11 Best Ball Pumps in 2024

Whether you are a professional ballplayer or play for fun, you need the best ball pump to be at the top of your game. Be it basketball, soccer, or volleyball, a ball pump allows you to keep the ball in its best shape so you can play a good game. A ball pump is a small tool designed to inflate the air in your ball quickly. Ball pumps are available in manual or automatic designs and vary in different needle and size options. We’ve come up with a list of some best-selling ball pumps from renowned and trusted manufacturers to help you bring your A-game.

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11 Best Ball Pumps

1. Best All-In-One Kit: Franklin Sports Ball Pump Kit

Franklin Sports Ball Pump Kit Image: Franklin

The Franklin Sports Ball Pump Kit is an all-in-one kit packaged along with a 7.5-inch pump with inflation needles, a flexible extension hose, and a ball pump gauge. It comes with pressure gauge markings for accurate inflation measurement. This soccer ball hand pump has three different needles and doubles as a versatile ball pump for inflating volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and playground balls. It is one of the few ball pumps ideal for inflating different types of sports balls. Check out this video to learn more about this ball pump with pressure gauge.

Item Weight: 0.05 Pounds | Material: Basic | Color: Red | Item Weight: ‎0.05 Pounds


  • Comes with a flap model carrying case
  • Made of PE plastic and metal
  • Easy-grip pump design
  • Convenient to attach cord and use


  • May not be suitable for a bicycle tire
  • May not be compatible with an air mattress

Our Tester's Experience

"This set is a complete package–the storage pouch makes portability a breeze, and the pressure gauge keeps me from overfilling the ball. Overall, I give it my nod of approval for its efficiency and simple-to-use design."

protip_icon Quick tip
You can use a ball pump with a needle adapter to efficiently inflate other inflatables, such as pool floaties, air mattresses, and balloons.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product boasts 24,866 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.

2. Best With LCD: Bompow Electric Ball Pump


The Bompow electric ball pump is the ultimate tool for inflating all your sports balls quickly and easily. With its powerful motor and high-pressure design, it provides the ideal pressure that you need to inflate your balls in minutes, saving you time and energy spent using traditional hand pumps. The high-pressure ball pump features a digital LCD that shows the pressure level and an auto-stop function that prevents over-inflation.

Item Weight: 0.55 Pounds | Material: ABS | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: ‎1.57"L x 1.57"W x 6.29"H | Item Weight: ‎0.55 Pounds


  • Easy to use
  • Features preset air pressure
  • Has battery indicator
  • Buttons for easy operation
  • Produces low noise
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Comes with a variety of nozzles for different ball types


  • Battery life may be short
  • May not have a release valve

Our Tester's Experience

"Thanks to this electric air pump, I no longer have to manually fill the soccer balls with air. Its LCD, flashlight, and set modes make it easy to get the air pressure right. However, I recommend turning off its power switch when not in use to enhance its battery life."

3. Best Lightweight: Nike Essential Ball Pump


The Nike Essential ball pump is a high-quality pump made of durable materials to withstand the rigors of regular use. This double-action ball pump comes in six colors and has a compact and portable design to let you carry it with you to your games or practice sessions. The basketball pump can also be used for soccer balls, volleyball, and footballs. Moreover, it does not require batteries.

Item Weight: 4 Ounces | Color: Black | Material: Plastic | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎6 x 6 x 1 inches | Item Weight: ‎4 Ounces


  • Easy to use with dual action pump
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Includes an air pump needle
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of balls


  • May be a bit slow to pump
  • Needle may not be highly durable

Our Tester's Experience

"Quite compact and fits in my kid's soccer bag easily. Works great too. It may take a few extra minutes to fill up air but the pump is quite durable and is perfect for daily use. My kid takes it to soccer practice regularly. Like the bright color too."

Franklin Sports Ball Pump Kit
Best All-In-One Kit
Bompow Electric Ball Pump
Best With LCD
Nike Essential Ball Pump
Best Lightweight
Weight ‎0.05 Pounds ‎0.55 Pounds ‎4 Ounces
Material Basic ABS Plastic
Color Red Black Black
Dimensions- ‎1.57"L x 1.57"W x 6.29"H-
Dimensions LxWxH-- ‎6 x 6 x 1 inches
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4. Best Ergonomic Design: Sportbit Ball Pump

Sportbit Ball Pump Image: Mysportbit

Sportbit’s five-needle handheld ball pump is a push-pull inflating system suitable for basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The attractive and lightweight pump is made of plastic and measures 11.96×4.33×0.15 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces.
It has an ergonomic design and is made of a soft mold, which is easy to hold and perfectly fits the palm of your hand. With the easy push/pull function, you can effortlessly use it as a soccer ball hand pump. It also reduces needle bending and is simple to use thanks to its unique soft needle stopper system. The air pump for basketballs and handballs comes with a three-year warranty.

