13 Best Bathroom Lights And Buying Guide For 2024

We make great efforts in choosing the light for our living rooms and bedrooms. But often miss out on spending any time finding good lights to adorn our bathrooms. The best bathroom lights would let you bring your bathroom at par with the other rooms when it comes to lighting. . In addition, good lighting would go a long way in setting a comfortable ambiance that relaxes your mind and body.

Here, we have curated a list of rust-proof and waterproof bathroom lights you may choose from. These tried-and-tested options offer a modern touch and can make even the dullest bathroom glow.

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13 Best Bathroom Lights

1. Best Vintage: Folksmate Bathroom Light Fixtures

Folksmate Bathroom Light Fixtures Image: Folksmate

If you are looking for vintage-inspired bathroom lights, these light fixtures might be an excellent choice. They are coated in an elegant matte black finish and have high-quality, durable, clear glass shades to protect the bulb without hindering the light. The heat-resistant sockets make them long-lasting, and the compatible dimmer switch allows you to create the ambience you want.

Item Weight: ‎3.27 pounds | Wattage: ‎60 watts | Number of Items: ‎1 | Shape: ‎Straight | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎14"L x 4"W x 10"H | Material: ‎Glass, Metal | Color: ‎Black


  • Waterproof and rust-proof
  • Fog-proof
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Easy installation


  • Size may be a bit small for vast bathrooms
  • May hang a bit unevenly

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Not only did this fixture come with bulbs, but it was also easy to install. Its simple style is also ideal for my bathroom as it does not overpower the other fixtures. Plus, the metal construction assures me that it will last long."

protip_icon Did you know?
Typically, an average-sized bathroom requires LED lights with a power of around 1100 lumens to ensure the space is adequately illuminated.

2. Best Waterproof: PREDSE Bathroom Vanity Lights

Upgrade your bathroom with the PREDSE Bathroom Vanity Lights with LED that will look spectacular over the vanity mirror. Each of the light fixtures comes with a 43-inch rectangular holder with 6 clear crystal glass globes as lamp heads and can turn 45° in any direction, making this an adjustable bathroom light. By inserting G9 bulbs, you can instantly create a chrome effect or use a LED bulb for optimum brightness. Connect these crystal bathroom lights to a corded electric power source and say hello to ambient lighting in your bathroom.

Wattage: ‎120 watts | Number of Items: ‎1 | Item Weight: ‎10.9 Pounds | Shape: ‎Globe | Shade Material: ‎Glass | Product Dimensions: ‎42.6"L x 5.1"W x 5.1"H | Material: ‎Gloss chrome, Glass | Color: ‎Chrome


  • Stainless steel finish
  • Rust-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Chrome finishing


  • Light bulbs are not included.

My Personal Experience

"Although this fixture looks sophisticated, installing it was pretty straightforward. I was also thrilled to find that it's compatible with all kinds of bulbs, including dimmable ones. And that its glass heads could be adjusted as per my needs."

3. Best Durable:Brivolart LED Bathroom Light

If you want your bathroom to be constantly bright, you need not reach out for a 100 W bulb always. The Brivolart chrome bathroom light is an energy-efficient wall light fixture that consumes only 14 W to shine bright like a diamond. The stainless steel LED bathroom light is 23.6 inches and emits what looks like natural light and is a true color light. The light bulb offers a lifetime capacity of 50K hours and doesn’t require any switch or cord to function.

Material: Acrylic | Color: Chrome | Product Dimensions: 23.62 x 4.33 x 3.15 inches | Weight: 2.4 Pounds | Maximum Compatible Wattage: ‎14 Watts | Shape: ‎Rectangle | Shade Material: ‎Acrylic


  • Daylight white light
  • Durable for 2 years
  • Best for a good shave or makeup
  • Dust and waterproof


  • May not be suitable for larger bathrooms

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I find this light’s illumination sufficient for my day-to-day tasks, like applying makeup. Its fixture is also pretty durable, showing no signs of rusting even though it has been installed in the bathroom."

protip_icon Point to consider
Wall-fixed lighting near bathroom mirrors can help reduce the formation of shadows, which makes shaving or applying makeup easier.

4. Best Compatible:Melucee Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

MELUCEE Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture Image: Melucee Lighting

Modern bathroom lights do not just brighten up the space but also add a dash of style. The Melucee bathroom vanity light fixture is designed keeping in mind the modern that comes with a modern lifestyle. The 40-inch black fixture comes with 5 light holders made of clear glass. These time-tested holders are compatible with LED and CFL bulbs that are less than or equal to 60 W. Depending on your aesthetic sense, you can mount this light fixture in an upward or downward direction.

