13 Best Bandeau Bras For A Large Bust In 2022


We have all had that moment of panic when we wonder if our bust is exposed to the world because our strapless bra has decided to roll down. If you have a large bust, this problem is exacerbated, so you go for a tighter bra, and then realize you can’t breathe after a while. Fortunately, the best bandeau bras for a large bust are made from a unique stretchy fabric, usually nylon and spandex, that contours to your curves while offering you all the comfort and support you could dream of.

So if you are specially endowed in the chest area, you need a bandeau bra that will stay in place no matter what. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing strappy or off shoulder dresses any more— we hope our review of the 13 best bandeau bras for a large bust will help you find the perfect bra of your dreams.

13 Best Bandeau Bras For A Large Bust

1. Best For Comfort:Duufin Lace Bandeau Bra

The very epitome of luxury, these 5 bras in different colors, are one of the best bandeau bras crafted with delicate and exquisite lace fabric and modal material, and are incredibly comfortable. They are available in small to medium, and large to X-large sizes, and match with clothes in different colors. They are padded with a curved sponge which is removable, and the bra is breathable, stretchable, comfortable, and soft against the skin. These extremely attractive bras have a delicate design and stylish and soft straps, along with an attractive V-neck design, and can be hand washed.

2. Best Pull-On Closure:Boao Floral Lace Bandeau Bra

Crafted with comfortable and high-quality lace and spandex, and lined with modal and spandex material, these white, black, and grey bandeau bras are extremely comfortable and soft on the skin. The pull-on closure bra makes it easy to put on and take off, and has tiny rope loops on the neckline which gives you the option of attaching shoulder straps. This bandeau bra for large busts has an adorable design with lace patterns in the front, transparent lace at the back, and has no added padding or steel rim. Perfect for women of all ages, these bras have good elasticity, especially at the bottom, and can be worn with any kind of dress, shirt, or top.

3. Best Supportive:Delimira Seamless Underwire Minimizer Bandeau Bra

An incredibly comfortable and supportive bandeau bra for large busts, it’s designed with 82% polyamide and 18% spandex, and gives you the advantage of a strapless bra and a wonderful minimizer. It has an exquisite floral lace cover over the seamless and underwire cups which doesn’t show up under your clothing. This silicone-free bra features a unique elastic that ensures your strapless bra stays in place without leaving ugly, red welts under your bust. Its smooth fabric reduces bulkiness and has a minimizing effect. An extremely versatile bra, it has removable and adjustable straps for a customized fit, and is especially suitable for women with DD cups and higher. It gives the required lift to big busted women while visually minimizing their bust profile.

4. Best Skin-Friendly:Hestya Seamless Bandeau Bra

Made with comfortable and skin-friendly nylon and spandex, this bandeau bra for large busts has a non-padded and strapless design, and gives you all the coverage and support of a regular bra. You no longer have to struggle with straps and the difficulty of putting on a padded bra. It features exquisite workmanship with well-knit lines to make this bra all the more comfortable. It’s perfect for wearing under your backless dresses, low-cut outfits, and shirts, and its non-padded and strapless style makes it all the more versatile.

5. Best For Large Busts:Paxcoo Lace Bandeau Bra

Indulge yourself with these 3 beautiful padded, lace bras with straps and a pull-on closure. The 3 neutral colors ensure that you can wear all kinds of dresses without it showing through. Crafted with modal fabric and soft lace, these bandeau bras for large busts are extremely lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and absorbent. The soft lace-covered cups feature removable padding so you have the option of inserting them when required, and removing them for a natural shape. The double-bagged straps also give added support to women with large busts. These bras are extremely versatile and can be worn at the gym, for shopping, or just for lounging at home.

6. Best Machine-Washable:Ahh By Rhonda Shear Angel Seamless Underwire Bandeau Bra

This award-winning bandeau bra for large busts stays up without the horrible uni-boob look, and contours itself to your shape for the most comfortable fit possible. Its many features include center front ruching, underwire support, seamless, smooth, stretchable fabrication, a wide band around the back, and no hook and eyes. Its knit in targeted support and underwire provide that extra lift in this full coverage bandeau bra so required by women with a large bust. Crafted with 92% nylon and 8% spandex, it’s available in sizes from XS to large, and 1X to 3X. It can be machine-washed in cold water and tumble-dried at a low speed. So you can say goodbye to unseemly bulges, straps that cut into your skin, and a bra that rides up or slips down.

