11 Best Backlit Keyboards For Better Visibility Of The Keys, 2022


If you’re a hardcore gamer, not having an excellent keyboard is out of the question. And we don’t just mean machine specifications but also the aesthetics. The best backlit keyboards meet both these criteria and are popular among gamers.

Whether you are building your own PC to create the perfect setup or hoping to upgrade your gear, a backlit keyboard adds a sophisticated and beautiful glow to the computer and lights up your whole room.

Playing your favorite game in this setting can make you feel so much more authentic and immersive than with a regular setup. Of course, building a PC isn’t easy or cheap, as you need to invest quite a bit on a good processor and high-end graphics card. With that in mind, we bring you some of the top backlit keyboards that are top-of-the-line yet easy on the pocket.

11 Best Backlit Computer Keyboards In 2022

1. Best Water-Resistant:Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

First on our list is this high-performing keyboard and mouse combo from Redragon. The keys are extremely quiet and offer precise, tactile feedback. It has 7 customizable RGB lighting modes and effects. You can customize the brightness level and breathing speed of the lights if they are too bright or flashy for you. The keyboard has an ergonomic design and integrated wrist support for the long office hours. So, once you are done with the office work, you can jump right into playing games without any wrist tension.


  • Water-resistant
  • The WIN key can be disabled for uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  • The keyboard has 25 conflict-free (n-Key Rollover), 10 dedicated multimedia keys, and 12 additional FN+ multimedia keys.
  • It has a gold-plated, corrosion-free USB connector for faster transfer rates.
  • The included gaming mouse offers high-precision sensor and weight adjustments for the ultimate gaming experience.


  • It might have a low-quality plastic feel to it.

2. Best For Hassle-Free Connectivity:Azio KB506 Vision Backlit Keyboard

Azio KB506 Vision Backlit Keyboard

One of the main reasons to have a backlit keyboard is that you don’t have to strain your eyes while looking for the correct keys in a dimly-lit room. Azio understands this issue more than others, so they present you with KB506 Vision that features large printed keys backed by LED backlights. The keys have prints that are 2x larger than your average keyboard and are designed in a way that lets the backlight pass through it instead of bleeding from the sides. This helps for easy identification of the keys.


  • It has a 5 feet USB wire for hassle-free connectivity.
  • It has 5 Interchangeable backlight colors.
  • It has a dedicated brightness adjustment wheel.
  • It has a comfortable palm rest for ideal hand placement.
  • It has dedicated hotkeys that provide quick access to a few multimedia and productivity functions.


  • The key might become sensitive even to the lightest touch.

3. Best Plug-And-Play:Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740

Logitech has years of experience and they know how to make products that will cater to everyone. For users who need a non-gaming, simple keyboard with subtle backlight, this one is your best bet. Its full-sized layout and ultra-thin keyboard are perfect for your everyday use. You don’t have to worry about flashy lights with this keyboard because only the characters on the keys are illuminated. You can adjust the brightness as required. They feature a Logitech PerfectStroke Key System that makes every keystroke feel fluid and natural without making any noise.


  • Plug-and-play, 6-feet USB connector
  • It has a soft-touch palm rest for optimal hand positioning.
  • The keys have sharp, laser-etched backlit lighting with manual brightness adjustment.


  • The print on the keys might fade after some time.

4. NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard

For all the hardcore PC gamers out there, we have something special for you. This model of backlit gaming keyboards from NPET have an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic design, 4 adjustable LED lighting modes, breathing mode (alternate between 7 colors), mechanical and tactile feedback keys, water-resistance, and so much more. If you are someone, who rage-quits a lot, then you might want to own this one, just in case. The body is made from a thick and firm stainless steel base plate. You do not need any additional drivers, just plug-and-play. This video review will help you learn more about the product.


  • Arc keycaps, anti-sweat, and anti-fatigue design
  • It has a UV coating and laser carved ABS keycaps design.
  • It has 104 standard keys which include 13 multimedia keys and 26 non-conflict keys.
  • It has two angled-feet at the bottom to adjust the height as required.
  • It automatically enters sleeping mode with 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • The USB cable has an anti-interference magnet ring, gold-plated interface, and resistance to water, ensuring better data transfer rates than other PVC cables.


  • The backlight cannot be changed to a solid color.

