10 Best Bakugan Toy Balls To Buy In 2022


If your child is a Bakugan series fan, here’s our list of the best Bakugan toys to help you choose the right one. Bakugan Battle Brawlers are figurines designed as collectibles under a Japanese-Canadian anime franchise. This game is about marbles and cards that turn into different creatures like dragons.

From starter packs to single accessory items like battle arenas and launchers, you can choose from various options to find the right one. If you are planning to get a Bakugan toy to surprise your child, browse through our list to find one that suits your child’s taste.

Our Top Picks

10 Best Bakugan Toys

1. Best Multiplayer Game: Bakugan Ultra Dragonoid 3-Inch Collectible Action Figure


The Bakugan Ultra Dragonoid is a fierce creature that undergoes an epic transformation. This toy set includes one Bakugan ultra, two BakuCores, one character card, and one ability card. It is a three-inch tall figure that measures 6.4 x 9 x 3in and weighs 3.2oz. It is recommended for children aged from six to eight years.


  • Helps in motor skill development
  • Portable
  • Great for pretend play
  • Durable


  • May be smaller than expected
  • Wings may be a little fragile

2. Best For Jumpstarting Bakugan Collection: Bakugan Battle Pack, 5-Pack


Gift your child this Bakugan battle toys set to jumpstart their collection of Bakugan toys. This pack contains two fierce Bakugan Ultra, three Bakugan, ten powerful BakuCores, five character cards, and five ability cards. It is a must-have Bakugan toy set that your child needs to roll into the Baku action and enter the Battle Planet fully equipped.


  • Offers different levels of difficulty
  • Rugged design
  • Great for battle play
  • Suitable for ages six and up


  • May not withstand rough play
  • Closing the balls back can be tricky

3. Best For Kids From Five-Seven Years: Bakugan Battle Arena


This board game gives your child an opportunity to enter the next level. The Battle Arena is an ultimate stage for the Bakugan brawls. The game comes with one Bakugan Battle Arena, one Exclusive Bakugan, two BakuCores, one ability card, and one character card. This is recommended for kids aged from five to seven years.


  • Recreates the Hide Matrix from the TV show
  • Well made with intricate detailing
  • Rules and setup included
  • Great for single playing


  • May have a crease where the board folds
  • Instructions may be vague

4. Best Quality And Durability: Bakugan Starter Pack, 3 Pack


The Bakugan starter three-pack includes everything your child needs to face the battle. It comes with two Bakugan Ultra, two Bakugan, six BakuCores, three ability cards, and three character cards. Roll the Bakugan Ultra to reveal and push the figure, Pyrus Fangzon, to get into action. It is recommended for kids aged from six to eight years.


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to close
  • Have good base B-power
  • Portable design


  • May be a bit brittle
  • Snake doesn’t stay closed

5. Best Entertaining: Bakugan Aurelus Howlkor Collectible Transforming Creatures


This starter pack offers hours of fun and entertainment for Bakugan fans. The pack consists of one Bakugan Ultra, two Bakugan, six Bakugan cores, and three character cards. All you need to do is roll the Bakugan Ultra, and it will leap open to pick a Baku core and reveal its hidden power. Whether you choose to trade or collect, these Bakugan toys are ideal.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for battles
  • Ideal for children over the age of six years
  • Includes three ability cards


  • Small parts may pose a choking hazard

6. Best Engaging: Bakugan, Battle Brawlers Starter Set


This starter set is a wonderful way for any Bakugan fan to grow their collection. The Battle Brawler pack contains one Bakugan, two Bakugan Ultra, six BakuCores, 40 card decks, and three character cards. Each Bakugan ball transforms into a fierce figurine and requires the right sequence to close. This set is recommended for children between the ages of five and seven years.


  • Great gift for kids
  • Multicolored figurines
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Deck of cards in three languages


  • Comes with plastic frame for arena

7. Best Colors And Unqiue Design: Bakugan Ultra, Trox, 3-inch Tall Collectible Transforming Creature


Enter a bigger Bakugan battlefield with the mega-powerful creature, Trox. This pack is intended for children aged six and above. The pack comes with one Bakugan Ultra, two BakuCores, one character card, and one ability card. There are over 100 Bakugans to collect from season one, and the Trox is one amongst them.


  • Has a leap-open baku action
  • Transformable
  • Has great detailing
  • Contains optimized ability card


  • May not be as sturdy

8. Best Jumbo-Sized Character: Bakugan, Battle 5 Pack, Ventus Phaedrus & Pyrus Hydranoid


This Battle pack set has five Bakugan collectibles with the required cards to start the battle with friends. There are two fierce Bakugan Ultra, three Bakugan, ten powerful BakuCores, five ability cards, and five character cards. Roll the two Bakugan Ultra fierce characters, Ventus Phaedrus and Pyrus Hydranoid, onto the metal card to pop them open.


  • Durable
  • Engaging
  • Great for group play
  • Toys are of different colors


  • Older children might get bored of the toys over time

9. Best To Boost Creativity And Imagination: Bakugan Deka, Gorthion, Jumbo Collectible Transforming Figure


The Bakugan Jumbo figure lets your child take their Bakugan collection into the next Jumbo level.Roll the three-inch Bakunin ball to transform into an epic battle-ready decal, Bakunin. Also, try adding Hydrorous, Dragonoid, Nillious, and more to your child’s Jumbo figure collection for some mega action on the game board.


  • Giant size
  • Pop-open transformation
  • Baku cores included
  • Durable


  • May have small parts that can be a choking hazard

10. Best For Beginners: Bakugan Ultra, Dragonoid with Transforming Baku-Gear


Power up the battlefield with this Bakugan ultra figurine, Dragonoid, and its transforming gear. The package contains one Bakugan Ultra, one BakuCore, two BakuCores, one character card, one ability card, one instruction sheet, and one Bakugan toy battling rules sheet. Collect over 50 Bakugan Ultra from season two to add to the collection. It is suitable for children aged from six to eight.


  • Great detailing
  • Durable
  • Suitable for multiple play
  • Interesting concept


  • Dragonoid may be smaller than expected

How To Choose A Bakugan Toy For Your Child?

Consider the following points before planning to buy Bakugan toys for your children.

  • Age: Every Bakugan toy and set in the market mentions the age limit. Some toys may have choking hazards or might be too complicated for younger children. So, buy a product that suits your kid’s age.
  • Child’s preference: Buy the characters your child likes. You may observe your child while playing the game or watching series and understand what fascinates them.
  • Budget: Your budget would determine your choice. Check the price range and try buying the one that suits your budget.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a seasoned product writer who reviews kids’ products, toys, and games. After analyzing numerous user reviews, she has curated this list of the best Bakugan toy balls for your child. She has also included a buying guide and explained the features of each product. In addition, this article offers some tips on choosing the right Bakugan toy ball for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most durable Bakugan toy?

The durability of Bakugan toys would depend on the materials used to make them and also how often they are exposed to rough play.

2. How do I identify what Bakugan toy I have?

You can identify the toy based on its color scheme as each character has a different color palette for each season. Second, you could identify them by referring to Bakugan toy posters.

3. When was the first Bakugan toy made?

The first Bakugan toy was manufactured by Spin Master in 2007.

Bakugan toy balls are a must-buy if your little one is a Bakugan fan. However, when picking the toy ball, you need to make sure that it is age-appropriate as there are tons of these toy balls meant for children of different age groups. When you get a Bakugan toy ball with the character that your child adores, it will not only delight your precious child but also keep them interested for a longer time.

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