11 Best Bike Racks To Buy In 2021

11 Best Bike Racks To Buy In 2020

Carrying a bike when you travel by car can be a daunting task, especially if the car is small. To fit a bike in the boot, you’d have to dismantle it and fix it again. That is such a hassle!

An alternative to that is a bike rack, a highly practical accessory that lets you carry your bike when you travel by car, no matter how big or small. The variety of bike racks you can choose from in the market may leave you wondering which one best suits you. To help you with that, we give you a list of the best bike racks to buy, their features, and the types of bike racks you can consider.

Types Of Bike Racks

Usually, bike racks can be categorized into the following types.

  • Tray-style or platform hitch racks are suitable to support bikes at the bottom and let them be mounted on the vehicle’s trailer hitch.
  • Hanging-style hitch racks are useful to support bikes by frame.
  • Trunk racks support bike frames of all models and sizes. It is easy to strap such racks on any vehicle.
  • Roof racks can be attached to a crossbar on top of the vehicle and hold the bike at the front wheel, front forks, and frame.

Among all types of bike racks, the tray-style is the easiest to install on most vehicles. However, the type of vehicle and bike type you own plays a significant role in choosing the right bike rack.

11 Best Bike Racks

1. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Make your way around town or across the country by carrying your bike on this deluxe two-bike carrier rack. It has two side straps to offer improved stability and a patented tie-down system to protect your bicycles. The rack has a rugged appearance and is made of high-quality components to ensure long life.


  • Fully assembled and cost-effective
  • Fits on SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and minivans
  • Fits in a small space and has long arms
  • Patented design, a single configuration
  • Can be set up in seconds


  • May hide the license plate

2. Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

Made of steel and UV-treated plastic, the Steadyrack bike rack accommodates hybrid, road, and a few mountain bikes with a tire diameter of 20 to 29in and a width of 2.4in. You may use the rack to mount bikes on the wall or stack them to save space. It’s easy to load and unload the bikes using the rack, which can hold up to 77lb weight.


  • Safe, durable, and easy to use
  • Stable and secure
  • Doesn’t require heavy lifting
  • Convenient to store
  • Patented design to save space


  • May not fit bikes with balloon tires and front fenders

3. Tyger Auto Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

Tyger Auto Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

The Tyger auto bike rack can hold two bikes and fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. It has a padded lower frame to keep the bicycles away from the car. The frame is protected by individual soft cradles and has standard black e-coating to prevent rusting. The bike rack is easy to install thanks to the DIY instruction manual that comes with it.


  • Fully assembled and sturdy
  • Handy construction
  • Keeps the bikes stable
  • Can be foldable when not in use


  • Cannot be used with vehicles that have rear spoilers

4. Yakima HoldUp Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack

You can mount your bikes on the top of your car and take them wherever you go. It comes with a fully integrated security system and can be assembled in no time. The strong arm design and a fork mount of the rack allow convenient loading and unloading of bikes. You can also remove the bike’s front wheel to store inside the vehicle or on its roof.


  • Easy to assemble and versatile
  • Fits all bikes
  • Innovative mount tray design
  • Tool-free attachment
  • Available in two sizes


  • Cable lock system may not be efficient

5. Ikuram Bicycle Carrier Rack

Ikuram Bicycle Carrier Rack

Suitable for cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans, the Ikuram bike rack is made of rigid steel and has a protective powder finish. It has a dual-arm mounting design to accommodate bikes of varied frame sizes and designs. The bike rack is stable and can hold up to four bikes. It also has easy fold-down arms to fold the rack and make it compact for convenient storage.


  • Smart double-down design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Secure and can hold a higher capacity


  • May require assembling

6. Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

The premium-quality and easy-to-use hanging-style trunk bike rack can hold two or three bikes at once. It has narrow cradle arms and is capable of holding bike frames of varied sizes. The soft cradles of the rack keep the bike secured and stable. You can fold the arms and store the bike rack in a small place when it’s not in use.


