly tricky, was easily resolved and setting it up wasn't too hard. However, it didn't include hanging equipment, so I had to improvise. Its ability to quickly calm my fussy baby and distract him during diaper changes is impressive."

protip_icon Quick Fact
Nursery mobiles moving and dancing above a baby’s head in the crib can help develop their attention span (5).

3.Best Loved:Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Projection Mobile

Color: Multi | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: ‎3.17 pounds | Batteries: ‎2 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎3.87 x 16 x 13 inches

Fisher-Price, a trusted brand in baby products, brings you this safe and effective toy loved and trusted by moms and dads to engage your baby. This video takes you through this product’s unique features, making it easier for you to make a buying decision.


  • A projector at the base of the arm displays images of cartoon animals on the canopy attached to the arm. You can remove the canopy and the toys to project the images on a wall or ceiling.
  • Four soft toys that spin in their place are attached to the canopy.
  • A speaker at the base of the attachment arm plays music and natural sounds like heartbeat and womb sounds. There is also a selection of lullabies and classical music composed by Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven.
  • Control the functions using the buttons on the crib mobile, or a remote.
  • The baby mobile can attach to any crib using universal straps.
Our Tester's Experience

"This projection mobile has become a beloved toy for my son. However, the projections don't work well during the day, and more sound options and Bluetooth would be a welcome addition. Still, we love it as the toy brings much joy to my baby."

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile
Best Sustainable
Haba Nursery Wooden Mobile
Best Projection
Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Projection Mobile
Best Loved
Color Meadow Days Rainbow Multi
Weight ‎12 ounces ‎1.2 pounds ‎3.17 pounds
Batteries ‎3 AA batteries required- ‎2 AAA batteries required
Dimensions ‎4 x 7.5 x 13.38 inches ‎10.79 x 14.88 x 1.89 inches ‎3.87 x 16 x 13 inches
Material- Beechwood Plastic

4.Best Visual:Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile

Color: Multicolour | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 1.13 ounces | Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 7 inches


  • It is a portable baby mobile with a universal clip for strollers, bassinets, and car seats when you’re on-the-go.
  • The mobile has three reversible cards that keep rotating to engage the baby.
  • High contrast patterns on the card attract the baby’s attention. The patterns are useful for the baby’s visual development.
  • This easy-to-install mobile is ultra lightweight to help you carry it everywhere you go with your baby.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 3,391 positive reviews on Amazon are proof that this product meets customers' expectations.

5.Best Melody:Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Baby Mobile

Bring home this soothing crib mobile with three toys on top that spin in their place to keep the child engaged. The sound module at the base of the attachment arm features six buttons each for a sound category. You can pick from 18 tunes and sounds across these categories.

Color: Meadow Days | Item Weight: ‎1.98 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎4.75 x 16 x 13.5 inches


  • Adjustable volume
  • Toys spin in conjunction with the music
  • Sound module can be used separately for toddlers and older children
  • Calming and soft night light


  • Motor may be loud
  • Toys may make a clicking sound

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product boasts 3,804 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.

6.Best Adorable:Disney Winnie The Pooh Mobile

This mommy-approved baby mobile features four adorable plush toys: two toys shaped like Winnie the Pooh, one honey bee, and a jar of honey. You can rotate the toys with the flick of the hand.

Color: Aqua, Grey, Yellow | Item Weight: ‎1.02 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎12.5 x 8.5 x 29 inches


  • Music box on the top plays music without batteries
  • Attachment arm easily affixes to a standard crib rail
  • Durable material
  • Helps soothe the child


  • Volume may not be adjustable
  • Toys may get stuck on the arm sleeve

Our Tester's Experience

"I found the Winnie the Pooh mobile easy to assemble, despite needing a bit of muscle, and it also came with batteries. However, keep in mind that it does not have a universal fit. It plays Brahms lullaby and revolves nicely — my baby loves it! Ensure it faces the correct direction before assembly, as once it is clicked, it is hard to undo. Definitely worth considering."

protip_icon Point To Consider
Avoid hanging mobiles or toys above the crib with a string or cord longer than seven inches or 18 centimeters, as it can pose the risk of strangulation (6).

7.Best Rocking:Bedtime Originals Roar Dinosaur Musical Mobile

Lay your hands on this dad- and mom-approved baby musical mobile that features four lightweight dinosaur-shaped plush toys on the crib mobile. You can fix the mobile to any crib using the clip at the base of the attachment arm. Featuring an adorable design, this musical mobile can play three lullabies—Rock-A-Bye Baby, Brahms Lullaby, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Color: Blue/Gray | Item Weight: ‎1 pounds | Batteries: ‎3 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎14 x 14 x 27 inches


  • Adjustable volume
  • Plays for 20 minutes
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install


  • May not include batteries
  • Lowest volume may still be loud

Our Tester's Experience

"The dinosaur mobile is very cute. Though installation on curved crib rails requires effort, the soft dinos, volume controls, and easy assembly make up for it. However, some more tunes and a sleeve cover for the arm would have been good. Despite this, my son was captivated for long, which felt satisfying."

