11 Best Bedside Sleepers To Buy In 2022


Thanks to the best bedside sleeper, you can now let your little one sleep in a safe spot. Many parents prefer to use bedside sleepers to keep the babies close by when sleeping or reduce crying. These sleepers are safer than letting your baby sleep with you on the same bed. They come with adjustable heights and sides, which you can lower when needed. You can also use them as standalone bassinets, due to which they are widely used by parents taking their babies for a vacation. Here, we have a list of recommended bedside sleepers available online. Read on to know about them and the tips to choose the right product.

11 Best Bedside Sleepers

1. Best With Dual Pockets: Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

This bedside sleeper is among the safe sleepers available with breathable mesh on the sides rather than high padded sides and has two straps. You can effortlessly attach this bedside bassinet to a larger bed, and it can be used until the baby can stay upright. You can also easily place it in any room in the upright position with both sides raised and use it as a freestanding bassinet. It has a mattress and a board and is available in seven different heights. This video will provide you with added insights about the product.


  • Dual pockets on the sides for storage
  • Sets up easily without tools
  • Wheels with brakes for portability


  • Base may be hard
  • Does not include soft mattress


2. Best Machine-Washable: Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer

This is one of the best bedside sleepers for those who prefer mesh on the sides. The baby co-sleeper has six height adjustment options, and the mattress is designed to provide the appropriate amount of support while remaining firm for an extended period. Parents can quickly move this baby’s bedside sleeper, which is light in weight. You can place it in various rooms to allow the baby to be actively monitored. Take a look at this video to know more about the product.


  • Machine-washable sheet
  • Quick assembly without tools
  • Includes side mesh for easy visibility
  • Anchoring the baby bedside sleeper is easy


  • No pockets or space for storage
  • May not be easy to use on tall beds


3. Best For Quick Assembly: Ronbei Bedside Sleeper

This bedside sleeper is a top choice among bedside cribs due to the special fabric used in its creation. It also meets various safety standards to ensure your baby is safe when sleeping. You can use it with a wide range of beds because it has nine height adjustment options. The baby bedside bassinet’s feet are retractable, and you can adjust it to fit under beds with limited space. You may check more about this production this video.


  • Quick assembly without tools
  • Removable and machine-washable sheet
  • Easy-to-remove side fabric
  • Spacious and comfortable within
  • Fits easily in limited space


  • May wobble from side to side


4. Best Unique: Ronbei Baby Bassinet

This bedside crib for the baby has a classic look and feel, making it ideal for parents who want to keep their baby close to their bed when sleeping. This is the best bedside sleeper because of its unique features, such as a box that plays soothing lullabies and a space for hanging soft toys. The longer sides are made of breathable mesh, which keeps a baby comfortable and safe when sleeping. Its height is adjustable over nine levels to accommodate different beds.


  • Machine-washable cover
  • Tool-free installation of bedside co-sleeper
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Sturdy and safe frame


  • No zipper for easy opening
  • Mesh is not see through
  • May tilt and cause a baby to slide


5. Best For Easy Attachment: Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet

This bedside sleeper’s distinctive legs make it easy to maintain an upright position. Further, the legs are designed to fold both outwards and inwards, allowing the bedside co-sleeper to be as close to the bed as possible. Its zip enables you to quickly convert it from a bassinet to a baby bedside cot. It has five height adjustment options and is suitable for babies up to six months.


  • Straps are sturdy and allow for easy attachment to beds
  • Easy to set up without tools
  • Allows infants to sleep comfortably
  • Mesh panels allow for air to pass through easily


  • Not easy to use when traveling
  • May wobble


6. Best For Transportation: Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

This co-sleeper bassinet with a sturdy frame made of aluminum and iron allows infants to sleep safely and comfortably. It offers five height positions, allowing the bedside co-sleeper to reach and stay level with most adult beds. The side panels are made of a soft and breathable fabric. The wheels assist in moving the bedside sleeper and have brakes that lock and prevent them from turning.


  • Side pockets for storage
  • Carry bag for easy transportation
  • Zipper for easy operation
  • Mesh for visibility and easy airflow
  • Meets the latest industry standards


  • Base tends to stick out
  • May not fit easily through door frames


7. Best With Large Basket: Amke Bedside Sleeper

Parents can ensure that their baby is comfortable at home by using this 3-in-1 bedside sleeper that functions as a bassinet and portable travel bed. It can be used as a standalone crib and cradle if necessary. The mesh on the sides allows for easy airflow, while the baby bedside cot is adjustable on six different levels. The frame is made of durable aluminum, and it does not bend.


