11 Best Board Games For 10-12-Year-Olds To Play For Hours In 2022


Playing board games can aid your child’s cognitive skills. The best board games for 12 years olds can help keep them engaged and productive along with enhancing their communication skills. Yes, board games can come to your rescue to effortlessly improve your kid’s creativity and get them imaginative.

The following list of board games that we’ve carefully curated for your young teen can also help keep them busy and limit their gadget use.

11 Best Board Games For 10-12-Year-Olds

1. Best For Logical Thinking:Catan Board Game

If you see your child inclined toward trading, the Catan board game would be an ideal purchase. Addictive at its best, this game requires children to put their strategy and logical thinking skills into practice as they trade, build, and control the civilization and monitor the spread of the Catan island. Moreover, being a social game, it helps improve interaction among children. The rules are easy to understand and can be learned in a few minutes. This game can be played by three to six players and has an average playtime of 60 minutes. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

2. Best Battleship:Hasbro Gaming Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game

This strategy board game by Hasbro gives a fascinating twist to the classic game of battleship, as it includes airplanes apart from the regular ships, to help your child take part in epic battles and stay busy. Your little player can crash a competitor’s planes or sink their ships to win. The board game set includes two portable battle cases to let your children play the game anytime, anywhere. Further, it includes ships, planes, and peg storage on the ocean grid’s side. Watch this video to get a detailed review of the product.

3. Best Treasure-Finding:Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

This Labyrinth board game set comes with one board, 24 treasure cards, 34 maze tiles, four game pieces, and an easy-to-understand instruction manual for treasure enthusiasts. The board game offers hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. The objective of the game is to reach the targets and treasures while moving along the board and shifting the maze on the path. This game can be played by two to four players simultaneously and offers a playtime of up to 30 minutes. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product.

4. Best Dragon-Themed:Gamewright Dragonwood: A Game Of Dice & Daring Board

In this game of strategy and dare, your children will have to find their way out from a deep mythical forest filled with giggling goblins and angry ogres. This can be done by collecting varying sets of adventurer cards to get dice. Once done, they will have to roll the dice against the enemy. Since the landscape keeps changing constantly, children will have to tread cautiously and strategically. The intriguing game lasts up to 20 minutes and allows two to four players to play at a time.

5. Best For Family:Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game

Double Ditto board game lets your entire family relish a fun time. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward, but the game offers several moments of laughter. First, you will have to choose a card and read it out to others. Next, you will have to quickly write down two answers that you think other players would write too. The fun begins as you discover whether your answers match those of the other players. The set includes 400 category cards, score sheets, a 15-second timer, and an instruction manual.

6. Best Strategic:Othello The Classic Board Game Of Strategy

This classic game has simple instructions to let you start the game instantly. And despite the easy rules, it offers exciting challenges, ensuring a fun game night for the family. With this strategic game, you can effortlessly help improve your children’s spatial reasoning and math skills, regardless of age. The game is also perfect for two players and can be played both outdoors and indoors.

7. Best For Communication Skills:Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game

Combining easy rules and evolving complexity, this strategy board game will keep your children wanting more each session. The game is designed to help improve children’s interpersonal and communication skills, strategic thinking, and spatial recognition. In this game, children need to match their tiles by color or shape and strive to be the first player to play all their tiles—earn more moves by placing the tiles on strategic squares on the board or changing the board’s layout using wind tiles. The game takes only three minutes to learn and offers a playtime of up to 20 minutes. Moreover, it comes with pictorial instructions for easy understanding.

8. Best Thriller:Spy Alley Mensa Family Strategy Board Game

Spy Alley is another classic board game that can keep your children excited each time they play it. This game entails deceiving and bluffing your opponents and is the ultimate game for two to six players. The rules of the game are straightforward, and each playtime lasts up to 45 minutes. Introduce this game to your child to improve their reasoning, interpersonal, and logical thinking skills and teach them the importance of taking turns.

9. Best For Cognitive Skills:Game Development Group Stare Junior Board Game

This board game is all about sharpening children’s brains, improving their cognitive and communication skills, and letting them have endless fun. The game set includes varying cards imprinted with an array of funny and animated images. Each child gets 30 seconds to assess an image and then recall as many details as possible. The more details they recall, the more points they get. The game allows two to six players to play at a time.

10. Best Tech-Based:Phone Phever Board Game

If your child loves playing games on smartphones, this one would be an ideal game to engage them. The board game set includes a game board, eight colored game pieces, a die, and 200 cards featuring 1,200 hilarious trivia challenges and questions covering history, technology, politics, movies, music, TV, and more. The game for kids offers 30–60 minutes of playtime and allows up to eight players to have fun together.

11. Best For Problem Solving:PlaSmart 3D Strategy Board Game

Is your child into problem-solving and strategy games? If yes, here’s a game to keep them entertained for hours. Two to four players can play this 3D strategy board game. All your child has to do is roll the dice and move their pawn up or around the cube to eliminate their opponents. The game is easy to set up, and the game set includes one squashed cube, one squash pad, one die, one king piece, 16 pawns, and an instruction book.

How To Choose The Right Board Game For 10-12-Year-Olds?

Here are a few factors you must consider when buying a board game for your child.

  1. Playtime: Some games could last 30 minutes, while others can be played for hours. When selecting a game, look for one that matches your child’s attention span. If your child is new to board games, choosing one with a shorter playtime would be a good idea.
  2. Level of difficulty: Apart from entertaining your little one, the best board game should also be easily understandable. So, choose accordingly.
  3. Quality: Not every board game will be made of similar material. If you choose a board game manufactured with quality material, playing with it becomes more enjoyable. On the other hand, if the game pieces and cards look worn out after a few sessions, your child may not continue playing with it anymore.
  4. Theme: If the theme doesn’t match your child’s interests, buying that game will be nothing less than wasted money. So, make sure you select the theme depending upon your child’s interests.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is adept at writing about games, toys, and gifts. She inspires buyers through her knowledge and guides them to buy a suitable product. With her article about the best board games for 10- to 12-year-olds, she ensures each product she recommends is of high quality that allows children to become more imaginative, creative, and skilled. Priti has also included a buying guide that helps you understand how factors like playtime, difficulty level, and theme contribute to making a perfect purchase.

Most children these days grow up with smartphone devices and video games. While they provide exciting gaming possibilities, they cannot simulate the joy of playing board games with your friends and family. Our list of the best board games for 10-12-year-olds includes multiple entertaining options that can meet the child’s developmental needs while engaging their attention. These games encourage communication and social skills and teach children the importance of teamwork and cooperation. So, enjoy a fun family game night with a suitable board game.

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