Item Weight: 141 Grams | Material: Plastic | Color: Red | Product Dimensions: ‎9.17"L x 1.26"W x 2.16"H | Item Weight: ‎141 Grams


  • Comes with a fine grip texture
  • Has a needle adapter
  • Well-angled handle
  • Available in other colors


  • Some needles may be fragile
  • May be slightly hard to pump

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I have been using this manual pump to inflate my rugby and basketballs for quite some time now. Its innovative single-hand push-and-pull mechanism allows me to use my other hand to secure the needle into the ball’s valve easily. All in all, using this pump has been a hassle-free experience."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 14,372 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

5. Best Versatile: AirSilo ElectricBall Pump

AirSilo ElectricBall Pump Image: Airsilo

The AirSilo electric ball pump is easy to operate with a single on/off button. This heavy-duty electric soccer ball pump is versatile and not only works for basketball, volleyball, and other types of sports balls, but also for inflatable pool toys, yoga balls, and balloons.

The built-in LED pressure gauge displays the real-time ball pressure to prevent overinflation, and its compact build makes this pump highly portable, giving it a competitive edge over other pumps. Its lithium-ion battery can be easily recharged with USB charging. With its functional and convenient nature, it makes one of the most popular products on the list.

Item Weight: 220 Grams | Item Weight: ‎220 Grams


  • Lightweight design
  • Durable construction
  • Includes four inflation needles and two adapters
  • Fast inflating


  • May requires an electrical outlet for charging
  • May not be suitable for inflatable items over 15psi

My Personal Experience

"This electronic pump is great for inflating soccer balls and other small toys. It has an impressive battery life and comes with a variety of nozzles. The digital display is easy to read and i like the fact that it can also help deflate the balls. Super easy to use."

protip_icon Trivia
Spalding was the official ball supplier to the NBA from 1983 to 2021.

6. Best Multipack: GoSports Sports Ball Pump

GoSports Sports Ball Pump Image: Gosports

The GoSports sports ball pump is the ultimate tool for keeping your sports equipment in top shape. This three-set pump package comes with everything you need to inflate and deflate a wide variety of sports balls and other inflatables such as pool toys, balloons, and exercise balls.
The set also includes a storage bag, making it easy to keep all your equipment in one convenient place. This mini ball inflator also comes with nine metal needles for sports balls and three plastic-made tapered nozzle adapters for inflatable accessories.

Material: ‎Plastic | Color: ‎Red | Item Weight: ‎0.5 Pounds


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Built-in storage compartment for needles and other accessories
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Flexible hose


  • May be a bit flimsy

Our Tester's Experience

"After exploring quite a few ball pumps, I have finally found my favorite. The pump is little larger and therefore is easy to hold and use. The storage bag and extra needles are bonus perks. The build is not gonna last a lifetime, but gets the job done efficiently."

7. Best Easy-To-Assemble: Spalding Single Action Plastic Championship Ball Pump

Spalding 12 Image: Spalding

The Spalding Single Action Plastic Championship Ball Pump is a simple yet effective needle inflating pump for all your sports balls, including basketballs, volleyballs, handballs, and soccer balls. The blue air pump weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 13x2x2 inches, making it a convenient fit in your sports gear.

This portable air pump has a toy adapter that extends its functionality beyond sports. For simple storage, the 12in barrel and built-in needle storage are delivered separately. It also takes minimal time and effort to assemble, making it a ready-to-use inflation system.

Item Weight: 136 Grams | Color: Blue | Material: Other | Item Weight: ‎136 Grams


  • Lightweight
  • Child-friendly design
  • Easy to hold
  • Comfortable pull handle


  • May not have extra needles to work with
  • Instructions may be vague

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The whopping 3,085 positive reviews on Amazon reflect the superior quality of this product.

8. Best Portable: PoolmasterMini Hand-Held Sport Ball Air Pump

PoolmasterMini Hand-Held Sport Ball Air Pump Image: Poolmaster
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Keep your sports balls inflated and ready for action with the Poolmaster Active Xtreme mini-sized handheld ball pump. This compact ball inflator is designed for use on the go, making it a trusted choice of athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts of all levels.

It has a built-in pressure gauge that allows you to easily monitor the air pressure and ensure that the balls are inflated to the proper level. The ball pump with storage compartment ensures that the needles will never get misplaced.

Item Weight: 1.51 ounces | Product Dimensions: 1.38 x 1.25 x 10.25 inches.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Hand-held for easy use
  • Multiple nozzle attachments for different sports balls
  • Durable construction


  • May not work well with larger balls

9. Best Dual-Action: Adidas Unisex-Adult Air Pump

Adidas Unisex-Adult Air Pump Image: Adidas

The unisex air pump from the trusted brand Adidas has a dual-action design to easily and quickly inflate soccer balls, basketballs, and other sports equipment. This dual-action ball pump is made using durable materials that give it the sturdiness to sustain regular and rough usage.

Moreover, the easy-to-use and portable pump has a single needle and air hose to simplify the air-filling process.

