13 Best Women's Basketball Shoes In 2023

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for women to improve your performance on the court, your search ends here. Good shoes offer good traction, breathability, durability, and comfort and help you perform at your best.

Here, we’ve listed some of the top basketball shoes that are highly recommended by women athletes. We also tell you about the factors you should consider when buying one. So, read on and zero in on the best pair.

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13 Best Basketball Shoes For Women

1. Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Women's Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe Image: Under Armour
Price at the time of publication: $53.1

The Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe is designed to provide maximum support and performance on the court. With a durable synthetic upper and rubber outsole, these shoes provide adequate traction and support for quick movements.


  • Adequate cushioning
  • Foam midsole for added support
  • Available in various sizes
  • Stylish and modern design


  • May not be suitable for all types of surfaces
  • Size may run small
protip_icon Remember
Basketball involves a lot of jumping and quick movements that can stress ankles. So, opt for shoes with cushioned ankle collars that can absorb the shock and prevent the ankles from injury.

2. Nike Court Vision Women’s Basketball Shoes

Price at the time of publication: $77

The Nike Court Vision Alta Leather Women’s Basketball Shoes let players perform well on the court with great flexibility and traction. With a sleek lace-up closure and a mesh synthetic upper, the shoes have a modern design. You can choose from 15 shoe sizes to get your right fit for optimal comfort.


  • Available in five colors
  • Rubber soles
  • Foam platform midsole
  • Cushioned insole for better sweat absorption


  • Some may find it bulky
  • May run small

3. Nike Women’s Jordan 1 Low UNC Basketball Shoe

Price at the time of publication: $247

The Nike Women’s Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Basketball Shoe is a great pair when looking to don your streetwear look. Designed for efficient running on the basketball court, the shoes pair up well on other hard surfaces for high-traction activities like skateboarding. The shoes are designed for narrow feet, and you may need a size larger for wide-foot fitting.


  • Various colors to choose from
  • Rubber soles for a great running experience
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Women’s basketball shoes with responsive midsole


  • May take time to loosen up
  • May not have adequate ventilation

4. Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoe

Price at the time of publication: $156.61

The Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoe is available in several colors and size options to help you choose the right one. It has a layered look with a double of each rear tab, swoosh, mudguard, and thin eyelets. Its slightly oversized midsole offers playing comfort and flexibility.


  • Rubber sole for great traction
  • Light and flexible with a cut-out foam sole
  • Iconic shape as the original model
  • Great finish


  • May have a strong smell
  • May be difficult to maintain

protip_icon Point to consider
Shoes designed for indoor use have softer soles and a more flexible traction pattern. On the other hand, outdoor shoes typically have harder soles and a more durable traction pattern.

5. Adidas Women’s D.O.N Basketball Shoes

Price at the time of publication: $79.99

With the platform and boot opening measuring approximately zero to three inches, the stylish shoes come in a regular fit. Made of 100% other fibers, these women’s basketball shoes with cushioning have a standout lace closure and a shaft that measures about six to 12 inches from the foot arch. It has an upper textile design with spider web-inspired details.


  • Lightweight and easy on the feet
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provides great cushioned comfort
  • Provides precision traction
  • Suitable for day-long wear


  • May run slightly big
  • May absorb dust fast

6. Adidas Women Postmove Basketball Shoe

Price at the time of publication: $49.93

The Adidas Women Post-Move Basketball Shoes are designed for optimal comfort and support on the court. These women’s basketball shoes for outdoor play have a leather upper and a cloudfoam super midsole with a rubber cupsole. The item weighs 1.76 lb. Its deco stitching brings a feminine touch to the shoe’s look.


  • Durable and soft
  • Superior cushioning for comfort
  • Great grip and traction
  • Fast-drying


  • May have an unpleasant smell
  • Size may run small

7. Puma Unisex’s Triple Mid Unleash Basketball Shoes

Price at the time of publication: $106.93

The Puma Unisex’s Basketball Shoe has a great triple mid unleash design with a rubber sole. It is available in nine sizes to help you find your suitable fit. These women’s basketball shoes with ankle support have a stylish design and provide optimal support for playing.


  • Soft and comfortable cushioning
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Easy lace-up closure
  • Great ankle support


  • Upper fabric may be stiff
  • May not be suitable for all-day wear

8. Reebok Women’s High Top Basketball Shoe

Reebok Women’s High Top Basketball Shoe Image: Reebok

The Reebok Women’s High Top Basketball Shoes have a wedge heel design that provides impressive front foot movement on the court and aids in fast walks. It is available in several colors, and you can find the correct size from 13 available sizes. The stylish basketball shoes for women have a 100% synthetic make with rubber soles.


  • Extra plush upper with supple leather
  • Women’s basketball shoes with great traction and a suitable grip
  • High flexibility
  • Lightweight


  • May take time to loosen up
  • May not be suitable for all-day wear

9. AND1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball Casual Shoe

These shoes are available in black and purple color combination. The women’s basketball sneakers are designed with synthetic material so that they can be washed easily.


  • Radial herringbone pattern to improve grip
  • Shoes remain clean as can be washed
  • Lightweight basketball shoes for women


  • The shoes might not be durable
protip_icon Point to consider
The radial herringbone pattern is a popular and effective traction pattern for athletic shoes, offering good grip and stability on various court surfaces.

