15 Best Bathroom Rugs To Buy In 2021

15 Best Bathroom Rugs To Buy In 2021

Bath rugs add a touch of luxury to the bathroom and provide a relaxing spa-like feel. The best bathroom rugs can improve the room’s comfort and style and prevent slipping on the wet floor after showering, thereby preventing injuries. Rugs are a stylish addition to bathrooms, but various materials and styles are available on the market, so choosing the right rug may be challenging. Check our list of the 15 best bathroom rugs to find the one that suits your needs.

15 Best Bathroom Rugs

1. Lifewit Bathroom Rug Bath Mat

Lifewit Bathroom Rug Bath Mat


The Lifewit non-slip shower rug bath mat is made of plush microfiber, which is absorbent, thick, and fluffy.  The rug’s bottom surface is made of TPR, which holds it in place when used on a dry clean surface. It is designed with reinforced seams to make it durable. The soft and comfortable texture relaxes your feet and protects them from the cold floor. The 32″x20″ rug is machine-washable and can be quickly dried in the sun. The rug is available in various colors to enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

2. Color&Geometry Bathroom Rug Mat

Color&Geometry Bathroom Rug Mat


Color&Geometry offers a super-soft bathroom rug made with high-quality microfiber materials, which can absorb water in a few seconds and dry your feet almost instantly. The bottom of the TPR can securely hold the rug in place and protect you from slipping.  The rug mat is suitable for machine washing and air drying. The rug is available in various colors and sizes to suit your interiors.

3. Hebe Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Mat

Hebe Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Mat


If you are looking for a shaggy soft bathroom rug mat, Hebe rug mat is a perfect choice. It is made of 15mm high-density microfiber and measures 18″x26″. The soft rug quickly absorbs water and has a non-slip rubber back. The durable TPR material is heavy enough to keep the rug mat in place. Microfiber will not harden or flatten but support multiple uses and weight.  The machine-washable rug comes in various colors and designs, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, doorways, and kitchens.

4. Tafts Ultra Soft Luxury Bath Mat

Tafts Ultra Soft Luxury Bath Mat


Made of chenille microfibers, the Tafts luxury bath mat is super-absorbent and soft. The TP rubber back gives the rug anti-slip quality. The material traps in water and keeps the bathroom floor dry and clean. The rectangular rugs are available in 20″x22″ and 21″x32″ sizes and different colors to enhance bathroom decoration. These mats are suitable for dry floors and provide a perfect grip. You can use these rugs in the kitchen, bathtub, shower, or under the bathroom sink.

5. Suchtale Non Slip Bath Mat

Suchtale Non Slip Bath Mat


Suchtale offers non-slip bathroom rugs with a size of 16”x24’’. The water-absorbing polyester microfiber gives it a shaggy and soft texture. The back, made of TP rubber, is strong and durable. The rug is machine washable and can dry quickly.

6. Lochas Luxury Bathroom Rug

Lochas Luxury Bathroom Rug


Lochas shaggy bath mat measures 20”x60” and is a plush chenille water-absorbent rug. The large bath rug is made of super-soft microfiber, allowing you to step on it after bathing comfortably. The mat can quickly absorb dripping water and keep the bathroom dry and non-slip. The back of the rug is made of TP rubber, which is non-slip. The fast-drying material does not remain soggy all day.  The luxury bathroom rug is machine washable.

7. Nicetown Navy Blue Bathroom Rugs

Nicetown Navy Blue Bathroom Rugs


Nicetown plush floor mats are a set of two chenille bath blankets, which are hand-tufted and made of soft microfiber. The ultra-thick rugs provide comfort, and the material can quickly absorb and dry water. The kit includes a small mat measuring 17″x24″ and a large mat measuring 20″x32″. Hot melt adhesive backing makes it non-slip. The exquisite rugs can be used as a doormat in the kitchen or doorway.

8. Olanly Bathroom Rugs Set

Olanly Bathroom Rugs Set


Olanly bathroom rug set includes two-piece of bathroom linen. The bath shower mat and U-shaped toilet rug measure 20″x32″ and 20″x 24″ , and the rug is made of 0.6” absorbent microfiber. The contemporary Moroccan geometric design can improve the decor of the bathroom. The TP rubber back makes it non-slip and safe. The fiber can quickly absorb water and keep the bathroom dry and fresh.

9. Kmat Luxury Bathroom Rugs Bath Mat

Kmat Luxury Bathroom Rugs Bath Mat


Kmat provides a luxurious bathroom mat made of soft and fluffy microfiber. The high-quality fiber has a locking technology that can be fixed to the base to prevent it from falling off or slipping. The high-density fibers make the mat heavy and sturdy, while the TPR backing makes it non-toxic and safe. The bath mat, measuring 20″x32″,  are available in various colors, suitable for any floor, such as tiles or wood.

