15 Best Bicycles For Kids In India in 2024

Bicycle riding is one of the best exercises for children. It is good for their physical fitness and also their mental health. Bicycles keep children active and engaged, aiding their growth and development. Some children may ride for fun and play, while others may embrace cycling and make it a part of their routine. Some kids may even take it a step further and become professional cyclists.

Cycling also exercises the body enough to let children sleep well at night. But it is not easy to pick the right cycle for a child, considering you have several options. This article gives you a list of the best bicycles for kids and a guide on selecting the right bicycle for your child.

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Types Of Bicycles For Kids In India

Kids’ bicycles come in different sizes and models designed for different ages.

  • Balance bicycles: This basic bicycle model is useful for learning balance. They are ideal for kids aged two to five years and have two wheels and no pedals.
  • Single-geared bicycles: These are the most commonly used bikes, suitable to ride on smooth surfaces. The pedals move along with the wheels, and they will not have gear functions.
  • Multi-geared bicycles: They have multiple gears and lesser agility. Your child will, therefore, have good control while riding.
  • Foldable bikes: They are portable and easy to carry when traveling. They occupy little space and are usually lightweight, too.

Safety Precautions To Take While Riding A Bicycle

Here is a list of rules that kids should follow to stay safe while riding a bicycle.

  • Always wear a helmet when cycling, even if it is only to the neighborhood grocery store.
  • Wear bright-colored clothes for easy identification.
  • Always ride on the sidewalk or marked bicycle lanes.
  • Use hand signals and follow the rules of the road.

You can ride with your little one for their safety until they become more confident to ride on their own.

15 Best Bicycles For Kids

1. Speedbird 14-T Robust Double Seat Kid Bicycle

Speedbird cycles are designed keeping the child’s safety in mind and can be used by both boys and girls. Made of steel, this kid’s bicycle is equipped with a full chain-cover, anti-skid pedals, front and rear V-brake, raining wheels, and strong molded rims. It has a double seat and a front basket for carrying accessories.


  • Built with a sturdy, steel-welded bike frame
  • Raised bar keeps the posture of your child aligned
  • Well-padded seats
  • Full chain cover to prevent breakage
  • Basket helps in carrying things easily
  • Anti-skid pedal grip offers a firmer grip for safety

2. Strider -12 Sport Balancing Bicycle

The Strider-12 bicycle is designed for children aged between 18 months and five years. As the name suggests, this helps your child balance better and ride with ease. It is made of puncture-proof tires and a durable steel frame. If you want to teach the child the basics of bike riding with foot propulsion, this bike could be a good option.


  • Fully adjustable clamps
  • Handlebar height can be increased from 18in to 22in
  • 11in to 19in seat height
  • Ergonomically padded seats
  • Built-in footrests
  • Mini-grip handlebar with safety pads

3. Hero Brat 16T Single Speed Cycle

The Hero Brat cycle is crafted from durable, high-quality steel. It is known for its quality dual-caliper brakes for safe and secure riding. The cycle comes in a semi-assembled form, and you will get an Allen key and spanner useful for installation. It is suitable for kids aged five to six years and is available in attractive colors, in a semi-assembled condition.


  • Single-speed gear system
  • 16in tires and 11.4in frame
  • Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Rigid suspension mechanism
  • Comfortable and adjustable saddle
  • Anti-skids pedals give proper grip
  • Includes Allen key and spanner

4. Rising India Kids Sports Bicycle

The Rising India 14in kids’ bicycle comes 85% assembled and is suitable for kids aged three to five. It has neon orange highlighting that is bright and appealing to children. The bicycle handles and pedals can be tightened for a better grip while riding. The real tires and inflatable inner tubes make the ride smooth on any road.


  • Heavy-duty plastic rim with 2.25 tubeless EVA rubber tires
  • Spacious basket and bottle holder
  • Aluminum alloy frame and steel handlebar
  • Cantilever brake
  • Frame size is 10in
  • Training wheels for beginners

5. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids’ Bike

Available in an attractive black color with sporty designs and prints, this cycle from Hero has a high-quality steel frame that lasts long and provides a smooth riding experience for your child. The bicycle is 85% assembled and suitable for children aged between seven and nine years.


