15 Best Bathtub Faucets For Bathroom In 2024, As Per Interior Designer

Add style, elegance, and sophistication to your bathroom with our list of the best bathtub faucets. An essential plumbing accessory, a bathtub faucet can enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic. With numerous faucets available, selecting the right one to meet your bath requirements can be challenging. These faucets come with exciting features and designs to give you a better experience. They are easy to operate and ensure optimal water flow. So, explore our list of reliable options to make a suitable choice for your bathroom.

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Types Of Bathtub Faucets

Faucets are available in a wide range of designs and styles in the market.

  1. Wall-mounted faucets: These are quite appealing faucets mounted on the wall and are the ultimate space-savers.
  2. Floor-mounted faucets: These can be mounted directly on the floor where there is some piping for the water supply.
  3. Single-hole faucets: These are the standard faucets fixed to a single hole. They are mostly made up of copper or stainless steel.
  4. Three-hole bathtub faucets: Also known as center set faucets, they have two handles and a spout in the center. They are tricky to install.
  5. Deck-mounted faucets: They are easy to install and attachable to a single block of tile or stone.
  6. Widespread faucets: They have three different fittings for the handles and the spout where they are connected through a plate giving a widespread effect.

15 Best Bathtub Faucets That Add Style To The Bathroom In 2024

1. Best With Hand Shower: Shamanda Waterfall Bathtub Faucet

Shamanda Waterfall Bathtub Faucet Image: Shamanda

The Shamanda bathtub faucet is a modern and elegant bathroom fixture designed to elevate the look and feel of any bathroom. This set includes all the necessary components, including a high-flow tub spout, a 180-degree adjustable hand shower faucet, a three-way diverter, and all the hardware required. Made of high-quality brass, this durable faucet ensures long-lasting performance and has also been tested and certified by cUPC.

Material: Metal | Color: Matte Black-3.7"Spout | Item Weight: ‎8.91 pounds | Handle Material: ‎Metal


  • Waterfall spout for high-volume water flow
  • Easy-to-clean nozzle on the shower head
  • Modern matte black finish
  • Single handle for easy control


  • May not be stain-resistant
  • May not be rust-proof 
protip_icon Quick fact
Ceramic valves ensure less or no leakage, as they are less prone to wear and tear.

2. Best Lead-Free: Parlos Roman Tub Faucet


The Parlos bathtub faucet has a waterfall spout, which provides a gentle and soothing flow of water without splashing, and two handles for easy control of water flow and temperature. In addition, the time-tested faucet features a durable and corrosion-resistant valve. It is available in various finishes to add a touch of class to your bathroom.

Color: Brushed Nickel | Material: Brass


  • Lead-free material
  • Solid brass construction
  • Leak-free
  • High-density nylon braided hoses


  • Hose-to-spout connections are plastic and may not be very durable
  • May take a long time to fill the tub

3. Best Easy-To-Install: Moen Genta LX Roman Tub Faucet Matte Black

Moen Genta LX Roman Tub Faucet Matte Black Image: Moen

The Moen tub faucet is a deck-mounted model with two handle controls that make it easy to adjust the temperature of the water. It integrates the Moen M-PACT common valve system, enabling you to update your faucet style in the future without having to replace any plumbing. The faucet has a heavy water flow, which allows you to fill the tub quickly with minimal splashing, thus enhancing your bathing experience.

Color: Matte Black | Material: Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎8.13 x 16 x 8.25 inches | Item Weight: ‎5.99 pounds


  • ADA-compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Easy to install


  • Valve may need to be bought separately
  • Matte black finish may show water spots easily
Shamanda Waterfall Bathtub Faucet
Best With Hand Shower
Parlos Roman Tub Faucet
Best Lead-Free
Moen Genta LX Roman Tub Faucet Matte Black
Best Easy-To-Install
Material Metal Brass Metal
Color Matte Black-3.7"Spout Brushed Nickel Matte Black
Weight ‎8.91 pounds- ‎5.99 pounds
Handle Material ‎Metal--
Dimensions-- ‎8.13 x 16 x 8.25 inches
protip_icon Quick tip
Clean the faucets and shower head regularly to avoid water clogging. However, don’t use abrasive cleaners to clean them.