10. Zebrux Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Bathroom Rugs

Zebrux Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Bathroom Rugs


Zebrux shaggy bathroom rugs are non-slip and super soft. The rugs are made of chenille microfiber, which is thick and comfortable. They absorb water quickly, keep the bathroom dry, and prevent mold and mildew. The luxury rug keeps the room warm and serene. The broad-striped bold designs, multiple sizes, and neutral colors can spruce up any room’s decor. These anti-slip mats do not stain easily and are machine-washable.

11. Buganda Microfiber Bathroom Rugs

Buganda Microfiber Bathroom Rugs


The Buganda bathroom rugs consist of two beautiful fluffy soft bath mats, just like thick carpets. The bathroom rug measures 17”x24” and 20”x32” and comprises a fluffy pile of polyester microfiber. The fibers quickly trap water, keeping the floor dry and clean. The rug protects the feet from the cold floor and relieves fatigue. The mats have TP rubber back, making them anti-slip and safe on a clean and dry surface. The bath rug adopts fiber-locking technology and an anti-shedding design, which is durable and machine washable.

12. Smart Linen 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set

Smart Linen 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set


The Smart Linen bathroom rug set consists of three pieces: a bath rug, a contour mat, and a toilet lid cover. The mats are made of ultra-soft 100% microfiber with a rubber backing, making them non-slip and safe. The bath mat measures 19″x30″, the contour mat size is 19″ 19″, and the toilet lid cover measures 19″x19″. The elegant mats are easy to machine wash and tumble dry.

13. Kitinjoy Bathroom Rug Mat

Kitinjoy Bathroom Rug Mat


Kitinjoy bathroom rug is made of thick, fluffy and soft microfiber.  The mat is highly absorbent and can keep the bathroom floor dry and safe. The TP rubber gives it a good grip. The durable mat size is 17″x24″, available in various colors, and can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, doorways, etc.

14. Yimobra Premium Plush Bathroom Rug

Yimobra Premium Plush Bathroom Rug


The plush Yimobra bathroom rug has an extra-thick cushion made of memory foam in the middle and a high microfiber on the top. Each fiber is two inches long, giving the mat a beautiful relaxing feeling. It can quickly absorb water and capture moisture, keeping the bathroom floor clean and dry. The material has natural stain resistance and durability. The back is made of dotted PVC to prevent skidding. It has a wide range of natural uses and comes in various colors and sizes.

15. KHH Bathroom Rugs

KHH Bathroom Rugs
Buy-NowThe KHH bathroom rug is made of chenille microfiber, which is super absorbent, breathable, and long-lasting. Exquisite craftsmanship and tightly packed fibers show superb craftsmanship. The anti-slip bottom of the mat is made of hot-melt adhesive material and provides a firm grip. It is odorless and waterproof and can absorb dust. These mats can be easily machine washed and air-dried.

Things To Consider When Buying A  Bathroom Rug

Here are some points to keep in mind when buying a bathroom mat.

  1. Size and shape: The size of the mat varies from small to large. Make sure the rug is away from the bathroom doorway. You can choose a round, rectangular, or square mat depending on the available space.
  1. Matching: Choose a bathroom rug that complements the room decor. You can choose the color, material, properties, design, size, etc., according to your preference.
  1. Pile height: Low-pile mats are plush, dense, and thick, while high-pile rugs have long fibers loosely packed together. Low-pile rugs are easier to clean and last longer. 
  1. Material: Bathroom rugs are usually made of cotton material that is easy to clean. However, cotton rugs can retain unpleasant odors and harbor bacteria. Microfibers are challenging to clean, but they can absorb water without getting soggy. They do not cause unpleasant odors and can keep bacteria away. They are machine-washable.
  1. Comfort: Rugs come with memory foams, which offer a cushioned soft padding for your feet.
  1. Safety: A bathroom mat must have a non-slip back. Usually, these are made of rubber or hot melt adhesive backings, which make them anti-skid.
  1. Price: Simple, functional mats can cost around $20 or less, while a durable mid-range rug could cost about $50. The fancy designer rugs can cost $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I vacuum over bathroom rugs?

Yes, you can, but make sure to use a small and controlled opening and maintain low suction power. The strong suction of the vacuum and its brushes may suck the carpet, and cause jamming.

2. What is better to use — dark- or light-colored bathroom rugs?

You can use both. Dark rugs may hide dirt and stains, but they can easily change color if they come in contact with bleaching agents. On the other hand, light-colored carpets are easy to stain, but good washing can make them look fresh and clean. 

Bath rugs can significantly improve your bathroom’s appearance and complement the overall color scheme. When we step out of the shower, bath rugs provide comfort to our feet. The best bathroom carpet does not drip water on the floor, nor does it slip and swap. Choose from the 15 best bathroom rugs and buy one for yourself to improve your bathroom and provide yourself with a luxurious and relaxing after-shower experience.