13 Best Baby Strollers To Buy In India In 2024

Carrying a baby in your arms for long hours can cause shoulder and back pain, and so, roaming with your baby safely tucked in a stroller reduces the chances of that physical pain. And when in a stroller, the baby is protected from direct sunlight as the canopy provides shade for your child. Baby strollers are designed following safety standards to ensure that your baby is safe and happy. Listed below are some of the best baby strollers in India. However, let’s first have a look at the types of strollers available in India and their benefits and learn about some important safety measures one should follow.

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Types Of Strollers In India

  1. Regular stroller: This is one of the most common strollers. It is the traditional stroller that is usually lightweight and offers basic features such as a canopy, shock absorbers on wheels, and quick-releasing system for easy foldup.
  2. Umbrella-type stroller: This type of stroller comes with a curved handle similar to that of an umbrella. It usually comes with a reclining set that can stop fully flat. Most models are designed to accommodate a car seat. It is most suitable for babies aged one year and above.
  3. Jogging stroller: As the name suggests, this stroller can be taken along when you are out jogging and want your child to enjoy some fresh air. It comes with three wheels and a hand brake that allows you to control the speed of the stroller.
  4. Travel stroller: Designed to make your travel with your little kiddo easy, this stroller can be directly attached to the car seat.
  5. Combo stroller: This comes with a stroller base and a bassinet. It is generally customizable, so you can add additional parts to it as per your preference.
  6. Double stroller: This is a stroller that allows you to carry two babies. It is mostly used for twin babies to be placed either side-by-side or one behind the other. Placing babies close to each other makes it easy for the parent to attend to them.

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Safety Measures To Follow When Using A Stroller

Here are some safety measures you need to follow when using a stroller for your child.

  • Ensure your child is always within your sight and not too far away from you when in a stroller. Never leave your child unattended.
  • If the stroller has to be halted or kept stationary, ensure that its brakes are on. Even on flat ground, the brakes must always be on when stationary.
  • Whenever you stop the stroller, see to it that your baby is not under direct sunlight and is well-protected from the sun.
  • When your baby is in the stroller, the first thing that you should do is buckle them up with the seat belt and safety harness.
  • If the stroller has hanging toys, ensure that these toys are out of reach for the child or firmly attached, so they do not become a choking hazard for the baby.
  • As much as you may be tempted to hang your heavy purse on the stroller, do not do it as the additional weight on the stroller can cause a disbalance. Also, avoid loading the stroller with additional accessories and attachments.

Gopa Bezboruah, a mom and travel and lifestyle blogger, says, “Always remove your little one from the stroller before adjusting any moving parts, and never hang shopping bags or other items on the handles.” Gopa adds, “You should also follow all the manufacturer’s instructions when using the stroller.”

13 Best Baby Strollers To Buy In India

1. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

This cozy-looking stroller comes with a five-point safety harness to keep your child safe. Its reversible handlebar allows you to walk while facing your baby, and the extendable canopy protects your child from harsh sun rays. The seat can be adjusted up to three positions, and it comes with a storage basket to keep the diaper bag, toys, and other important items. Its carrying capacity is around 15kg.


  • Easy to open, fold, and lock
  • Front wheels swivel 360 degrees and feature a lock
  • Footrest is adjustable
  • Window feature on the canopy allows you to look at the baby
  • Back wheels come with a secure lock system
  • Detachable and washable seat
  • Available in different colors


  • Mosquito net provided seems thin and flimsy
  • Leg position latch may not be very stable

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2. BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller & Pram

If your baby is often troubled by mosquitoes when on a ride to the local park, here is a stroller with a mosquito net to protect your child. Its three-point safety harness keeps your baby comfortably in place. It comes with a looking window in the canopy so you can keep a close eye on your baby. Its back pockets and basket allow you to store important items required for your baby, and the chrome wheels give it a cool look.


  • Easy to fold and store
  • Reversible handlebar
  • Extendable canopy
  • Front wheels come with 360-degree swivel function
  • Adjustable footrest
  • All four wheels come with back brakes
  • Available in a variety of designs


  • Width of the frame is less compared to other strollers
  • Buttons do not easily get locked

3. Tiffy & Toffee Smart and Safe Baby Stroller

You may be in a mood to stroll, but your baby may want to catch up on their beauty sleep. No problem. This baby stroller comes with a three-position reclining seat that allows your baby to sleep flat in the stroller. It comes with a reversible handlebar to let you adjust the stroller in a parent-facing or front-facing position. Its front and back wheels come with foot action brakes so you can stop the stroller quickly and effortlessly.