7. Best For Off-Shoulder Dresses:Venbond 3 Pack Seamless Bandeau Bra

This incredibly soft, comfortable, and stretchable bandeau bra for large busts with pull-on closure is ideal for off-shoulder dresses and blouses. Made of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, these seamless and strapless bandeau bras feature a lining in the front, and removable pads. The pads are not too thick but prevent your nipples from showing through your clothes. It’s available in 7 sizes starting from XS to 3XL. It can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and line dried.

8. Best Elastic:Geyoga Strapless Bandeau Bra

These strapless bandeau bras for large busts in 4 different solid colors will take care of all your coverage requirements for different outfits. Crafted with nylon and spandex, they are extremely comfortable and skin-friendly. Their non-padded, wireless, and strapless design offers the coverage and support of a regular bra without the problems associated with them— straps cutting into your shoulders, struggling with a hook-and-eye closure, or pressure of a padded bra. This exquisitely designed bra features well-knit lines, giving it reliability, quality, and comfort. It has great elasticity which prevents it from slipping and is perfect for shirts, backless dresses, low-cut outfits.

9. Best Bust Size-Minimizing:MELENECA Minimizer Strapless Bandeau Bra

This bandeau bra for large busts is crafted with 81% nylon and 19% spandex, and features a hook-and-eye closure. Its seamless cups without padding minimize the bust size by up to 1.5 inches by compression and provide a smooth look under clothes. Shaped as a wide smoothing band, it is invisible under clothes. The smooth cups have a special lining which helps in minimizing the bust size and giving a better shape. It comes with convertible straps, so this bra may be worn in a strapless, crossback, halter, or classic style. It features a silicone gripper elastic on the top edge of the back, and inside of the cup sides to prevent it from slipping. It also features side seam boning and an underwire for extra support.

10. Best Non-Padded:ANGOOL Strapless Wireless Bra

Crafted with 90% nylon and 10% spandex, this pull-on closure bandeau bra for large busts can be used for exercise or as an everyday casual strapless bra. The unique microfiber in this seamless bandeau has high elasticity and keeps it without any problem. It’s skin -friendly, resistant to abrasion, and can be conveniently washed and dried. The material is extremely breathable, and wicks sweat so that your body is always cool and dry. This bandeau bra can be worn with all kinds of tops, and the elastic on the upper and lower edges of the soft and stretchable fabric prevents it from slipping and keeps it securely in place. The lower edge in particular features slip-resistant silicone. This bra provides smooth support and comfort to your bust with its non-padded design— in fact, it’s so comfortable, you can even sleep in it.

11. Best Underwire-Free:Cabales Seamless Bandeau Bra

For a perfect fit and wireless, seamless comfort, this is just the bandeau bra for you. This bandeau bra for large busts gives all the coverage and support required by women with a large bust, and is breathable as well. Made of 96% nylon and 4% spandex, it features an elastic closure and removable soft pads which allows easy adjustment and gives a nice shape to the bust. As there is no underwire, you never have to worry about pressure and chafing. The soft, stretchy, and comfortable fabric is skin-friendly, and this bandeau can be worn alone or paired with dresses, tank tops, and shirts. They are available in sizes from small to XXX-Large.

12. Best For Workouts:Satinior Seamless Bandeau Bra

These bandeau bras for large busts come in 4 colors and are available in a range of sizes from small to XX-Large. The seamless and strapless design of these bras is classic, and goes well with strapless dresses and off-shoulder tops. These bras are made of premium quality fabric which is lightweight, soft, stretchy, breathable, and extremely comfortable. The lower and upper edges have elastic which keeps the bra in place, and prevents it from slipping. They feature soft and removable pads, which offer the required protection and support, and also give a nice shape and prevent your nipples from showing through. They can be used for a variety of activities like walking, jogging, workouts, cycling, dancing, or just lounging around.

13. Best Breathable:Ollie Arnes Plus Size Bandeau Bra

These bandeau bras for large busts are known for their level of comfort, great feel against the body, and variety of color choices. These plus size bandeaus are crafted with a premium 92% nylon and 8% spandex blend which is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any chafing. The fabric has superior 4-way stretch and moves with you, and also features elastic at the top and bottom for a secure and comfortable fit. This breathable, lightweight bandeau bra features a pull-on closure, and is the perfect base layer for women’s clothing. It has the added convenience of being machine washable. This wireless, strapless, seamless, and non-padded bra comes in 40+ colors, and is great for outdoor and casual activities.