5. Best Battery Life:KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard

KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard

KLM is one of the most trusted brands for high-performance gaming accessories. Unlike other backlit wireless keyboards, this rechargeable wireless keyboard has a faster response time to eliminate any input lags. You can take it as far as 10 meters without losing connection. It features a vivid tri-color backlight scheme across three zones which elevates the whole user experience. The keys are very silent; they produce a soft sound which offers a satisfying typing experience without disturbing anyone else. When not in use, you can turn it off using the switch placed underneath the keyboard.


  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • It has a FN key that acts as quick-access to certain features.
  • It has 3 color modes with adjustable brightness options.
  • It is tested to last 10 million keystrokes.
  • It is made from durable ABS material and weighs just 480g, making it portable-friendly.


  • The on/off switch might have issues in the long run.

6. Best Dust-Proof:PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard

PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard

PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard is designed to give you the best gaming experience that comes with an affordable price tag. It has 7 backlight modes that varies from single-color to 7-color backlight effects. It is one of the best ergonomically designed keyboards with an integrated wrist rest that offers comfortable hand placement. It features crater architecture design to reduce the elasticity of the key which helps in extending the durability of the keyboard. And, the keys can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes.


  • Water and dust-proof
  • You can increase/decrease the brightness of the light.
  • It does not require any additional drivers; just plug it in and start playing.
  • The keys can be detached for easy cleaning.
  • The advanced anti-ghosting technology allows the users to use up to 25 keys simultaneously.
  • It has 8 independent multimedia keys and 12 shortcut keys for a more efficient workflow.
  • The characters on the keys are embedded using a laser injection carving process, reducing the chance of fading away easily.


  • It might not be suitable for the long office hours.

7. Best Adjustable Brightness:VicTsing Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

VicTsing Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

Considering how much time an average gamer spends inside their room playing games, having a rainbow-themed backlit keyboard is a great idea. VicTsing Rainbow Gaming Keyboard has a vibrant and colorful backlight, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere. It has an all-metal panel with shock-proof and water-resistant capabilities. It uses a crater structure and an ultra-thin, floating keycap design which places the keys closer to the base for high keystroke efficiency and great tactile feedback.


  • It has adjustable brightness and breathing speed.
  • It has 19 non-conflicting Keys and 12 multimedia keys for an improved efficiency.
  • Users can choose between permanent lighting and automatic breathing lights based on preference.
  • The integrated wrist rest is placed at an ideal height to support long working or gaming hours.


  • The keys might get loud while typing.

8. Best Unibody Design:Perixx PERIBOARD-317 Backlit Keyboard

Perixx PERIBOARD-317 Backlit Keyboard

Perixx PERIBOARD-317 is targeted towards people who like subtle things and do not fancy state-of-the-art technology. It is a wired, illuminated, full-sized keyboard that gets the job done with high efficiency. The white LED backlight provides easy viewing even in the darkest rooms. It adopts a low profile chiclet key structure that offers simple and effortless use. If you are working early morning or late in the night, you can expect the same level of comfort and convenience throughout.


  • It has a 1.6-meter durable plug and play USB cable.
  • The characters on the keys are bigger compared to standard keyboards.
  • It has a unibody design with low maintenance requirements for extended longevity.


  • The character on the keys might smudge after a certain period.

9. Best With Multimedia Keys:LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

There is something about white color that screams sophistication and elegance. This white gaming keyboard from LANGTU is all about that. It has an aluminum alloy panel with cool-brushed metal finish to enhance the texture. It uses the stair-step keycap design that allows your fingers to reach all keys easily. Keys are very responsive to touch and are tested to last about 5 million keystrokes. It has a 7-color rainbow LED backlight that is soft and does not cause any strain to your eyes in the dark.


  • Water-resistant
  • It has a non-slip rubber pad at the bottom.
  • It has removable keycaps for easy cleaning.
  • The backlight can be turned off.
  • It has 12 quick-access multimedia keys.
  • The 25 keys anti-ghosting technology allows you to use multiple keys simultaneously.
  • It has double-colored injection keycaps with uniform backlighting, keeping the letters from fading away easily.


  • The keys might be loud while typing.

10. Best Ergonomic Design:Mafiti RK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Mafiti RK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Need a cool-looking keyboard that can endure your intense gaming sessions? Mafiti has just the thing for you. The RK100 is considered as one of the best backlit keyboards and has garnered a lot of praise from gamers. You can switch between three LED colors — red, yellow, or green with a single color control button. You can adjust the brightness of the light as needed. Although it is not a mechanical keyboard, the keys do produce mechanical sound that gives an immensely satisfying feel with every keystroke.


