7 Best Baby Toothpastes In India In 2024

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Growing babies tend to consume a variety of foods, from milk to mashed fruits, baby cereal and other solid foods like porridge. They may not have a lot of teeth, but getting them to follow oral hygiene is important to avoid any oral health problems. One thing to teach them first is brushing their teeth, for which you need the right baby toothpaste that has a good taste and is safe for them, even if they swallow.

To help you find the right one for your baby, we list some of the best baby toothpastes available in the market.

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7 Best Baby Toothpaste In India

1. Pigeon Strawberry & Orange Toothpaste 

Pigeon toothpaste combines strawberry and orange flavors and is specially formulated for babies and children aged between 12 months and six years. Regular use of this can prevent tooth decay, promote healthy gums, and keep the teeth clean. It is free of fluoride, SLA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and artificial colors. The toothpaste is also available in apple, fruit punch, and gel flavors.

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2. Chicco Toothpaste, Strawberry Flavour for 12m+ Baby 

Chicco toothpaste is specially formulated to clean the gums and milk teeth in babies. It is free of fluoride and preservatives and has low REA (relative enamel abrasivity) level, so it does not hurt the enamel when brushing. The toothpaste is enriched with bio-available calcium and xylitol that strengthens milk teeth and improves dental health. Babies adapt to the flavor faster, making it easy to develop the habit of brushing in them. It is recommended for children aged from 12 months to three years.

3. Mee Mee Fluoride-Free Orange Flavor Toothpaste 

This is another safely formulated toothpaste for kids from the Mee Mee Store. It is free from fluoride and sugars and is fortified with triple calcium and phosphates. This is effective for babies aged up to three years and helps cleanse the babies’ teeth gently and thoroughly. It is available as a single toothpaste or a pack of two and comes in orange and strawberry flavors.

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4. Brown’s Natural Baby Toothpaste 

Dr. Brown’s Natural Baby Toothpaste is a wholesome way to maintain your baby’s dental and oral hygiene. Available in a quantity of 1.4oz tube, a pea-size drop of this toothpaste is enough to use for brushing each time. Get your baby to brush in small and circular motions on the gums and teeth two times a day. It is free of fluorides, artificial colors, and preservatives. The toothpaste comes in a combination of real pear and apple flavors, making brushing an enjoyable activity for the baby.

5. Mamaearth 100% Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste 

Mamaearth toothpaste is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including aloe vera, stevia, and xylitol. Aloe vera strengthens gums, stevia promotes saliva production, and xylitol protects the teeth from decay and keeps them healthy. This unique, baby-friendly toothpaste promotes dental and oral hygiene by cleaning the baby’s teeth and reducing bacterial growth for maximum protection against cavities.

The toothpaste’s delicious strawberry flavor can be appealing to babies and encourage them to brush every day. This toxin-free toothpaste is safe and free of fluoride, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), phthalates, parabens, and petrochemicals. It is recommended for children up to ten years of age.

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6. Hello Oral Care Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Hello Oral Care Toothpaste is fluoride-free and suitable for children of all ages. It is formulated with soothing aloe vera, xylitol, erythritol, and silica—all work together to remove plaque, polish, and brighten the teeth. Xylitol helps improve the baby’s dental health. Available in a pack of 4.2oz tube, it contains no dyes, artificial sweeteners, SLS, and sulfates. It comes in natural watermelon flavor, making brushing time more appealing for babies.

7. Colgate Toothpaste

This is a natural fruit-flavored toothpaste free of artificial flavors, color, sweeteners, and preservatives. It is also free of fluorides and safe for the baby even if swallowed. The toothpaste is recommended for babies up to two years of age, and it is a 100% vegetarian option. It gently cleans and protects the gums and teeth and helps develop good brushing habits in your baby.
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Why Do Babies Need Special Toothpaste?

Babies do not develop the ability to spit until the age of three. It means they ingest whatever they take into the mouth. Therefore, they need a special toothpaste free of chemicals, fluoride, SLS, essential oils, artificial color, and preservatives, so that it is safe for them even if they swallow. Baby toothpaste is made of all-natural ingredients and promotes oral health safely.

Ingredients To Avoid In Toothpaste For Babies 

Whenever you buy toothpaste for babies, ensure it is free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), surfactants, synthetic colors, clay, ethoxylated compounds, ammonium compounds, and preservatives.

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How To Choose The Right Baby Toothpaste? 

Listed below are a few things you need to consider for purchasing the best toothpaste for babies.

  1. Check for added substances: Toothpaste for babies generally do not contain any abrasives, fluorides, SLA, phthalates, and artificial colors. Read the ingredients carefully and avoid those with ingredients that could harm them when ingested.
  2. Consider the flavor: Look for child-friendly flavors such as strawberry, orange, apple, or cotton candy that taste good for the baby. The toothpaste’s good taste and flavor can motivate them to brush their teeth regularly and voluntarily, as they grow. The better the flavor, the longer they will tolerate brushing their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

You can brush your baby’s teeth as soon as they start to come in at around six months of age. Use a tiny smear of toothpaste for babies and toddlers aged up to three years, and continue with a pea-sized amount of low-fluoride toothpaste for children aged above three years (1).

2. Is toothpaste safe for infants?

Good oral health is essential even before a baby’s teeth develop. Clean your baby’s mouth using a soft cloth and a tiny smear of toothpaste while holding the baby in an angled position to minimize the risk of swallowing.

It’s never too early to start grooming, and the best baby toothpastes come to the rescue to help you with that. Made with a safe and gentle formula, these toothpastes gently cleanse their mouths and help remove food particles and bacteria while offering minty-fresh breath. While there are many options in the market, ensure the one you pick is free of chemicals and has child-friendly flavors such as strawberry, orange, apple, or cotton candy to make the brushing experience more pleasurable.


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