Now that you have been through our review of the 13 best bandeau bras for a large bust, here are a few guidelines to follow while choosing one for yourself so that you have the required support and comfort, and never have to worry about what you are wearing again.

How To Choose The Right Bandeau Bra For A Large Bust

  • Measure your size

Bandeau bras are designed to fit snugly and contour your body, so your regular bra size might seem a bit tight. It totally depends on whether you are comfortable or need to get a size up. Constantly adjusting your bra can get rather annoying and definitely doesn’t add to the chic look, and this usually means the band is too big. Bandeau bras that have an elastic silicone piece at the back and on the sides of the cups will give you maximum support.

For a good fit, 80% of the support should come from the band, and 20% from the straps. If you lift your arms, there should be no gap between the underwire and your rib cage. There should also be no gap between the breast and cup, and no extra fabric below the bust. If your straps are slipping all the time, the underwire is cutting into your skin, and the cups are loose and gaping, you have the wrong size.

  • Fabric

It’s a misnomer that heavy fabrics are the only way to get good support if you have a large bust. Lace and mesh bandeau bras are now available that give you all the structure and comfort you need. Spandex and nylon, or a blend of the 2, also do a wonderful job. The fabric should offer good wing support, and should be well-designed and strong to hold up a larger bust.

  • Detachable straps

A bandeau bra is not meant to have straps, but it’s always a good idea to have the option of detachable straps as it adds to the versatility of the bra. For example, if you decide to wear a one-shoulder top, one of the straps can be attached to the bra for additional support. Some bras come with an additional pair of straps— a matching pair and a transparent pair.

  • Silicon lining for grip

A bandeau bra is required to provide proper support and lift and hold your bust up. It is extremely embarrassing, not to say uncomfortable, if your bra lacks proper grip and slides down as you go about your work. A bandeau bra which features a silicone lining at the upper edge of the bra grips the skin and gives you the assurance that your bra is not going to slip down.

  • Broad clasping band

A broad clasping band ensures that your breasts don’t sag, especially since there are no straps to hold them up. Especially if you have a large and heavy bust, a broad clasping band goes a long way in supporting and lifting your breasts. 80% of support to your bust comes from the band, so it should fit uniformly from front to back and not slip when you raise your arms. The band should lie flat on your back— if it shifts, it means it’s too big. It’s a good idea to wear your bra on the loosest hook in the beginning so that, as the band loosens over time, you can tighten it.

  • Coverage and cup size

The coverage would depend on the correct cup size. The correct cup size would give a snug fit, and the right coverage of the bust so that you get a good shape and it looks smooth. The cups should have a smooth fit without causing an overflow, gaping, or digging into the breasts. If there is bulging, it usually means the cup is too small. The material between the 2 cups, called the gore, should lie flat on the center chest bone. If your bra has an underwire, it should follow the perimeter of the breast and lie on the rib cage.

  • Padding

The padding in a bandeau bra is extremely important as it gives a good shape to your breasts. They can be lightly or heavily padded and should prevent the nipples from showing through clothes.

  • More hooks

Larger breasts require more support, especially when there are no straps to give additional support. The best bandeau bras for a large bust should have a wider band and more hooks for support, and to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.

  • Boning on the sides

These are the plastic or metal inserts on the band of a bra that maintain its structure and provide the necessary support. You should go for a bra with encased boning— that’s covered with soft, high-quality padding. If the boning is not proper, it might end up poking you on the sides which can be highly uncomfortable.

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Those endowed with large busts need a bra with cups that offer full coverage without any spillover. The bra should also lift and hold your bust up through the day, which means it should be supportive and comfortable. Although the choice for big-busted women has been fairly limited till recently, that’s all changing now. Bandeau bras have made a comeback, and they offer all the features you need without being dowdy and unattractive. You can choose from seamless, strapless styles, underwire bras, and those with molded cups that support and give you a good shape. The options listed here include different types of bandeau bras that are all super-comfortable and gentle against the skin, so you can enjoy the benefits of full coverage without compromising on style and aesthetics.

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