Material: Glass | Color: Black | Item Weight: ‎6.38 pounds | Wattage: ‎60 watts |Shape: ‎Bulb | Shade Material: ‎Glass


  • Mounting hardware included
  • Maximum light impact
  • Modern design offers a sophisticated look
  • Can work as dimmable bathroom lights


  • Bulbs not included

Our Reviewer's Experience

"After browsing multiple options, I finally got this fixture while remodeling my bathroom. I am glad its black hue perfectly matches the bathroom’s decor, and the encased bulbs look elegant."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It's no wonder that this quality product has earned over 2,130 positive reviews on Amazon.

Folksmate Bathroom Light Fixtures
Best Vintage
PREDSE Bathroom Vanity Lights
Best waterproof
Melucee Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture
Best Compatible
Wattage ‎120 watts- ‎60 watts
Number of Items ‎1--
Weight ‎10.9 Pounds- ‎6.38 pounds
Shape ‎Globe ‎Rectangle ‎Bulb
Shade Material ‎Glass ‎Acrylic ‎Glass
Dimensions ‎42.6"L x 5.1"W x 5.1"H 23.62 x 4.33 x 3.15 inches-
Material ‎Gloss chrome, Glass Acrylic Glass
Color ‎Chrome Chrome Black
Weight- 2.4 Pounds-
Maximum Compatible Wattage- ‎14 Watts-
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

5. Best Rust-Proof:DLLT Glass Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

If you are a fan of vintage and rustic items, the DTTL Glass Bathroom Lighting Fixtures will make you jump in glee. Designed with a black fixture with 2 hammered glass lamp holders, these are one of the best sidelights for the bathroom. Soaking in the tub after a long and tiring day calls for such lighting and easy-to-install fixtures won’t let you down. The black metal fixture is rust-proof and stainless, making these rustic bathroom lights durable and a great choice for years to come.

Shade Color: ‎Clear | Item Weight: ‎4.07 pounds | Wattage: ‎60 watts | Number of Items: ‎2 | Shade Material: ‎Metal, Iron | Product Dimensions: ‎13.89"L x 11.5"W x 6.14"H | Material: ‎Glass, Metal


  • Matte black finish
  • Clear glass cylinders
  • Can be placed upward or downward
  • E25 base socket compatible


  • Suitable to be used as sidelights and not leading lights

My Personal Experience

"Impressed by how well this fixture conceals the wires, I have installed it above the vanity mirror in my bathroom and room. While it took some trial and error to get compatible bulbs, the fixture, on the whole, is pretty functional."

6. Best Heat-Resistant:SHINE HAI 3-Light Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light

Best heat-resistant : SHINE HAI 3-Light Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light Image: Shine Hai

If you want to add a classic touch to your bathroom, you can get some accent lighting effects in your space. A good wall sconce for accent lighting, the SHINE HAI 3-Light Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light is made in a cage-like design and iron core is painted with heat-resistant paint. The fixture is made of durable, premium quality, and water- and rust-proof materials to stand the test of time. Included is a user manual, a wrench, and connectors and screws, so you can install this light in quick easy steps.

Wattage: ‎60 watts | Number of Items: ‎1 | Item Weight: ‎3.39 Pounds | Shape: ‎Bulb | Light Color: ‎Black | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎24.5"L x 7.6"W x 11.4"H | Material: ‎Metal | Color: ‎Black


  • Anti-deformable fixture
  • Vintage design
  • Wide application
  • Compatible with E26 base


  • May not look appealing with bright lights

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This one carries a vintage appeal, which looks pretty nice in our bathroom. It also does not heat up, regardless of the kind of bulb I use. The only minor issue is that it wobbles during bulb changes."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product boasts 728 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.

7. Best Easy-To-Install:ShineTech Vanity Wall Fixture

The best lighting for bathrooms are those that sit confidently right above the bathroom mirror and can save your day by enabling that perfect makeup look or that close shave. The ShineTech Vanity Wall Fixture comes with a durable stainless steel rod coated with nickel to ace the test of durability and prevent corrosion. This fixture holds 3 clear light lamps that accommodate bulbs with an E26 base. A tool kit to install the overhead lights is included in the set. Mount this nickel bathroom light above the mirror and connect it with LED bulbs to be the centre of the limelight each time you make a trip to the loo!

