11 Best Bike Mirrors To Buy In 2021


Checking behind you while traversing through traffic on a bicycle is important for your safety. But this is also a bit dangerous as you have to take your eyes off the road ahead of you. This is why you need to get your hands on the best bike mirrors.

A good bike mirror can help you keep your eye on the traffic behind you so that you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder. These mirrors are lightweight, unobtrusive, and are designed to be installed on the handlebars. Bike mirrors come in various sizes and types, such as drop-bar bicycle mirrors, helmet mirrors, eyewear mirrors, and lens-mounted mirrors. Read on to find out which bike mirror will work best for your bike.

11 Best Bike Mirrors Of 2021

1. Mirrycle Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Mirrycle Mountain Bicycle Mirror

The Mirrycle slim profile bicycle mirrorcan be quickly mounted at the end of the handlebar with a wrench included with the kit. Once in place, it can be adjusted as per the rider’s requirements. It has a wide convex surface designed to pivot to any angle, allowing you to comfortably view the rear traffic.  


  • Round mirror with a diameter of 3in
  • Fits on handlebars with a diameter of 13.75 – 22.5mm
  • Mirror diameter of 76mm
  • Durable build suitable for mountain bikes

2. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Created with a durable stainless steel lens, this bike side mirror can withstand impact and not break. The versatile bike mirror can be installed on the right or left side of the handlebar. It is designed to be used as a side mirror on a flat handlebar and can be installed on a drop bar that most racers prefer. It fits within a handlebar of 17-21mm diameter and can be adjusted as you want while riding.


  • Nylon body and unbreakablesteel lens
  • Durable aluminum fixtures
  • Adjustable to 360°
  • Folds down when parking the bike

3. Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror

Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror

Hafny lens lets you keep an eye on a large portion of the area at the back while you’re cycling. The mirror allows for adjustabilityfor a comfortable view of the traffic at the back and around. This rearview mirror lens is made from durable, shatterproof glass and has a convex finish that provides the rider with a wide viewing angle. The mirror frame is made of nylon and has a reflector on the back that provides added safety when riding at night.


  • Installs below or on top of the handlebar
  • Fits a mountain/cruise bike handlebar
  • Suits handlebars with a 21-26mm diameter
  • 360° adjustable angle

4. Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror

Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror

Zefal’s bike handlebar mirroris versatile and comes with a clamp that attaches it onto any tube on the bike’s frame or its handlebars measuring 22-60mm in diameter. Therefore, it is a good option if you are looking for a universal mirror that you can switch between different bicycles with ease. It is also designed for easy installation without the need for any tools.


  • Lightweight mirrorthat weighs two grams
  • Impact-resistant durable materials
  • Reversible and multi-position design
  • Chrome plating on plastic mirror

5. Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Bike Mirror

Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview

Sprintech’s drophandlebar mirror is designed to let you keep an eye on traffic without having to glance over your shoulder. The mirror is an ideal choice for racers and is designed to withstand impact. Created from lightweight materials, the mirror remains steady and does not rattle even if you are cycling over bumpy terrain and gives a comfortable view. 


  • Weighs about 30 grams
  • Shatter-resistant build
  • Provides a clear view of traffic

6. TAGVO Bike Mirrors

TAGVO Bike Mirrors

TAGVO offers a set of twoconvex mirrors created from highly reflective plastic. Each mirrorprovides a high-definition view of traffic and the surroundingsand comes with a silicone backing plate and handles that make it lightweight. The mirror offers a wide angle of view and can rotate to 360°, with a plane rotation of 180°. 


  • Strap with a buckle for installation
  • Suits handlebars with a diameter of 15-35mm
  • Lightweight mirrors each weigh 29 grams

7. West Biking Bike Mirror

West Biking Bike Mirror

Created with a unique movable lens that rotates over 360°, this option is suitable for a road bike. It is built for easy and quick adjustabilityand ensures a comfortable viewing angle for the rider. It helps them remain safe when riding in areas with heavy traffic, where the risks of getting hit by vehicles from the back are high. The pole on which the mirror is positioned is flexible, so the riders can easily adjust its angle even if they are riding.