4. Best For Larger Flow:Wowkk Tub Filler Bathtub Faucet

Equipped with a telephone-style hand shower, this freestanding tub faucet comes with customizable hoses. The half-inch waterlines ensure a larger water flow. It has a stable base that can incorporate a tripod bracket. The product also includes three-bolt pieces to fix the faucet on the floor easily.

Material: Brass | Color: Chrome | Item Weight: ‎12.72 pounds | Handle Material: ‎Brass


  • Can fill 55-gallon bathtub in 10min at 60PSI
  • Includes mounting parts for easy installation
  • Modern and beautiful high-arc spout
  • Versatile 360° rotating hand shower faucet


  • Faucet might wobble a bit when in use

5. Best Reliable:Danco Mobile Tub Faucet

Prepared with plastic material, this time-tested faucet could be a great fit for mobile home bathtubs. With its clear acrylic handles, it makes a gorgeous vintage bathtub faucet. It has a 2.5GPM flow rate and a knob-type handle. This two-handle bathroom faucet ensures easy adjustment of temperature and flow intensity, giving you an enjoyable bathing experience.

Color: Chrome | Material: Plastic | Product Dimensions: ‎3.05 x 9.14 x 12.1 inches | Item Weight: ‎6.7 ounces


  • Durable plastic built for reliable and strong support
  • User-friendly design
  • Three-hole adjustable central-mount


  • Users might experience some leakage from the nozzle
  • Has to be handled with precision as the plastic nuts might strip out while hardening them

6. Best Elegant Look:Peerless Claymore Tub Faucet

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

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With a lever handle style and a brushed finish, Peerless bathtub faucet sets are unique. This product has a spout height of 4.66 inches and is designed to fit a three-hole. The Roman tub faucets use at least 20% less water compared to the industry standards. This set also meets the standards set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Color: Brushed Nickel | Material: Brass | Product Dimensions: ‎11.5 x 6 x 2.65 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.8 pounds


  • Ensures long-lasting performance
  • Requires changing of valves and fittings, and not the faucet
  • Has a spout reach of 8.09in


  • Can only be mounted anywhere except the bathtub
  • Rough-in kit has to be bought separately
  • Handles might not stay tight

7. Best Luxurious: Sumerain Black Waterfall Tub Faucet

Sumerain Black Waterfall Tub Faucet Image: Sumerain

The Sumerain bathtub faucet is a luxurious addition to any bathroom. It has two handles for flow and temperature control, and the spout creates a laminar stream of water. The faucet valves are made of high-quality, solid brass for durability and corrosion resistance. Besides, this deck-mounting bathtub faucet has a ceramic cartridge that prevents leaks and drips.

Color: Matte Black | Material: Brass | Product Dimensions: ‎0.51 x 0.43 x 0.63 inches | Item Weight: ‎5.39 pounds | Handle Material: ‎Zinc


  • Durable and reliable solid brass body
  • Includes the required mounting hardware
  • High water flow fills tub quickly
  • Available in a variety of finishes to match any bathroom decor


  • May be a bit complicated to install
  • May require frequent cleaning to maintain the finish

8. Best Rust-Resistant:Homary Wall-Mounted Tub Faucet


With a long open channel spout that will fill the tub quickly, this bathtub faucet with a shower diverter adds a dynamic and sensual element to your bathing area. The 60-in hose ensures efficient use for cleaning, rinsing, and bathing. With a brushed nickel finish and superior-quality brass, this wall-mounting bathtub faucet is rust- and corrosion-resistant and helps add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Material: Brass | Color: Brushed Nickel | Item Weight: ‎9.79 pounds | Handle Material: ‎Metal


  • Diverter knob and single handle for easy control
  • Pressure-balanced valve protects you against cold water or scalding
  • Keeps the water at a constant temperature in case of water pressure fluctuations
  • Hose offers maximum flexibility and movement


  • Handheld faucet is delicate and should be installed with precision
  • Users might experience some leakage from the faucet
protip_icon Point to consider
Leakage is less common in wall-mounted tub faucets, and they are easy to clean.

9. Best Tarnish-Resistant: Kohler Devonshire Bath Faucet

Kohler Devonshire Bath Faucet Image: Kohler

Bring the old-world charm to your bathroom with the faucet set and matching fittings from Kohler’s Devonshire line. The bath faucet features a classic and elegant design and is known for its high durability and corrosion- and tarnish-resistant finish and is available in five different finishes. The tried-and-tested faucet can be installed in three different settings–centerset, single handle, and widespread–as per your needs.

