11 Best BMX Bikes To Buy In 2021


BMX or Bicycle Motocross bikes are different from regular cycles, as they are designed for racing and stunt riding on dirt roads and rough tracks. Some of these bikes are designed with thick tread tires, which make them perfect for off-road riding.

BMX bikes are durable and robust and come in three categories namely racing, street, and freestyle bikes. Making the right choice gives you the ability to handle the sidewalks and ramps in a skate park or a city’s street with ease and lets you perform dirt jumping. Continue reading as we bring you some of the best BMX bikes available for cycling aficionados.

Safety Tips To Consider When Riding BMX Bikes

  1. Check the parts: Before racing or doing stunts on the BMX bike, ensure that the frame, fork, and bottom bracket are not cracked or damaged. Check whether the tires and the tubes are properly inflated and not damaged or cracked. Also, recheck the brake’s functioning and their condition as they allow you to stop in time and prevent accidents.
  2. Maintenance: Greasing the bearings and chain routinely is avital step of overall bike care. Another thing to check is if the pedals have a proper grip.
  3. Riding apparel: As BMX bike riders often perform tricks and jumps, they should wear long pants and long-sleeved t-shirts. Padded jerseys and pants are also preferred by many as they reduce the chance of skin abrasions. Also, a pair of shoes that provide a good grip on pedals is recommended, along with socks to cover the area up to the ankle.
  4. Safety accessories: A helmet is a vital accessory when riding a bike as it reduces the chances of head injury during accidents. You should also wear a pair of gloves to reduce the chance of injury to the palms and fora better grip on the handlebars.

11 Best BMX Bikes

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Built with a durable high-tensile steel frame, the Mongoose bike for children is designed for free style riding. The BMX bike provides stability and balance when performing stunts and actionable tricks. It has a sturdy body with wheels made of machined aluminum and sealed bearings, giving it a polished appearance. Beginners and experienced freestyle riders can have fun riding this cool bike.


  • 20-inch wheels
  • Four pegs for freestyle tricks
  • Cable detangler for 360° spins
  • U-brakes on the rear wheel and caliper style brake
  • Controlled speed brakes

2. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

Named after the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk, this bike is one of the top BMX models with striking 48-spokes wheels. It features pegs on the front and back wheels and is perfectly suitable for children interested in freestyle tricks. The BMX bike has a solid design with customized graphics and Hawk design, giving the coolest riding experience to the riders.


  • Custom grips and a durable frame
  • Caliper brakes at the front and rear
  • 20-inch wheel and a rigid suspension
  • Freestyle handlebar with a rotor
  • Chain guard for full cover

3. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bike

Designed to be a BMX bike for a girl, this pretty pink version can bean ideal choice for your little girl. It has training wheels and a comfortable seat suitable for beginners. The basket fixed on to the bike’s handle can be used to carry toys and other accessories along. Colorful streamers and stickers add an attractive touch to the bike, which comes fully assembled and requires little work to make it functional. It is a safe, comfortable, and durable option for your children.


  • Sturdy steel frame and body
  • 16-inch wheel and padded handlebars
  • Rear coaster brake included
  • Tires provide good grip

4. Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

Razor High Roller BMXFreestyle Bike

The Razor BMX bike ensures your child’s safety and lets them have fun when riding and performing freestyle tricks. It has a durable frame and fork made of high-tensile steel and pegs positioned on the front wheel for convenience and protection. Each wheel of the bike has 36 spokes to bear heavier weights when racing and performing stunts and tricks.


  • Quick-release clamp on the seat
  • 20-inch wheel
  • Durable and safe
  • Brakes at the front and rear
  • Customized BMX frame

5. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids’ Bike

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

If your child is fond of BMX bikes, they would like this colorful and stylish RoyalBaby bike.It comes with an assembled wheel set and is suitable for children to enjoy a steady ride by pushing the non-slip resin pedals. The bike is 95 %assembled and requires minimal tools to complete assembly. It has easy-to-operate rear and front brakes along with wide tires for added stability.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Training wheels and soft seat
  • Bell and water bottle included
  • 14-inch wheel
  • Ergonomically designed seat with adjustable height

6. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

Razor Nebula BMXFreestyle Bike

Designed to appeal the riders, this is one of the best BMX bikes and an ideal alternative to a Crysis bike. The durable steel frame and fork of the bike are made of tig-welded steel, and its standard-sized wheels and pegs let you perform many stunts when riding. You can find handbrakes on the front and rear sides to have confident control over the speed. The bike has a rotor and is ideal for freestyle riding to execute tricks smoothly.


  • 20-inch wheels
  • Pegs on front and back wheels
  • Seat clamp and durable tires
  • Mechanical rim brake style

7. Elite BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike

Elite BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike

If you are looking for alight BMX bike,you can choose the Elite freestyle bicycle with ideal-sized wheels suitable for kids. It has a standard gear ratio and an elegant and eye-catching chrome finish. The bike has minimalistic lines and a steel frame and fork made of durable high-tensile material. The wide tires offer added stability and balance on different surfaces, including rough and dirty roads or tracks.


  • One set of pegs
  • Durable lever and U-brake
  • 18-inch wheel size
  • Cr-MO four-piece handlebar

8. NiceC BMX Kids’ Bike with Dual Disc Brake

NiceC BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disc Brake

Children can learn and have fun on the streets or off-road when riding this prime bike made of lightweight magnesium. The high-quality and ultra-light BMX bike is available in four striking colors, including pink, black, yellow, and champagne. Its frame is made from one piece metal and is therefore extremely sturdy.