8.Best Innovator:The Peanutshell Safari Animals Musical Crib Mobile

The Peanutshell Safari Animals Musical Crib Mobile Image: The Peanutshell

Peanutshell presents a mommy-approved baby musical mobile with a bright and exciting safari theme. It features an adorable design with multiple mini soft toy animals to keep your little one entertained, including a zebra, a lion, an elephant, and a giraffe. The hanging leaves above the animals are made of felt to create a realistic effect. You can play up to 12 different lullabies at the touch of a button. This entertaining crib mobile is designed to fit standard-size cribs.

Color: multicolored | Material: Felt | Item Weight: ‎1.48 pounds


  • Promotes auditory and motor development
  • Easy on/off button
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with the assembly instruction manual


  • Does not spin while music is off
  • Batteries are not included

Our Tester's Experience

"I assembled this nursery mobile quickly despite a slight difficulty decoding instructions. I found the 12 fast-paced lullabies to be unexpectedly high-pitched, yet overall, it's still adorable. The felt leaves appeared wrinkled initially but were fixable. The controls were pretty straightforward."

9.Best Sturdy:Shiloh Baby Crib Musical Mobile


  • The crib mobile attaches to the baby’s crib rail using a proprietary attachment bracket, which is sturdier than a standard clip.
  • There are four baby-friendly hanging toys — One toy works as a squeaker, another as a jingle bell, and another as a rattle within.
  • The sound module on the top can play up to 60 tunes. Parents can switch between the tunes using buttons.
  • The music shuts automatically after 30 minutes when the device is idle but can continue playing for an hour when used or operated in between.
  • The base of the hanging hook can move 360° thus making the toys spin in both directions.

10.Best Eco Spin:Manhattan Toy Skwish Crib Mobile

Material: Wood | Color: Multicolor | Item Weight: 4 ounces | Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches


  • The colorful crib mobile features multiple levels of wooden beads that attach to the main attachment arm.
  • A wooden base made from sustainable wood and painted in water-based colors goes over the baby’s crib rail and is compatible with most types of cribs.
  • Just flick the mobile with a finger to make the beads spin in their place.
  • The bright colors are excellent at stimulating the baby’s vision.
Our Tester's Experience

"I bought this toy for my son when he was just two months old, and it caught his attention right away. Its unique design makes it fun to grab and turn, and he enjoys manipulating the wooden beads and playing with the elastic. However, be careful, as its design might pose a potential eye-poking risk. It's easy to clean and offers a soothing rattling sound, without being annoying, making it a family favorite."

11.Best Handcrafted:Tik Tak Design Co. Felt Ceiling Mobile

Color: White-Cloud | Material: Wood | Item Weight: ‎3.52 ounces


  • The stars and the balls in the crib mobile are made from felt, which is non-woven wool.
  • It is a handmade mobile that can be mounted on the ceiling.
  • The star mobile suspends from a natural wooden frame. The cluster of felt balls balances evenly on the wooden frame.
  • Parents can push the baby mobile to make the softballs spin around.

12.Best Delight:Caterbee Baby Mobiles For Crib

Caterbee Baby Mobiles For Crib Image: Caterbee

Keep your little one engaged with The Baby Crib Mobile by Caterbee, which features a projector, fun music, and gentle light. The five animals hanging over the crib can be detached and used as teether toys. These cute animals, made of quality plastic, have been tested for safety and spin slowly at 360 degrees. The light falls on the lower body of the crib, allowing it to keep an easy check on the baby, while ensuring the baby does not wake up. The projector projects a starry sky to take your little one into a dreamy world.

Color: Pink | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: ‎2.59 pounds | Batteries: ‎2 AAA batteries required


  • USB-rechargeable
  • Small night light
  • 600 minutes of soothing music
  • Visual stimulation
  • Remote-controlled


  • Cannot be used while charging
  • Might be bulky

Our Tester's Experience

"While I found this product easy to assemble and charming with its adorable animals, its buttons seemed difficult, and I had to rely heavily on the included remote. The device's arm strength was disappointing as it struggled to support the mobile. Nevertheless, the music options and the detachable toys that switch into rattles made it a good buy, and despite the hiccup, I recommend this product."

