13 Best Bluetooth Beanies With Built-In Headphones In 2022


The best Bluetooth beanies will offer the latest technology by pairing a wireless headset with a warm and comfortable beanie. From the invention of smartphones to tablets and now Bluetooth beanies, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Bluetooth beanies are similar to regular beanies, except they allow you to keep your head warm while using a headset. The built-in headset is inserted directly in the ears. Some of these Bluetooth beanies have hands-free calling features, and some have a wireless range of up to 30 feet. If you are looking for a Bluetooth beanie, go through our curated list of top-rated products. We have also discussed the types of beanies and a buying guide to help you pick the most suitable product for you.

Type Of Beanies

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of beanies:

  • Cuffless beanies

Cuffless beanies are quite popular as you can spot them in almost any clothing store, and come in several colors. They don’t have an extended material at the lower brim, and they don’t go beyond the forehead when worn.

  • Woven beanies

Woven beanies are also referred to as skullcaps. They’re made from leather and can be worn to work or for any sporting activity. They’re suitable for both men and women.

  • Bluetooth beanies

Bluetooth beanies come with wireless earbuds connected to your winter hats. They’re quite comfortable and can be worn for any occasion, even in the coldest of winters. If you are looking for a beanie with headphones, this type of beanie is your best bet.

  • Animal beanies

Animal beanies are made such that it resembles the head of different animals, and customers can choose from varying options available.

  • Slouchy beanies

Slouchy beanies sit comfortably over the ear, which causes a slouch, and so, it is called the slouchy beanie. It’s a bold fashion piece depending on how you decide to style it.

13 Best Bluetooth Beanies In 2021

1. XIKEZAN Upgraded Knit Bluetooth Beanie

XIKEZAN Upgraded Knit Bluetooth Beanie


This Bluetooth beanie provides excellent value and comfort for outdoor exercises. It’s appropriate for cycling, running, skiing, and other outdoor sports. This Bluetooth beanie from Xikezan offers excellent sound quality and the best volume output altogether. It also boasts an impressive battery life that makes it work continuously for up to 15-20 hours before you need to recharge it. With the 33-feet range of this beanie, you can get your desired connectivity while keeping your head protected against the weather with its double-knit material.

2. ASIILOVI Bluetooth Beanie

ASIILOVI Bluetooth Beanie


While providing comfort and innovative technology, this beanie also serves as a great fashion accessory. It is handmade with double-lining and offers superior breathability. It is equipped with an in-built 12.5 mm speaker, and provides top-notch audio quality. It also offers a wide wireless range of 45 feet, so you need not worry about connectivity. Finally, this Bluetooth beanie offers 10-12 hours of battery life.

3. YogerYou Bluetooth Beanie

YogerYou Bluetooth Beanie


The YogerYou Bluetooth Beanie provides extra warmth as it is double-knitted and also comes with a neck warmer to keep you protected during chilly days. Made with a blend of cotton and acrylic, this soft beanie comes with a stable Bluetooth connectivity and a battery life of about 17-20 hours. With up to 120 decibels, it offers a crisp and clear sound quality and comes with a built-in 250 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

4. ZecRek Bluetooth Beanie Hat

ZecRek Bluetooth Beanie Hat


An innovative headgear, this Bluetooth beanie features a user-friendly controller that is easy to navigate and easy to switch between music and hands-free calling. The in-built speakers provide up to 120 decibels, so you can rest assured that you will not find a better sound quality elsewhere. With a 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity that boasts a 33-feet range and a 250 mAh battery that allows 20 hours of playtime, this beanie is one of the best ones available in the market. To wash it, simply remove the headphones.

5. VOUO Wireless Musical Beanie

VOUO Wireless Musical Beanie


The thick lining of this beanie is a sheer treat for professionals who engage in outdoor sports. It provides an excellent sound quality that features the latest CVC 6.0 active noise isolation technology. This VOUO Bluetooth beanie offers 30-feet connectivity, and the built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery plays music for up to 10 hours. If you are an iPhone user, there’s more good news. You can let Siri command the beanie too. So, enjoy a high-fidelity sound, a built-in microphone, and hands-free talking with this antibacterial and washable beanie.

6. Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie


The built-in Bluetooth headset in this beanie features a high-tech V4.2 Bluetooth connectivity that eases smartphone pairing and offers a 33-feet wireless range. If you’re someone who likes to take calls while on your evening stroll, you will enjoy this beanie even more as it offers a hands-free calling service. While answering calls, you can also control it with a panel that comes with 3 prompt buttons and a LED indicator light that makes navigation easier. Finally, the Bluetooth beanie offers a 6-hour playtime on a single charge.

7. Attikee Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie

Attikee Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie


This innovative Bluetooth beanie is unique and different from the other Bluetooth beanies because of its LED headlight that lights up the way. The headlight features 3 brightness levels and illuminates your path up to 30 feet. This beanie also has an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a wireless range of 33-feet combined with a built-in microphone and hands-free calling feature. If you’re the type who forgets to charge devices, this beanie will make you jump with glee as it works continuously for 10 hours.

