14 Best Cable Organizers In 2023

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Having many cables entangled near a power board could get frustrating and dangerous. So, here’s our list of the best cable organizers for you to help keep things neat. These smart accessories are created to prevent the entanglement of cables or cords to ensure safety. They have multiple slots to arrange cords and cables easily. You can use them to keep all the tech accessories and cables at a place. You can also use a few of them as travel cases to carry your chargers, power banks, etc.

Available in various sizes and designs, you can go through our list to find a suitable one.

14 Best Cable Organizers

1. Best Overall:Jelly Comb Electronics Organizer

Price at the time of publication: $20.95

Jelly Comb offers one of the best cable organizers with generous space to keep wiring organized. It has two compartments to store cables, cell phones, mouse, USB drive, mini-tablet, and various other accessories. It is a complete electronics organizer containing two mesh pockets, six elastic loop segments, 12 elastic loops, one adhesive pocket to carry iPad mini, and one SD/TF segment. Before buying, have a look at this video for more details.


  • Made of waterproof nylon for better safety
  • Keeps cables and chargers in place
  • Two high-quality zippers ensure easy opening and closing
  • Offers different storage options
  • Ideal for household use
  • Padded and semi-flexible surface provides extra protection
  • Convenient and compact design 


  • Mesh pockets may be small

2. Best Safety:D-Line Cable Management Box

Price at the time of publication: $17.3

Keep your cables organized and concealed in this under-desk cable organizer. Measuring 12.45x5x5in, this electronic organizer includes three cord entries at the back to ensure all the wires hide nicely. The polished lid and curved ends add to its appeal. Watch this video to know more about the product.


  • Blends beautifully with the décor
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Easy entry and exit to organize wires
  • Protects from messy and entangled wires
  • Made of electrically safe material 


  • Lid may not secure properly

3. Best Elegant:Go-Oblong Cable Organizer

Price at the time of publication: $17.3

Go-Oblong Cable Organizer holds your HDMI, USB, aux, and power cables keeping your working space clean and organized. The organizer has a scratch-resistant exterior with a sleek design. The unique grid platform provides ventilation to the cable wires preventing overheating.


  • Child-resistant locking lid
  • Grid ventilation
  • Raised inner platform
  • Plug-and-charge design


  • None

4. Best Ventilation:SimpleCord J Channel Desk Cable Organizer

Price at the time of publication: $14.17

It is a smart and sleek cable organizer box that comes with non-locking channels to offer easy access. Designed especially for the power cables that may involve movement, this perfect cable organizer box prevents the hanging of cords and cables near the floor. 


  • Every package includes five 16in channels
  • Allows easy management and installation
  • Keeps chords mess-free
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Conceals up to eight cables 


  • Self-adhesive tape may not be effective

5. Best Mess-Free:Eveo Cable Management Sleeves

Price at the time of publication: $5.99

Forget about messy cables with this cable sleeve designed for easy cable management. Be it your workstation or TV cabinet, organize the wires and cords with this neoprene product. It has a zipper design that allows storing the cables in a firm and bundled format.


  • Fits up to ten cables
  • Protects cables from dust, water, kids, and pets
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and flexible design
  • Convenient to clean 


  • Not a stretchable design
  • May not be wide enough

6. Best Durable:Akwox Wooden Cable Organizer and Cord Management System

Price at the time of publication: $9.99

Akwox offers a stylish and classy TV cable organizer made of natural wood. It gives a clean and organized look along with easy access to cords or cables. This functional and innovative design has five slots and flexible sizes to hold different width wires with convenience. 


  • Long-lasting and eco-friendly design
  • Blends with different interiors
  • Easy to hold and remove cords
  • Designed for different surfaces
  • Simple peel and stick design 


  • Wooden surface may be rough
  • Adhesive may not be strong

7. Best Eco-Friendly:DMoose Cable Management Box Organizer for Cords

Price at the time of publication: $49.99

It is an all-purpose desk cable organizer consisting of a tray and a lid to hide various elastic straps and electronics accessories. Curated to uplift aesthetics, this construction reduces accidents with pets and kids. It can also be used as a charging station for mobile phones or cameras. 


  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Made of fireproof material
  • Convenient to install and clean
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Four accessible cord pass-throughs
  • Durable design 


  • May be too big for a desktop
  • Size may be relatively small

8. Best Fire-Proof:Alena Culian Electronic Organizer

Price at the time of publication: $14.2

The smart travel organizer is perfect for carrying various elastic bands along with a charger, hard drive, and earbuds. Measuring 10.03×7.48×3.54in, it has a two-way zipper closure. It has mesh pockets to store small items such as SD cards or memory cards and big partitioned spaces to carry bulky items. 


  • Made of water-resistant and heavy-duty nylon
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple elastic straps for comfortable organization
  • Includes a zippered pocket
  • Hand strap for easy carrying
  • Portable design
  • Padded design offers extra protection
  • Offers good storage space 


  • Velcro partitions may not stay in place

9. Best Tear-Proof:AmazonBasics Wire Cable Management Sleeve Cover Organizer

Price at the time of publication: $13.01

Measuring 40in in length, it is a simple computer cable organizer from AmazonBasics. It is a pack of two such sleeves designed to conceal cables. Made of neoprene material, they can easily hold multiple cables. The zipper enclosure ensures easy closure to keep all the cords of your TV entertainment unit and desktop in one place. 


