21 Best Beach Bags and Totes for Women In 2022


Get ready to have fun on your beach outing with our list of the best beach bags. A big beach bag can accommodate everything you would require for a fun day, including a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, a book, and more. These beach bags are waterproof, durable, sand-resistant, and come with multiple pockets to organize your stuff conveniently. You can easily access your belongings since the bags are spacious and easy to use.

With various designs, colors, and sizes, you can choose a bag to suit your needs. So, explore our list of options and choose accordingly.

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21 Best Beach Bags

1. SCOUT Original Deano Tote, Large Utility Tote Bag, Beach Bag

SCOUT Original Deano Tote, Large Utility Tote Bag, Beach Bag


This is a suitable beach bag to pack everything for a comfortable beach outing. The uniquely shaped bag with a strong base allows you to carry a lot of things without having to worry about space. With the heavy-duty strap, weight is never a concern. You can store it with ease because of the collapsible design.


  • Ship-shaped pattern for bigger space.
  • The open top allows for easy handling.
  • Lightweight and water-resistant.
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry.
  • Sturdy bottom and stable shape.
  • Interior key ring to keep your keys safe.

2. DALIX Premium Beach Bags Striped Navy Blue Zippered Tote Bag

DALIX Premium Beach Bags Striped Navy Blue Zippered Tote Bag


This is a stylish beach bag for women, designed around the navy theme with blue stripes on white. The bag is strong with plentiful storage to carry all your beach stuff. The zip on the main compartment prevents the contents in the bag from falling out.


  • 100% cotton bag.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Heavy-duty stitching for greater strength.
  • Zip closure on top to keep your stuff safe.
  • Small pocket on the outside for smaller things.

3. 0riginal Floral Water Resistant Tote Bag with Multi Pockets

0riginal Floral Water Resistant Tote Bag with Multi Pockets


Pack all your beach essentials in this beautiful floral, printed shoulder beach bag. Designed with multiple pockets, it is a perfect solution for those who love to keep their things organized. What makes it a steal is its strength and capacity to carry all that you desire for a beach hangout.


  • Made with thick quality fabric.
  • Water-resistant and easy to wash.
  • Free from creases and wrinkles.
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides with multiple pockets on the inside.
  •  Zipper for the main compartment.

4. Beach Bag-Twine Beach Bags, Travel Beach Bag

Beach Bag-Twine Beach Bags, Travel Beach Bag


Be beach-ready with this set of two beach bags with refreshing prints. The big bag allows you to keep everything you might need for a picnic by the shore, and you can use the smaller one to keep your keys, phones, or wallet, to avoid losing them. Seriously sturdy and spacious, this is a cool beach bag to carry.


  • Made of high-quality canvas.
  • Heavy duty hemp rope handle.
  • Waterproof lining to keep wet clothing.
  • Convenient bag with lots of room to carry stuff.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  •  Foldable design for easy storage.

5. Mesh Beach Bags and Totes for Women

Mesh Beach Bags and Totes for Women


One of the best beach bags, this one is roomy enough to carry towels, sunblock, water bottle, slippers, and more. The mesh doesn’t allow the sand to stay inside. The keyring holder keeps your keys safe. The waterproofed inner pocket with zip keeps the sand out and allows you to keep your valuables.


  • Mesh bag made of highly durable fabric.
  • Removable strap with cotton padding for comfort.
  • Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Beach bag with pockets to keep items organized.
  • Quick to dry and allows ventilation.

6. Alpaca Go Drawstring Bag Water Resistant Floral Leaf Lightweight

Alpaca Go Drawstring Bag Water Resistant Floral Leaf Lightweight


This comes in irresistibly cool prints that make it a stylish beach bag. A fashionable drawstring bag that is perfect to carry all your beach essentials, this makes an awesome pick not just for a day on the shore but also for gym, shopping, or sports.


  • Easy drawstring closure.
  • Made with 100% waterproof polyester.
  • Convenient size to carry beach essentials.
  • Easy to store when not in use.
  • Small zipper pocket inside to keep valuables.

7. Mesh Beach Bag, F-color Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets

Mesh Beach Bag, F-color Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets


If you are looking for a super spacious beach bag, then this is one you must consider. Strong sewing imparts this mesh bag impressive strength. Clever keychain, splash-proof pocket, and lots of extra pockets help keep your stuff organized all the time.


  • Made with an eco-friendly mesh.
  • Multiple mesh pockets of different sizes.
  • Waterproof zipper pocket to keep valuables.
  • Sturdy and spacious.
  • Comfortable strap.
  • Easy to wash and dry.

8. Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag – Toy Tote Bag

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag – Toy Tote Bag


This is one big convenient bag to carry everything in an organized manner. This stylish beach bag for women with mesh keeps it sand-proof. The waterproof inside pocket makes it very easy to keep your mobile phone, wallet, and keys safe while you relax.


  • Eight big pockets for easy storage.
  • Made with premium quality mesh.
  • Waterproof and tearproof.
  • Comfortable straps.
  • Webbing on pockets and edges to prevent scratching.
  • Available in more than 15 colors

9. Beach Bag XXL (HUGE)

Beach Bag XXL (HUGE)


A huge beach bag designed around the marine theme with nautical design, this has knotted rope handles and magnet buttons on the top add more style. With water repellent lining on the inside and capacity to hold a good amount of weight, this is certainly a steal.


