11 Best Blush Palettes In India In 2024

Blushes are like a cherry on top of the cake. When you’re all dolled up for an occasion, sweeping a pretty pink on your cheeks completes the look. And if you’re not the biggest fan of makeup, a blush can still add an element of natural radiance to your face. And when you can lay your hands on multiple colors, why settle for one? This is why we recommend you invest in a high-quality blush palette that lets you switch between colors with changing moods.

We have curated a list of the best blush palettes in India with reviews to help you make the right decision. So, go ahead and pick a blush palette that complements your makeup and skin tone.

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11 Best Blush Palettes In India

1. Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Blush Palette – Blushing Peach

The Physicians Formula Blush Palette features light browns, blush, peach, and beige that blend in beautifully to create a delicate blusher for your cheeks. The powder is both blendable and buildable, offering a full-coverage with satin finish. It is formulated using the finest Italian talc and is ideal for all skin types. What adds more to this amazing blush palette is its hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic formulation. So, give your cheekbones a healthy pop of color with this dermatologist-approved multi-colored blush palette.

2. Makeup Revolution Blush Palette – Sugar And Spice

If you like to accentuate your cheeks with a blush that packs shimmer, the Makeup Revolution blush palette is a worthy pick. It is a combination of 8 shades in both shimmer and matte finish that you can blend to create a healthy balance between both. Some of the shades also double as highlighters and you’re sure to find a shade to suit any occasion. If you like to switch between sweet and spicy shades, this cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan formula is all that you need. Just slide this blush palette into your bag and get ready to color your cheeks the way you want anywhere, anytime.

3. Sivanna Ultra Blush Palette

Are you on the hunt for matte blushes that complement Indian skin tones? If yes, there’s no way you can resist this set of 8 blusher shades. This eyeshadow and blush palette features peach, deep pink, ivory, and beige shades that keep you covered for most of your makeup needs— right from coloring your lids, cheeks, to highlighting the high points of your face. They offer sheer coverage that helps achieve the most natural blush without going overboard. And since the shades are richly-pigmented, all you need is a slight swipe of a brush to stain your cheeks with that perfect pink for a subtle yet flawless blush.

4. e.l.f Blush Palette – Dark

This e.l.f Cosmetics blush palette features 4 deeply pigmented pinks, making it an ideal blush for Indian skin. These shades can be used for contouring, shading, sculpting, as well as highlighting. While one shade is in matte, the other 3 shades deliver a shimmer finish, and you can always blend and create your own custom-shade to match your makeup. Give this multipurpose blush palette a try and create a beautiful pigmented glow with these silky-smooth blushes.

5. Almay Powder Blush – Nude/Mauve

The Almay Powder Blush is a beautiful combination of nude and mauve shades to create a fusion of natural-looking blush. This lightweight, smooth formula is easy to work with and glides on easily to add the right amount of radiance to your cheeks. You can either choose the nude shade, mauve shade, or sweep your brush over both the shades to blend them to match your skin tone. So, pick this dermatologist-tested blush palette featuring 2 delicate shades for that perfect flustered look.

6. Beauty Treats Matte Blush Palette

If matte is your choice of finish and you love experimenting with colors, this blush palette from Beauty Treats is your makeup soulmate. These creamy blushes are soft to the touch and are a dream come true for deeper skin tones. They require only a gentle sweep for you to make a statement with that tinge of pinks on your cheeks. These colors also double as eyeshadows as they are richly-pigmented. For a subtle look, use the color as you would for your cheeks. And if you’re ready for some drama, all you need to do is use a wet brush and give it a light sweep on your lids.

7. Chubs Ultra Blush Palette

This set of 8 blush colors in a palette are a great pick for those with fair skin and darker skin tones alike. What makes it this versatile is the range of colors from sun-kissed orange, beiges and peach, to brown and blush pink in shimmery, luminous finish. They are easily buildable, meaning you can add layers to your cheeks if you don’t play your blush game subtle. Some of the colors also make for an ideal choice for highlighting the high points of the face, allowing you to rock a chiseled face. Sculpt your cheeks with these dewy tints and get ready to flaunt that natural-looking fluster no matter what the occasion is.

