13 Best Bathroom Scrubbers In 2024, According To A Professional Cleaner

Bathrooms constantly get exposed to bacteria, soap scum, hair, dirt, and more. Hence, you need the best bathroom scrubber and cleaning agents to remove dirt and stains.

Bathroom scrubbers are available in various sizes and can be used for different tasks. To assist you in finding the perfect scrubber and help you keep your bathroom clean, I turned to Paula Tarling, a professional domestic cleaner and influencer, for her expert advice and rounded up the finest bathroom scrubbers. So, pick one from the list to suit your cleaning requirements and make this otherwise unpleasant task more bearable.

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13 Best Bathroom Scrubbers

1. Best Corrosion-Resistant:All Purpose Drill Brushes by Drill Brush Power

All Purpose Drill Brushes by Drill Brush Power Image: Drill Brush

The kit includes three brushes of different shapes and sizes for cleaning bathroom surfaces. These power brushes are made of medium-hard nylon bristles that can be connected to any cordless drill. Use these power scrubber brushes to clean sinks, bathtubs, shower doors, fiberglass enclosures, baseboards, and porcelain. Need more information? Watch this review video detailing a tester’s experience to make an informed decision about this affordable scrubber.

Item Weight: 0.57 Pounds | | Shape: Round | Material: Nylon | Product Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 5"H | Handle Material: Stainless Steel | Color: All Purpose Medium-yellow


  • Convenient to change heads
  • Have corrosion-resistant plating
  • A round brush is useful in cleaning corners
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • May be difficult to use

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Although there is a learning curve, this drill brush and its different heads help me remove grime and other build-up from the narrowest crevices. Its nylon bristles also don't make microscopic scratches on the tiles. Hence, it has quickly become my preferred cleaning tool."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It's no wonder that this quality product has earned over 61,394 positive reviews on Amazon.

2. Best Durable:Holikme Four Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber Cleaning Brushes

A set of three different brushes, Holikme can effectively clean tiles, floor, bathroom surface, bathtubs, grout, etc. This power scrubber comes with an extended reach attachment, which makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach spaces. The scrubber is made of durable stainless steel. If you need further convincing, check out this YouTuber’s review.

Batteries: A batteries required | Item Weight: 0.68 Pounds | | Shape: Round | Product Dimensions: 6"L x 6"W x 3"H | Handle Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Yellow


  • Nylon bristles may not clean surfaces
  • Attachments fit most of the cordless drills
  • Magnet and slip joint promises better control
  • Can be used for different cleaning purposes
  • Saves time and energy


  • May not be useful in cleaning corners

Our Tester's Experience

"After using these drill brushes, I can't imagine going back to manual brushes. While some of their bearings could have been sturdier, they removed grime and buildup from my shower’s walls and tiles in a jiffy. Hence, they have found a permanent spot in my cleaning closet."

3. Best Waterproof:Homitt HM115C Electric Spin Adjustable Cordless Bathroom Cleaner


Homitt offers a pack of ultra-wide cordless cleansing brushes, a small flat brush for cleaning smaller areas, a round stiff brush for cleaning bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and a corner scrubber for cleaning grout, edges, and corners. The high-quality bathroom power scrubber features rechargeable batteries, which can run for 1.5 hours on a complete charge of 3.5 hours, depending on the cleaning area’s size. It has a rotation speed of 300 RPM. You can check this product testing video out if you need to know more about the product.

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 2.02 pounds | Shape: Round | Material: Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) | Product Dimensions: 2.5"L x 2.5"W x 43.5"H | Handle Material: Stainless Steel | Color: White


  • Allows adjusting and tilting the heads
  • Comes with a 21-inch extendable handle made of stainless steel
  • Useful in cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Includes brush heads for different cleaning needs
  • Has waterproof brush heads


  • May not work on grouts
All Purpose Drill Brushes by Drill Brush Power
Best Corrosion-Resistant
Holikme Four Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber Cleaning Brushes
Best Durable
Homitt HM115C Electric Spin Adjustable Cordless Bathroom Cleaner
Best Waterproof
Weight 0.57 Pounds 0.68 Pounds 2.02 pounds
Shape Round Round Round
Material Nylon- Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Dimensions 5"L x 5"W x 5"H 6"L x 6"W x 3"H 2.5"L x 2.5"W x 43.5"H
Handle Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Color All Purpose Medium-yellow Yellow White
Batteries- A batteries required 1 Lithium Ion batteries required

4. Best Dishwasher-Safe:Amazer Pack of Two Scrub Brush Set

Amazer Pack of Two Scrub Brush Set Image: Amazer Pack

Amazer offers a pack of two manual scrubbers with ergonomically designed handles to make cleaning the bathroom comfortable and fast. These bathroom brushes have super tough fibers and can effectively clean difficult-to-clean dirt. As per reviews, the brush set is designed to clean toilets and tiles, walls, floors, carpets, and different surfaces.

