11 Best Baby Nail Clippers To Keep The Li'l One's Nails Clean In 2022

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Clipping your baby’s nails is essential to keep your baby clean and healthy. The best baby nail clippers ensure that clipping the nails does not become a challenging task.

They are specifically designed to keep a check on excess nail growth. Check out this list of the best baby nail clippers that you can consider adding to your baby grooming kit. The options on this list are safe and easy to use too.

11 Best Baby Nail Clippers

1. Best For Safety: Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors

Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors



  • The scissors have probably the tiniest blades on a nail clipping scissors. The manufacturer provides only as much blade you will need to cut an infant’s nail.
  • The rounded tip of the blades prevents accidental piercing of the skin.
  • The handles are large enough to fit between the fingers of the parent easily.
  • The manufacturer also provides a plastic protection case to slide over the blades when it is not in use.

2. Best Easy-To-Use: Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors



  • The rounded tip allows for safe clipping of the nails and also prevents accidental piercing.
  • The blades are thin and compact for cutting the tiny nails easily.
  • You get a safety cover that goes over the blades when the scissors are not in use.

3. Best Electric Clipper: Little Martin’s Drawer Electric Nail Clippers Kit

Little Martin’s Drawer Electric Nail Clippers Kit


Here’s a video to help you know more about this product’s features and benefits.


  • It is a versatile electric nail filer for the entire family. It comes with six tools, of which three cushioned sandpaper pads are meant for filing a baby’s nails.
  • The pads file the nails gently with no risk of damaging the skin.
  • The motor has two speed options and is powered by two AA-size batteries.
  • A light at the base of the filer turns on every time you switch on the motor.
  • The motor works smoothly and makes the minimum sound.

4. Best Ergonomic: Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper

Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper


  • The base of the clipper is made from a large piece of bamboo wood. Bamboo adds durability to the clipper while also providing significant grip.
  • The top of the clipper lever is rubberized so that your thumb stays in its place.
  • Compact and ergonomic design lets you carry it anywhere.

5. Best S-Shaped: Fridababy NailFrida SnipperClipper Set

Fridababy NailFrida SnipperClipper Set



  • It is a set of a standard nail clipper and an S-shaped nail filer suitable for the baby’s nails.
  • The blades of the clipper are shaped like scissors. It lets you cut the nails carefully and gradually, rather than snapping the nail in one go.
  • A hole on the head of the clipper lets you see the amount of nail that you will be cutting. It also prevents you from accidentally drawing the skin into the clipper.
  • It has large handles on the clipper for easy grip. The S-shaped filer follows the contours of the baby’s nails and makes filing easy.

6. Best Stainless Steel Blades: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper



  • This nail clipper comes with a magnifier that folds into the bottom of the clipper. The design lets you use the magnifier when you need and keep it neatly out of the way when not in use.
  • The glass magnifies the nail by four times (4x magnification).
  • The stainless steel blades provide precision cutting, while the large handle gives you a solid grip to cut the nails confidently.

7. Best Convenient: Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper


  • It is a set of a nail clipper and an emery board filer. The filing board fits into a slot on the clipper.
  • The handle of the clipper is soft-to-touch, large, and ergonomic for a comfortable grip.
  • The cutting edges are curved to fit the baby’s nails conveniently.
  • A built-in light at the base of the clipper is useful when cutting tiny nails. The battery for the light is long-lasting.

8. Best Curved-Edged: Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper

 Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper



  • A magnifying glass opens during clipping and folds away when you do not need it.
  • The large handles provide sufficient grip for an adult.
  • Curved edges of the clipper allow for safe cutting of the baby’s nails.
  • The magnifying glass magnifies the nail by five times (5x magnification).

9. Best Battery-Powered: ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer



  • A battery-powered motor rotates a cushion pad on the top, which gently files away the baby’s nails. The motor can be operated at two speeds.
  • Since it is only a filer, there is no risk of accidental cuts and nicks to the skin.
  • The cushion pads are changeable. The manufacturer ships the filer with four cushion pads with varying degree of roughness.
  • The grip is ergonomic for easy handling. You also get a travel case for convenient storage and portability.