  • Comfortable and sturdy rope handle.
  • Professionally sewn for greater strength.
  • Comes with a big, dustproof, sand-proof case.
  • Built-in bottle opener and key holder.
  • Waterproof inside lining.
  • Washable and durable.
  • Available in two sizes.

10. YS·AU Mesh Beach Bag, Women Tote Bag Stylish with Print

YS·AU Mesh Beach Bag, Women Tote Bag Stylish with Print


This beach bag is for women who are looking for a multipurpose tote, induced with style and fashion. Minimalistic designing and summer prints make it an outstanding pick. The bag is big enough to carry your beach essentials.


  • Made with high-quality polyester cotton.
  • Lightweight and washable.
  • Long handles to conveniently carry on shoulders or in hand.
  • Inside pocket to keep mobiles, money, etc.
  •  Available in 15 designs and patterns.

11. Malirona Large Beach Travel Tote Bag Canvas Shoulder Bag

Malirona Large Beach Travel Tote Bag Canvas Shoulder Bag


This is a large beach bag that allows you to carry everything from towels and sunscreen to snacks and swimsuits in one. Strong and spacious, this bag comes with one zip closure to keep your things safe from falling out and pockets on the inside to keep little things, like your keys or phone, handy.


  • High-quality canvas bag.
  • Zipper closure on top.
  • Hemp rope makes sturdy handles.
  • Two side pockets for easy access.
  • Two inside open pouches and one zipped pocket.

12. JOSEKO Summer Beach Bag, Women Straw Paper Handbag

JOSEKO Summer Beach Bag, Women Straw Paper Handbag


For all the fashionable women, this chic summer beach bag is a true delight. This is a unique handcrafted bag by artisans. If you want to travel light, then this beach bag gives you enough space to carry your beach must-haves without compromising your style quotient.


  • 100% natural paper bag with straw surface.
  • Easy drawstring closure.
  • Polyester lining on the inside.
  • Has a unique round woody handle.
  • One small inside pocket is to keep your cards or keys.
  • Comes in over 15 designs and patterns.

13. Sornean Straw Beach Bag Handbags Shoulder Bag Tote

Sornean Straw Beach Bag Handbags Shoulder Bag Tote


This eco-friendly beach bag is a perfect balance of style, utility, and grace. There is plentiful space to pack towels, slippers, beachwear, sunblock, and whatnot. You can also keep your small little things in the inside pockets to avoid losing them. The stainless-steel zippers are rust-proof and durable.


  • Made with knitted paper and high-quality lining.
  • Zipper on the top to secure the contents.
  • Two open pockets and one zipper pocket inside for small items.
  • Strengthen rivet for stable handles.
  • Double layered hand straps promising comfort.
  • Available in eight patterns.

14. Large Utility Canvas and Nylon Travel Tote Bag Beach Bag

Large Utility Canvas and Nylon Travel Tote Bag Beach Bag


Carry your beach must-haves in this beautiful, printed beach bag. This multipurpose bag has a lot of room to carry all the stuff you want to pack. The straps are sturdy, and the base is strong. This bag is also lightweight and comfortable to carry.


  • Spacious and easy to carry.
  • Made of nylon and cotton.
  • Strong webbing straps.
  • Inside pocket to keep keys, cards, etc.
  • Top zipper closure doesn’t let anything fall.

15. Tote Bag – Beach Bag – Rutledge & King

Tote Bag - Beach Bag - Rutledge & King


A beach bag with great room and awesome strength. It comes with soft rope handles that don’t hurt the shoulders, and the magnetic closure on the top gives easy access to take things out. It is a pretty strong and sturdy pick that comes with low maintenance.


  • High-quality magnetic clasp closure on top.
  • Soft rope handles that are pretty comfortable.
  • Very spacious and stylish.
  • Promises great durability.
  • Inner pocket can be used for keeping earphones, keys, etc.

16. Ayliss Women Straw Woven Tote Large Beach Bag

Ayliss Women Straw Woven Tote Large Beach Bag


Whether you use it as a beach bag or a stylish handbag, this elegant work of art offers a big room. Not only can you carry all the essentials you might need for a day at the beach, but you can also keep your cash, keys, earphones safe in the inside pocket. This bag makes an incredible gift for your mom, sister, or wife.


  • Straw-woven beach bag.
  • Shoulder straps made of PU.
  • Polyester lining on the inside.
  • Top zipper closure for more privacy.
  • One inner pocket to keep small stuff.
  • Completely handmade.

17. OdyseaCo – Aruba Beach Bag with Zipper & Insulated Cooler


This is a dream-come-true beach bag that has a separate section for carrying towels, sunblock, slippers, etc., and an insulated section dedicated for food and drinks. The top zip closure keeps everything secure, and the comfortable straps make it easy to carry.


  • Mesh and canvas crafted.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Two external pockets, one with zipper for valuables.
  • Insulated cooler bag section to carry food and drinks.
  • Easy to clean.
  • With a no-quibble guarantee for 12 months.

