11 Best Baby Monitors For 2 Rooms In 2022


The best baby monitors for 2 rooms help you take care of your baby and keep a watch on them, especially when you are in one room and your little one is in another room. Thanks to these baby monitors, you can check if your baby is sleeping or crying. Some of these monitors are not limited to only two rooms and can be used in multiple rooms. They come with interesting features, including temperature control, pan, tilt, zoom, wide-angle screens, and two-way audio. Have a look at this list and choose a baby monitor based on your needs.

Why Do I Need Multiple Cameras?

Shawnda Dorantes MSN, APRN, FNP-C, acclaimed California-based nurse practitioner and entrepreneur, says, “As parents, we want to do everything for our children. Choosing the right monitor for two rooms can help you be in three places at once. Which is especially important if you have children varying in age–this technology allows you to keep an eye on both your infant and your toddler at the same time.”

Here are some more reasons you should consider buying baby monitors with multiple cameras.

  • Twins or multiple babies

A monitor with more than one camera is helpful if there is more than one baby in the room, as in the case of twins, so that you have one camera monitoring each child. It’s also helpful if children of different ages share the same room.

  • Different rooms

A baby monitor for 2 rooms can monitor multiple children in the rooms. Some monitors feature split screens, so that multiple pictures can be seen on the screen at the same time, or you can go through each camera separately.

  • Versatility

You can use a baby monitor for 2 rooms to monitor not just babies, but also elderly people, pets, and even entry and exit points of your home.

11 Best Baby Monitors For 2 Rooms

1. Best Digital Wireless Transmission: GoodBaby SM35PTZ Video Baby Monitors

This product has all that you can hope for in a baby monitor— a 3.5in large color screen, 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission, security, interference-free transmission, magnification up to two times, absolutely clear digital audio and video, uninterrupted streaming, and high definition. It has a transmission range of 960 feet, and four in-built infrared LED lights for night vision. Its advanced speaker and microphone allow you to have a two-way conversation with your baby or play soothing lullabies to settle them down. It also displays the temperature of your baby’s room so that your baby is always comfortable. The panoramic mode of this monitor moves 355° and also tilts 90° from ceiling to floor. And what’s more, it can remind you to feed your baby at intervals of two, four, and six hours. The baby monitor has been reviewed by more than 7,000 users on Amazon


  • Versatile
  • Compact design
  • Easily portable
  • Alarm function
  • Long-lasting 1200mAh battery
  • Up to four cameras can be added
  • Battery life of 12 hours with eco mode
  • Difficult to hack


  • May not offer clarity in terms of night vision


2. Best With Power Saving Mode: LBtech Video Baby Monitor

With a 4.3in screen and digital technology, this baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby at all times with complete security and privacy. With a transmission range of 1000ft, it just needs to be plugged in and can be attached to four cameras at a time. It allows you to zoom in to your baby so that you can observe them more carefully without changing the lens. It features a power-saving mode that helps save power by up to 50% and switches on only if it detects any sound or movement. The cameras can be mounted on the wall and have a two-way audio feature so that you can soothe and talk to your baby from wherever you are. It has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, and a majority of parents have talked about the monitor’s excellent battery life.


  • Temperature monitoring
  • Automatic night vision
  • Adjustable brightness and volume
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Manual 360° rotation
  • No Wi-Fi or app setup required


  • Mounting can be difficult

3. Best Automatic Night Vision: Axvue Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras

Axvue Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras Courtesy of AXVUE STORE

The 2.4GHz digital technology of this product ensures quick and clear transmission from your baby’s room onto your 2.8in, colored TFT-LCD vertical screen. You can see and hear your baby and can also talk or sing to soothe them with the two-way communication mode. It features a night light as well which is very calming and comforting for your baby. This product comes equipped with two cameras but has the capacity to function with up to four cameras. This baby monitor is super convenient as it has several shortcuts with one key operation, so that you don’t have to waste time. The easy-to-hold monitor features sound-activated light bars to alert you in case you are vacuuming or watching television. The monitor has received more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon. This video review will help you learn more about the product.