Color: Black/White/Solar Red | Color: ‎Black/White/Solar Red | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎8 x 2 x 2 inches


  • Works on the push-and-pull method
  • Easy to hold
  • Vibrant-colored body
  • Includes a convenient storage case


  • May not be chip-resistant
  • Some might find the needle smaller than expected

Our Tester's Experience

"With this option, I finally found a convenient pump featuring a sturdy, bend-free needle. It's a bit bulky, but that is a minor trade-off for its dependable performance. Moreover, its compatibility with different kinds of balls is a bonus."

10. Best Single-Action: Spalding 12″ Single Action Pump

Spalding 12 Image: Spalding

The tried-and-tested Spalding 12″ single-action pump is a must-have accessory for any sports enthusiast. The quick-inflate ball pump is compatible with all kinds of balls including soccer balls and football.

The pump features a single-action design, allowing one to inflate the balls with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold the ball in place. Moreover, the twelve-inch body of the pump makes it easy to reach the valve of the balls. This ball pump with an ergonomic handle is also travel-friendly.

Item Weight: 136 Grams | Color: Blue | Material: Other | Item Weight: ‎136 Grams


  • Efficient inflation
  • Durable construction
  • Needle storage space in the handle
  • Comes with valve adapter


  • May require more effort to pump
protip_icon Point to consider
If your child is interested in more than one type of ball sport, consider buying a ball pump with varied needle sizes and a needle adapter.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

This product is a hit with users, evidenced by the 3,085 fine reviews on Amazon.

11. Best Environmentally-Friendly:Mingru Ball Pump

Mingru’s manual ball pump is not only an ergonomic basketball air pump but also ideal for injecting air into soccer balls, volleyballs, and other inflatables. This 100% environmentally friendly air pump is made of PP material and comes in various colors. You can use this ball pump to inflate swimming rings, airbeds, and inflatable pool toys.

The ball pump with flexible hose includes four replaceable needles and two plastic tippled nozzles for quick air pumping. If you want to make an effective yet budget-friendly choice, here you have the one.

The ball pump with flexible hose includes four replaceable needles and two plastic tippled nozzles for quick air pumping.

Item Weight: 0.1 Kilograms | Material: Polypropylene, Plastic, Metal | Color: 1 Pack - Black | Item Weight: ‎0.1 Kilograms


  • Sturdy and easy-grip handle design
  • Tilt angle for easy pumping
  • Pump rod made of aluminum alloy material
  • Available in other colors


  • Inflating may be time-consuming
  • May leak

Our Tester's Experience

"The pump is an all-in-one solution for my sports balls and my child's inflatable toys, thanks to the multiple needles and nozzles. Their durability is yet to be tested. However, its compact size allows me to store it in our car's trunk without occupying much space. All in all, I find it to be a worthy investment."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Ball Pump?

Before choosing a ball pump for your sports ball, consider these essential factors.

  1. Material and durability: Air pump inflators for sports balls are available in various materials, including plastic, metal, and PP. Choose a ball pump based on its durability and lightweight.
  2. Versatility: A product’s functional efficiency is determined by its versatility. It is best to use a ball pump that can inflate various sports balls and other inflatables.
  3. Convenience: Air pumps are available in two types, namely manual and automatic. You can choose a ball pump type based on the ease of use and other factors.
  4. Pressure pump capacity: Always run a test to check the pressure pump capacity and how easily you can achieve optimum inflation with little effort. It is best to choose automatic electric ball pumps that have a digital pressure measurement display.
  5. Size and portability: As you may need a ball air pump at any time and anywhere, make sure it is light, thin, and portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I inflate my soccer ball?

The FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) recommends inflating your soccer ball between 8.5 and 15.6 psi.

2. Can I overinflate a ball?

It is not recommended to overinflate a ball because it can reduce the efficiency of the ball and also affect its lifespan.

3. Can I deflate a ball with a soccer ball pump?

Yes, you can deflate a ball with a soccer ball pump attached to an inflation needle. However, you can deflate a ball only with an inflation needle.

4. How can I determine if a soccer ball is properly inflated?

You can check if a soccer ball is properly inflated by using an air pressure gauge, or you can simply press your thumbs into the ball to check if it is firm enough but not too tight.

A ball pump is quite useful if you love playing ball games, such as football, volleyball, and basketball. Choosing the right ball pump can ensure that your sports balls are properly inflated for optimal performance. The ball pumps listed above are portable, compact, and have good build quality. The products featured are top-rated by users and were chosen after careful research and analyzing customer reviews on various online platforms. So pick one product that meets all your requirements and say bye to the deflated ball that mars your game every now and then.

Infographic: How To Inflate A Ball With A Ball Pump Perfectly?

Most ball pumps are suitable for inflating basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and exercise balls. Using the right inflation technique is essential since overinflation or underinflation could affect their performance during sports. The following infographic presents the essential steps of inflating sports balls correctly.

Steps Involved In Inflating A Ball With A Ball Pump (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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