13.Best Slumber:KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile

Lull your little one to sleep with KiddoLab’s Baby crib mobile. The animal mobile features fun baby-friendly animals, such as a puppy, a kitten, a bunny, and a rabbit, along with a projector, music, and a timer. The projector gives a beautiful light show of the moon and stars on the ceiling once the lights are off. Soothing lullabies or gentle nature sounds can be selected to be played for a 15-minute duration and can be restarted when required.

Color: Yellow,Orange,Red,Pink | Item Weight: ‎2.4 pounds


  • Made from BPA-safe material
  • Brightly colored
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy installation


  • May not be compatible with strollers and soft-mesh cribs
  • May turn off automatically after 15 minutes

Our Tester's Experience

"I found the mobile soothing for my son, although the music could benefit from volume controls and longer play times. The projector feature is delightful, and it also adds a soothing feeling at night time with the charming nature sounds. Overall, it's an engaging distraction for my baby especially when I need to tend to some chores."


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The tried-and-true product has earned over 5,252 good reviews on Amazon.

14.Best Charm:Lambs & Ivy Oceania Musical Nursery Crib Mobile

Keep your child engaged with this musical nursery crib mobile. The ocean mobile rotates while playing baby-friendly songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms Lullaby, and Rock-A-Bye Baby. The octopus-shaped central part with mobile strings suspends four fish-shaped plush toys.

Color: Blue | Material: Polyester, Plastic | Item Weight: ‎1.3 pounds | Batteries: ‎3 AAA batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎10 x 10 x 27 inches


  • Encourages visual stimulation
  • Clamp sits on the crib rail and keeps the baby mobile secure
  • Parents can manually turn off the music
  • Turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity


  • May be flimsy
  • Music may get distorted sometimes

Our Tester's Experience

"I was initially skeptical about needing a crib mobile machine, but I love this one. My newborn adores the adorable, soft fish. It's easy to assemble and features volume control. The beautiful music is a plus. Though it gobbles up batteries with frequent use, it's worth it."

15.Best Nautical:Sorrel + Fern Baby Crib Mobile

Sorrel + Fern Baby Crib Mobile Image: Sorrel + Fern

Spruce up your baby’s nursery with this adorable baby crib mobile. The ocean-themed baby-friendly décor is adorable because of its cute whale and sailboat elements, and the toy is designed to soothe your little one while they rest in their crib. Each piece is modern and simple, and they are made from felt and wood. The 3D design can allow your little bundle of joy to focus on the toy while they fall asleep.

Color: Whale and Sailboat | Material: Wood | Item Weight: ‎3.2 ounces


  • Available in calming colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable length
  • Adjustable pieces


  • Wood ring may bend after long-term use
  • Some may find the strings thin

Our Tester's Experience

"With a simple setup, I found the mobile to be a great fit in my daughter's room. I like its lightweight design and small shapes, though it didn't come with hanging equipment, and we had to improvise. My daughter really enjoyed it, and it brings a smile to my baby's face every time."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

What Is A Baby Mobile?

Baby mobile, also called a crib mobile, is a hanging toy that you suspend on top of a bed, bassinet, stroller, or car seat. The mobile is a circular frame with several small toys attached to it with strings. The toy dangles above the crib such that it stays in the baby’s line of sight. The moving toys capture the infant’s attention and keep them engrossed.

Why Purchase A Baby Mobile?

Baby mobiles help the baby in the following ways:

  1. Help in object tracking: Watching the toys move on the crib allows the baby to exercise their eyes and improve their object tracking skills.
  1. Soothe the baby to sleep: Soft sounds from a baby mobile can calm the infant and may help them fall asleep faster with less fuss.
  1. Pacify and distract the baby: A baby mobile can come in handy when you want to calm a cranky baby. The toy is also useful when you are strolling outdoors, where it can become difficult to handle a baby’s tantrum.

Heather Welch, a play advocate, educator, mother of two, and an expert in children’s products and toys, says, “Baby mobiles are excellent for stimulating your baby’s visual sense. They can help your little one understand and process the world around them, which is the start of learning through play.”

What Are The Different Types Of Baby Mobiles?

There are fundamentally two types of baby mobiles available:

  1. Crib-mounted: A crib-mounted baby mobile attaches to the crib with the use of a plastic attachment arm that latches to the crib rails. The top part of the holder has an axle where the toys hang. A crib-mounted baby mobile transfers all its weight to the crib.
  1. Ceiling-mounted: The mobile string goes all the way to the ceiling, where it attaches to a hook. Ceiling-mounted baby mobile may not be able to carry a lot of weight due to the risk of falling. However, you get the convenience of placing the toys at any distance above the baby.

How To Choose The Right Baby Mobile?

Explore the following features when shopping for a baby mobile.