  • Digital privacy and security
  • Range of up to 1000ft
  • No brightness or color distortion
  • Automatic night vision
  • Baby room temperature alert
  • Up to eight hours of battery life
  • Two times magnification
  • Enhanced lens coating technology
  • Video awakens by VOX


  • Some may find it difficult to switch between cameras

4. Best With Split Screen Mode: Moonybaby Non-WiFi Baby Monitor – Burly Wood

This baby monitor gives you time to relax as it supports two cameras which can be viewed simultaneously by using the split screen mode. It allows you to hear the audio of one camera at a time. With its wide-angle lens, five-inch screen, and high resolution images, you can monitor your baby closely at all times. You can zoom in as close to your baby as you want and have the added feature of night vision. It also keeps track of the temperature in your baby’s room and can play five different lullabies to soothe and lull them to sleep. What’s more, you can even talk to your baby and calm them from the comfort of your own room. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.


  • Easy to set up
  • Wall mount and AC adapter included
  • Secure and private wireless technology
  • Power saving mode
  • Transmission range of 1000ft


  • Battery may not be long-lasting

5. Best Wide-Angle: Babysense V65 Baby Monitor With Dual Security Cameras

Invest in hassle-free baby monitoring with this five-inch LCD color screen that gives you a crystal clear 720 HD picture of your baby at all times. The two cameras give you a panoramic view of 350° and can tilt up to 70° so that your baby is never unmonitored. The transmitter has a range of 960ft and you can zoom into your baby for a magnified view. It features two-way audio so that you can talk to your baby when the baby is restless or play soothing lullabies. Its infrared night vision ensures 24-hour surveillance of your baby. This versatile monitor keeps a check on the temperature of your baby’s room and is auto activated by sound, thus saving battery life.


  • Wide angle cameras
  • Can be paired with up to four cameras
  • Portable parent unit
  • No hacking risks
  • 2 adjustable wall mounting brackets
  • Li-ion battery


  • Some may not find the sound quality satisfactory

6. Best Two-Way Talk Feature: Owlet Cam 2-Pack Smart Baby Monitor

This product features two Wi-Fi baby monitors that stream secure, high resolution videos of your baby from anywhere with exceptional clarity. You can be free of the hassles of a hand-held monitor as an iOS 13 or newer model is compatible with these app features, and you can convert your phone into a smart baby monitor. The wide angle of the cameras, along with night vision, give you a full view of the room, and you can also zoom into your baby with four times magnification. This monitor also senses the temperature in your baby’s room so that they feel neither too hot or cold. You will receive immediate notifications from both cams when any motion or sound is detected so you can attend to your baby instantly.


  • Streams secure, encrypted data
  • Two-way talk feature
  • Easy to install
  • Safe wall mounting kit
  • Can be paired with Owlet Smart Sock
  • Features background audio when you’re on call


  • Does not record footage

7. Best Auto On And Off Screen: VTech VM350-2 Video Monitor

This baby monitor gives you continuous video streaming of your baby for up to 12 hours and audio monitoring for 21 hours on a single charge. You can go about your work as the transmitter has a range of 1000ft, and its infrared night vision ensures that your baby is never unmonitored. It features two cameras and a five-inch high resolution color monitor screen that gives you a crystal clear view of your baby through the day. You can zoom into your baby for a close up, and also have an option of a single, split screen, or patrol mode to keep an eye on your baby. This monitor supports two-way talk and also features four ambient sounds and five soothing lullabies to calm your baby.


  • Easy to set up
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • No Wi-Fi or app pairing
  • Secure and private transmission
  • FHSS technology with 2.4GHz channel
  • 9-level sound indicator
  • Auto on and off screen


  • Picture quality may not be great

8. Best Portable: Summer Infant LookOut Duo 5” LCD Video Baby Monitor

Your peace of mind is assured with this five-inch LCD color screen that gives you a crystal clear view of your baby throughout the day and night. You don’t need to damage your walls with holes as PrestoMount provides a convenient mounting solution. The two video cameras monitor two rooms and their direction can be adjusted to get the best view of your baby. It also features automatic night vision, a two-way talk mode, room temperature display, digital zoom, and has a range of 1000ft. The expandable baby monitor system can be hooked to up to four cameras at a time. Auto scanning of the video and audio between rooms is a breeze with this monitor.


