13 Best Backpack Hydration Bladder For Hiking In 2022


Hydration bladders are an essential piece of equipment for every adventure enthusiast out there. Here’s our list of the best backpack hydration bladders to keep you hydrated on the go. These backpacks are designed with flexible materials like polyethylene and TPU that can give you hands-free access to water when you’re on a hike. The water flow is controlled for optimal absorption. They are leak-proof and durable for long-lasting use. So, explore our list of products to choose the right backpack hydration bladder for your next trek.

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Types Of Backpacking Hydration Bladders

There are two types of backpacking hydration bladders:

  1. Pressurized hydration bladders: These contemporary hydration bladders have two chambers, one exclusively for air and the other for water. By using the in-built air pump, you can inflate the air chamber. You need to squeeze or bite the valve without sucking when you use it. Such bags include an extra water storage feature and are free of contamination and bacteria.
  1. Non-pressurized hydration bladders: These have only one chamber for holding water. They are simple to use but require extra effort to use them. You will have to bite and suck the valve to bring the water up, and they require frequent cleaning.

13 Best Backpack Hydration Bladders

1. Best With Thick Insulating Layer: KuyouHydration Pack

With a thick insulating layer, the pack can keep the liquids hot or cool for up to four hours. It is compact, low-profile, and lightweight. The pack is designed for hiking, running, or cycling and helps prevent wind resistance. The backpack’s water liners have passed pressure tolerated tests. It is made from durable nylon, which is resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion.


  • Can hold up to three-liter water
  • Has adjustable bungee straps
  • Reflective design to ensure safety and visibility
  • BPA-free bladder


  • Might leak
  • Might be hard to fill
  • Water might taste unpleasant


2. Best Lightweight: Water Buffalo Hydration Pack Backpack

Including a rip-stop lining and a zipper closure, this leakproof backpack water bladder is made from nylon. With a two-liter capacity, the hydration bladder can keep water cool for upto five hours. The hydration pack has padded ventilated straps and reflective trim for extra safety. It includes a quick-access Velcro pocket and clips.


  • Lightweight
  • Hydration hose designed to keep the contaminants out
  • Padded back for extra comfort
  • Chest straps for optimal weight distribution


  • Might leak
  • Valves might break
  • Might give water a plastic taste


3. Best Impact-Resistant: Marchway Tactical MolleHydration Pack

Made from nylon, this black hydration bladder backpack will keep the water hot or cool for a long time. The heavy-duty fabric is water repellent and wear-and tear-resistant. It has one main reservoir that can store three-liter water. The quick-release hose system will allow you to refill the reservoir without connecting the hose. Since it has a large opening, you can add ice cubes to it. The mouthpiece is 360° rotatable.


  • Easy to clean
  • Has two front pockets to carry extra items
  • Made from 100% tasteless and BPA-free TPU
  • Impact-resistant and durable buckle


  • Chest strap placement can make it uncomfortable for women
  • Straps might break
  • Water might leak while running


4. Best Wear-And-Tear-Resistant: Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Backpack

Ideal for running, cycling, hunting, and hiking, this backpack is available in various colors and features a zipper closure and a polyester lining. The chest, waist, and shoulder straps are adjustable. Its two tapes on the top of the bag prevent the bladder from bouncing during hiking. You can store multiple things in various compartments. The hydration bladder is taste-free, odorless, and BPA-free.


  • Wear-and tear-resistant
  • Can hold upto two-liter water
  • Molle system allows you to attach more items
  • FDA-approved


  • Bladder may not be sealed properly
  • Suction tube might not work well
  • Straps might be too short


5. Best With Anti-Shock Chest Strap: Teton Sports Trailrunner 2.0 Hydration Pack

With a two-liter capacity, this hydration bladder has a comfortable design ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures. It features a kink-free tube and a cushioned bite valve, with a two-inch opening for ice and cleaning. The backpack is designed to fit all body frames. It features a large mesh pocket to store multiple things,including snacks,  phones, wallets, and other outdoor essentials. This hydration kit has adjustable chest, waist, and shoulder straps.


  • Has a reflective trim for extra safety
  • Can store a jacket and helmet
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Anti-shock chest strap


  • Refilling the bladder might be difficult
  • Straps are not long enough
  • Difficult to drink water from the hydration hose


6. Best With Mesh Back Pad: UnigearHydration Pack Backpack

Unigearhydration backpack has adjustable chest, waist, and shoulder straps for a comfortable fit and does not bounce when you move. It has a low-profile design and can store upto two-liter water. The airflow system keeps the water cool. Wear-and tear-resistant, the backpack has multiple pockets to store essentials, including phones, wallets, snacks, and other equipment.