Material: ★Glass ★Metal | Color: Brushed Nickel | Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 3.94 x 10.6 inches | Weight: 4.67 Pounds | Wattage: ‎60 watts | Number of Items: ‎1 | Shade Material: ‎Glass |


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Waterproof


  • Bulbs not included

Our Reviewer's Experience

"ShineTech's vanity light has garnered many compliments from our guests with its minimalist yet elegant detailing. Installing it was also not too much of a hassle, and the option to add different glass covers has helped me add variety without replacing the whole fixture."

8. Best Safe:Mlambert Industrial Metal Vanity Light Wall Sconce

It is not always a chandelier that captures the limelight. Sometimes, it can be something as petite and nondescript as some bathroom vanity lights too. If stainless steel and modern lighting do not fascinate you, Mlambert Industrial Metal Vanity Light Wall Sconce can be your choice.This industrial bathroom light comes with a black rod with downward hoops and cage-shaped lamp holders. The paint is resistant to heat and corrosion, making the recessed lighting fixture durable and reliable.

Maximum Compatible Wattage: ‎60 Watts | Item Weight: ‎3.8 pounds | Wattage: ‎60 watts | Number of Items: ‎1 | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎16.53"L x 8.56"W x 6.4"H | Material: ‎Metal | Color: ‎Black


  • Vintage look
  • Focus lighting
  • Safety tested
  • Multipurpose


  • Not dual-voltage

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Adding this light fixture to my bathroom has brought a lovely farmhouse vibe. Mounting it, however, was time-consuming. Still, its durable build and ability to accommodate three bulbs have made it a reliable find."

9. Best Easy-To-Mount:Hueslite Bathroom Vanity Light

Maximize the brightness in your bathroom and give your bathroom a touch of elegance with the Hueslite Bathroom Vanity Light. Made of high-quality metal and painted in black, this fixture elevates the look of the bathroom. 3 transparent lampshades with 40 W bulbs are attached to this fixture and you can mount it facing up or down.

Material: Glass, Metal | Color: Black | Item Weight: ‎5.54 pounds | Wattage: ‎40 watts | Shape: ‎Cylinder | Shade Material: ‎Glass |


  • Easy to mount
  • Rust-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • The paint may chip in the long run.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Thanks to the illustrated instructions and the included mounting hardware, I could install this light fixture without professional help. Its glass cylinders have also maximized light output, and its sleek, black structure is appreciated by everyone who visits my home."

10. Best Easy-To-Assemble:Dailyart Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights

While ceiling lights provide maximum brightness, wall vanity lights offer focused lighting. The Dailyart Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights are fantastic bathroom lighting fixtures with a golden rectangular rod. This golden-color rod has 3 holders to hold 3 rectangular crystals that emit the brightest LED lights, also making this an energy-efficient bathroom light. This recessed lighting fixture adds a speck of royalty to your space and makes your bathroom look amazing.

Item Weight: ‎7.9 pounds | Wattage: ‎18 watts | Number of Items: ‎1 | Shape: ‎Square | Shade Material: ‎Crystal, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Brass | Product Dimensions: ‎26"L x 8.66"W x 3.14"H | Material: ‎Stainless Steel | Color: ‎Gold


  • Installation in 15 minutes
  • Modern design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • 3-year warranty
  • Eye protective lampshades


  • The entire fixture goes to waste if one bulb does not function.

My Personal Experience

"Sleek, elegant, yet subtle—this bathroom light has everything I was looking for in one. Besides, the included bulbs are also very bright and have been going strong despite being used regularly. Also, the dimmer switch allows me to adjust its illumination without a hitch."

11. Best Easy-To-Fix:Mateyrie Bathroom Vanity Light

In this chandelier-esque vanity light, a stainless steel rod comes with 4 crown-shaped lamp holders. The lampshades are made of high-performance frosted crystal glass that disperses maximum light. These 40W frosted glass bathroom lights illuminate the bathroom brightly and are also suitable for applying makeup. You can fix this fixture all by yourself following the instruction manual and giving your bathroom a fashionable touch.

Color: Chrome | Product Dimensions: ‎28.57 x 5.58 x 6.55 inches | Item Weight: ‎9.98 pounds | Wattage: ‎40 watts | Shade Material: ‎Glass


  • Easy to fix
  • Xenon G9 bulbs included
  • Upward or downward mounting
  • Chrome effect


  • May not suit extra large bathrooms

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Installing this light fixture in my bathroom has made it look more elegant. The light’s illumination is also decent, and its compatibility with different bulbs is impressive. Some durability issues with the cover aside, these lights have proven reliable."

