10 Best Baby Shower Decoration Ideas You Can Try

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Congratulations! Getting the news of pregnancy brings a lot of excitement in a woman’s life and also to her near and dear ones.

After the stressful preparation for your baby’s arrival, now it is time for some celebrations and also has lots of fun with your relatives and friends by throwing a wonderful baby shower party. If you are an expecting mother and looking for some unique ways to organize a baby shower, then let us help you.

Creative Baby Shower Decoration Ideas:

You are probably busy in arranging clothes, preparing room and fixing other basic requirements for your soon-to-be-born sweet baby. At the same time, you are also anxious about which theme to choose for your baby shower. We present here a list of beautiful ideas for baby shower decorations to make the party more lively and interesting.

1. Cowboy Theme:

Cowboy decoration idea is full of fun and ideal when you are expecting a baby boy. You can arrange for this theme in the following ways:

  • Choose light blue color design pattern and decoration inspired with woods.
  • A wooden horse can be put up in the party venue.
  • To make this theme even more interesting, you can place a little cowboy suit dressed doll boy on the wooden horse.
  • Make use of small cactus plants as centerpiece to decorate the tables.
  • You can ask your guests to wear cowboy hats to the party.

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2. Princess Theme:

This theme is perfect if you are expecting a baby girl in your family. This is a great way to welcome your soon-to-be-born princess!

  • Choose motifs in the shades of pink, purple and milky white.
  • Mini dolls dressed in pink gowns can be placed in the party venue.
  • Pastel colored fabrics can be draped all around the walls and also on the ceiling.
  • You can make use of pink colored cups and saucers to welcome your guests.

3. Flower Theme:

This is a simple but beautiful decoration idea for a baby shower; it is an ideal theme when you are expecting your baby in spring months.

  • Get light colored flowers like tulips, buttercups, carnations and put them everywhere on the walls and in little vases as the table centerpiece.
  • If you plan to feed your guests, then the platter, cups, saucers, etc. can have flower print on them.
  • At the entrance of the venue, place a wheelbarrow where guests can keep their gifts.

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4. Under The Sea:

Your childhood dream of becoming a mermaid can come true! Incorporate this theme in your baby shower by dressing like a mermaid and decorating the venue as “under the sea”.

  • Make use of colors like light blue, aquamarine, mint green and pink for the motifs.
  • Create waves of blue seawater on the walls and ceilings with blue fabric.
  • Add detail by placing some stuffed toys with designs such as starfish, fishes, turtles and sea-urchins.

5. Jungle Safari Theme:

This is one wonderful and cute decoration for baby shower. The image of a jungle should always be kept in mind while decorating in this theme.

  • For drape and motifs, make use of yellow, brown and green fabrics.
  • Place big plants in the corners and small bushes in the center to decorate the place.
  • Stuffed toys in designs of birds and monkeys can be hanged on the plants.
  • Keep live size, stuffed toy in designs of lion and giraffe behind the bushes to add detail to this theme.
  • To make the jungle theme look more realistic, you can hang twines on the walls and up to the ceiling.

6. Space Theme:

If you love the science of space, then this theme is ideal for your baby shower and who knows – your kid might be an astronaut in future!

  • Buy fabrics in shades of black, blue and yellow and drape them on the wall up to the ceiling.
  • Toy space ships can be hanged on the walls and also cut out star pictures can be pasted.
  • A mini solar system can be created and hanged from the ceiling, just like a chandelier with lights in the planets.

7. Summer Fun Theme:

If you love the beach, then you can opt for this theme for your baby shower. This decoration idea is very simple and easy to arrange.

  • Make use of fabrics which are orange, yellow and peach in color. These fabrics can be used to decorate walls, ceilings and table covers etc. These colors can also be used in balloons and cake.
  • To give a “beach” welcome to your guests, you can arrange for a volunteer to place a seashell garland on them when they enter the house.
  • Cutlery can also reflect beach theme, if you are ready to invest in them!

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8. Christmas Theme:

If you are expecting your baby during winter holidays, then this decorative theme is perfect for your baby shower. This theme will add more fun to your Christmas festivities.

  • You can go for red and green colors for Christmas themed party.
  • Place a Christmas tree as the centerpiece decorated with colorful lights and candies.
  • Baby bottles filled with glitter and small green and red balls can be used for decoration.
  • You can get Santa caps for your guests to add fun to the party.

9. French Inspired Theme:

If you love sophistication, this theme is perfect for your baby shower. Your guests will simply love your baby shower ceremony decorated in French theme.

  • This theme is inspired by the French countryside during summer, so it makes use of lavender, blue and green color.
  • Carpets can be used in green color, while fabrics that would be draped across the walls can be used in lavender shade and ceiling can be decorated in nursery blue color.
  • Wire letters decorated with oregano can be used above the buffet.
  • French menu will be the best for this theme! You can download several menu plans from the Internet.

10. Preppy Poppy Theme:

Poppy flowers in reds, rose pinks, flushed creams and wispy whites exude abundance and thus, are perfect for baby shower decoration. You have to get the following things to decorate in this theme:

  • Get cream, red, yellow and orange shades of fabrics to decorate in this theme. Make use of these shades of fabrics to decorate the walls and ceilings.
  • Hang balloons in colors of red, pink, yellow and cream. You can also use silk fabrics in these shades to make fabric poppies to decorate the table covers which will add elegance to the party.
  • Design lemon cookies in the shape of poppy flowers in different colors and serve them to your guests.

Hope the above list of decoration ideas for baby shower will help you a lot in deciding the theme of your baby shower! No matter which theme you choose, your party will be full of fun and excitement with your friends and relatives to celebrate the arrival of a new member in your family.

Do write us about your experiences with these baby shower decoration ideas.

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