10. LI-NING Wow 7 Series Women Basketball Shoes

Price at the time of publication: $79.99

These women’s basketball trainers are designed, keeping in mind style and fashion. The basketball kicks have a multi-layered composition of nylon mesh, and the top layer is made with leather for good upper strength.


  • Shoe sole made with the latest technology
  • Anti-skid lines on the sole for good friction
  • CLOUD cushioning to reduce external impacts


  • The shoes might not be very durable

11. Nike Women’s Low-Top Basketball Shoes

Price at the time of publication: $96.68

Nike brings you this pair of low-top basketball shoes made of 100% synthetic material. These female basketball shoes feature a lace-up design for a secure fit, the medium-cut padded ankle design keeps your feet comfortable and safe, and the bottom rubber sole offers a good grip.


  • Non-slip design
  • Padded insole
  • Comfortable fit
  • Available in five colors


  • May be a tad heavy for some

12. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2023 TB Basketball Shoe

Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball shoes are designed with rubber outsole pattern to enhance multi-directional traction. This women’s basketball footwear also has a lunar cushioning to enhance the comfort of the user.


  • Woven jacquard upper pattern
  • Lightweight
  • Women’s basketball shoes with breathable upper
  • High-quality performance basketball shoes for women


  • The shoe might not have a good grip

13. Skechers Women’s TAKE Charge Fashion Sneaker

The basketball sneakers for women have a soft and smooth leather-textured upper fabric. The synthetic rubber sole gives a good grip to the shoes.


  • Relaxed fit design
  • Roomy at the top for comfort
  • Air-cooled memory foam cushion
  • Ultra flexible traction outsole


  • The size may not be appropriate
  • The shoes may feel chunky

How To Choose Right Basketball Shoes For Women?

Purchase a pair that serves the purpose and remains sturdy as well. Consider the following before buying a pair of basketball shoes.

  1. Outsole of the shoe: Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of quick movements in all directions. The outsole must provide a good amount of support for these movements. Choose an outsole made from material, like rubber, which provides maximum grip.
  2. Weight of the shoe: Heavy shoe or a light shoe? Basketball shoes are available in both profiles. If you want good ankle support, then choose heavier shoes. If you intend to purchase a lightweight shoe, then select the one that has a solid low cut.
  3. Padding: Shock absorption is a vital quality to check in basketball shoes. Get a pair of shoes that are lined with moisture-wicking padding that absorbs shocks and keeps your feet comfortable.
  4. Aesthetics: There are a variety of styles and options available that are unique in their own ways. There also might be one shoe in several colors and patterns. Choose the best one for you.
  5. Durability: Make sure the shoes are made from a material that will not wear out soon and is long-lasting.

How Often Should You Change Basketball Shoes?

You should replace your basketball shoes pretty frequently. The general rule is that the shoes should be replaced after every 350-500 miles. It comes down to a total of 70 hours of running.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After reviewing and comparing various products across the market, we have compiled this list of the best basketball shoes for women. These shoes are high quality with several advanced features to ensure long-lasting performance. We have included the pros and cons to help you choose the right product. Actual user reviews have been considered to offer you an unbiased opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should basketball shoes fit?

Your basketball shoes should be true to size, not a size bigger or smaller. They should offer a snug fit towards the ankles and have a little gap between your longest toe and the end of the shoes.

2. Are basketball shoes considered slip-resistant?

Basketball shoes are designed to be slip-resistant as the court is usually polished. The kind of resistance provided by shoes varies for each brand. You can get a non-slip hexagonal tread patterned sole for optimum slip resistance.

3. Are basketball and volleyball shoes the same?

No, basketball and volleyball are court-based games but require different kinds of movements; and hence, the different kinds of shoes. Basketball shoes are heavier and have thick cushions and insoles, while volleyball shoes are lighter and have gel cushions and thinner insoles.

4. Can I wear basketball shoes for casual wear?

Basketball shoes can look smart with casual outfits. One may choose a lighter version of the sports shoes for everyday wear

5. Do women players wear men’s shoes?

Many female players’ shoes are adapted versions of men’s basketball shoes. Men’s shoes are usually broader and provide good arch support, thus giving women more options when choosing a pair of shoes.

Basketball is a sport that requires quick movements in various directions, and when you intend to master the game, you need the right basketball shoes designed for the sport. With adequate padding and heavy-duty outsoles, these shoes offer a strong grip and absorb shock and impact. If you play basketball frequently, considering the shoes’ durability and padding is important. Apart from arch support, breathability, and easy functionality, you should also explore the various styles and designs to wear your trendy pair of shoes to work or grocery shopping or rock a laid-back look for the day.

Infographic: Different Types Of Ramen Bowls

A deep bowl may make it inconvenient to use chopsticks, while a shallow bowl may cause the soup to spill over. Therefore, selecting the right ramen bowl is crucial to ensure a hassle-free dining experience. Check out the following infographic to learn about the different types of ramen bowls to make your selection process easier.

Benefits Of Wearing The Right Basketball Shoes (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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