  • Digital privacy
  • Includes camera stand
  • Easily portable
  • Extra Look Out cameras sold separately


  • Picture quality may not be up to the mark

9. Best With Feeding Alarm: JLB7tech 5″ Split Screen Video Baby Monitor 55955-2T

With a five-inch diagonal-split LCD color screen, this monitor with twocameras allows you to keep an eye on two rooms at the same time throughout the day and night. Its advanced speaker and microphone pick up the smallest sounds and allow you to talk to your baby. It can play five soothing lullabies that are in-built to lull them to sleep. It features a VOX mode that switches on the monitor as soon as it detects any sound so that your battery life is preserved. It features a feeding alarm to remind you to feed your baby, automatic infrared night vision, digital zoom, and room temperature monitor. This monitor is extremely easy and convenient to set up—just plug and play.


  • 1850mAh rechargeable battery
  • 4 GHz channel with FHSS technology
  • No internet or app needed
  • Transmission range of 1000ft
  • Features camera expandability
  • Safe and private transmission


  • The video may have a slight lag occasionally.

10. Best Motion Detection: Axvue Video Baby Monitor

Axvue Video Baby Monitor Courtesy of AXVUE STORE

Equipped with two HD cameras and a five-inch TFT-LCD screen with high definition, this monitor gives you a crystal clear image of your baby and allows you to switch between cameras or monitor both on a split screen. With a 1000ft transmission range and an efficient battery that functions up to 20 hours, your precious baby is never unmonitored. It switches to night mode automatically whenever the lights are dim, thanks to the in-built sensor. Its two-way transmission allows you to soothe and speak to your baby from the comfort of your room. The screen lights up as soon as it detects any sound and catches your attention even if you are watching TV or vacuuming.


  • Room temperature detection
  • Hack-free wireless transmission
  • One-click shortcuts
  • Wireless technology
  • 6x zoom and panoramic view
  • Monitors room temperature
  • Motion detection alarm


  • Cameras make a clicking sound that can disturb your baby.


11. Best For One-Click Shortcuts: Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras Baby Monitor

You can forget about grainy or blurred images with these high-definition cameras, as you will have crystal clear images of your baby day and night. The video monitor is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and you just need to use your voice to access the features of the camera. You can also keep a check on the room temperature of the nursery, or check in on elderly people or pets of the family. Its two-way communication mode allows you to talk to your baby without leaving your bed. This monitor can be synchronized with the Hubble for Baby app so that you can keep track of your baby’s feeding times, growth, and development, and watch or share parenting videos—all for free. Use your tablet or smartphone for a live video feed of your munchkin with these wireless cameras!


  • Versatile
  • Multi-color night light
  • Zoom, pan, and tilt feature
  • 90° wide-angle view
  • Infrared night vision
  • Secure and private transmission


  • There may be a slight lag in video streaming.

 Now that you have been through our review of the 11 best baby monitors for 2 rooms, here are a few pointers to consider while choosing one for your home so that you get maximum out of it, and your baby is always safe and secure.

How To Choose The Right Baby Monitor For 2 Rooms?

  • Long range

Baby monitors should have a range of up to 1,000ft so that it’s effective in a larger house and can transmit through thick walls without a problem.

  • Digital vs. analog

Although more expensive, digital baby monitors have a better sound quality than analog monitors. They are also more secure and are difficult to hack as in most cases, they can operate without WiFi.

  • DECT protection

DECT technology encrypts and encodes data while transmitting to the receiver, making it more secure. It also greatly reduces interference from other electronic appliances, improving clarity.

  • High quality night vision

Picture quality and clarity of digital camera technology tends to deteriorate at night, so it’s vital that baby monitors have high quality HD night vision. It’s also advisable to have one with automatic night vision, just in case you forget to turn on the night vision feature.