  • Has a mesh back pad
  • Free of BPA, BPS, and BPF
  • Bladder has a large opening for cleaning and filling
  • Soft-bite mouthpiece


  • Bladder might rip easily
  • Water reservoir might leak
  • Quality might be poor


7. Best With Quick-Release Hose System: Neboic 2-Pack Hydration Backpack

With a comfortable and low-profile design, the hydration backpack will keep your water cool for four hours. Lightweight and compact, the pack is ideal for light hiking, running, and cycling. The backpack features three pockets, including one mesh front pocket and two zippered side pockets to store all your essentials. It has shoulder straps and a hip belt that you can modify according to your torso. The backpack is made from a well-ventilated, waterproof material.


  • Can store two-liter water
  • Features a quick-release hose system
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t create wind resistance


  • Feeding tube might be difficult to attach to the bladder
  • Bladder might be difficult to dry out
  • Water reservoir might stretch and break


8. Best With Dust Cover Protector: LanneyHydration Bladder

Available in military green, this backpack is made from BPA-free and FDA-approved food-grade material. Thick and durable, the bladder’s interior is smooth and keeps the water clean for long. The drinking tube is of superior quality and odorless. An insulated sleeve is added to it helps regulate the water temperature.


  • Shut-off bite valve
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Pressure tolerant
  • Has a dust cover protector


  • Might leak
  • Quality may be poor


9. Best Compact: MothybotHydration Pack

With a two-liter storage capacity, this backpack is suitable for everyone and is insulated, keeping the water cool for up to five hours. It is available in numerous colors and a comfortable design, with extra pockets for storing a water bottle, wallet, phone, etc.


  • Self-lock connector design
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Mechanism might not work effectively
  • Bladder might leak
  • Quality may be poor


10. Best With High-Quality Zippers: Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack Backpack

Made from PVC- and BPA-free materials, this backpack with a hydration system is leakproof. You can store upto two-liter water in it. Available in various bright colors, this hydration pack is fully adjustable and will fit most sizes. The straps are filled with high-density foam and have a breathable, light mesh covering.


  • Two spacious pockets
  • High-quality zippers
  • Shock-absorbing chest strap
  • Kink-free sip tube


  • Quality may be poor
  • May be uncomfortable
  • Suction tube might not work properly


11. Best Waterproof: SKL Hydration Backpack

The product is adjustable and lightweight, with a breathable mesh back panel and nylon fabric. This hydration backpack is made from BPA-free and tasteless EVA material, with a push rubber mouthpiece. The shoulder straps are wide and webbed for optimal weight distribution.


  • Waterproof and well-ventilated material
  • Has Velcro straps
  • Water-tube can be fixed in the tube clamp
  • Adjustable buckles


  • Water might leak
  • Might bounce


12. Best With D-Shaped Buckle System: G4free Hydration Pack

G4free hydration backpack is ideal for running, hiking, cycling, or other adventure activities.It has a quick-release bite valve with a plastic clipandextra pockets to store all your essentials. The pack will keep the water cool or hot for a long time. Made from a high-density polyester fabric, its reservoir can store upto three-liter water. The hydration sleeve is made from premium-quality materials and has a leakproof switch.


  • Soft mouthpiece
  • Comes with a D-shaped buckle system
  • Has a drawstring strap to store essentials
  • Features a wide opening lid


  • Hydration bladder might leak
  • Zippers might get stuck


13. Best With Safety Reflectors: Miracol Hydration Backpack

Comfortable and lightweight, the backpack has a low-profile design built for outdoor sports, including running, hiking, cycling, or racing. Its chest and shoulder straps are adjustable and will fit men, women, and children. The hydration bladder is made from BPA-free materials, keeping the water odorless and tasteless. It features front pockets where you can store your essentials.


  • Safety reflectors
  • Breathable mesh padding
  • Adjustable bungee strap
  • Wide opening lid


  • Hydration bladder might leak
  • Made from low-quality materials


How To Choose The Right Hydration Bladder For Backpacking?

Consider the following features before buying a hydration bladder for backpacking.

  1. Weight: Pick a lightweight backpack measuring below 250 grams. Ensure it is not too light; otherwise, the strength, durability, water flow, and quality would be affected.
  2. Size and capacity: Hydration bladders with a capacity of 1 to 1.25 liters are ideal for short trips. Those with a two-liter capacity are good for long journeys, whereas bladders with a three-liter capacity are good for long-distance trekkers and backpackers. Remember to consider your usage and purpose before buying.
  3. Material: Choose a bladder made of food-grade quality and should be free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, and BPS. You can pick the one that will inhibit bacterial growth. For bags, choose a long-lasting and sturdy material, such as nylon that is water-, wear-, and tear-resistant.

Hydration bladders are suitable for all activities, including camping. They offer a large storage capacity and are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Read thoroughly about each product, consider all the features, and choose from our list of the best hydration bladders for backpacking.

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