  • The frame size is 12in, and the wheel size is 20in
  • Single-speed gear with mudguard, front and rear reflectors
  • Front and back caliper brakes for maximum riding safety
  • Adjustable and comfortable padded seat
  • Anti-skid pedals give proper grip
  • Mudguard keeps cycle free from dirt

6. Ollmii Bikes Creattor Kids Cycle

The Ollmii bike is a freestyle BMX bike with a sturdy frame, tubeless tires, and training wheels. There is a cute water bottle holder at the back and a chain cover for the protection and safety of your kids. The high handlebars give your little one an ideal riding experience. The bicycle can be used by both boys and girls and needs some assembly.


  • 14in wheel size with 1.5in rim width
  • Built with sturdy and robust chassis
  • Steel rims on front and back tubeless tires
  • Front basket can be used to carry accessories, snacks, or stationery
  • Handlebars with firm grippers
  • Adjustable seating for a safe ride

7. Hi-Fast Premium Kids Bicycle

Made of heavy metal, the premium kids’ bicycle has a comfortably padded seat adjustable up to four inches. The anti-skid mechanism keeps your child safe from falls on slippery roads. It has attractive molded alloy wheels and air-free tubeless tires. The Hi-fast premium bicycle is durable and is known for its longevity.


  • Single-speed cycle
  • Training wheels allow beginners to learn riding
  • 70% fitted, and 30% assembly is required
  • Contains an assembling guide and toolkit
  • Anti-skid pedals offer good grip on the surface
  • High backrest offers a secured ride

8. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Rapid Bicycle

R for Rabbit bicycle stands out in many ways when compared to other bikes. The bike has a plug and play installation process, where the pre-installation has three steps and takes just five minutes of assembling. Made of magnesium alloy, it is strong, lightweight, anti-corrosive, and rust-free. This bike is suitable for kids aged between seven and ten years.


  • The wheel size is 20in
  • Safe disc brake and comfortable fender
  • High-quality adjustable seat
  • Heavy-duty, strong, and with training wheels
  • Safe and secure chain guard
  • Single frame structure with no welding joints

9. Maskman Kids Bicycle

Maskman kids’ bicycles are single unisex cycles, made of a heavy-duty metal frame. It has an adjustable handlebar and the seat that can be adjusted up to four inches. The pedals are anti-skid and come with a full cover chain. There is a high backrest for comfortable seating while riding. These cycles are ideal for children aged three to five years.


  • 14in size bicycle suitable for children of height between 3ft and 3ft 6in
  • Molded alloy wheels with air-free, tubeless tires
  • Water bottle holder and a basket in the front to carry things
  • Standout bicycle for its longevity
  • Training wheels for beginners

10. Ollmii Unisex Kids Cycle

Here is another Ollmii unisex cycle made of iron and sturdy metal fiber frame. These bikes come with training wheels to help your kids master cycling with ease. The tires are tubeless, which helps in the efficient brake application. It has strong wheels that reduce the risk of tear and puncturing. It is an attractive pink color and is suitable for children aged between three and five years.


  • 14in wheel size with 1.5in rim width
  • Semi-assembled form
  • Water bottle holder at the back
  • Cushioned seat for comfort and backrest relaxes the back
  • Includes a pillion seat
  • Plastic basket in the front to place stationery and toys

11. Alpine BMX Unisex Kids Cycles

Alpine cycles are from the BMX range and made for both boys and girls. They have extra wheels for training and have a pair of tubeless tires. These cycles are suitable for ages between three and five years and come in a semi-assembled condition. It comes with six months of manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Steel frame and rigid suspension
  • Wheel size is 14in, and rim width is 1.5in
  • Includes a bottle holder and a small basket
  • Well-padded seat with a comfortable backrest
  • A chain cover for protecting the drive chain

12. Vaux Pearl Lady Bicycle

This peppy pink and green bicycle is sure to excite your kids. It has a sturdy, stylish argon-welded frame that protects the bike from corrosion and provides rigidity. The rims are made of alloys to slow down the process of wear and tear. It also protects the bicycle against rust.