8. Deegotech Bluetooth Beanie

Deegotech Bluetooth Beanie


The upgraded 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity in this beanie makes it one of the best Bluetooth beanies as it helps smartphones connect swiftly and seamlessly. The built-in microphone, high-performance loudspeakers, and noise-canceling feature help enhance the experience while engaged in outdoor activities like running, skiing, hiking, and the like. It is equipped with a 3-button control that allows one to move on to the next song, control volume, and even hang up calls without you ever having to touch your smartphone.

9. Fashionlive Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Fashionlive Bluetooth Beanie Hat


Ideal for girls, boys, men, women, this Bluetooth beanie can easily be connected to most devices with a convenient Bluetooth function like the smartwatch, laptop, computer, and smartphone has a 5.0 Bluetooth technology. It comes with a rechargeable battery, offers up to 10 hours of play time, features a hands-free option, and the thick yet breathable material helps you stay warm and comfortable.

10. EverPlus Bluetooth Beanie Music Hat

EverPlus Bluetooth Beanie Music Hat


Do you like to keep your ears warm while listening to romantic songs on cold and frosty mornings? If yes, this EverPlus Bluetooth beanie helps keep you warm while allowing you to listen to music without wearing additional headsets. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which further makes it desirable as it offers broader and stronger connectivity with smart devices and produces premium audio quality with its magnificent speaker. It also comes with a built-in noise cancellation microphone. With just a 1.5-hour charge, you can use this beanie for up to 12 hours. The polyester and acrylic make it comfortable and durable.

11. HIGHEVER Bluetooth Beanie

HIGHEVER Bluetooth Beanie


This Bluetooth beanie produces a clear and crisp sound. The stereo of this Bluetooth beanie makes for a beautiful musical experience. Using the updated Bluetooth 5.0 version, this Bluetooth beanie by HIGHEVER is efficient in pairing up with smart devices. You also get to use it on the run with its impressive 12-hour playtime. It is rechargeable and comes with a micro USB cord, and offers a 33-65-feet transmission range.

12. MUSICBEE Bluetooth Beanie

MUSICBEE Bluetooth Beanie


The MUSICBEE Bluetooth beanie comes with an improved Bluetooth 5.0 version that aids compatibility, and covers a range of 44 feet. The lithium polyester battery that this Bluetooth beanie provides about 10 hours of playtime, and offers 100 hours in standby. Made with 60% acrylic and 40% polyester, respectively, the beanie is warm, comfortable, and offers a snug fit without being tight.

13. GoldWorld Bluetooth Beanie

GoldWorld Bluetooth Beanie


The fantastic battery life of this beanie is what makes it stand out the most. The in-built battery provides a whopping 17-25 hours of play and talk time on a single charge. Providing 720 hours at standy, this Bluetooth beanie’s battery performance is impressive, to say the least. The beanie comes with 2 speakers that provide a clear and crisp sound. With this Bluetooth beanie, pairing is hassle-free with smart devices. Finally, this Bluetooth comes with an extra phone armband that helps you carry your phone comfortably.

Now that we have looked at the 13 best Bluetooth beanies, let’s take a look at a few things you should keep in mind when buying one.

Things To Look Out For In A Bluetooth Beanie

  • Materials

One of the most important things you need to look out for before buying a Bluetooth beanie is the material used in making the beanie. The main reason beanies are used is to protect against cold, and to provide warmth. Materials like cotton, polyester, acrylic, and fleece are good options.

  • Technology

Another essential thing you need to look out for is the technology that it is equipped with. Bluetooth beanies are a combination of innovative technology and clothing. Ensure that it comes with the latest Bluetooth technology that covers a wide area. The battery life it offers should be scrutinized thoroughly, the sound quality must also be taken into consideration before getting one. Other than the battery life, the quality of the in-built microphone, chipset, and other essential things that set apart a Bluetooth beanie should be kept in mind.

  • Budget

Before getting a Bluetooth beanie, you should consider your budget. This will enable you to gauge the kind of Bluetooth beanie you wish to buy. As expected, cheaper Bluetooth beanies might not have some features that more expensive Bluetooth beanies might have, but as with every commodity, some products serve as a middle ground — budget-friendly and still innovatively excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Bluetooth beanies better than regular hats?

Bluetooth beanies are better than regular ones as they offer a wide range of functions. Moreover, they are more technologically advanced and they offer things like Bluetooth connectivity, calling, and other features making them ‘smart-beanies’, just like smartphones.

Are Bluetooth beanies comfortable to wear?

Bluetooth beanies are just regular beanies with technology innovations. They sit comfortably well on the head, keeping it warm and protected.

How is the audio quality of Bluetooth beanies?

The quality of Bluetooth beanies vary, but generally, they have a high audio quality, once plugged in, they provide qualitative musical experience.

Technology has improved the overall quality of living, and beanies have not been left behind. Bluetooth beanies have proven to be an excellent combination of fashion, clothing, and technology. Swiftly changing the way hats are viewed and designed, a beanie is the best of both worlds. They provide a seamless musical experience while still carrying out the primary purpose of beanies all with an exquisite sense of style, they have changed the beanie industry. They are viewed now as a necessity, especially for outdoor activities. Get yourself one today!

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