  • Sleek and durable design
  • Flexible sleeves
  • Tear-proof
  • Keeps cables safe from pets and kids
  • Full-length zipper
  • Includes a one-year warranty 


  • May not be the right choice for vertical cords
  • Zipper may not be durable

10. Best Travel-Friendly:Matein Electronics Travel Organizer

Price at the time of publication: $18.99

Travelling is made easy and sorted with this cable organizer bag made of double layers. Consisting of multiple pockets and three Velcro-padded removable dividers, it makes a perfect tech pouch with convenient storage options. Measuring 10.5×7.75×3.5in, it is a travel-friendly cord organizer that fits comfortably in luggage and backpacks. 


  • Offers flexibility to organize electronics accessories
  • Includes two zipper mesh pockets
  • Compact and portable design
  • Waterproof and shockproof construction
  • Strong handle to grab and carry easily
  • Made of durable nylon 


  • Dividers are not completely configurable

11. Best Compact:Syncwire Cable Clips

Price at the time of publication: $8.49

It is a pack of five desktop cable organizers to keep your desktop tables, TV units free from mess. The unique multi-combination construction makes it apt for holding cords of different sizes. It is a versatile USB cable organizer that can even work like a toothbrush or pen holder. Made of premium silicone, it is non-toxic and odorless. 


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers flexibility in holding cords
  • Strong 3M tape makes a good adhesive 


  • May not be able to hold thin cords effectively

12. Best Easy-To-Install:Yecaye Cable Organizer Box

Price at the time of publication: $23.46

Say goodbye to clutter with this Yecaye Cable Organizer for the desk. Cable management is made easy and convenient with this sleek storage to hide surge protectors and power strips. It consists of one large box that fits 12 outlets and one medium box that fits six to eight outlets. Concealing messy cables is more comfortable with these boxes made of high-density plastic. 


  • Different boxes serve different needs
  • Safe-locking lid design promises better protection
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Rubber feet promise better stability
  • Durable and sleek design
  • Impact and fire-resistant construction 


  • Lid may be too tight
  • Quality of plastic may be flimsy

13. Best Premium Construction:Chouky Cable Organizer Box

Price at the time of publication: $29.99

You can keep everything sorted with this set of three desk cable organizers. Designed to store different adapters, power strips, cords, and more, the large, medium, and small-sized boxes are the perfect solutions for storing cables and cords at home or office. The sleek design and premium construction make them a good pick. 


  • Electrically insulated design
  • Impact-resistant construction
  • Three different sizes for different needs
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Tray can act as a charging station 


  • May not be durable
  • Lid may be tough to open

14. Best Easy-To-Clean:Point And Edge Tap-Up Cable Box

Price at the time of publication: $29.99

It is a unique box to organize cables and cords and attached right under the desk without any drilling. You can easily stretch your feet under the desk and will not find any interference of wire clutter. It makes a good fit for desks with a thickness of 0.4in to 2in. 


  • Can be attached to different areas of the desk
  • Comes with desk protective silicone
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Can also be installed on the desk legs
  • Makes it easier to clean above and under the desk 


  • May not be long-lasting

How To Choose The Right Cable Organizers?

Here’s a list of essential things to consider to choose the best cable organizer for your wires.

  1. Size: As a cable organizer is often used on or under the workstation, check its size to ensure it is compact yet spacious enough to meet your needs.
  2. Design: Choose organizers with scratch-resistant surface, high-quality zippers or lids, child-proof locks, and more to store the wires and other equipment neatly for proper protection. You can also look for those with padded surfaces to prevent damage.
  3. Durability: Choose a cable organizer made from durable material for long-lasting use. Check for flexible material with sufficient ventilation to keep the electronics safe.
  4. Installation: Ensure the cable organizer requires minimal installation hassle for smooth operation and organizing.
  5. Portability: Depending on the size and storage capacity, a cable organizer may or may not be portable. Check for its portability feature as per your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the right size of an electronic travel organizer?

Ideally, the electronic travel organizer should make a functional addition to your backpack or luggage. It should not be too heavy or large, as it might not fit into your travel backpack.

2. What is the right way to organize my cords when traveling?

Using a smart organizer can help you organize your cords and keep them safe. It can also save your time and effort looking for the cords you need and ensure you will not lose any of the cords.

3. What things should I look for in an electronic travel organizer?

While buying an electronic travel organizer, look for features, including weight, size, pockets, and partitions, to help you organize your stuff and material better.

If you are someone who uses several gadgets, you know the pain of organizing the wires and cables. The best cable organizers help you keep your workspace or rooms organized and allow you to carry all the necessary cables when traveling. These organizers feature compartments to segregate the cables and make them look neat. When choosing one, ensure it is portable, durable, and easy to use and consider its weight, size, and number of partitions.

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