12. Best Energy-Efficient: Lucalda Bathroom Vanity Light

The Lucalda Bathroom Vanity Light is designed to tackle the issue of foggy mirrors caused by steam and vapor. A rectangular stainless steel fixture holds a long and sleek crystal lampshade that looks more like ice. This contemporary bathroom fixture holds a 21 W bulb that has a bright light output to keep your bathroom well-lit. The light from this fixture is as good as natural light and renders the original color to the objects in your bathroom.

Wattage: ‎21 Watt-hours | Shape: ‎Square | Light Color: ‎Cool White | Shade Material: ‎Acrylic | Product Dimensions: ‎23.6"L x 5.12"W x 3"H | Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Acrylic


  • Eye protective acrylic coating
  • Energy-efficient light
  • Waterproof
  • 6000K color temperature


  • Not designed for a chrome effect.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I was skeptical about getting this light due to its textured design, but it won me over with its bright illumination. Its acrylic material also has a tinge of blue to keep the lights from glaring, making it ideal for putting on my makeup."

13. Best For Maximum Brightness:Melucee Stainless Steel Light Fixture

Best for maximum brightness : MELUCEE Stainless Steel Light Fixture Image: Melucee

The Melucee Stainless Steel Light Fixture has a corrosion-free design. Fix this light on any wall of your bathroom or right over the mirror for unparalleled brightness. The rectangular stand or fixture gets extended into 5 stainless steel lamp holders. The lampshades are of clear glass to allow maximum brightness.

Wattage: ‎60 watts | Shade Material: ‎Glass | Shade Color: ‎Clear | Material: ‎Metal | Shape: ‎Bulb | Color: ‎Chrome | Item Weight: ‎9.28 pounds


  • For bulbs less than 60 V
  • Easy to fix
  • Up or downward fixation
  • Replaceable lamp heads


  • Light bulbs not included

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The best part about this fixture is its evenly-spaced bulb holders, which allow it to cover my whole bathroom with bright light. It was also easy to install, and the option to flip its scones upwards or downwards is much appreciated."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Lights?

Here are a few tips to help you pick one that’s best suited for your bathroom.

  1. Size: Choose a bathroom light that syncs with the mirror, sink, and other objects in the bathroom. Avoid lights that are too big or bulky, as they may make the bathroom look small. Similarly, skip extremely small ones as well. If you are particularly looking for a vanity light, choose one larger than your mirror’s width.
  2. Design: Classic and regular light styles can now take a backseat as you’re in luck! You can choose from various designs, including tubes, globes, cages, antique bronze construction, and shaded lamps with light shades. Match the design and metal of the lamp with the design of the mirror design to complete the overall aesthetic you are aiming for.
  3. Function: For a chrome effect, choose ambient bathroom lights. Such lights can soothe your mood and give you a pleasant bathing experience. You can add lights with the task lighting effect to your bathroom for purposes like shaving or applying makeup. Such task lamps are bright and can render the natural color to the objects. If you need focus lighting that still gives an ambient feel, you can choose an accent lighting setup that gives a spotlight effect above your mirror on any part of the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should bathroom vanity lights face up or down?

You may install the lights facing down and near the mirror so that you can see in the vanity mirror and do your tasks. Lights installed facing upwards are generally for aesthetic purposes.

2. Should bathroom lights be warm or cool?

It depends on the ambiance of your bathroom. Warmer lights can be relaxing in the bathroom, while cooler lights are bright and best installed near the mirror to see your face properly.

3. How bright should my bathroom light be?

It depends on your preference and the ambiance you want to create. The lights should typically offer 1500 to 1700 lumens.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah, with his experience in reviewing and choosing the right household products, has given his utmost attention to selecting the best bathroom lights for you. The ideal bathroom light should illuminate every corner of the toilet and have a calming effect on the mind. He has considered the light’s output capacity, durability, installation methods, and color temperatures while curating this list. There is also a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right bathroom light.

The bathroom is meant to be a space of relaxation, which makes it necessary to have the right lighting to set the mood. These are some of the best bathroom lights available online to help you spruce up your bathroom with accent, ambient, or task lighting. Available in various colors and designs, these tried-and-tested lights can easily match the other elements in your room, such as the shade of the walls or the mirror’s shape. While choosing, opt for expert-approved waterproof bathroom lights with appropriate fixtures that are easy to maintain so you can watch your bathroom transform almost effortlessly.

Infographic: Buying Tips For Bathroom Lights

The bathroom is a space for bathing and an essential place to do skincare, haircare, and grooming. Therefore, good bathroom lights are essential to brighten up the space for convenience while also giving an aesthetically pleasing space. Check out the following infographic for some pointers when buying these lights.

Things To Remember When Choosing Bathroom Lights (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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