15 Best Beach Chairs For Every Type Of Beachgoer In 2022


A beach chair is ergonomically designed to ensure optimum comfort and relaxation when you plan to chill by the pool or at the beach. It is essential for people who want to relax or lie down to read a good book, bask in the sun, or gaze at the beautiful waves. You may consider buying from the below-mentioned list of the best beach chairs if you are planning an excursion to the beach.

These chairs are made from weatherproof material, portable, and light in weight. Read on to check out our recommendations and pick the one that suits your preferences and needs.

15 Best Beach Chairs

1. Best Choice Products Lounge Chairs 

Best Choice Products Lounge Chairs 

The Best Choice Products beach chairs have a reclining system that can be locked in the desired position. The lightweight chairs come in sets of two for comfortably lounging at the pool,  backyard, or beach. Each chair is lined with a UV-resistant Textilene fabric that is strong and durable. The chairs also have a removable tray with a cup and phone holder. You can choose these from seven different color options.

2. KingCamp Beach Chair 

KingCamp Beach Chair 

This is a wide and low seat chair that lets you completely stretch your legs and sit comfortably. It is made with a heavy-duty steel frame and can support a weight of up to 300lbs. It is lined with a 600D oxford fabric that has a breathable mesh back. The body of this folding beach chair is made up of a steel metal frame with an anti-skid big leg cap. A small storage pouch and an easy-to-carry travel bag (in which the whole chair fits) are the extra features that make this a good option. You can also check this YouTube video for a complete idea about the product.

3. Coleman Camping Chair 

Coleman Camping Chair 

If you are looking for a lightweight yet sturdy, portable beach chair, try this one from Coleman. It weighs 5.3lb and is made of a steel frame that can support up to 250lb weight. It is lined by a colorful fabric that gives you full seat support. Additional features such as a seatback pocket and a cup holder make it one of the best beach chairs. It is a low profile chair and allows you to stretch your legs, sit back, and relax completely.

4. Life is Good Beach Chair 

Life is Good Beach Chair 


Life is Good brings you this rustproof aluminum beach chair that can be used outdoors. It has wide armrests to give you maximum comfort and a backrest that can be adjusted to five different positions. The adjustable backpack straps at the back make it one of the best portable beach chairs. It also contains some great features such as a removable cooler bag, two drink holders, and a waterproof zipper pouch to store your valuables. These chairs come in three different colors.

5. Quick Shade Beach Recliner Chair 

Quick Shade Beach Recliner Chair 

This umbrella beach chair comes with its own polyester top to keep you protected from the sun. It has two shoulder straps and a handle strap to easily carry it anywhere. The body is made of durable steel and can be adjusted to multiple reclining positions. The locking mechanism keeps the chair stable in the reclined position, and the mesh fabric seat and a cushioned headrest give that extra comfort for relaxation.

6. Rio Gear Beach Chair 

Rio Gear Beach Chair 

The Rio Gear beach chair is made of a rust-free aluminum frame with a backrest that can be adjusted to four different reclined positions. The seat height stands at 17in above the ground for user convenience. This is a portable beach chair with back straps and other features such as extra-wide molded armrests, a built-in cup holder, a cell phone slot, and a bottle opener. It also has a small pouch with a mesh pocket that is conveniently located near the armrest.

7. BeachMall Deluxe Beach Chair 

BeachMall Deluxe Beach Chair 

Available in six different colors and patterns, this reclining beach chair has four reclining positions and three adjustable canopy positions. It is made of rust-free aluminum and lined with quick-drying polyester fabric. The wide armrests give sufficient support for your elbows and hands, and a cup holder and a cell phone pouch near the armrests make it more convenient. The cell pouch is movable and has a zipper and offers a clear of the contents inside.

8. MacSports Beach, Backyard, Pool Chair 

MacSports Beach, Backyard, Pool Chair 

This pool chair can be used as a beach chair as well as a storage wagon. When used as a beach chair, it can be adjusted to four different positions, and when folded, it can be used as a storage wagon. The wheels at the back of the chair and the handle make it easy to push the wagon. The chair also has an adjustable headrest and broad armrests, along with footrests that let you stretch your legs comfortably.

9. Lightspeed Outdoors Reclining Beach Chair

Lightspeed Outdoors Reclining Beach Chair

If you are into colorful and stylish beach chairs, then this one from Lightspeed Outdoors is worth a look. This chair has a lightweight and rust-free aluminum frame and is lined with durable and waterproof polyester fabric. The adjustable headrest, wide armrests, and a spacious seating area might give you extra comfort. Other features include padded shoulder straps, bottle and cell phone holders, and a storage pouch with an outer mesh covering.