  1. Type of baby mobile: Not all baby mobiles can be mounted on the ceiling, and some crib-mounted mobiles will fit only certain cribs. Therefore, pick a type of mobile that will work with your crib, bed, or ceiling.
  1. Movement: Check for the movement options available with the toys of the crib. Rotating mobiles or toys with several movement options help keep the baby entertained for a longer time.
  1. The number of toys: Some baby mobiles only support a couple of toys while others support several. Choose one depending on your baby’s preference.
  1. Music, light, and automatic movement: Battery-operated baby mobiles move automatically and have a light and sound feature. Some interactive crib mobiles may also have a remote control to operate the electronic functions.

Tips For Using Baby Mobile

  1. Keep the mobile out of the baby’s reach: A baby mobile is meant for an infant’s visual stimulation and entertainment, and not for them to hold and play. Always place the baby mobile at a height where the baby cannot reach it with their hands. If the baby can reach it, they may pull and cause it to fall on the face, increasing the risk of suffocation due to the several strings present on a baby mobile.
  1. The hook must be secure: Check and double-check the sturdiness of the ceiling hook when hanging a ceiling-mounted mobile. Be watchful of any loose strings or toys on both ceiling-mounted and crib-mounted baby mobiles to keep your baby safe.
  1. Remove once the baby can reach out: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends removing the baby mobile once the infants are five months old, or when they can reach out for objects, whichever happens first (1). The risk of the mobile falling and causing injury increases when your baby is around six months old, when they can reach out and grab things that are out of their reach (2).

The Bottom Line

Crib mobiles are great for grabbing babies’ attention or distracting them. They come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and shapes, stimulating your little one’s senses and introducing them to the world of fun, brightly colored toys. The best crib mobiles are available in your child’s favorite animal forms and can spin and play different melodies at the touch of a button. When choosing a baby mobile, make sure it is suitable for your crib and has the right number of toys to keep your baby entertained. Our favorites are the colorful Haba Nursery Wooden Mobile and the music-playing Fisher-Price Precious Planet Projection Mobile. We also like the Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Baby Mobile, which grows with the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the baby crib mobile’s cloth pieces removable and washable?

Yes, most crib mobile attachments can be unhooked or unclipped for washing. The cloth attachments can be machine washed, but plastic ones may need wiping with warm water.

2. Can I change the clip crib rail height in a baby crib mobile?

You can alter the height of a crib mobile if your crib or toy comes with height alterations. However, you may keep the crib mobile away from your toddler’s reach to avoid any accidental injuries.

3. Is a mobile crib hand-operated or a battery-operated?

You can operate a crib mobile manually or with the help of batteries. The ones with the hanging toys and rattles may work manually, while the ones with music and rhymes may need batteries.

4. Do crib mobiles help babies sleep?

The lullabies and white noise from the crib mobile can comfort the baby and help them sleep better (3). However, loud noises or vibrations can startle the baby and keep them from sleeping peacefully.

5. At what age should I put my baby in a crib mobile?

You may start using a crib mobile when your baby is about a month old. Babies begin to listen to sounds and follow different light sources and faces when they are a month old (4). The crib mobile can help the baby develop coordination and visual skills.

6. How many songs can a baby crib mobile play?

A crib mobile can play many tunes, different parts of songs, and rhymes. The crib mobiles are battery-operated and can play songs for a long time.

7. How much does a crib mobile weigh?

The weight of a crib mobile can differ based on the material, the kind of toys, and the number of toys hanging from it. A crib mobile can weigh anywhere from thirty to a hundred pounds.

Why Trust MomJunction?

A crib mobile provides infants with visual, auditory, and motor stimulation. When investing in a crib mobile, you would want to make sure that it is designed to keep your infant engaged. Vibha Navarathna, our experienced writer and reviewer of baby products, has curated this list of the best crib mobiles after going through user ratings and reviews to include the best-selling products in our list. She has also explained the types of crib mobiles and included a buying guide to help you choose the right one.
Crib mobiles are great for grabbing babies’ attention or distracting them. They come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and shapes, stimulating your little one’s senses and introducing them to the world of fun, brightly colored toys. The best crib mobiles are available in your child’s favorite animal forms and can spin and play different melodies at the touch of a button. When choosing a baby mobile, make sure it is suitable for your crib and has the right number of toys to keep your baby entertained.

Infographic: How To Use Crib Mobiles Properly?

Crib mobiles are designed to captivate and soothe babies with their soft music, gentle movements, and captivating designs, creating a delightful and stimulating environment in the nursery. However, it is crucial to use them with caution to minimize the risks of strangulation, suffocation, and choking. Refer to the infographic below to learn about the precautions for safe crib mobile usage.


Illustration: Momjunction Design Team


MomJunction's articles are written after analyzing the research works of expert authors and institutions. Our references consist of resources established by authorities in their respective fields. You can learn more about the authenticity of the information we present in our editorial policy.
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