  • Tools are not required for installation
  • Weighs about 115 grams
  • Durable convex mirror made from glass
  • Suits 22-32mm diameter handlebars

8. Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

This is a compact rearview mirror for a bicycle that has a total height of 12cm. It can be installed with minimal tools, and the convex mirror provides good viewing angles. The glass used in creating the mirror also allows the rider to get a clear view of traffic, removing the need to look back often.


  • Durable materials
  • Mirror is created from glass
  • Fits standard size handlebars

9. Jeemitery Bicycle Mirror

Jeemitery Bicycle Mirror

These bicycle mirrors for handlebarsare versatile and can be installed within minutes using minimal tools. Each glass lensis 125mm long and provides a good view of the traffic and street behind. It is a set of two mirrors, and each mirror has a stylish finish, making it an eye-catching attachment to the bicycle. The pair can also be used on the motorcycle handlebars.


  • Rotates over 360°
  • Suits handlebars with a diameter of 22-25mm
  • Acts as a side view and rearview mirror

10. Cat Eye, BM-500 G Bike Mirror

Cat Eye, BM-500 G Bike Mirror

Cat Eye’s elegant road bike mirror is easily installed onto the end of a handlebar to let you keep an eye on the happenings behind you. With this mirror, you can reduce the chances of accidents in areas with a lot of traffic. It is one of the top glass mirrorsthat is durable and resistant to damage caused by scratches.


  • Allows for easy adjustability
  • Available as left and right handlebar options
  • Provides a wide viewing angle

11. Meachow Handlebar Bike Mirror

Meachow Handlebar Bike Mirror

The bike mirror comes with a high-quality glass lensto easily check the traffic when on the road. The mirror has an arm with an adjustable length, and the body is made from nylon that can absorb impacts and not be damaged. The mirror can be installed easily with a hex key and torque, and it is designed to fit a handlebar on specific bikes. The rearview mirror has a lens with anti-glare coating, and it can be rotated easily.


  • Fits a handlebar with 22.2mm diameter
  • Designed to go onto the left side of the bar
  • Adjustable to 360°

How To Choose The Right Bike Mirrors?

Choosing the right type of bike mirrorfrom the many available can be difficult if you don’t know how bike mirror work and what to look for in them. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

  • The type of handlebar: The handlebar typedetermines the mirror you should choose. Racing bikes with drop bars can be easily fitted with a low profile mirror within the handlebar, while bikes with straight handlebars can be equipped with bigger bicycle mirrors.
  • Diameter of the bar: A handlebar mirror should have a clamp that suits the diameter of the bar. So, measure the rod where you are going to attach the mirror for picking the right size.
  • Lens material: Durability and the ability to withstand damage caused by impacts are essential factorsto look for when choosing bicycle mirrors. For example, you can look for a steel lens mirror if you have a road bike or a glass mirror if you want a drop bar mirror for a racing bike.
  • Curve surface and adjustability: Some prefer a rearview mirrorwith a convex surface. Others prefer a flat surface that reduces the amount of distortion and provides a clear view of traffic. Also, check if the mirror is versatile and can be adjusted to 360°.
  • Terrain: For off-road bikes, a lightweight mountain bike mirror that can withstand bumps can be good. Aroad bike mirror will usually be larger and provide a wide viewing angle.
  • Type of mirror: When you have a lightweight bike built for racing, you can try a drop bar mirror, a helmet mirror, a low-profile eyeglass mirror, or one that can be attached to a sunglass.
  • Left or right orientation: Consider if you want the bike handlebar mirror mounted on the right or left of the handlebar and find a suitable option.

Finding a good quality mirror for your bike online is easy if you do the right amount of research before buying it. With a rearview helmet mirror or handlebar mirror, you can have a comfortable ride, ensure that you are safe, and reduce the chances of vehicular accidents.

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