  • Large-sized basket for storing toys and diapers
  • Zipper allows for it to be easily opened
  • Angle of bedside sleeper can be easily adjusted
  • Wheels allow for easy movement
  • Easy-to-clean mattress cover


  • No cover to block light from hitting baby’s face
  • May not be high enough to remain level with the bed


8. Best With Mesh Panels: Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet

When using this bedside sleeper bassinet with a drop-down side, parents can easily gain access to an infant near the bed. It meets most safety standards and has breathable mesh on the sides. You can adjust its height in four positions, and an optional covering keeps out mosquitoes and insects, allowing the baby bedside sleeper to be used outdoors.


  • Handy when staying outdoors
  • Conforms to CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • Includes a travel bag
  • Includes storage shelf
  • Huge enough for baby to sleep comfortably


  • Instructions for assembly are not clear


9. Best For Outdoors: KoolerThings Bedside Sleeper

This four-in-one option is designed for newborns and babies up to eight months old. The baby sleeper bassinet serves as a travel cot, cradle, and playpen. Its wheels swivel easily, are quiet, and can be locked. It has five height adjustment positions and can be folded into the bag. The aluminum frame of the bedside co-sleeper crib is lightweight and extremely strong.


  • Includes a large storage shelf
  • Ideal for use alongside sofas
  • Tool-free set up process
  • Pockets on the side for keeping bottles
  • Good height adjustment options


  • Wheels may lock at random


10. Best Lightweight: Crzdeal Bassinet for Babies

Using this bassinet for babies, parents can ensure that their babies get enough sleep, especially during the newborn stage, which is critical for their health. The sleeper is made of ABS-free material and mesh, ensuring excellent breathability and safety for babies. The frame’s pipes are made of iron, which makes the bedside co-sleeper crib simple to assemble. It has seven height adjustment options.


  • Frame design provides good stability
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Easy to set up and retract
  • Big storage space in the bag at the bottom
  • Anti-slip mat prevents unwanted movement


  • The foam bottom and board may be hard


11. Best With Brake Wheels: TCBunny 2-in-1 Baby Bassinet

This is an excellent choice for those looking for the best sleeper for their baby because it is designed stringently following the ASTM standards. The baby bassinet has a unique tilt that prevents babies from experiencing reflux after feedings. The waterproof foam mattress included with the bedside bassinet co-sleeper offers comfort to the baby. The height is adjustable in five positions and can be used with various beds. It folds down into a small space and fits into the bag that comes with the baby bassinet, making it portable.


  • Pockets on the sides for storage
  • Machine-washable fabric
  • Wheels with brakes
  • Easy to assemble and takedown


  • May not be suitable for tall beds


How To Choose The Right Bedside Sleeper?

Here a few factors to consider when choosing a bedside sleeper for your infant’s needs.

  1. Safety: Ensure the side sleeper for the baby meets safety standards
  2. Height: Ensure the height of the co-sleeper for infants is easily adjustable. Sleepers with several height adjustment options can easily be placed next to sofas and beds.
  3. Stability: Sleepers have frames made of durable materials that provide adequate stability and keep the baby safe. The frames reduce unnecessary movement and prevent babies from sliding within the bedside co-sleeper crib. Stable and sturdy frames will also not collapse when a parent rolls on the cot.
  4. Versatility: Most parents prefer a bedside bassinet co-sleeper that can be used for newborns as well as babies older than six months.
  5. Portability: Ensure the baby sleeper bassinet has wheels.
  6. Materials: Some materials, such as breathable mesh, are thought to be superior to foam, which can cause problems for babies when sleeping. Further, mesh allows you to visually check babies even when the sides are up.
  7. Storage: Choose a baby bedside bassinet with a large storage shelf and multiple pockets. The pockets on the baby bedside cot allow for bottles to be slotted in easily when feeding babies, and a storage shelf keeps nappies, toys, and other essentials nearby.
  8. Size: Most bedside sleepers are designed for newborns and babies up to six months old. Larger-sized baby bedside cribs with improved stability, on the other hand, can be used for older infants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can a baby use a bedside sleeper?

It is recommended that a bedside sleeper should be used for the first six months after a baby’s birth. You could also use larger co-sleepers suitable for babies up to 12 months (1).

2. Do bedside sleepers increase the risk of SIDS?

The use of a bedside co-sleeper that meets safety standards does not increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Using a bedside sleeper in the same room the parent is sleeping can reduce the risk of SIDS, particularly during the first six months after a baby is born (1).

Bedside sleepers allow your baby to sleep in a comfortable spot close to you. It helps you keep a close watch on your little one and is a safer alternative to not sleeping on the same bed. The best sleepers are height-adjustable, safe, sturdily built, easy to set up, and easy to clean. When choosing one, check for pockets and storage options if that’s an essential requirement for you. Also, consider one that has wheels with brakes for easy portability.


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1. Safe Sleep: Recommendations; American Academy of Pediatrics

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