The bike has a cutting-edge brake system composed of a front V-brake while the back wheel has a disc brake that enables smooth and hassle-free braking. The height of the seat post and the handlebar can be adjusted as per the child’s convenience.


  • Minimal assembly required
  • Removable training wheels included
  • Thick shock-absorbing tires
  • Available in three sizes
  • Made of premium-quality and defect-free materials

9. Diamondback Jr Viper Youth BMX Bike

Diamondback Jr Viper Youth BMX Bike

The Diamondback BMX bike has 20-inch wheels that make riding on challenging terrain in cities and off-road easy and fun. It has a single-speed drive train and a gearing ratio, allowing young riders to keep up with older and more experienced people. The tires have inbuilt knobs to keep the bike stable when riding off-road, especially loose dirt-filled terrain. The easy-to-use brakes allow a smooth transition, making it a good choice for teenagers who want to race or perform stunts.


  • 20-inch wheel
  • Coaster and hand brakes
  • Steel Frame and fork
  • Weighs 25 lbs

10. Hiland BMX Freestyle Bike

Hiland BMX Freestyle Bike

If you are looking for a BMX stunt bike similar to Promax, the Hiland free style bike can be a good option. It comes with a steel frame, which makes it an ideal stunt bike suitable for freestyle riding. The tires cover an ideal amount of surface area for stability and balance when riding and performing tricks. The double braking system offers control and ensures it stops faster for the rider’s safety.


  • 20-inch wheels
  • Four pegs and double U-brakes included
  • 360° rotor allows handlebar movement
  • 85% pre-assembled

11. Kent Cool BMX Girl’s Bike

Kent Cool BMX Girl's Bike

Designed in a cool purple satin shade, this is one of the best BMX bikes for beginners. It is made of highly durable material and has a steel frame with a drop bar, making it suitable for girls. The bike has dual hand-operated brakes and a rear foot brake for easy and safe operation. It has a plastic seat and single-speed gearing for convenience and power when riding.


  • Easy-to-control handlebars
  • Drop bar allows easy mounting/dismounting
  • 20-inch wheel
  • Durable pedals made of plastic

Benefits Of BMX bikes

Wondering why BMX bikes are better than the regular ones? Read on to know about it.

  1. Stronger wheels: A BMX bike does not have large wheels, but it has smaller yet stronger and durable wheels than other bikes.
  2. Acceleration: BMX bikes are built for racing, and so they are made of lighter materials to offer smooth and quick acceleration when jumping or performing stunts.
  3. Ideal for races and jumps: BMX bikes have robust wheels that make dirt jumping, racing, and stunting easier. The rider can pick from freestyle, racing, and street bikes based on their personal preferences.
  4. Inexpensive: The price point of a BMX bike is quite affordable, and they are much cheaper than MTB or mountain bikes.
  5. Maintenance: Compared to other bikes, a BMX bike requires less maintenance. So riders who are active and do not like to spend a lot of time and money repairing their bikes can go with a BMX.

How To Choose The Right BMX Bike?

Here is what you should consider for choosing the right BMX bike for yourself or your child.

  • Purpose: If you want the best BMX bikes, consider whether you would use it in skating parks with ramps, on the street, on flatland, race tracks, or dirt jumping. If you want a versatile bike, buying a freestyle BMX bike can be the best bet.
  • Material: While a steel frame and fork are present in most bikes, this high-tensile material may not be the best option always. Bikes made of Chromoly 4130 and chromo steel compositions are considered studier. Those interested in racing should look for light BMX bikes with aluminum or carbon fiber frames.
  • Frame and wheel size: It is essential to check the rider’s height when looking for the bike. For instance, the best BMX bikes for beginners and children have smaller frames, while a BMX bike for an adult should have a bigger frame,making it easy for the rider to mount and dismount.

A BMX bike with a big 24-inch wheel is suitable for adults who want to perform dirt jumping. On the other hand, a 20-inch small wheel is the standard size for children.

  • Rim width: If you want a big wheel BMX bike, you should probably go for a 36mm wide rim as it is heavier and can take a lot of beating when riding. On the other hand, a standard size rim of 32mm width is ideal for freestyle.
  • Number of spokes: Most advanced riders prefer bikes with 48 spokes on a wheel as they make it stronger. More spokes on the wheel are also preferred by riders who are heavier, while 36 spokes are usually preferred by riders who are into freestyle riding.
  • Tires width: Whether you plan on BMX racing or dirt jumping, your bike needs to have proper tires. Check if the tires have the right tread and if the width provides the required grip when jumping.
  • Gear ratio: If you want the best BMX bikes for all time,go for a lower gear ratio bike that allows easy pedaling and faster acceleration when jumping.
  • Saddle and handlebars: Kid’s BMX bikes have more cushioning on the saddle as children spend more time sitting and pushing the pedals. Handlebars should be lightweight and able to withstand shocks better.
  • Brakes: Some of the best BMX freestyle bikes come with a detangle mechanism that allows handlebars to spin 360° without tangling the brake cable. On the other hand,other BMX bikes have rim brakes and v-brakes that racers prefer for better control and linear-pull.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are BMX bikes small?

BMX bikes are usually smaller than other bikes, as they are meant to be lightweight for doing tricks and stunts. Also, a small bike allows higher jumps, which may not be possible with a big and heavy one.

  1. Do BMX bikes have brakes?

Yes, BMX bikes have brakes, but some only have them on the rear wheel. While buying BMX bikes for kids, it is recommended that a dual disc brake is installed for safety.

Whether you are looking for the best BMX bikes for kids or young adults, you can easily find several options at a reasonable price point. By comparing these options and the material used in their construction, you can find a good BMX bike that can be adjusted as the child grows and used for several years.

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