13 Baby Walking Shoes To Protect Their Sensitive Feet In 2022


If your child has recently learned to take their first few steps, you will notice that they walk in no time. Allowing your munchkin to wear the best baby walking shoes will protect their sensitive feet when walking. These baby walking shoes are made to keep their feet safe and comfortable while still providing the necessary grip to prevent them from falling.

Purchasing the baby’s first pair of walking shoes is an entirely different experience, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some adorable baby walking shoes. It will assist you in selecting the ideal pair of shoes with the proper sole, shoe size, and fit. The post also discusses the benefits and buying guide for making the buying process easier.

13 Best Baby Walking Shoes

1. Best Comfortable: Ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers with OnOff Squeaker Switch

Bring home these cute baby walking shoes with ankle support. The single-strap pattern makes them comfortable shoes for babies. To make it easy to put on the right shoe on the right foot, each sole base comes in a different color. These squeaky shoes help parents keep track of their children.


  • Made of breathable synthetic fabric
  • Come with a squeaker switch
  • High top to provide good support
  • Unique design to encourage heel-to-toe walking
  • Available in various color combinations


  • May squeak only when the baby jumps
  • Squeaker may be fragile

2. Best Breathable: Felix & Flora Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

Felix & Flora Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

Featuring the evergreen Mary Jane style, these make good first-walking shoes for a baby. These ballet shoes are designed to offer support to early walkers and promote foot development.


  • Made of breathable artificial leather
  • Soft and anti-slip rubber sole
  • Round toe design to prevent pinches
  • Hook-and-loop design makes it easy to put on and take off


  • May not be true to size
  • May be a tad wide

3. Best Anti-Slip: Debaijia Baby First-Walking Shoes

Debaijia Baby First-Walking Shoes

Designed keeping in mind the comfort of the baby’s feet, these are the best shoes for a baby who has just started to walk. Available in different size ranges, these slip-ons are convenient to put on and remove. They are perfect for indoors and can be worn on wooden or laminate floors to keep the baby’s feet safe.


  • Made of high-quality canvas and TRP material
  • Offer great flexibility and elasticity
  • Designed to enhance proper foot development
  • Anti-slip and soft sole for great comfort
  • Allow free toe movement


  • May be less suitable for thin ankles
  • Size may be small

4. Best Injury-Free: BMCiTYBM Infant Sneakers Non-Slip First Walkers

BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers Non-Slip First Walkers

With more wiggle room for the tiny toes, these walking shoes for babies make a happy pick. Have your baby walk with confidence with these shoes that encourage natural movement by promising a good grip. The hook-and-loop design makes them easy to wear and remove.


  • Have a stretchy foot-hugging upper
  • Come with a non-slip rubber sole and sensory pods
  • Toe cap prevents toes from injuries
  • Knitted fabric offers breathability
  • Soft pillow-like cushioning adds to the comfort


  • Liners may be somewhat flimsy
  • May be a bit wide

5. Best Sweat-Absorbing: HsdsBebe PU Leather Hard Bottom Walking Sneakers

HsdsBebe Baby Boys Girls Pu Leather Hard Bottom Walking Sneakers

Designed especially for beginner walkers, these baby shoes for walking are a blend of style and comfort. With wide space on the inside, they allow the feet to grow. The sturdy bottom design imparts more strength to these sneakers.


  • Made of premium PU leather
  • Come with a sweat-absorbing polyester lining
  • Hand sewing adds to the texture and durability
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off
  • Strong rubber sole with grips
  • Ideal for both wide and narrow feet


  • May not be breathable enough
  • May be suitable only for light walking

6. Best Stylish : Josmo Kids’ Unisex Walking Shoes First Walker

Josmo Kids' Unisex Walking Shoes First Walker

These stylish and classic lace-up booties are perfect for first walkers. The baby walking shoes are fantastic unisex creations made of premium leather. They are durable and provide a structural shell along with a supportive flat bottom to help babies learn walking with much ease.


  • Have boot opening of around ten inches
  • Come with a dual-colored sole
  • Flat bottom
  • Designed in regular and wider sizes for feet of all sizes


  • Leather might be slightly hard
  • May be slightly slippery

7. Best Lightweight: Felix & Flora Soft Sole Leather Walking Shoes

Felix & Flora Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes - Infant Baby Walking Shoes

These oh-so-cute first walking shoes for baby girls come in classic patterns. Designed keeping in mind the growing feet of a baby, they make comfortable wear. Be it a birthday party dress-up or a photoshoot, these easy-to-wear and take-off walking shoes for babies learning to walk are perfect for wear on any grand occasion.


  • Made of microfiber leather
  • Have a rubber sole
  • Chubby-feet friendly
  • Come with an elastic ankle band
  • Lightweight design


  • Size might run small
  • May be wide at the toe

8. Best Unisex: Oaisnit Baby Boys Girls Sneakers

Oaisnit Baby Boys Girls Sneakers

Keep your baby’s little feet comfy and toasty with these unisex sneakers. These are designed keeping in mind the comfort of your child. Made to suit every season, these shoes make a perfect pick for walking, running, and playing.


