15 Best Bathtub Toys For Babies, Toddlers, And Kids In 2022


Make bath time enjoyable with our list of the best bathtub toys for babies. They make bathing your adorable little one fun without the struggle of getting them in the bath area or the tub. Bathtub toys can keep them engaged and make cleaning your baby much easier. Playing with these toys allows new parents to spend quality time with their children. With various options available, these toys ensure good quality and durability. If you are looking for some fun bathtub toys to make everyday bathing easy and hassle-free with your baby, you can explore our collection to pick the right one.

15 Best Bathtub Toys For Babies

1. The First Years Disney Finding Nemo Baby Bath Squirt Toys

The colorful bath toys from The First Years comprise several animal-shaped toys in attractive colors for optimal engagement of toddlers while they bathe. They add to the fun of everyday bathing with their squirting action while they visually engage the kids.
The toys are compact for easy grip in between tiny toddler palms, and each pack contains toys shaped as Turtle, Nemo, and DoryThey are soft on the baby’s tender skin and suit engagement for children between 6 and 18 months. You can also check this YouTube video for a complete idea about the product.


2. Munchkin Float And Play Bubbles Bath Toy

The float and play bubble bath toy set from Munchkins is designed carefully to fit the smallest fingers of children. Each pack includes two engaging toys that keep the child busy with rattles and whirls and two fun characters for easy engagement.
The bubble bath toys help heighten the sensory stimulation among children through hearing, sight and touch interaction. With textured rings surrounding each toy, they are easy to glide across the bathtub, making it easy for the baby to find one. The floating bubbles add fun to the entire bath toy setup, and the toy is suitable for children above four years. If you want to know more about the results, take a look at this review on YouTube.


3. Zhenduo 2-In-1 Induction Spray Water Bath Toys

The Zhenduo two-in-one bath toys with induction spray are designed as bath toys for 1-year-old and above. They are interactive bath toys adding double fun to your toddler’s bathing experience with an interactive UFO space car toy and induction water spray toy. The toys are enabled with lights for maximum engagement, while automatic squirt adds to the fun.

The fun baby toy designed as a UFO space car can also drive freely with light and music on the floor, extending its use beyond the bathtub by keeping your child engaged. The mini fountain toy perfectly suits a bathtub or any small water-filled lake or pool that automatically activates when it comes in contact with water. The UFO car toy doubles up as a UFO spaceship on turning on the switch. Made of high-quality ABS electronic component material, the toys are safe for babies and come with round edges for skin safety.


4. Jasnkkont Floating Rubber Bath Toys

The pack of bathtub water toys from Jasnkkont contains eight toys of different shapes, sizes, and colors for maximum children’s engagement. These floating rubber animal toys come in flashing colors that change light when put in the water. Their small shape with a rubber grip makes them suitable for toddlers and infants. When placed in the water, they flash brightly with an automatic light-up, keeping the activity fun and entertaining.

The set contains whale bathtub toys, dolphins, owls, and other shapes for interactive engagement. They come pre-installed with batteries that can last for three months and above. The fun floating characters are made of rubber and can be placed in small and large bathing areas. You can easily engage a child above six months with these attractively designed toys.


5. MoraBaby Bath Toy Sets

The MoraBaby bath toy sets comprise 36 foam bath numbers, letters, animal-shaped, and fish catching game toys, offering a complete bath toy package for active engagement and learning. With A to Z alphabets and zero to nine numbers, these toys offer an exciting early-age learning experience. The set also has animal balls, a multi-functional fishing net, and an organizer.

With colorful floating ocean animals, including whales, octopus, and crab, children can also learn about the various ocean-dwelling animals. These animal toys are designed for marine-like squirting and to capture toddler’s interest. A two-in-one fishing net doubles up as a basketball hoop with the help of its built-in suction pump for enhanced activity inclusion. It includes a separate set of high-quality bath toys measuring 15.5x14in for a rich fishing experience in the pool or bathtub.


6. G-Wack Bath Toys For Toddlers

The G-Wack bath toys For toddlers are designed in a size range suitable for children between one and three years. Engage your preschooler with these interactive, durable, and multi-colored toys for infants available in different shapes for fun and attraction. They are fun inducing and interactive with attractive shapes of caterpillar, monkey, and rotating star.

Put in some water in your baby’s bathtub and scatter the toys so that the children can play around themselves. The monkey’s eyes and stars rotate with the force of water, keeping the children occupied while you bathe them. With these brightly colored toys introduced early in infancy, they can aid in easy motor skills development in early childhood. The toys also have smooth edges and require no battery to work, making them safe for babies.


7. Zoordo Baby Bath Toy

The baby bath toys from Zoordo come in attractive turtle shapes and colors for a fun and enjoyable bathing experience. They are also made of high-quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly ABS material, making them durable and safe.

The bath toys with attractive colors and cute designs make it easy to capture the child’s attention, enticing them to go for a bath. With no batteries and easy swim technology, turtles move in the water automatically.


8. Love Sunshine 2020 Updated Baby Bath Toys

The Love Sunshine 2020 updated baby bath toys with LED light integration make bath time fun. They include cute cartoon whale designs with water spray and flashing bright colors for quick attraction of children. Suitable for toddlers, boys and girls, these toys come with automatic induction sprinklers with colorful lights, making them fun and interactive.

With easy float across the water, they add excitement to your child’s daily bathing routine. They are made of safe and super durable ABS material with rounded edges for secure handling. The battery case is silicone sealed, preventing electricity leakage. You would need to buy three AAA batteries for the full operation of the bath toys.