  • 360-degree swivel function on the front wheels
  • Padded seat for comfortable sitting
  • Three-point safety harness
  • Detachable mosquito net
  • Peep-in window in the canopy
  • Adjustable footrest for baby’s comfort
  • Large storage basket and rear pocket
  • Mosquito net and adjustable food tray


  • Wheels may not be very sturdy
  • Reclining feature is not smooth
  • Lock system for folding and storage seems flimsy

4. R for Rabbit Poppins Plus Stroller & Pram

Boasting of an EN 1888 Safety Certificate, this stroller cum pram has been designed following strict quality standards. This stroller is easy to use as it comes with a one-hand opening mechanism. Folding and storing this stroller is also easy. It is lighter than most strollers available in the market, and its five-point harness ensures a safe sitting position for your baby.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with mosquito net
  • Front wheels come with 360-degree swivel function
  • Push handle is reversible
  • Sun canopy is resistant to UV rays
  • Rear wheels come with foot brakes
  • Detachable meal tray and cup holder
  • Reversible handle


  • Storage lock system may not be smooth

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5. Chicco Echo Stroller with Bumper Bar

If your child is very fidgety, then have a look at this stroller with a bumper bar that will allow your child to safely play and enjoy in the stroller. This umbrella stroller comes with a padded bumper bar that is tested for safety in case your baby decides to chew on it. Its adjustable canopy provides sun protection to your child, and its backrest reclines to four positions to provide ultimate comfort for your little one.


  • Suspension on the front wheel for better shock absorption
  • Swivel function and lock on front wheels
  • Toe-tap brakes on rear wheels
  • Rain cover for extra protection
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Carry handle for convenient traveling


  • Storage basket is too small
  • Hood may seem too small

6. Mee Mee Baby Pram

This baby stroller comes with an adjustable seat that allows your baby to sleep, recline, or just sit comfortably. Its front wheels come with shock absorbers, so your baby is not startled on bumpy surfaces. Its sturdy frame is equipped to take on 25 kilograms of weight, and the soft foam handles make it easy and convenient for you to push your baby around in this stroller.


  • 360-degree swivel function and lock on front wheels
  • Foot brakes on rear wheels
  • Peeking window in the canopy
  • Removable feeding tray
  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • Large shopping basket at the bottom
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Five-point safety harness belt


  • Does not come with a mosquito net
  • Wheels may not be sturdy enough for uneven grounds

7. Little Pumpkin – Baby Stroller and Pram

Available in an attractive bright aqua blue, this stroller meets the EN 1888 standard for the child’s safety. Weighing barely four kilograms, it is extremely light. Its full canopy provides good protection from the sun, and the simple lock mechanism makes it easy to fold and store the stroller when not in use. The two-point harness keeps your child snugly seated in the stroller.


  • Simple design
  • Rear wheel brakes
  • Compact folding and storage
  • Sturdy frame
  • Inexpensive


  • Seat does not recline

8. Sunbaby Bloom Stroller

When on a stroll with your baby, you may also feel like munching on something. So, have a look at this stroller that comes with food trays for both the parent and the baby. The push handle is adjustable so you can extend it as per your convenience. The seat can be adjusted up to three positions. Its one-step foldable bar allows you to fold the stroller in one swift movement and  hardly any effort.


  • Three-point safety harness
  • Foot lock feature on rear wheels
  • Soft and washable cushioned seat
  • Peeking window on the canopy
  • Padded safety buckle
  • Reversible handle
  • Swivel wheels with suspension for a smooth ride
  • Storage basket


  • Instructions for installation are not very clear

9. Joie Stroller Aire Twin

Here is a dual stroller for twin babies. Even though attached, the seats are adjustable individually. Despite being wide and broad, its aluminum chassis makes it extremely lightweight. Its five-point harness keeps babies safe in the stroller. Its canopy is resistant to UV rays and provides UPF50+ protection from the sun. The seat can recline flat, so your little darlings can catch up on their sleep.


  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • Automatic fold lock
  • Peekaboo windows on both canopies
  • Padded armbar
  • Multi-position leg support
  • Foot brake on rear wheels
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Huge shopping basket


  • Single color scheme may not be preferred by all buyers

10. Brunte Smarty Pram Black Orange

Here is an attractive orange color stroller with almost all the features you may want in one. Its removable sleeping pad can be washed clean, ensuring complete hygiene. The adjustable seat reclines to three positions, so your child is fully comfortable in the stroller. Its handles come with a soft rubber grip, so you do not get too tired holding on to icy cold steel handles. Its back pocket comes with a hook-and-loop opening so you can easily remove and put in important items as per your convenience.