Item Weight: 4.8 ounces | Shape: Rectangular | Material: Nylon | Product Dimensions: 5.8"L x 3.8"W x 2.5"H | Handle Material: Polypropylene | Color: Green+green


  • Made of durable and stiff bristles
  • Quick to dry
  • Designed for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for cleaning large areas


  • May not be suitable for circular scrubbing

My Personal Experience

"I have been using these scrubbers to clean my shower and sink. They have been able to eliminate everything from grime to soap stains. I had to turn them at an angle to get to the corners, but that adjustment was manageable with their thick, easy-grip handle."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The whopping 8,808 positive reviews on Amazon reflect the superior quality of this product.

protip_icon Caution
Stiff brushes can remove stains quickly, but they may also leave scratches and grooves on your bathroom floors when used with a lot of force.

5. Best Overcharge Protection:Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber With Four Replaceable Rotating Brush Heads

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber With Four Replaceable Rotating Brush Heads Image: Tilswall

You can use Tilswall electric bathroom scrubber to switch from manual to automatic cleaning. Rechargeable batteries power the rotating scrubber, so you save effort, time, and energy. The durable bathroom power scrubber is made of metal and has a patented poly-ring structure. Four multifunctional brushes with thick and long PC bristles allow you to clean the bathroom effectively.

Item Weight: 3.72 Pounds | | Shape: Round | Product Dimensions: 16.22"L x 6.34"W x 5.63"H | Handle Material: Metal | Color: White


  • Durable and strong design
  • Comes with a corner as well as point brush
  • Designed to withstand high resistance
  • Comes with over-discharge and overcharge protection
  • Allows handle adjustments


  • Brush heads may be difficult to change

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 2,405 satisfied customers have left positive reviews about the product on Amazon.

protip_icon Quick tip
Dipping the brush in a mix of vinegar and soda can help you remove any mildew that has built up on the corners of your bathroom fixtures.

6. Best Long Handle: Eyliden Tub Tile Scrubber Brush

Eyliden Tub Tile Scrubber Brush Image: Eyliden

If you are tired of kneeling, bending, stretching, or crouching while cleaning your home, the Eyliden Tub Tile Scrubber Brush can be a good solution. With a 180-degree rotation and a flexible brush head, this cleaning tool ensures deep cleaning and scrubbing, garnering several positive reviews. Its handle can extend up to 49 inches, making it convenient and comfortable to use. The tub scrubber also has a hanging holder for easy storage.

Item Weight: 1.21 Pounds | | Material: Polypropylene, Steel | Product Dimensions: 4.3"L x 5.9"W x 50"H | Handle Material: Alloy Steel | Color: Brown


  • Replaceable brush heads
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Thick sponge pad for effective cleaning
  • Lightweight design
  • Multipurpose


  • May not be scratch-proof
  • May not be easy to use

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This scrubber’s extendable handle and swivel brush are a boon for cleaning without straining my back. I would have liked its bristles to be a bit softer, but the overall brush makes cleaning efficient and less time-consuming."

7. Best Compact:Meco Electric Spin Scrubber

Meco Electric Spin Scrubber Image: Spin Scrubber

A powerful battery-powered bathroom scrubber, Meco is equipped with three replaceable brush heads and the latest handheld design for a comfortable, quick, and efficient cleaning process. You can save time and effectively clean the bathroom with the cordless electric scrub brush that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and provide a rotation speed of 350 RPM. The tried-and-tested electric bathroom spin scrubber can work continuously for up to 60 minutes when charged for four to five hours.

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 15.7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 14.96"L x 7.68"W x 3.54"H | Handle Material: Plastic | Color: White


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Has ergonomically designed handle
  • Different brushes meet different cleaning needs
  • Waterproof construction
  • Comes with an LED battery indicator


  • Bristles may not last long

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I always whip out this brush when I have to clean those hard water stains and residue from different bath products. There was a slight learning curve with the amount of pressure to apply, but it became my favorite tool once that part was mastered."