10. Best Hygienic: Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File

Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File



  • It is made from high-quality glass, which is safe to use on the delicate nails of an infant.
  • It files the nails effectively without being harsh on the skin. There is no risk of damage to the skin.
  • The nail filer is washable, which means it is easy to maintain hygiene.
  • The size of the nail filer is perfect for small fingers.

11. Best Quality: Pigeon Nail Scissor

 Pigeon Nail Scissor



  • It contains only as much blade you need to cut the baby’s nails. The small tip of the scissors makes nail cutting safe.
  • The blade on the scissors is made from high-quality stainless steel while the handles are made from ABS resin.
  • The handles are contoured to accommodate the fingers of an adult and provide them adequate grip.

At What Age Is It Safe To Clip The Baby’s Nails?

You can trim the baby’s nails right from the first month of their life. A baby’s nails grow so fast that for the first few weeks you may have to trim them twice a week (1). Using a nail clipper made for infants is the right way to trim them. But most parents wonder what sets a baby nail clipper apart from the ones used by adults.

How Are Baby Nail Clippers Different?

Baby nail clippers have several unique attributes, such as:

  1. Smaller size: Since infants have tiny fingers, the size of the clippers is also small. The head of the clipper may even be half of that of an adult clipper.
  1. Large handles and guards: While the clipper’s tip is small, the handles are usually large. It allows a firm grip for the parent who’s clipping the nails. The handles may even be rubberized for better comfort. Baby nail clippers may feature guards at the tip to prevent cutting the nail beyond a point.
  1. Lights and magnifiers: Some nail clippers have features like a magnifier and a light at the tip of the clipper. These features give you a better view of the baby’s nails.

The colors, shapes, and functions of different baby nail clippers may vary. Find out more about the variants of baby nail clippers next.

What Are The Different Types Of Baby Nail Clippers?

The following are the different types of baby nail clippers:

  1. Standard nail clipper: It is the usual nail clipper with a lever to operate a cutter at its end.
  1. Nail scissors: It looks like a pair of regular scissors, but comes with a tip designed to cut the baby’s tiny nails. Several scissors come with a plastic guard that goes over the metal tip when the scissors are not in use.
  1. Electric nail trimmer: These are electric, battery-operated nail trimmers that file away the nail instead of cutting it. This can be an option when your baby’s nails are too small to be cut with a clipper or if the nail bed is sensitive to cutting.

How To Choose A Nail Clipper For The Baby?

Keep in mind the following factors for picking the right nail clipper for your baby.

  1. Right size: The clipper size should allow you to clip the nail without the risk of chipping the skin. If the entire fingernail or part of the finger seems to be getting into the cutter, then you need to switch to a smaller nail clipper.
  1. Good grip and additional features: Look for a nail clipper with large, rubberized handles for better grip. Before you buy, hold the clipper and see if you’ll be comfortable using it.

Maintaining the baby’s nail hygiene is easy when you have the right baby nail clippers. But to keep the nail clippers in good, functioning condition, it is essential to clean them regularly. Learn more about it next.

How To Clean The Baby’s Nail Clippers?

The following are some general steps to keep an infant’s nail clippers clean:

  1. Clean with a brush: Use a standard cleaning brush to remove any debris that may have accumulated around the head of the clipper. You can also use a soft dry cloth to do the same.
  1. Soak in disinfectant: Soak the nail clipper in a disinfectant that does not react with the metal. You can use denatured ethanol or any other liquid safe for usage. Pour the liquid in a container and submerge the clipper for 15-20 minutes to disinfect it.

If the nail clipper has rubber and wooden parts, then it may not go well with liquid. In such cases, soak a cotton ball in the disinfectant liquid and clean the head of the clipper. Use a dry cotton ball to remove any excess liquid.

  1. Sterilize if possible: You can use a baby bottle/pacifier sterilizer to sterilize metal scissors. Only sterilize an all-metal scissors or clipper since plastic and rubber may melt due to the high heat within a sterilizer.

Baby nail clippers save you the stress that accompanies the task, considering the risk of cutting or chipping the baby’s delicate skin. A separate baby nail clipper is also good for hygiene, so having dedicated clippers for kids and babies is a good idea. Also, never use adult nail clippers for kids.

What type of baby clipper did you use for your baby? Tell us in the comment section below.

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1. Nail Care: Fingers and Toes; American Academy of Pediatrics

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