Color: Brushed Nickel | Material: Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches | Item Weight: ‎1 pounds |


  • Installation hardware included
  • Rim-mount design provides a streamlined look
  • Lever handles
  • High water flow fills the tub quickly
  • Easy installation


  • Valve set may not be included

10. Best Leak-Resistant:Sumerian Wall-Mount Tub Faucet

Best Leak-Resistant:Sumerian Wall-Mount Tub Faucet Image: Sumerain

Sumerian’s bathtub faucet sets are unique and blend with any decor. This modern bathroom faucet is sleek with a black matte finish, giving it a minimal and chic look. The wall-mount faucet is resistant to leakage, corrosion, and rust and ensures long-lasting performance. With 9.71GPM spout water flow, the bathtub faucet can fill up your tub in minutes. It is equipped with two lever handles.

Material: Brass | Color: Matte Black | Item Weight: ‎4.29 pounds | Handle Material: ‎Metal


  • Sturdy solid brass built
  • Two easy-turn lever handles can control temperature and water pressure
  • Features ceramic cartridges for enhanced performance
  • cUPC-certified and ASME/CSA compliant


  • Users might face issues while installing the spout
  • Levers will not shut down properly and can cause a water overflow when not in use

11. Best With Metal Lever:TC Sportline Ultra Faucet With Hand Shower

The TC Sportline faucet comes with a rough-in, built-in valve. It is made of a metal lever and a plastic hand shower faucet. The lever handle is 4.3in high, while the hand shower is 6.7in high. The flow rate of the spout is 4.62GPM, and the hand shower is 1.8GPM.

Material: Metal | Color: Brushed Nickel | Shape: ‎Rectangular | Item Weight: ‎8.65 pounds | Handle Material: ‎Plastic


  • Solid brass faucet with a ceramic valve
  • Three-hole easy installation
  • Includes all the waterlines and mounting materials


  • Spray handle is made up of cheap plastic
  • Water might leak from the handheld spray and faucet
  • Moderate water flow

12. Best Crack-Proof:Aolemi Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet


Constructed from high-quality brass, Aolemi’s mount bathtub faucet has a polished chrome finish. The durable metal construction is rust- and corrosion-resistant. The spout’s 360° rotatable feature and diverter knob make it user-friendly too, so you can switch between the hand shower and the tub spout easily. The spout reach is 6.7 inches and its height is 45.87 inches.

Material: Brass | Color: Polish Chrome | Shape: ‎Tall tub faucet floor-mounted | Item Weight: ‎10.43 pounds


  • Explosion- and crack-proof 59-inch shower hose
  • Tube material is thick and is rust-resistant
  • High-quality ceramic valves
  • Includes handheld shower and mixer taps 


  • Mounting could be difficult
  • Users might experience leakage in the hose 

13. Best With Pull Diverter: Grohe Concetto Bathtub Faucet


The Grohe Concetto faucet features a pull diverter for the shower and has a sleek design to complement most bathroom aesthetics. The faucet is available in three colors and has a tarnish-resistant StarLight chrome finish. Moreover, it is easy to install and comes with the required mounting hardware.

Material: Brass | Color: StarLight Chrome | Product Dimensions: ‎5 x 2 x 2 inches | Item Weight: ‎1 pounds


  • Double brass construction
  • Drip-free performance
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Wall-mounted design


  • May not be compatible with threaded water pipes
  • Plastic inner cap of the diverter may be flimsy

14. Best For Copper Pipes: Homelody Tub Spout Plug-In Bathtub Faucet

Homelody Tub Spout Plug-In Bathtub Faucet Image: Homelody

The Homelody ergonomic tub spout bathtub faucet features a wall-mount design with a built-in pull-up diverter, allowing for easy control of water flow between the tub spout and showerhead. The faucet is available in three colors–chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black. Furthermore, this high-quality zinc faucet has an electroplated surface and is highly compatible with smooth copper pipes.

Color: Matte Black | Material: Copper | Product Dimensions: ‎5.12 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches | Item Weight: ‎9.9 ounces


  • Easy to install
  • High waterflow design
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-rust
  • Easy to clean


  • May not work on threaded water pipes
  • Waterflow may be uneven

15. Best Adjustable:Homelody Shower System

Homelody Shower System Image: Homelody
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Made from pure brass, Homelody’s bathtub faucet is resistant to weak acids and leakages. It is also resistant to daily scratches and will not corrode or tarnish. The pressure-balanced valves automatically adjust the temperature and pressure of the water supply. Equipped with a single-handle switch, this product is easy and simple to use. The rotatable switch allows you to change the water temperature.

