11 Best Bean Bag Brands In India In 2024

Bean bags are a great addition to your home for sitting and lounging needs. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to place wherever you want. Bean bags are stuffed with fillers to adjust to the overall shape as someone sits on them, making them versatile for people, from kids to adults.

Julio Arco, an architect and interior designer, says, “As an evidence-based designer, I firmly believe that bean bags aren’t just seating options but powerful tools that promote relaxation and comfort. Bean bags conform to the body’s shape, providing support that is both ergonomically friendly and beneficial for postural health.

The various surface textures, qualities, and aesthetics make it possible to pick the one that matches your home décor. Maintenance and cleaning are super easy as you can wipe clean the cover with a wet cloth. In this post, we list some of the best bean bag brands in India for you to choose from.

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11 Best Bean Bag Brands In India

1. Big Joe Lenox Bean Bag

The extra-large Lenox bean bag by Big Joe provides you the utmost comfort and ample space to stretch your legs and relax. This couch is large enough to let two people sit together. The outer fabric is soft and does not cause any irritation to the skin, and is easily washable. It has good quality foam fill material that will last longer without needing a refill.

2. Skyshot Classic Bean Bag

The premium-looking Skyshot bean bag comes in a dark maroon tone with a leather-like texture surface. It is filled with beans that give the couch an upright shape. The well-stitched corners make sure there are no leakages of fillers. It could be a large-sized attractive-looking bean bag for your home.

3. Chill Sack Bean Bag

Feel the smoothness of the micro-suede fiber cover on this Chill Sack bean bag. It is made from hand-selected double-stitched fabric to give the couch a premium look. Shredded memory foam fillers help maintain the chair’s shape in the exact position you leave it. The couch is machine washable and is resistant to stains and discoloration.

4. RnS Rest ‘n’ Sleep Bean Bag

The stylish bean bag is available in various sizes and colors. It is specially designed to provide a low seating position while still providing good support to the back. This position is helpful for gamers who sit for prolonged sessions. The cover is made of a leatherette fabric stitched diligently to provide the body’s required strength.

5. Gold Classic Bean Bag

The Classic bean bag by Gold provides you a plush couch to sit and relax. It has a double stitched cover fabric to provide impressive seam strength. Further the fade-resistant fabric ensures the color retains for a longer time. The cool couch can greatly complement the décor of your living room or study.

6. Sattva Classic 3XL Bean Bag

Lean back to the Sattva bean bag with a free flow form good for sitting and lying flat. High-quality fade-resistant leatherette cover makes it a comfortable couch that is cozy and smooth. The Velcro and zipper ensure double protection with no leakages or tears in the long run.

7. Orka Classic Bean Bag with Footstool

Lounge in the comfort of the bean bag that comes with a footstool. The bean bag is made of suede-like cover material and is pre-filled with beans, saving you manual assembly trouble. The handle strap on top makes it easy to move around and place it wherever you prefer. It comes with a zipper and Velcro closure for extra safety from leakage.

8. Casa Copenhagen Premium Leather Fabric Bean Bag

The Casa Copenhagen bean bag’s premium fabric adds a touch of style and comfort to your living room. It provides the most comfortable seating and lounging. The quality of zippers, handles, and fillers are exceptional. It is made of soft fabric and features premium stitching.

9. ComfyBean Bean Bag Combo

The yellow and black ComfyBean bean bag offers a cool Bumblebee vibe and is useful for gaming or lounging purposes. It includes a footstool, making it super functional for the user. The faux leather cover gives the bag a premium look and feel. It is carefully stitched to create support for the back and neck, and the bag lasts longer.

10.TUD Classic XXXL Bean Bag

Featuring a contemporary style and teardrop shape, the bean bag comes in a bright red and black color combo. It is an attractive and functional bean bag delivered in a prefilled state saving you from the trouble of manual assembling. The fluffiness is pretty impressive that lasts longer even with regular usage. It is made of smooth leatherette fabric that is easy to wipe clean.

11. Generic Eco Eats Bean Bag

The premium-looking large-sized brown leatherette bean bag by Eco Eats requires no assembly. Use it as a recliner in the living room or office and sink into the plush cozy couch. The special quality threads make it long-lasting
even with rough usage.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Bean Bag?

Consider the following parameters while buying a bean bag.

  1. Size: Bean bags are available in a range of sizes for you to choose from depending on your need. Common sizes include XL, XXL, and XXL.
  1. Cover texture: The surface cover is available in various finishes. Suede or leatherette fabrics are popular as they offer a premium look and feel.
  1. Filler material: Check if the bean bag is pre-filled or it needs to be done manually. Also, the filler material quality decides how long the bean bag’s fluff will last.
  1. Maintenance: Check whether the bean bag cover is washable or not. Also, covers with a smooth finish are easier to wipe clean with a wet cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash the bean bag with beans inside?

No, the beans are absorbent particles and would lose their fluffiness on coming in contact with water. It is advisable not to fully submerge them in water as water can trickle in from the zipper gaps.

2. Is sitting on a bean bag healthy and good for the back?

Bean bags provide flexible seating arrangements as they shift shape according to the applied pressure. As long as you are in an upright position without slouching too much, sitting on a bean bag is comfortable and healthy.

The products listed here are made of durable and good quality material. Bean bags in regular stores may not be durable, and the quality can be questionable. This list can help you find good-quality bean bags from various brands at attractive prices. It is easy to carry and inexpensive compared to couch and lounge furniture. You may choose the material and color depending on your preference.

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