8. Best Non-Slip:Matcc Shower Cleaning Brush With Extendable Handle MBB001

Matcc Shower Cleaning Brush With Extendable Handle MBB001 Image: Drill Brush

If you are tired of stretching, the Matcc’s shower cleaning brush is the one you should look at. Its telescopic handle extends from 30.3 inches to 42 inches for a comfortable and effective cleaning session. The brush head is made of high-quality PP material, which can clean the touch areas. The 180-degree rotation angle makes cleaning more convenient.

Item Weight: 1.26 pounds | | Shape: Triangular | Material: Iron | Product Dimensions: 3.9"L x 2"W x 5.5"H | Handle Material: Iron | Color: Yellow


  • Has a non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight design with sturdy pole
  • Comes with a hook for easy hanging
  • Useful in cleaning grout lines
  • The triangular design promises better reach


  • Movement of the head may be difficult to control
  • Two pieces of the rod may be difficult to stick together

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Cleaning those tight spaces around the tub and water closet has become a breeze with this brush. Its attachments work well, but the locking mechanism could have been better. Nevertheless, I still consider it a worthwhile find."

9. Best Adjustable:Broteen Electric Spin Scrubber

Broteen Electric Spin Scrubber Image: Spin Scrubber

Broteen’s cordless bathroom cleaning tool is equipped with three replacement brushes and runs on batteries. The electric spin scrubber can run up to 30 minutes, and takes about three hours to charge fully. The 360-degree rotation and high spin speed meet different cleaning needs. The long adjustable extension handle allows you to clean the bathroom comfortably.

Item Weight: 2.66 pounds | Product Dimensions: 41 x 2 x 5 inches | Shape: Round, L Shape | Handle Material: Plastic | Color: 2020 Upgraded New


  • Has waterproof brush heads
  • Comes with durable bristles
  • Different brushes take care of extra cleaning needs
  • Heads can be tilted to an angle of 45 degrees
  • Has a light indicator for the battery


  • The length of the extension may be on the lower side

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I came across this option when looking for a brush to clean the shower and tub. It cleans grime well but may take a couple of go-overs to eliminate tough stains; however, that is made easy by its extendable handle."

10. Best Ergonomic:Fruiteam Electric Spin Scrubber

Fruiteam Electric Spin Scrubber Image: Spin Scrubber

Fruiteam’s spin scrubber is equipped with three different brush head types and an extension rod to make cleaning easier and more comfortable. This easy-to-use scrubber is made of upgraded ABS+PC, which can extend the life of the scrubber. According to reviewers, it has a generous power storage capacity and can run continuously for more than 60 minutes, making it one of the best electric scrub brushes you can lay your hands on.

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 2.97 pounds | Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) | Handle Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Color: Blue


  • Waterproof design
  • Can be charged by turning off the switch for safety
  • Ergonomic design
  • Offers convenient corner cleaning


  • May require applying a lot of pressure to clean surfaces

Our Reviewer's Experience

"With this reliable scrubber, cleaning my bathroom no longer feels like a chore. Its diverse speed settings and attachments have also allowed me to customize the clean-up session based on the toughness of grime and stains. It may not be waterproof, but it sure does the job well."

11. Best Splash-Resistant:Getace Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber With Three Brush Heads

Getace offers this cordless cleaning tool with a 21-inch stainless steel extendable handle, which can easily clean corners and high areas. The powerful electric scrub brush can run for more than 60 minutes under a continuous power supply to clean your bathroom. Three different brush head types make it convenient to use.

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 2.97 pounds | Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) | Handle Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Color: Blue


  • Designed for long-lasting performance
  • Has resistance against splashing water
  • Labor-saving and efficient design
  • Easy to install and use


  • May not be durable
protip_icon Caution
Although stainless steel is rust-proof, you should wipe or dry your scrubbers after using them to avoid rust and corrosion in the long run.

12. Best Flexible:Acrimax Electric Spin Scrubber With Five Replaceable Cleaning Brush Heads


Whether it is a shower area or the toilet, you can use Acrimax upgraded scrubber can keep your bathroom sparkling clean. The high-spin scrubber, equipped with a 2000mAh battery, can quickly remove stubborn water stains and other blemishes, keeping you from getting tired of crouching when cleaning the floors. It has five replaceable brush head types that effectively clean different surfaces.