  • Suitable for children of height between 3ft11in and 4ft3in
  • Wheel size is 20in
  • Rigid suspension
  • Caliper brake type
  • Chain cover for protecting the chains
  • Greater traction and reduced wheel hop

13. Global Bikes Barbie Kids Bicycle

This Barbie-themed bicycle is quite attractive and suitable for children of five to eight years. The semi-assembled bicycle should be fitted only with expert guidance. The tubeless tires are made of high-quality material for a stable and smooth ride. You also get a full chain cover for extra protection.


  • The wheel size is 16in
  • Rigid suspension
  • Linear pull brake system
  • Adjustable saddle along with a pillion seat
  • Training wheels for beginners
  • Small basket in the front to store things

14. Ampa Rush Kid’s Cycle

Ampa kid’s cycles are unique because of the quality of paints that they use. They have modern graphics with UV-protection coating and a triple layer coating that makes them highly durable. The high-quality steel construction keeps it rust-free. The bicycle is available in a semi-assembled form and needs to be fixed by a professional.


  • Available in 14in, 16in, and 20in wheel sizes
  • American valve tubes
  • Adjustable BMX handle
  • Caliper brakes and detachable basket in the front
  • Comfortable backrest and water sipper holder
  • The training wheels are quite strong

15. Beetle Panache 20T Kids Cycle

Beetle bikes are ideally designed for middle schoolers in the age group of six to 11 years. These are European-style designs available in India. The lightweight steel frame and soft rubber grips add to the degree of comfort. It has an attractive turquoise blue color, and the single-speed bike is hassle-free and perfect for your child.


  • Steel frame with MIG welding
  • Wheel size is 20in, and the suspension is rigid
  • Chainguard decals offer a great look to the bike
  • Adjustable high handlebar and branded front end
  • Body-colored rims and white tires
  • Single-tone bell
  • Side stand that keeps the bike upright
  • High-quality plastic pedals
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Kids’ Cycles?

Here are some important factors that you need to consider when buying a bicycle for kids.

  • Child’s weight: Kids cycles come in different styles and models as per the weight of the child. Keep that in mind when shopping for a children’s cycle.
  • Pneumatic tires: Pneumatic tires are suitable for riding over bumpy and rough roads. These tires are extremely comfortable for a smooth and fun-filled ride.

Jordi Sadurní, a sports scientist and cycling coach says, “If you are planning to go on unpaved paths, then choose a tire with a higher depth tread.”

  • Bearing steering: The handlebar of the bike must turn freely and easily like the ball bearing.
  • Adjustable seats: Adjustable seats are a plus point as your child can reach the pedals easily.
  • Size: Size is usually measured by the wheel size and the frame size. Pick the right size for your child’s age for a smooth ride without any discomfort.

Jordi Sadurni, says, “If possible, try them before buying as the most important aspect for a good fit is the child’s height even though stores tend to recommend them based on age.”

  • Design: Some designs come with sharp or rough parts that can be unsafe for the child. Therefore, pick a kid-friendly design.
  • Brakes: This is the most important part of a bicycle as it gives your child control over their bike. The brakes must be in good condition. Coaster and caliper brakes are the most preferred ones.

What Is The Ideal Bicycle Size For A Child?

The ideal bicycle size depends on your child’s growth and development, measured in terms of their height and weight. Here is a rough idea for a suitable bike for kids.

  • Toddlers – Tricycles
  • Pre-schoolers (2 to 5 years) – Balance Bikes
  • Kids from 3 to 6 Years – Small, 12in or 14in wheel bicycles (with training wheels if needed)
  • Kids from 6 to 9 years – Mid-sized, 20in wheels
  • Kids/Teens from 10 to 14 Years – 24in wheels

Buying a cycle for your child can be a great idea to get them outdoors, ensure they engage in physical activities, and help them stay fit. This list contains different types of bicycles for children, including balance bicycles, single-geared bicycles, and multi-geared bicycles. Consider factors such as your child’s weight and height, tire, bearing steering, seats, and size before making the purchase.

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