8. Sleek Makeup Blush By 3 Palette

This blush trio from Sleep Makeup features 3 essential blush shades that you can blend and build up to create a deeper and darker blush when the occasion asks for it. You can use these shades on their own or layer them for the kind of impact you plan to create. The subtle pink on far left is ideal for a walk on a spring day while the deep pink on the center screams party. You can use the brown tint for sculpting your nose, forehead, and define your jawline as well. Day time or night, this blush palette gives you what it takes for that picture-perfect makeup.

9. Matt Look Beauty Blush Palette

If you’re looking for the must-have, basic shades for that flush of glow on your cheeks, this blush palette will not disappoint you. These blushes are ultra-smooth and make for a lightweight wear, giving you that beautiful, natural glow. While one shade is closer to orange tint, the other 3 shades are variants of pink with a little blend with other colors like toned-down red. While you can totally rock them alone, you can also experiment by mixing the colors together to create your perfect kind of blush shade that complements your skin tone like no other.

10. Swiss Beauty Ultra Bluff Palette

This compact and convenient blush palette from Swiss Beauty features 8 pretty blushers with a lightweight texture that glides on effortlessly. The shades are such that they can totally pass for eyeshadows and highlighters, making this palette a versatile multi-purpose makeup product. You can blend the colors to find your ideal shade and expect the beautiful blusher to sit comfortably on your skin, lasting throughout the day. If you’re a makeup fanatic looking for a palette that offers a wide range of colors to choose out of, this blush palette is all you need.

11. Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush And Highlight Palette

If you’re a fan of everything minimal, this blush palette from Smash box will help you take minimalism to your makeup as well. It gives you 3 beautiful blush colors that are all you need for different seasons and occasions. These richly-pigmented colors go well on their own; however, if you’re ready to play with colors, you can blend and build on the blush to strike a balance between the 2 or 3 shades to suit your skin tone. This blush and highlight palette is long-wearing and gives you that luminous glow as a finishing touch to your makeup.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Blush Palette?

  1. Colors: You would only want to use your blush palette if it features the colors that you love and that suit your skin tone. So, look for your favorite pink/peach/beige hue to suit your preferences. The more the merrier may not always be true, so pick a blush palette loaded with as many colors only if you love experimenting. However, if you know that you’d only stick to a couple of colors, it’s best that you invest in a blush palette that features two to four colors that you love.
  2. Finish: Finish of the blushers matters the most. If you have extremely oily skin, a blush in matte finish may help control oil production while giving you a beautiful, flustered look. However, if you have dry skin or have a liking for shimmer and glitter, don’t shy away from picking a blush palette that packs shimmery shades.
  3. Pigmentation: Blushes don’t always have to be extremely pigmented because they’re generally expected to be subtle. However, when you buy a palette with well-pigmented colors, a slight sweep will do the job for you. Also, make sure that you buy a palette that features buildable colors so that you can layer them to add more intensity to your blush if that’s what you prefer.
  4. Long-wearing: While retouching lipstick in itself is a painstaking job, we wouldn’t want to fill our bags with a thousand makeup products for the constant touch ups. When you get a long-wearing blush palette, you won’t have to worry about reapplying hour after hour, thus saving you both time and the hassle of making your bag heavier.

A healthy flush of colors never hurt anyone. In fact, they’re just the right way to complete your look whether you’re off to work or are out on a party. Blush palettes offer you the liberty to choose from a range of colors and let you experiment. So, know what colors you love on your cheeks, what colors suit your skin tone the most, and is it shimmer or matte that you’re in love with. And once you have answers to all these questions, you’ll know how to pick out of the best blush palettes in India.

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