10. Telescope Casual Mini-Sun Chaise Folding Beach Chair 

Telescope Casual Mini-Sun Chaise Folding Beach Chair 

This lightweight, easily foldable, and portable chair could be what you need to relax on the beach. It is lined with a weather-resistant fabric that has an attractive pattern. The body consists of a towel rack at the back and is made of a rust-free and sturdy aluminum frame. The contrasting wooden armrests provide support to your arms and elbows and add to its elegance. The chair is available in 15 different colors and patterns.

11. Movtotop Folding Camping Beach Chair 

Movtotop Folding Camping Beach Chair 

The Movtotop beach chair is designed with a raised back to rest your upper body and head comfortably. The seating is low, which means you can stretch your legs and relax. This chair is lined with a two-layer polyester fabric, where the upper fabric is breathable, and the lower fabric is waterproof. It has a side pouch where you can keep your essential things, such as a mobile phone and wallet. The portable chair can be folded and stored in an easy-to-carry shoulder bag.

12. Neso Pack of 2 Beach Chairs 

Neso Pack of 2 Beach Chairs 

If you are looking for something simple and compact to carry to the beach, then the Neso chair could be a great choice. Each chair weighs 4.3lb with a seat width of 18in. The chair’s base sits low so that you can comfortably stretch your legs, and the rust-free and durable aluminum body is lined with a polyester fabric that is rip-free and waterproof. It folds compactly, and the back strap makes it a portable beach chair.

13. Hitorhike Beach Folding Chair 

Hitorhike Beach Folding Chair 

This low beach chair is easily foldable and fits as a whole in an easy-to-carry shoulder bag. It is lined with a quick-drying nylon mesh fabric that is breathable. The body of the chair comes with a heavy-duty structure and an anti-slip footpad. It also has two useful pockets (front/back) to store your valuables. The armrests are padded to provide extra comfort for your elbows and arms.

14. Rock Cloud Portable Folding Beach Chair 

Rock Cloud Portable Folding Beach Chair 

The Rock Cloud comes with a high back style where the seat is 14in above the ground level. This chair is built with a heavy-duty steel frame that is durable and can support 280lb weight. It is lined with a 600D Oxford fabric that is breathable. You can fold and store this portable beach chair in a shoulder bag or carry it on your shoulders using the back straps. The side pocket provides storage space for your mobiles and other valuables.

15. Redcamp Low Beach Chairs 

Redcamp Low Beach Chairs 

This beach chair is made of a sturdy and solid steel frame and lined with durable Oxford fabric. This folding beach chair can support up to 300lb weight and has a sponge filling that supports the head. The high back style backrest is raised by 5in and has a breathable mesh for comfort. This chair can be easily folded and fits perfectly into the shoulder bag. Cushioned armrests and a back storage pocket are some of the other features of this chair.

How To Choose The Right Beach Chair 

A beach chair is a good option to sit back and relax on the seashore. Keep in mind the following points to choose the right one.

  1. Material: As a beach chair is mostly used outdoors, it is important to pick one made of rust-free or corrosion-free material such as aluminum or stainless steel. These metals are also lightweight and easy to carry.
  2. Portable: Another important feature of the beach chair is portability. Pick a chair that is easy to fold and easy to carry around. Most chairs come with padded back straps or shoulder bags for easy portability now. Pick those.
  3. Waterproof: The fabric lining the chair should be waterproof and durable. The material should also have the strength to sustain exposure to sunlight.
  4. Style: The style of the beach chair is also important as it determines the comfort levels. For example, a low raise style beach chair allows you to stretch your legs and lie down in a comfortable position, whereas a high back style can easily get converted into a beach lounger to lie down.
  5. Other features: Look for other great features such as storage pockets, cup holders, canopies, etc., as these come handy to store valuables, hold drinks, and protect you from sun rays. 

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have handpicked this selection of the best beach chairs that are ergonomically designed to ensure great comfort and relaxation every time you head out to the beach. These options have been picked based on research into the features so you can make an informed decision. The products have also been highly rated by users on several websites so you can be rest assured about the quality. These chairs are made of high-quality materials and are durable and easy to use.

The best beach chair is nothing less than a trustworthy companion whenever you visit the beach to unwind amidst the water and the sand. When buying one, check if it is made of durable and waterproof fabric and rust-free or corrosion-free material such as aluminum or stainless steel. The chair should also be foldable and come with straps for portability. In addition, you may consider additional features such as canopies, cup holders, and pockets for storing your personal items. Further, ensure it offers comfort and is adjustable.

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