  • Quick tool-free installation and removal
  • Lockable cable secures the bike and carrier
  • Molded rubber pads for car protection
  • Added space between trays
  • Can hold a child’s bike


  • Rack could be heavy

7. Swagman Deluxe Bike Rack

Swagman Deluxe Bike Rack

Get the Swagman deluxe good quality hanging-style trunk bike rack and fix it on your car to hold two bikes when traveling. It has narrow cradle arms, which can hold spare tires and bike frames. When you mount it on your vehicle, you need not worry about its stability. The rack has foldable arms that let you store or hang it on the wall when not in use.


  • Anti-sway cradles prevent bike-to-bike contact
  • Can fix onto a welded bumper
  • Durable, convenient, and secure
  • Installation hardware included


  • Could be slightly heavy

8. Hollywood Racks Electric Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Electric Bike Rack

Get the sturdy bike rack to carry two electric bikes with 5-inch wide tires. It has a locking bike frame hook and a locking hitch pin to safeguard your bike rack from being stolen. The rack enables easy cargo access and can be folded flat and tilted down when not in use. Remove the batteries before mounting or transporting the bikes on the vehicle.


  • Heavy-duty and foldable
  • Can hold up to 80lb
  • Patented no wobble-no tools
  • Fast and secure installation
  • Flat tire holders included


  • May not fit on a trailer, towed vehicle, or fifth wheel

9. Venzo Universal Carrier Rack

Venzo Universal Carrier Rack

Compatible with different cars, the Venzo bike rack design suits sedan, hatchback, and even SUV. The universal trunk bike carrier has a TUV certification and a secure strap to attach any bike on any car. The buckle has been tested for rust resistance for about 300 hours. It has a flexible clamp that fixes bikes of any size and model.


  • Secure six-trap holding system
  • Strong aluminum buckle
  • Additional foam protection and strap
  • 90° rotatable design
  • Rust- and UV-resistant holder


  • Installation can be time-consuming

10. SportRack Pursuit Anti-Sway Bike Rack

SportRack Pursuit Anti-Sway Bike Rack

The premium-quality hanging-style trunk bike can hold two bikes at once. It has an anti-sway ability to prevent bike to bike and vehicle contact and prevent damage. The top tube and frame paint are protected by soft rubber cradles and straps for a secured fit. The rack’s adjustable rack frames help the bike rack fit well on any car frame.


  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Six adjustable straps included
  • Tool-free mounting
  • Padding to protect scratches


  • Fitting straps may be time-consuming

11. Leader Accessories Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carrier

Leader Accessories Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carrier

You can conveniently mount two bikes with this high-quality, foldable, and dual-arm mounting design bike rack and carry them anywhere you go. It can be folded to a compact size for easy storage and transportation. The tie-down cradle protects your bikes from falling and prevents scratches from bike to bike or bike to vehicle contact.


  • Easy tilt-down access
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Easy-to-fold arms
  • Anti-wobble system
  • Fits all bike models


  • Quality of straps may be poor

How To Choose The Right Bike Rack?

Finding the right bike rack depends on several factors, including vehicle, budget, bike model, car/vehicle model, and personal preferences. Here are a few other things to keep in mind while choosing a bike rack.

  • Easy installation: Find a bike rack that can be installed using few or no tools in less time. It should have easy-to-fix clamps and straps that can be installed and removed based on requirements.
  • Ability to fold: Bike racks should have a compact design and not be bulky so that you can fold them when not in use and stick them on the wall or store in little space.
  • Locking ability: The bike rack should not touch the vehicle and should have a locking feature to securely hold the bikes, preventing them from falling.
  • Stability: Look for a sturdy bike rack that can hold heavy and multiple bikes together. Durable racks can withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent cracks and rust.

A good quality bike rack lets you take your bikes on any adventure. Go ahead and choose one of the best bike racks that suit your requirements. You can compare the pros and cons of short-listed products and pick the best one from the lot.

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