18. Beach Bag by Miss Fong, Beach Straw Bag

Beach Bag by Miss Fong, Beach Straw Bag


Fashionable and functional, that is what this beach bag is. Perfect choice of beach bag with a leather handle. The bag is handmade and an impressive work of art that is durable and also very convenient to carry. Makes a wonderful gift for women in your life.


  • Made of 90% straw and 10% polyester.
  • 100% handwoven and highly durable.
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry.
  • Oversized bag promising great space.
  • Magnet closure clasp offering privacy.
  • One zipper pocket on the inside.

19. ZzWwR Chic Ocean Sea Turtles Starfish Map Print Beach Bag

ZzWwR Chic Ocean Sea Turtles Starfish Map Print Beach Bag


A convenient everyday use beach bag with a delightful print. With no lining and no closure, it is an easy-to-handle bag with plentiful space for towels, slippers, beachwear, and food. You can hand wash or machine wash it with no fear of fading colors.


  • Made of strong canvas fabric.
  • Fantastically spacious to carry beach needs.
  • No closure for easy access.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Reusable multipurpose bag.
  • Comes in a variety of attractive prints.

20. KEHO Fashion Beach Bag & Travel Tote

KEHO Fashion Beach Bag & Travel Tote


Everything that you look for in a good beach bag, you will find it with KEHO. Enough room for storage, multiple pockets to keep things sorted, and durability that doesn’t fail to impress. This is indeed a seriously stylish bag to carry on your next beach outing.


  • Superbly spacious with hidden compartments.
  • Made with high-quality, sturdy material.
  • Interior waterproof lining, perfect for beaches.
  • Subtle detailing that makes it unique.
  • Two bottle holders on either side.
  • Easy to store when not in use.

21. SHYLERO Beach Bag XL. Waterproof with Cotton Rope Handles

SHYLERO Beach Bag XL. Waterproof with Cotton Rope Handles

This is one of the best beach bags for comfortable beach outings with the family. The huge space allows you to pack all the beach needs. There is a pocket on the outside for a water bottle and there are enough pockets inside to keep everything organized with perfection.


  • Made with canvas-like fabric
  • Washable, durable, and waterproof.
  • Three big inner pockets.
  • Water-repellent inner lining.
  • Sturdy rope handles.
  • Comes with water, sand, and dust proof PVC case.

How To Choose The Right Beach Bag For Women?

You may consider the following points while picking up a beach bag.

  • Size is important

You need a big enough beach bag in which you can pack all the beach essentials (towel, hat, beachwear, slippers, sunblock, and even a book) with ease.

  • Don’t forget about the fabric

The fabric is another significant point of consideration. Durable and easy to maintain fabrics are the topmost pick. They are easy to wash and quick to dry. Canvas, mesh, and even straw woven are probably the best choices.

  • Look for lots of pockets

With pockets, it is very easy to keep your stuff organized. Therefore, while looking for the best beach bag, you must look for pockets on the outside as well as inside. Don’t miss checking for an inside pocket with a zipper that allows you to keep your valuables like cell phones, earphones, cards, keys, etc., safe.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is a talented writer who understands the importance of having a proper beach bag that can accommodate all your accessories and makes your day at the beach hassle-free. After going through several products on numerous websites, she has put together this list of the best beach bags that you can get for yourself. The bags have been carefully selected after thorough checking of their reviews and quality. They are spacious, waterproof, convenient, and durable for long-lasting use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need a special beach bag?

It is always good to have a special beach bag in which you can pack all your beach essentials. All the stuff that you might need is in one place. Also, beach bags are designed to be sturdy, waterproof, and easy to maintain.  You can have a carefree day by the shore without having to bother about keeping it safe all the time. Moreover, you save your good and expensive bags from getting spoiled when you have a special beach bag meant just for the beach.

2. How to clean a beach bag after a day at the beach?

Beach bags are made of different fabrics that need to be handled in a different way.  The right way is to always look for washing instructions with the bag and follow them. In case there are none, here are few ways to clean them depending upon the fabric.

  • Canvas or cotton beach bags can be washed using mild detergent. But make sure you test them for colorfastness before proceeding.
  • Straw-woven should not be washed but wiped using a wet cloth to clean them. Allow them to dry before you store them.
  • Mesh bags can be soaked in water with mild detergent and dried on the clothesline to clean them.

3. Can salt water and chlorine damage my bag?

Usually no, because most beach bags are made of canvas or cotton, and they don’t really get affected with chlorine or saltwater.

4. What should I put in my beach bag?

Ideally, beach bags are designed for beach essentials that include a towel, a pair of slippers, sunscreen lotion, hat, shades, snacks, water bottles, etc. You can also carry your book or even your iPad in your beach bag.

When hitting the beach, you need a beach bag that ensures comfort and convenience. Pick the one which fits in your budget and accommodates all your beach needs. Have a bag with pockets if you don’t like your bag to be messy. And if you are fashion-lover, then there are stylish straw woven bags to choose from.

Have you liked any of the bags from the list? Do tell us about it in the comments section below.

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