11 Best Bath Seats to buy For Babies In 2021


Bathing time can be fun if it is secured and hands-free. For first-time parents, giving a bath to your child is an important milestone as the baby cannot support themselves.  Bath seats play an important role in the initial months of caring for your baby.

Featuring backrests, front guards, suction cups for firm fit, temperature indicators, and more, these seats ensure a hassle-free bath time. Here’s our list of the best bath seats for babies to enhance parent-child bonding during bathing sessions.

11 Best Bath Seats For Babies

1. Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Designed ergonomically, the baby bath seat from Angelcare has a soft-bottom lip to fit directly into the bathtub. The bath support ensures easy and safe handling of your baby. Its reclining seat provides your child a  relaxed bathing experience. The seat is constructed from a soft mesh material that protects the baby’s delicate skin and drains the water to dry quickly. Made from durable and lightweight plastic, it has a built-in hook for easy storage.

Recommended age: 0-6 months

Dimension: 22×13.5×8.75 inches

Color: Grey

2. Summer My Bath Seat

The bath chair’s 360° support ensures parents a hands-free bath time. This seat meets the ASTM standards for safety. It is equipped with a backrest and three extendable suction cups for stable installation in the tub.  The high backrest and the front barrier protect the child from slipping while bathing.

Recommended age: 0-10 months

Dimension: 16.75x16x9.5 inches

Color: Aqua

3. Blandstrs Baby Bathtub Seat

Designed with high-end technology and non-toxic TPR material, this baby bathtub seat from Blandstrs is durable and made with a double injection molding process. It is approved by the US Product Safety Administration and is safe for your child. The suction cup below the seat makes it stick to the bathtub tightly. It comes with temperature stickers that give you the correct water temperature suitable for your child’s safety. The drain hole allows easy water clearance from the seat to keep it dry.

Recommended age: 6-18 months

Dimension: 15×12 x7 inches

Color: Pink

4. Lucakuins Newborn Infant Baby Bath Seat

Constructed from high-quality plastic, this baby bath seat is smooth, durable, has a strong load-bearing capacity, and does not have sharp corners. The four soft suction cups at the bottom stay attached to the plastic basins or bathtubs for an easy and secured bath. Its screws are imported and do not rust or wear off easily. This seat is equipped with armrests and a backrest to support your baby during bath time.

Recommended age:  6-18 months

Dimension: 12.8×12.8×8.46 inches

Color: Blue

5. Sunjuly Cute Baby Bath Seats

The bathtub seat is designed with vacuum suckers attached to the bathtub’s base to make it non-slip. It is made from high-quality PP and TPR material and is safe for your child. The wide backrest with armrest supports the child’s back without compressing the bones, making the child sit comfortably. Its front handle supports the child and prevents them from slipping. This seat helps promote healthy sitting posture and makes the bones strong and healthy.

Recommended age: 0-3 years

Dimension: 12.6×12.2×5.55 inches

Color: White

6. Maioli Baby Bath Seat

Shaped like an animated elephant, this cute seat includes a steering wheel-shaped front guard. It is made from durable, non-toxic PP material and is portable and easy to use and maintain. The small suction silicone cups fit firmly in the bathtub and ensure safety and support. It has a spacious open-side design to allow you to clean the baby freely. The seat is equipped with a non-slip, soft cushioned base to provide comfort, and the high backrest helps improve their body posture.

Recommended age: 6-12 months

Dimension: 15.1×11.1×6.4 inches

Color: Blue

7. Argoola Baby Bath Seat

Easy to use and install, the Argoola baby bath seat has an anti-skid design and fixes firmly to the bathtub with durable suction cups. It is constructed from non-toxic polypropylene that is safe, practical, and sturdy. The cute seat comes in five pieces and has a curved backrest that provides scientific spinal protection. With cushioned support, its curved handle design is suitable for little hands. It is equipped with a temperature sensor for sensing a suitable water temperature for the child.

Recommended age: 6-12 months

Dimension: ‎ 14.57×13.82×7.24 inches

Color: Blue

8. Watolt Baby Bath Seat

A compact and portable bath seat, it is designed to ensure your child’s safety and features four large suction cups that fix firmly to the tub. It is made from high-quality thermoplastic rubber that does not lose its shape and color after continuous use. The handle’s curved design is suitable for the baby to grasp and allows the parent to be hands-free. Its large drain hole allows easy drainage and hassle-free cleaning.

Recommended age: 6 months and above

Dimension: 18.5×12.71×7.48 inches

Color: Blue

9. KMV Baby Bath Seat Kit

Featuring secured suction cups for stability, it makes your baby’s bathing routine easy and safe. The baby bath seat kit from KMV comes with extra accessories, including a baby shower cap and a water scoop, to keep the bathing time happy and enjoyable. The cartoon elephant-shaped model has back support and a soft PU leather mat for cushioned support and easy maintenance.

Recommended age: 6-18 months

Dimension: 16.02×11.65×7.13 inches

Color: Green

10. Towwi Baby Bath Seats

Towwi bath seats have a non-slip bottom with powerful suction cups for your baby’s safety. The ergonomically designed front guard has a curved handle to support little hands, and it provides enough open space for hands-free bathing. It is constructed from durable, non-toxic, BPA-free material that is baby-safe and does not get damaged easily. The seat features a semi-curved backrest for support, holes to allow water drainage, and grooves for easy seat extraction.

Recommended age: 6-18 months

Dimension: 14.96×11.81×7.09 inches

Color: Blue and white

11. HappyLickdog Baby Bath Seat

Suitable for babies who are still learning to sit, the ergonomically designed seat has an enclosed structure including a hand rest, a backrest, and a front guard for all-round support. The strong suction cups make it non-slip and ensure your child’s safety. It is constructed from safe, durable, and good-quality material, and the water-leaking holes allow easy cleaning.

Recommended age: 6-24 months

Dimension: 12.6×12.6×9.44 inches

Color: White

How To Choose The Right Bath Seats For Babies?

Here are a few points to be considered before buying baby bath seats.

  1. Material: Make sure the product is made of non-toxic and durable plastic safe for your child’s health.
  2. Safety features: Choose bath seats with temperature indicators to know if the water is too hot. Seats with a proper front guard will protect your baby from slipping. Look for recline positions and mesh bath seats for easy use and cleaning.
  3. Suction cups: Ensure the suction cups engage firmly with the tub to protect the baby from slipping.
  4. Drainage facility: Bathing seats with holes allow easy water drainage, making it easy to clean and dry.

The ergonomically designed bathing seats with advanced features should be a must-have baby accessory. Bathing your wiggly baby will no longer be a chore; it will be a fun bonding experience. To give your baby a secured and hands-free bath, browse our list of the best bath seats for babies.

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