9. iPlay, iLearn Baby Bath Toys

The iPlay, iLearn baby bath toys are designed to offer a fun bath time to toddlers between the ages six months and two years. They come with an organizer for easy storage of all the pieces and easy access. Its set comprises seven toys, including water spraying rattling fish and octopus, swimming sea turtle, and four stacking cups in an ocean theme.

The bath toys are made of safe and high-grade ABS material, which meet international safety requirements, such as CE and ASTM. The toy set serves great outdoor and indoor use and can be placed on a water surface anywhere for toddler attraction. With a thoughtful design and bright colors, the toys encourage imaginative play and help improve hand-eye coordination.


10. HLXY Light Up Bath Toys For Toddlers

The HLXY bath toys for toddlers come in a pack of eight that automatically light up once placed on the water surface. These bathtub toys with flashing colorful LEDs improve the bath time experience for kids, making it fun and interactive than the mundane routine. The fun designs can easily attract toddlers, keeping them occupied. Each toy is made of non-toxic, high-quality, and eco-friendly PVC material that is odorless and long-lasting.

The tiny size of these toys allows them to fit the little hands perfectly. Toy animals in eight different shapes and automatic lights make them easy to use. They come with pre-installed batteries that can last around three months of regular use.


11. Shohen Baby Bath Toys

The baby bath toys with automatic water spray whale from Shohen come with induction sprinklers that squirt water for a fun and enjoyable bathing experience. They are designed for toddlers between one and three years. The automatic water spray accompanies colorful lights, helping improve engagement among them.

The whale bathtub toy is made of safe and durable ABS material that is high quality and environment-friendly. With smoothened-out edges, all toys are also safe for touching and playing. The toys are powered by AAA batteries that you need to install after purchase for easy use.


12. BBLike Bath Toys For Toddlers

BBLike bath toys for toddlers are made for children between two and four years and crafted in bath pipe toy style for easy fun and play while your baby bathes. These bathtub water toys are easy to assemble, requiring simple fitting interchangeable between the basic and advanced framework for kids of different age groups.

With its simple build, children over three years can try and assemble the pieces, whereby such activity strokes their imaginations, concentration, and hands-on ability. The mold-free bath toys are safe for infants due to their ABS plastic and smell-free build. Made from four suction pumps’ support, they ensure improved stability over other suction pump-based bath toys.


13. Kuiji Dinosaur Bathtub Baby Bath Toys

The dinosaur bathtub baby bath toys from Kuiji come with a fun squirting mechanism, gifting infants and toddlers more entertainment and fun than their standard counterparts. The six-piece set can also serve as an ideal gift for infants, making their bathing routine enjoyable. With their cute designs in attractive colors, these bathtub water toys capture the child’s attention easily, keeping them engaged.

Make your kid’s bath time fun with bright color additions of green, yellow, pink, blue, purple, and orange to a bathtub, pool, or beach. Their soft rubber build offers flexibility, and the non-toxic feature makes them completely safe and comfortable for baby’s skin and health. These floatable bath toys are perfect as the first toys for your infants.


14. Dwi Dowellin Fishing Games Bath Toys

The fishing games bath toys from Dwi Dowellin are made for infant boys and girls between the ages one and six, providing enough attraction and interactivity to keep their minds engaged. The BPA-free fishnet and toys enhance the bath time experience of children and stimulate hand-eye coordination.

Turn your little one’s bath time into a playtime through the easy scooping of fish toys into the toy net that they can thoroughly engage in and enjoy. The crabs and fishes spouting water when squeezed make the activity enjoyable. With a simple playing structure, the toys are helpful in water and on the floor.


15. Little Bado Bath Bathtub Toys For Babies

The bathtub toys for babies from Little Bado are suitable for babies from 6 to 12 months, allowing them to indulge interactively with fun toy designs and bright colors. Satisfy your child’s early education need with a wholesome set of toys that come in different shapes, sizes, and arrangements. Make their indoor bath time activities more fun with the stacking cup color set tagging and four squirt toys that add interest to the toy pattern and use.

The toy set comes with an inquisitive design of different activities, including clasp linking, cup stacking, and circle arrangement of cars for enhanced engagement of children up to two years. The varying toy shapes also serve as a great education tool, encouraging imaginative thinking in children.


How To Choose The Right Bathtub Toy For Your Baby?

Keep the following pointers in mind to choose the best bathtub toys for your baby.

1. Age: Bath toys come with age-appropriate designs, wherein simplistic designs are meant for infants, while toys for toddlers up to three and four years come with added complexities.

2. Easy clean up: As the toys come in frequent contact with infants, they should be easy to clean up and dry for ultimate hygiene. Check out their shapes and material to understand if they are easy to clean and dry.

3. Educational elements: Toys available in different shapes, sizes, and colors also carry educational elements such as color and shape identification and arrangement.

4. Engagement: You should look out for maximum engagement when selecting the toys to make them attractive and inclusive for different activities.

5. Safety: Look for toys made of non-toxic material with smoothened edges that are safe for babies.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose has a passion for writing and reviewing toys and games for kids. She has dug deep into trusted online forums to gather user reviews and looked closely at the product details of multiple bath toy options for kids to curate the best list in this article. While preparing this list, she has considered the material quality, safety, and durability of the products. The products she has recommended are engaging, non-toxic, and durable.

Bathtub toys can make bathtime more fun for children while also solving the problem of resistance from them and saving you a lot of time and effort. Bathtub toys are designed for different age groups, so consider your little one’s age when buying a toy. Also, when choosing bathtub toys, ensure they are easy to clean and made of safe materials. You may also consider an educational toy that can help introduce shapes, colors, and numbers to your children.


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