13 Best Balance Boards For Standing Desk in 2022


The best balance board for standing desk can help improve your posture and reduce back and knee pains. It promotes micro-movement in your legs, stabilizes muscles, and prevents joint damage. The standing deks can also improve your core and body posture. We have compiled a list that you can consider to choose the right product to stay healthy. Also, the buying guide helps you understand the factors to consider when buying.

Different Types Of Balance Boards

There are different balancing boards with varying difficulty levels and benefits.

  1. Roller boards or Bongo boards are a bit tricky and difficult to master. They are precisely used for serious balance training at the gym or home. Roller boards offer a back and forth and side to side motion and are recommended for rehabilitation after a surgery or injury.
  1. Wobble boards offer a medium level of difficulty. Some people might find them unstable, but they could be a great option if you are a hyperactive individual. They give you 360°rotation.
  1. Balance boards work for beginners. They are easy to use and will help you remain focused while completing your tasks.

Our Top Picks

13 Best Balance Boards For Standing Desk

1. Best Anti-Fatigue Board: Fezibo Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Fezibo Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Ergonomically engineered, this balancing board from Fezibo is rectangular, medium-sized, and is available in obsidian black color. The anti-fatigue mat remains steady with its 8.5-degree tilting angle and can withstand up to 320lb of weight. It measures 20×13.9×2.2in and is made to relieve fatigue and promote microcirculation. You can also wear it with different shoes.


  • Portable and does not require any assembly
  • Made from high-density latex and premium-quality natural hardwood
  • Has a comfortable non-slip elastic surface
  • Helps combat pain in the core, legs, back, and ankles
  • Can be used for various exercises


  • Foam top might rip off after some uses
  • Has a peculiar smell

2. Best In Slip-Resistance: StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board


The professional wooden board from StrongTek is developed and designed to improve agility, stamina, and reaction time. It measures 17×13.5x3in and is lightweight, thereby easy to carry anywhere. This balancing board is made from Lauan hardwood ply that is sustainable, strong, and long-lasting. It can hold weight up to 350lb. You can use it while exercising, athletics, gymnastics, etc. Learn more about the product in this video.


  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Stable and a strong base
  • Made entirely of plantation-grown timbers
  • Offers multiple training strategies


  • Might look small
  • Padding is rough
  • Offers a limited range of motion

3. Best Anti-Slip Base: Yes4all Professional Rocker Wooden Balance Board

Yes4all Professional Rocker Wooden Balance Board


Durable and non-slip, this standing desk balance board is available in black color. It measures 17.5×13.5x4in and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Made from solid wood, it is designed to improve your posture, core strength, visual sense, balance, coordination, etc. This product is versatile, compact, and can support weight up to 350lb. This video gives you more information about the product.


  • Anti-slip base
  • Non-skid feet suitable for any surface
  • Durable wooden construction
  • When you shift your weight from one leg to the other, it creates a vertical form of exercise


  • Board might be a little unstable
  • Grip tape might rip off after some time

4. Best Ergonomic Design: Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board


The Gaiam Evolve balance board for standing desk engages core muscles and is available in two colors. It will allow subtle movements to keep your mind and body engaged and increase productivity. It has an ergonomic design that will promote neutral positioning and relieve your body from stress and fatigue. With a weight capacity of 250lb, you can use it in your office, shop, home, gym, etc. You can also use it on any surface. Have a look at this video to learn more about the product.


  • Aids in stabilizing muscles
  • Honeycomb non-slip texture
  • Increases focus and keeps the mind engaged
  • Helps prevent back pain and soreness
  • Promotes appropriate positing between the ankles and the toes


  • Top coating or mat might peel off after some usage
  • Low-quality material built

5. Best And Easy-To-Use: Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board

Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board


Whirly black ball balance board is versatile and is ideal for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. It is designed to strengthen your core muscles, and you can add this balancing board to your daily routine. Kids and other family members can use this fun and easy-to-use board.


  • Offers a three-dimensional motion (360°rotation)
  • Three independent balanced points
  • Made from eight-ply Canadian Maple
  • Can withstand weight up to 400lb
  • Robust built


  • No user instructions
  • Has a wobbly design

6. Best Recycled Plastic Base: Fluidstance Balance Board

Fluidstance Balance Board


Burn up to 19.2% calories with standing desk balance board from FluidStance. It will increase your heart rate by 15% and help you remain focused and productive. Crafted to improve your balance, this product will also add motion to your stationary workday routine. You can use this balance board in the kitchen, office, shop, etc. The plane is designed to elevate the motion and is available in a beautiful vapor color that blends in with any room decor.


  • Allows a three-dimensional movement
  • Sturdy recycled plastic base
  • Center weight is made from recycled sawdust that is formaldehyde-free
  • Deck is made from recycled rubber, offering comfort and durability


  • Hard material might cause soreness in the feet

7. Best Heavy-Duty Plywood: Forlrfit Professional Wooden Balance Board

Forlrfit Professional Wooden Balance Board


Improve your balance, visual sense, coordination, and strength with this balance board from Forlfit. Designed to target your ligaments, muscles, tendons, and joints, this board has an easy-grip surface. It is gentle on your bare feet and will keep you safe and secure. Ideal for concrete, wood, or cork surfaces, this board can withstand weight up to 350lb. The superfine grit and high-quality wood build make it beautiful and functional.