  • Three-point safety harness
  • Swivel function on front wheels
  • Compact storage
  • Reversible handles
  • Foot-action brakes on rear wheels
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Spacious storage bag


  • Wheel may lack durability
  • Does not have a five-point safety harness

11. Joie Mirus Stroller

Weighing less than seven kilograms, this stroller is extremely lightweight and easy to use. Its five-point harness system and adjustable recline feature ensure both safety and comfort for your baby. Its one-touch brake ensures additional safety of your child. The front wheels come with swivel function, so moving the stroller is easy and smooth. Additionally, it is also compatible with the brand’s infant car seat.


  • Reversible handle with rubber grip
  • Easy to fold with a one-hand fold mechanism
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Removable armbar for comfortable seating
  • Extendable hood
  • Large shopping basket
  • Simple lock system for compact storage
  • Strong and durable steel frame
  • Available in two colors


  • Padding material may be slightly harsh for the baby’s soft skin
  • Seat may seem too small for chubby babies

12. Fisher-Price Rover Steel Stroller Cum Pram

Looking for a stroller with a unique design? How about this three-wheeled stroller? Coming from a reputed brand, this stroller comes with food trays for both the parent and the baby. It comes with dual front wheels to enable a stable ride. The shock absorber on the front wheels ensures a safe and stable ride for your child. The wheels also come with a swivel function for easy maneuvering. The push handle comes with a soft grip for your comfort.


  • Easy folding
  • Compact storage
  • Five-point harness with shoulder pads
  • Footrest enables a comfortable position
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Peekaboo window on the canopy
  • Trendy design


  • Canopy seems flimsy and does not remain stable

13. U-Grow Baby Stroller Pram Buggy

The steel frame of this pram buggy is sturdy enough to hold weight up to 15kg. It is durable and strong enough to give your baby a stable ride. Its five-point safety harness is wide and adjustable, giving your child a snug and comfortable fit. It comes with food trays  for both the baby and adults. The trays are removable, so you can wash them clean after each use.


  • Three-position adjustable seat and backrest
  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • Front wheels swivel 360 degrees
  • Leg brakes on both rear wheels
  • Large shopping bag holds items up to two kilograms


  • Push handle is not reversible
  • Backrest seems too hard to recline
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Baby Stroller?

Consider the following factors when choosing a baby stroller.

    1. When looking for a stroller for your child, see to it that it is suited for your child’s age, height, and weight. Once your baby outgrows the stroller, replace it with a bigger one.
  1. Any stroller you buy must have multiple restraining straps to keep your child safely in place. The harness must be adjustable, so it is neither too loose nor too tight for the baby.
  2. The stroller must have brakes that control the wheels. These brakes can be handbrakes or even foot brakes. Whichever option you choose, it must be easily accessible and quick to use.
  3. Strollers should have a stable and sturdy frame so that they move safely and do not topple over easily. Look for strollers with a broad base so your child’s seat can be firmly placed on it.
  4. The handlebars should preferably be at your waist length so that you do not have to bend to move the stroller.
  5. Look for a stroller that allows easy and smooth movement even with one hand. Strollers with a swivel function make steering and maneuvering easy, especially with one hand.
  6. If you travel a lot, look for a stroller that is lightweight, easy to fold, and store so that traveling with it becomes convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a baby pram and a stroller?

There is not one but many differences between a baby pram and a stroller, some of which are as follows:

  • A pram is more like a cradle on wheels. It is designed for newborn babies who can lie flat or sleep in it. A stroller is meant for infants or even older children who can easily sit in it.
  • Since the baby is supposed to be lying in it, a baby pram does not come with any safety harness. A strollers has seat belts and safety harnesses to keep the child safe while they sit comfortably in it.
  • Prams are mostly heavy, while strollers are known for being lightweight and portable.

2. When can I start sitting my baby up in a stroller?

According to the general development process in children, a baby should be able to start sitting when they are three months old. However, this may not be the case for every child, and it is best to wait until your child is able to fully support their head when trying to sit.

3. When should I stop using a stroller?

Most babies start walking on their own without any help by the age of three years, which means you can stop pushing them around in a stroller when they are of that age.

Taking your baby for a stroll using a stroller can be relaxing not only for you but for the little one too. It reduces the strain of carrying your child on your shoulders which can eventually result in back pain. To buy the right baby stroller, look into the different stroller types, from a travel stroller to a combo stroller. Strollers vary in size, so you can pick one based on your child’s size and age. With multiple features and designs, choose a stroller that suits your needs and offers your child optimal comfort.

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