15 Best Bike Saddles To Buy In 2021


The saddle is an essential component of the bike that takes most of your weight, helps you position over the pedals, and determines how you ride the bike. A good-fitting saddle will not put extra weight on the bones and does not add pressure to the genitals or perineum. It should have the right kind of padding for added comfort and breathability. On the other hand, an ill-fitting saddle may cause pain, especially in the lower back and knees.

There are numerous saddles to choose from. While some have central cutouts, some are flat, and some are curved. They are available in various width options, from short to long. Read on as we list some of the best bike saddles and features to look for when buying one.

15 Best Bike Saddles

1. Zacro Saddle Cushion

Zacro Saddle Cushion

Enjoy longer rides with this comfortable gel-based saddle. It has an added water- and dust-resistant seat cover that protects the seat. It is easy to mount and fits for spin class and indoor cycling. The thick gel saddle protects your back effectively, making your cycling trip comfortable.

2. Sunlite Cloud-9 Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Sunlite Cloud-9 Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Designed for added comfort, it has a dual-density gel foam padding that makes the saddle soft. Its chrome coil spring suspension helps even out bumps and can fit any standard seat post. The seat width is comfortably wide, measuring 10.5in.

3. Bikeroo Gel Pad Bike Seat Cushion

Bikeroo Gel Pad Bike Seat Cushion

The Bikeroo comfortable soft pad is suitable for both men and women and can fit stationary bikes, cruisers, and indoor cycling. Its wide seat gel cushion is engineered to eliminate pain and soreness common during long bike rides. The carry-on bag helps store your seat cover, and the saddle comes in various color variations.

4. Giddy Up Bike Saddle

Giddy Up Bike Saddle

Filled with memory foam, the Giddy Up saddle offers a comfortable riding experience. It has a universal fit and is easy to mount on all models of bicycles. It is waterproof and includes a shock-absorbing mounting wrench. The reflective band on the saddle makes the ride safer in the dark. It is made from high-quality artificial leather and equipped with a LED for added safety.

5. Bluewind Bike Saddle

Bluewind Bike Saddle

The Bluewind Bike Saddle is made of high-density memory foam and is suitable for both men and women. It comes in a concave shape for added breathability, and the double anti-vibration rubber ball is extra shockproof and elastic. The two mounting and reflective armbands can help you adjust the height and angle.

6. YLG Oversized Bike Saddle

YLG Oversized Bike Saddle

The YLG Saddle is made of premium-quality memory foam gel that offers high elasticity and density. Its surface PVC leather is wear-resistant and durable even when used for longer durations. It has a dual-spring rubber ball suspension at the bottom of the seat for stability, increased shock absorption, and protection. Designed to fit all types of bikes, it includes a reflective band for added safety.

7. Brooks England Bike Saddle

Brooks England Bike Saddle

Handmade from finest the vegetable-tanned leather, the Brooks England Bike Saddle is most preferred by sporting cyclists. It offers the freedom of thigh movement andprovides ventilation naturally. The chrome frame and stainless steel rivets increase the level of comfort. It has a seat bag loop to make touring bag accessible and includes a leather care kit.

8. Wittkop City Bicycle Saddle

Wittkop City Bicycle Saddle

Suitable for both men and women, it is made of high-quality memory foam and has an innovative five-zone seat concept. The additionally welded seams make the saddle 100% waterproof. Its enhanced airflow system helps control sweating in intimate areas while cycling. This ergonomic saddle is perfect for cycling for long hours without causing any pain.

9. Ipow Bicycle Saddle

Ipow Bicycle Saddle

Made of premium artificial leather, it is waterproof, wear- and tear-resistant. The high-elastic suspension steel bow and thick memory foam padding offer added comfort. It has dual-shock absorbing rubber balls that protect you from the bumpy roads and offer a universal fit for indoor and outdoor bikes.

10. Ecxtop Comfort Bicycle Saddle

Ecxtop Comfort Bicycle Saddle

This comfortable waterproof saddle seat is sturdy, made of high-density memory foam, and has a tail-light reflective strip. Its ergonomic design does not obstruct the thigh movement and makes the ride comfortable even during long journeys. The airflow vent in the middle enables air circulation and dissipates heat to keep your buttocks cool and dry.

11. Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle

Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle

Suitable for both men and women, it is designed for mountain bikes and has an innovative five-zone that adds comfort. It is made of high-quality memory foam, and the saddle clings to the body, offering a comfortable ride because of decompression. The enhanced airflow system makes it easy for riding and prevents sweating in the crotch area.

12. Sgodde Road Bike Saddle

Sgodde Road Bike Saddle

Made of artificial gel padding and high-quality, dense padding foam, this product by Sgodde is a non-slip and waterproof saddle. It has narrow front sides that allow the thighs to move freely. The double stainless steel rails and highly resistant shell offers strong shock absorption and better protection. It is suitable for mountain bikes, BMX bikes, kids’ bikes, electric bikes, and stationary bikes.

13. Asani Oversized Bicycle Saddle

Asani Oversized Bicycle Saddle

The Asani Oversized Bike Saddle comes with extra padding and dual-spring suspension that make the bike ride comfortable for men and women. It has a snug universal fit, suitable for both outdoor exercise bikes and indoor spin bikes. Made of premium material, it isISO certified, easy to install, and comes with a tool kit.

14. Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Saddle

Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Saddle

Ergonomically designed, it is made of multi-stage memory foam and allows even distribution of weight. With rigorous testing, this saddle seat is engineered to last longer and provides relief from pain or numbness in the lower legs and toes. The vented cutout allows additional airflow and provides relief from sciatic pain.

15. Roguoo Bike Saddle

Roguoo Bike Saddle

It is an oversized bike seat made of high-density foam that provides relief to the prostate and tailbone. The air vent allows the skin to stay cool and fresh. Its artificial leather cover is non-slip, wear-resistant, smooth, and gives superior comfort. The reflective red rear warning design is eye-catching and adds safety when riding at nighttime.

How To Choose The Right Bike Saddle?

Choosing the right saddle is extremely important since it will carry the bulk of your weight and is a key factor for deciding your comfort while riding. Here are a few things to consider while buying a bike saddle.

  • Shape: Check if the saddles are flat as it allows for easy sliding from the front to the back or vice versa, or sideways to adjust to the desired position. Some cycling enthusiasts prefer contoured saddles, for they allow the shape to be held in one place. It is suitable for riders who have less flexibility and prefer staying upright during the entire ride.
  • Width: Saddles support the sit bones by not adding extra pressure. A wider saddle offers comfort and is specifically suitable for women. Impression pads measure the saddle’s width, and some bike dealers also take the sit-bone impression on a tin foil for a customized fit.
  • Length: Longer saddles typically allow sliding forward or backward comfortably, allowing you to adjust the seating position any way you want. The longest saddles are of the length 290mm to 300mm, and the nose-less models are about 240mm.
  • Saddle Openings: Cutout saddles have a groove or opening in the center, and some can run the entire length of the saddle. They reduce pressure on the nerves located in and around the perineum and improve airflow, allowing breathability.
  • Padding: The more padding, the better is the comfort. But in cycling, the padded saddles make it heavier and bulkier, attributing to decreased performance.

We hope our curated list and the buying guide will help you buy the best bike saddle of your choice. Ensure you invest in good quality and proper fitting saddle that enhances your performance and provides comfort.

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