  • Made of breathable mesh fabric
  • Come with a soft and sweat-free cotton lining
  • Have a lightweight, anti-skid, soft rubber sole
  • Come with an anti-collision toe cap
  • Adjustable closure for easy on and off
  • Breathable lining


  • May be wide at the heels
  • May slide while walking

9. Best Flexible: Ella Bonna Oxford Baby Boy Shoes

Ella Bonna Oxford Baby Boy Shoes

Are you looking for shoes with a classy style? These designer baby shoes are an ideal match for formal and casual clothing. They are designed to promote natural foot development and movement. Have your baby learn to walk with these comfortable mini Oxford moccasins on any terrain without tripping.


  • Made of pure grain genuine leather
  • Lightweight, flexible, and anti-slip rubber sole
  • Come with padded insoles to prevent injuries
  • Rounded wide front to provide more room for the toes
  • Organic cotton laces


  • May run small in size
  • Color may vary slightly

10. Best Casual Wear: Charrost Baby First-Walking Shoes

Baby First-Walking Shoes 1-4 Years Kid Shoes

Your child can enjoy any activity wearing these comfortable and ultralight athletic shoes. These sneakers offer good ventilation and make comfy casual shoes for all seasons. Designed to keep the baby’s feet protected and pampered, these fashionable walking loafers are easy to clean and go well with all kinds of outfits.


  • Made of breathable knitted mesh fabric
  • Have a durable and soft rubber sole
  • Convenient slip-on design
  • Sock-like elasticity
  • Anti-collision toe design to protect the toes


  • May be a tad big around the ankles
  • May attract dirt

11. Best Non-Slippery: Delebao Baby Non-Slip First Walking Shoes

Delebao Baby Non-Slip First Walking Shoes

These are great walking shoes to keep your baby’s feet warm and comfortable. They are easy to wear and remove and designed to promote unrestricted growth and good balance while providing protection. The simple design and non-constricting fit make them excellent baby shoes.


  • Made of canvas and suede leather
  • Have a non-slip leather sole
  • Designed with soft, flexible suede leather on top
  • Come with hook-and-loop closure


  • Identifying the right and left shoes may be difficult
  • Seams may be fragile

12. Best Leather: Pediped Katelyn Originals Mary Jane

Pediped Katelyn Originals Mary Jane

These sweet and stylish summertime sandals in Mary Jane-style make a fantastic pair of shoes for baby girls. A fusion of comfort and fashion, these cute shoes are designed to develop foot strength and allow babies to sense the ground underneath for a better walking experience.


  • Made of 100% leather
  • Unique flower petal cut-out detailing on top
  • Have scalloped trims
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap
  • Come with a soft and slip-resistant rubber sole


  • May feel comfortable only when worn with socks
  • Stitching may be fragile

13. Best Convenient: Reebok Kids’ Techque T Slip On Walking Shoe

Reebok Kids' Techque T Slip on Walking Shoe

The iconic Techque T shoes are designed for the comfort of those tiny feet. Match these everyday casual shoes to any outfit in any season to keep your baby’s feet protected. The convenient hook-and-loop closure makes them easy to put on and take off.


  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Come with cushioned rubber sole
  • Wide design accommodates chubby feet
  • Padded internal


  • May be slightly bulky
  • May not be easy to clean

Benefits Of Baby Walking Shoes

A good pair of baby walking shoes can

  • Protect the feet of the baby from anything that can hurt their tiny feet and toes.
  • Provide a comfortable walking experience.
  • Protect the baby’s feet from extreme temperatures.
  • Provide the required grip and balance to walk without tripping.
  • Promote a great deal of physical activity as babies can run, dance, play, and do many more things with the right shoes on.
  • Allow the baby to walk on different kinds of terrains.

How To Choose The Right Baby Walking Shoes?

Here are a few features that you must always consider before buying the right pair of shoes for your baby.

  1. Correct size: Shoes that are too loose or too tight are not a good buy. Compromising on the size is never a good idea.
  1. Padding: It is important to buy shoes with memory foam cushioning at the back of the heel to add to the comfort.
  1. Sole: Always pick shoes with non-slip soles for additional friction. Going for shoes with a flat and flexible sole allows them to bend and promise a comfortable walking experience across different terrains.
  1. Wide pattern: To allow the toes to wiggle and grow, a wide front is always a better choice. Moreover, it also fits comfortably on feet that are on the chubbier side.

Watching your little one take their first steps can be a priceless feeling. To help them walk comfortably, you will need the right walking shoes. These shoes are specially designed for babies with extra padding, soft material, easy closure, and convenient features. Consider your child’s age and feet size to find well-fitting shoes. Some pointers to be noted would be breathability, comfort, and washable material. So, protect your child’s feet from injuries and help them walk confidently with these shoes.

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