  • Made from ¾-inch heavy-duty, sturdy plywood
  • Wide surface will support various workouts
  • 17-inch anti-slip surface
  • Perfect for all feet sizes and any shoe type
  • Great for flexibility training, mobility, physical therapy, balance, etc


  • May not be versatile

8. Best Durable PU Base: Matladin Active Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Matladin Active Wooden Wobble Balance Board


The Matladin balance boards for standing desk comes with anti-fatigue and high-quality built. It keeps your core, the body, and legs engaging and will reduce tensions and aches from different body parts. The product combats the soreness and gently massages the pressure points with its textured surface. The wooden base lasts for years and is a great choice for your office, shop, home, gym, etc. This balance board can withstand weight up to 450lb.


  • Portable and a small design
  • Long-lasting PU base
  • 8.5-degree tilting angle
  • Made from high-density rubber
  • Comfortable non-slip elastic base


  • Has a fragile body
  • Offers a limited standing space

9. Best For Exercise & Training: Blue Planet Bamboo Wooden Balance Board

Blue Planet Bamboo Wooden Balance Board


Expertly crafted seven-in-one toolless design is considered the best standing desk balance board. It offers a 360° radius and is made entirely from bamboo. You can develop core strength and encourage muscle growth with this balance board. It has a non-slip deck grip to help you find your perfect traction. It offers a 25 inches sturdy stance and incorporates 3D balance modules to help you perform different exercises.


  • EVA foam surface is perfect for barefoot usage
  • Each balance module has two curvatures for changing levels
  • Three different deck grips
  • Suitable for yoga, balance training, and more
  • Versatile and easy to carry


  • Grip tape might fall off
  • 3D plastic modules are difficult to replace

10. Best Eco-Friendly: Ergohead Office Standing Desk Balance Board

Ergohead Office Standing Desk Balance Board


Available in black color, this ergonomically engineered balance board is simple and creates low-impact movements. It aids in stabilizing muscles, especially in the lower back, legs, hips, and ankles. Measuring 19.6×13.5×2.2in, this board provides extra space for people with larger feet. This anti-fatigue mat will help improve posture and will increase blood circulation. It also helps relieve all the soreness in your body.


  • Made from environmental-friendly latex rubber
  • Anti-scratch and non-slip
  • Massage points relieve tension areas
  • Portable gel handle
  • 8.5-degree tilting angle


  • Moves only from one side to the other, offering no other movement
  • Hard cushion
  • Some users might find it hard to detect the massage points

11. Well Desk Balance Board

Well Desk Balance Board


The ergonomically designed balance board offers balance, tilt, and back-and-forth movement while doing your other tasks. Crafted to engage the stabilizing muscles in your core, hips, legs, and back, this board will increase your attention, focus, and overall productivity. It encourages low-impact and simple movements that will also enhance your joint mobility. It is easy to clean and has a non-slip surface.


  • Can withstand weight up to 625lb
  • Simple to use with bare feet, socks, or even shoes
  • Anti-scratching rubber base
  • Versatile to use on any surface
  • Works as a healthy alternative to anti-fatigue mats


  • Offers a limited standing space
  • Does not offer a lot of balance

12. Victor Steppie Balance Board

Victor Steppie Balance Board


Victor Store’s balancing board provides simple and low-impact movements. It is available in a tone gray color and measures 22.5×14.5×2.125in. It will engage the stabilizing muscles of your hips, legs, back, and ankles, thereby improving balance and posture. The board is designed to increase your body’s standing stamina and enhance your overall productivity, attention, and focus.


  • Non-slip surface is easy to clean
  • Strong, sturdy, and robust
  • Can support weight up to 440lb
  • Helps increase blood circulation and improves joint mobility
  • Handles on either side make it easy to carry


  • Some users might find the board hard
  • Doesn’t provide a wide range of motion

13. Ikare Round Balance Board

Ikare Round Balance Board


Available in orange color, this non-skid board is large enough to support 330lb of weight. It offers a 360° rotation that will allow you to shift your weight in any direction, thereby strengthening the major muscles. It is crafted exclusively from the TPE and PO material, making it easy to clean. With a grip on each side, this item will allow you to perform multiple exercises and make it easy to carry.


  • Safe and secured anti-skid surface
  • Massage spikes help recover and relax
  • 15° tilting angle
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Some users might find it difficult to use

How To Choose The Right Balance Board For Standing Desk?

Pay attention to the following factors while investing in a balance board for a standing desk.

  1. Size: Choose a balance board according to your feet’s size. You should be able to stand comfortably without worrying about falls.
  1. Type: Consider the type of balance board based on your work. Choose a balance board that fits your daily routine; for instance, if you spend most of your time in front of a screen, a balance pad will help and if you want to do vigorous exercises, pick a roller board.
  1. Ergonomics: Standing desk balance boards are available in various shapes and colors. Pick the one that fits your personal choice.
  1. Cost: From budget-friendly plastic models to professional balance boards, every board is available in the market. Pick a board that fits your requirements.

Standing all day and especially on one foot can be a tedious task. A balance board for the standing desk will enhance the core stability, posture, etc. You can combat the fatigue with these balance boards as they keep you busy and energized. From beginners to experts, you can choose the right product from various options.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We understand the difficulties people might face while picking the best balance boards for standing desks. This article is well-researched and has some of the best products available in the market. These products are listed after understanding the customers’ needs and help them choose the best products available effortlessly. These products are guaranteed to improve your posture and help reduce joint damage. We have also considered user feedback to offer you an unbiased opinion.

While this article has multiple options available, you might want to look for one that suits your weight requirements and experience in using one. Investing in the best balance board can help target your core and help you inch closer to a better posture. Further, a durable and portable balance board can come in handy anywhere, anytime. We also recommend zeroing in on a balance board made using durable materials and available in your choice of color and pattern to help elevate your experience.

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