Color: Matte Black | Material: Copper | Product Dimensions: ‎5.12 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches | Item Weight: ‎9.9 ounces


  • Has a five-function top apart and a separate hand shower
  • Equipped with a disc and spool protection cover
  • Installation is simple and convenient
  • Easily adjustable switch between the handheld shower and the rainfall mode


  • Might not be compatible with tubs of other brands
  • Water pressure is lower
  • Users might experience leakage 

How To Choose The Right Bathtub Faucet?

Here are some features you should consider when buying a bathtub faucet.

  1. Style and size: Choose from different faucets depending upon the aesthetics of your bathroom. You can find bathtub faucets with sprayers, pull down and up setups, sharp corners, etc. The size of the faucet is directly proportional to the tub size and daily usage.
  2. Finish: Choose from brass, chrome, brushed chrome, polished chrome, nickel, bronze, or matter finishes. The finish of the faucet should match the finish of the tub.
  3. Height of the spout arc: Select a convenient spout height as it determines the extent to which the water can come out from the faucet hole.
  4. Number of handles: You can pick from a single-handle bathtub faucet or a double, or a triple one, according to your need. A single-handle faucet is a timeless piece, whereas others give you extra features such as shower faucet head and handle controls for temperature and water pressure adjustment.
  5. Installation and maintenance: Pick a faucet that is easy to install and requires little to no maintenance. Each faucet has different mounting options, including ceiling, floor, tub wall, deck etc.

Janna Robinson, an interior designer and lifestyle technology design expert, says, “I recommend you factor in the style of your home and what you are gravitating toward. Personally, I like the cohesiveness of keeping all the plumbing fixtures of the same style and finish. That said, you can always mix and match if you have a more eclectic style.” She adds, “Nickel, chrome, and brass are the most popular and classical options, but you also have other options that may be more suitable for your home and needs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a sink faucet for a tub?

You cannot use a sink faucet for a tub as they have different installation types, water flow rates, thermostatic controls, hand showers, and sprayers. A bath faucet connects to a ½-inch pipe, whereas a sink faucet connects to a 3/8-inch water supply pipe.

2. How can I get a rust-resistant bathtub faucet?

Bathtub faucets with a good finish and polishing are resistant to rust and will not corrode. You can buy chrome- or brushed nickel-finished faucet.

3. How tall should a bathtub faucet be?

The bathtub faucet should be placed low, approximately 12-18 inches, over the bathtub’s edge.

4. What causes a leaky bathtub faucet?

Faulty washers or cracked and worn-out washers are the common reasons behind leaking faucets. But, there could be other reasons for leaky faucets, like faulty pipes, improper installation of the faucet cartridge, faucet stem, or the tiles behind the faucet.

5. Can I replace just the bathtub faucet?

Yes, if the faucet is leaking or cracked, you can replace it with a new bathtub faucet.

6. Are all bathtub faucets the same?

No, different types of faucets work with bathtubs and have slightly different configurations. Whether replacing your old bathtub faucet or installing a completely new bathtub, check the requirements of your bathroom space and choose a style that suits your bathtub.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah, the author of this article, makes sure to document well-researched and high-quality products to facilitate a hassle-free experience. Based on hundreds of customer reviews available on multiple trusted platforms, he has listed the best bathtub faucets that you can find in the market, considering their designs and impressive features. These are simple to use and necessary for every modern Indian bathroom. So, before buying a suitable bathtub faucet, check out the list and some important points about the products.

Add a touch of sophistication with a sleek bathtub faucet that looks visually appealing and provides optimal water pressure. When picking a bathtub faucet, ensure it is directly proportional to the tub size and daily usage. Moreover, consider your preferences, including the finish, the number of handles you would require, and the spout height that feels comfortable to use. Also, don’t forget to choose one with an easy installation process and minimal maintenance for your convenience.

Infographic: Different Kinds Of Bathtub Faucets Available

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new one, bathroom faucets can give a perfect modern look to your bathroom. However, several types of bathroom faucets on the market might confuse you. Check out the following infographic to learn about different types to ensure choosing the best faucet for your bathroom.

Types Of Bathtub Faucets (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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