  • Split screen mode

A split screen mode is very convenient as you can monitor two cameras or two rooms at the same time. The best systems are sound activated and instantly display the relevant feed.

  • Sound sensitive lights

Some baby monitors have blinking LED lights to alert you whenever there’s any activity in your baby’s room. Sometimes you may miss sounds because of the TV volume or because of vacuuming, but the lights are sure to catch your attention.

  • Battery life and battery indicator

Consider this an essential feature as video monitors exhaust batteries pretty fast. It’s good to have a warning alarm when the battery level starts dropping. A longer battery makes things more convenient and the alarm won’t keep going off. Some monitors have a ‘battery save’ feature which saves power when not in use and only switches on when it detects some movement or sound.

  • Zoom, tilt, and pan

Good video monitors should have all three of these features as they give you a panoramic view of the room and you can also tilt it from ceiling to floor. This is especially useful once your kids start moving. You should also be able to zoom in if you want to get a closer look of your child.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna is a seasoned writer and reviewer with experience in writing about baby products to help parents choose accessories that prove to be useful. She has listed the best baby monitors for two rooms in this article by referring to user ratings and reviews posted on several e-commerce websites. She has also answered some common questions and included a buying guide to help you have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will two baby monitors interfere with other electronic devices?

A wireless baby monitor may interfere with other electronic devices, but if your monitor runs on radio frequency, this can be avoided by running it on a different channel or changing the frequency of the channel on the monitor. Digital baby monitors are less likely to have this problem as compared to analogue baby monitors.

2. Do baby monitors emit radiation?

Yes, unfortunately they emit radiation and that too constantly when your monitor is on. That is why the baby monitor should be placed at least six feet away from your child. But there are a few monitors available that emit low radiation.

3. Can I use two baby monitors in the same house?

Yes, you can, as long as they don’t interfere with each other. Most advanced digital baby monitors that run on DECT technology can be used together without interference, but Wi-Fi-powered and analog monitors may experience some interference issues.

4. How do I secure my Wi-Fi baby monitor?

A monitor that does not use Wi-Fi for transmission is definitely a safer option. If you do have a monitor that is powered by Wi-Fi, always ensure your password is customized, unique, and as hard to guess as possible.

5. Do baby monitors get loud?

Baby monitors are required to be somewhat loud to attract your attention when your baby is awake or crying. But that’s not very desirable at night when everyone is sleeping. So, choose baby monitors that have flashing lights or a vibration mode to attract your attention.

6. Where should I place my baby monitor?

The monitor should be placed such that you get an unobstructed view of your child, and the microphone picks up all sounds from your baby’s rooms clearly. However, it shouldn’t be closer than six feet to your baby because of radiation emission. It’s best to mount it on a wall or place it on a high shelf, and ensure that the power cable is not within your baby’s reach.

7. What frequency do video baby monitors use?

49 MHz is the most common frequency used, but some also use 900MHz, while many digital monitors use 2.4 GHz, and DECT digital monitors use 1.9 GHz. It’s important to check the specifications on the model you buy. Older Wi-Fi baby monitors use a frequency of 2.4 Ghz, and newer Wi-Fi baby monitors use a frequency of 5.0 Ghz.

8. Can someone hack my video monitor?

If you are using a radio monitor, it’s highly unlikely. But if you have a Wi-Fi monitor, you are more vulnerable, and so you will need to ensure that you are password protected and encrypted so that hacking becomes extremely difficult.

As a new parent, you want to keep watch on your little one at all times so you can be sure they are as safe and comfortable. However, it can be extremely challenging for you to stay around them 24 hours a day, so investing in baby monitors for 2 rooms is a wise decision. These devices allow you to keep an eye on one or more babies simultaneously, proving convenient for those with twins or an older child. In addition, you can track any area in your house with the monitor and even integrate night vision into the mix, helping you monitor the baby no matter how dark it gets. So, choose the right product to keep your baby safe and give yourself a much-needed break from being awake all night long.

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