  • Ergonomic and anti-fatigue design
  • It has 12 hotkeys for quick access to certain functions.
  • It has concave and suspension keycaps.
  • It can work on a wide array of devices like laptops and smart TVs.
  • It will enter sleeping mode within 10 minutes of inactivity.


  • The keys might be a bit rigid.

11. Best With LED Colors:Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Sleek and simple; the keyboard is designed to provide a quiet and flawless typing experience. Rii Backlit Gaming Keyboard has all your basic features to get you going. It has 3 eye-friendly colors — cyan, green, and blue, that are easy on your eyes. The body is sturdy and durable owing to its solid structure and high-quality material. It has standard 105 keys that produce no sound and lets you work at night quietly. And, the minimalist design prevents stress on your wrists. The best part is that you get all these features without spending big bucks.


  • No additional drivers required
  • Breathing-circle LED colors
  • It supports Laptop, Xbox, Android TV, and many other devices.
  • The included mouse is tested to last 3 million clicks.


  • It has limited backlit color options.

That was our list of the 11 best backlit keyboards for your PC setup. But we are not done yet, we are going to give you a few pointers that will allow you to choose a keyboard that should help you choose the one that checks all your needs.

Choosing The Best Backlit Keyboard – Buying Guide

Choosing a keyboard can be difficult when there are so many great options. So, make sure you purchase it based on how they meet your requirement. Here are a few pointers that should help you choose the right one.

  • Design: The design of a backlit keyboard plays a major role. You will be using it pretty much all the time while working or gaming. The form factor, the key shape, and light placement define how comfortable the keyboard is. Having an integrated wrist rest is also an added advantage.
  • Light color(s): If you are building a PC, then you would want your backlit keyboard to match the whole theme. You might want a simple solid color or have rainbow lights dancing across your keyboard; there is a keyboard for everything. Look for a keyboard that allows you to switch LED colors to match your mood.
  • Adjustable Brightness: The LED lights can be obnoxiously bright sometimes. So, pick a keyboard that does not have LED lights that are too bright. Having the ability to adjust the brightness comes in handy.
  • Switch Types: There are plenty of switch types that a keyboard can have. Membrane, dome-switch, scissor-switch, and roll-up are just to name a few. But, the two most common switch types when it comes to backlit keyboards are membrane and mechanical switches. Membrane switches are built-in keys on the keyboard and they do not make much noise while typing. Whereas, mechanical switches are extremely tactile and could be loud at times. Mechanical keys have an upper hand when it comes to durability, they last longer than most switch types.
  • Battery: If you are choosing a wireless keyboard, it should have a long-lasting battery life. You would not want a keyboard that stops during an intense gaming moment, do you? FYI, you can turn down the intensity of the LEDs to improve the battery life.
  • Compatibility: If you need a keyboard that can be used with other devices such as smart TV and gaming consoles, there are brands that offer keyboards that have multi-device compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are backlit keyboards necessary?

If you are someone who works in a dark/dim-lit room, then it is suggested to have a backlit keyboard. It reduces the strain on your eyes.

2. Why are backlit keyboards good for gaming?

LED backlit keyboards cater to gamers more for their visual appearance. Apart from that, it majorly depends on the type of keys that are used which makes it suitable for gaming.

3. How do I make my laptop keyboard light up?

Not all laptops have a backlit keyboard, but if your laptop does have it then there will be a dedicated button which might work using the Fn key. With the combination of both, the keyboard should light up. This button may vary on different keyboards according to their brands; check out their official site for detailed instructions.

4. How do I change the color of my keyboard lights?

Most backlit keyboards have dedicated buttons to control the lights, or they are placed as functional keys. Read the instruction manual for detailed information.

5. Why is my wireless keyboard not working properly?

If you are having an issue with your keyboard, please reach out to the brand’s customer services team. They should be able to help you with all your keyboard issues.

Backlit keyboards are a blessing for night owls and gamers who prefer to work and play in a dark room. These keyboards boast different features—while some let you optimize the brightness, others allow you to switch between colors. Further, while some feature colorful keys, others produce a monochromatic, warm light that is easy on the eyes. A backlit keyboard gives you the liberty to work and play at your convenience, no matter what time of the day it is or how bright or dark the room is.

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