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 3.63 pounds | | Shape: Cylindrical | Material: Stainless Steel, Resin, Plastic, Metal, Rubber | Product Dimensions: 47"L x 2"W x 2"H | Handle Material: Plastic, Metal | Color: White


  • Noiseless and flexible design
  • Comes with an extended pole for better reach
  • Cordless scrubber
  • Waterproof design
  • Battery life of over 60 minutes


  • May have charging issues

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Keeping my bathroom spotless has become a breeze with this cleaning tool. It takes some time to get charged, but once its battery is at full capacity, it works for a long time and easily tackles tough watermarks and other stains."

13. Best Noiseless:GaoXin Electric Spin Scrubber WithThree Replaceable Cleaning Brush Heads

GaoXin electric scrub brush has high rotating power to remove any dirt in the bathroom or house. Equipped with a 2000mAh battery, it can last for more than 60 minutes after 3.5 hours of charging. The 360-degree rotation ensures quick cleaning without interruption. Its three different brush head types make it a multifunctional scrubber.

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 2.7 pounds | Shape: Round, L Shape | Material: TPR, Thermoplastic Rubber | Handle Material: Plastic | Color: White


  • Portable design
  • Offers noiseless performance
  • Comes with durable and flexible bristles
  • Water-resistant design
  • Has an anti-overcharge feature


  • May take longer to charge

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Having used this cleaner for a few months, I can vouch for its robust performance and quick charging. Besides the initial assembly hiccup, using this product has been pretty smooth."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Important Features To Consider Before Buying A Bathroom Scrubber

Selecting a good bathroom scrubber is much easier when you know what to consider while buying one. We have come up with a list of features one must look into:

  1. Brush heads: The effectiveness of cleaning depends on the brush head. Brush head types vary in shape, size, and performance, so they are an essential feature of high-quality bathroom scrubbers.
  2. Extension handle: A scrubber with an extended handle is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and high areas.
  3. Bristles: Choose a long-lasting scrubber with flexible and durable bristles. You can choose hard, medium, and soft bristles to ensure that the surface is not damaged.
  4. Additional use: But a scrubber that can be used for various other cleaning tasks in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a power scrubber worth it?

A power scrubber with long-lasting battery life or a powerful motor gives faster and more effective results than a manual scrubber. It also reduces manual labor to some extent.

2. How do I use a power scrubber?

It is very easy to use a power scrubber. You just need to attach the brush head according to the surface to the main body and plug the wire into a power source, and you’re ready to clean your desired surface.

3. How often do I need to replace the brush on a power scrubber?

Taking proper care of the brush will make it last for a longer period of time. For example, washing it with water and soap after every cleaning will increase its durability. However, if your brush starts to degrade or does not work properly, you have to change the brush for better results.

4. Which brush should I use to clean an acrylic bathtub?

A brush with soft bristles would be an ideal choice to clean an acrylic bathtub.

5. Can I use an electric scrubber with any cleaner?

You can use an electric scrubber with any cleaning agent because the choice of cleaner depends upon the cleaning surface.

6. Does the bathroom scrubber need maintenance?

After using a bathroom power scrubber, it needs to be dried to evaporate any chemicals absorbed during the cleaning process. Therefore, make sure to wash the scrubber’s bristles with water and soap after cleaning to improve durability.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After going through numerous user reviews, we have compiled this list of the best bathroom scrubbers to help you buy the right one for your requirements. We have mentioned the specifications of each scrubber, such as corrosion resistance, durability, and material. The list also mentions their pros and cons and some important features to consider before buying a bathroom scrubber, such as the size and shape of the brush head and the length of the extension handle.

The Bottom Line

Regular bathroom usage leaves it exposed to contaminants like dust, debris, bacteria, and foul odors. To deal with it, you may need the help of an effective bathroom scrubber. With sturdy bristles, they scrub away unwanted particles while also removing stains, just like the Drill Brush Power Scrubber Kit. Before you purchase a scrubber, consider the size, shape, and performance of the scrubber head, and ensure it comes with an extended handle, like the Holikme Power Drill Brushes. It would help if you also chose one with flexible and durable bristles, like the manual and compact Amazer Scrub Brush. We hope our list of the best bathroom scrubbers can help you understand your needs and the available options.

Infographic: Step-by-Step Buying Guide For Best Bathroom Scrubber

Instead of using serious elbow grease to clean your bathroom, get a suitable scrubber to make the work easier. Use this buying guide to know the factors to consider when choosing a bathroom scrubber. By the end of this guide, you will get a clear idea of the best bathroom scrubber for your needs.

How To Choose A Bathroom Scrubber Row-32 content team (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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