21 Best Board Games For 5-6-Year-Old Kids In 2022


It’s time to cut down your child’s screen time by getting a good board game that’ll enable your kid to spend time with family. So, here are some of the best board games for 5-6 year old that’ll enhance your kid’s critical thinking, analytical and reasoning skills. These games are entertaining, super easy, fun, and offer a learning experience as well. Two to six people can play these board games at a time. Plunge into this article and explore the board games we have picked for you.

21 Best Board Games For 5-6-Year-Olds

1. Best Fast-Paced:Thinkfun Zingo Bingo

The Zingo bingo game is easy to learn and includes an easy-to-understand instruction manual and a unique zinger device. You need to slide the zinger, make a match, and fill the card to win. This fast-paced, competitive game will enhance their coordination, language, and motor skills. Seven players can play this game, and it is ideal for children aged four and above. Click this video to learn more about the product.

2. Best Child Game:Hasbro Gaming Classic Operation Game

The operation game requires two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries. There are 12 plastic ailments in the set and a game guide to help the child understand. You can use the tweezers to remove the ailments. The patient’s nose lights up when the tweezers touch the sides. In this game, the player that removes the most ailments wins. Your child can play this game alone or with friends. Learn more about the product in this video.

3. Best For Get-Togethers:Endless Games The Floor Is Lava

Ideal for get-togethers or parties, this game can be played by two to six players and is suitable for children aged five and above. In this game, the players have to imagine the floor is lava. It promotes physical activity, imagination, and excitement. The stepping stones are cushioned, slip-resistant, durable, and ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. This set includes 27 challenge cards, an instructional manual, and a game spinner.

4. Best Kid-Friendly:Monopoly Junior Board Game

The junior version of this classic game will teach your child about strategy. It includes tokens and kid-friendly properties such as the candy store, pet store, and video game arcade.

The rules are easy to understand, and you can use single dollar bills for simple transactions. It contains 20 chance cards, four tokens, 48 sold signs, four character cards, 90 banknotes, and one dice. Two to four players can play this game for five-year-olds simultaneously. This video gives you more information about the product.

5. Best Family Game:Mattel Blokus Game

Made from plastic, this strategy game features an XL game board, two inches larger than the regular version. In less than a minute, your child can learn the various intricate rules of the game.

Including 21 pieces, each piece should touch another of the same color at the corners. You need to protect the territory and stake your claim by fitting as many pieces as possible. This game offers a 30-minute playtime and can be played by the whole family.

6. Best Creativity Game:Hasbro Gaming The Game Of Life Junior

Easy to set up and play, the attractions and action cards will change your path. The player who collects ten stars first will win the game. Children will have to choose from four mini-vehicles and make their own decisions and choices. With simple activities written on the card such as acting, telling a story, finishing a sing, and others, children can develop their imagination and creativity. Two to four players can play this board game for five-year-olds at a time.

7. Best Durable:Ravensburger Bugs In The Kitchen

The set includes a game board, one hexbug nano, four traps, 20 bug tokens, 24 utensils, two trapdoors, one dice, and instructions. You have to roll a dice, make a path, and catch the bug.

Made from durable and high-quality materials, this game ensures a 15-minute game time and can be played by two to four players at a time.

8. Best Easy To Setup:Marvel Avengers Top Trumps Match Board Game

Made of plastic, it includes 25 cubes with your favorite Marvel heroes. You have to match five characters horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. The board game is easy to set up and is portable in a self-contained plastic case. This game can be played by two players at a given time and offers a playtime of 15 minutes.

9. Best Detective Game:Gamewright Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game

The kit includes 16 suspect cards, 16 thief cards, 12 clue markers, four detective pawns, three custom dice, one fox figure, an evidence scanner, a game board, and a set of the rules in Spanish. The player has to move around the board and gather clues to rule out the suspect that has stolen the prized pot pie. Children will learn about detective reasoning through this game. Two to four players can play at a given time for 20-30 minutes.

10. Best Problem-Solving:Days Of Wonder Ticket To Ride First Journey Board Game

In this strategy game for six-year-olds and above, your child can learn about problem-solving and other educational skills. The player has to complete six tickets to claim the golden ticket. The map is exclusive, and the rules are simplified. It includes colored train cards, ticket cards, and plastic trains to grab the child’s attention.

Two to four players can play this game at a time for 15-30 minutes.

11. Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot Board Game

Available in a multicolored set, this board game will teach your child about cooperation and strategy. The players have to follow the direction to help the owls reach their nests before the sun comes up. It will cultivate positive self-esteem, emotional development, and a sense of community among children. Two to four players can play at a time for 15 minutes.

12. Catan Junior Board Game

Catan’s junior board game includes 106 resource tiles, one double-sided board game, four building tiles, 32 ships, 28 pirate lairs, one ghost captain, one die, one tray, and simple rules. The player has to gather resources, collect gold, and build and protect lairs. The game is available in almost 30 languages and will ensure much interaction and exploration. Two to four players can play it for 30 minutes.

13. Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

With a printable activity pack, you can play this game indoors and outdoors. The adult has to lay the trail, and the child has to solve the clues and follow the trail to find the golden treasure. The game is designed in a unique way where no two trails can ever be the same. Suitable for multiple players, it includes 100 reusable cards, a puzzle board, a loot bag, jewel treasure, and a gold treasure bar.

14. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Pop-Up Game

Suitable for two to four players, the characters pop up in an exciting race, and it includes 16 colored pawns, a board game, and a set of instructions. It is a junior version that helps enhance the child’s social skills.

15. Learningherbs.Com Wildcraft! Family Board Game

The herbal adventure game can provide your child with educational benefits. They can learn about 25 medicinal plants, where and how they grow, and how to utilize them. It involves waterfalls, logs, and deer trails that will take you ahead or bring you back in the game.

The board has a water-based coating on the top and is made from recyclable materials and oil-based vegetable inks. It contains four player pieces, 54 plant-themed playing cards, 52 trouble cards, spinner, 25 cooperative cards, and instructions. Up to four players can enjoy this game for 45-60 minutes.

16. Haba Rhino Hero Stacking Card Game

The game includes 31 roof cards, 28 walls, one foundation, and one rhino hero. The players have to help the rhino reach the wobbly construction and build a strong and tall skyscraper. The roof cards will tell the next player the direction on how to stick the walls.

There are two difficulty levels, and up to five players can play this game for around ten minutes.

17. Fireside Games My First Castle Panic

The game includes a group of monsters racing in the woods to come to the castle. Players have to catch the monster before they smash the castle. It includes a board game, a castle piece, a wall, 26 castle cards, 16 monster tokens, and four how-to-play cards.

The game will teach the child about cooperation, strategic thinking, matching, and planning. Available in English, up to four players can play this game for 20 minutes.

18. Da Vinci’s Room Sums In Space An Addition Subtraction Math Game

Teach your child about math skills and provide them with various educational benefits with this classic game of building blocks. It will teach your child about the fundamentals of mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, number comparison, and more. The rules in this game are cooperative and would encourage your child to work together as a team towards a common goal.

With three difficulty levels, this space-themed board game includes four-player pawns, one rocket ship token, one instruction set, three dice. Two to four players can play this game for hours.

19. Educational Insights Robot Face Race

Made from cardboard and plastic, these cooperative board games would teach the child problem-solving, reasoning, etc. In this game, the player has to find the matching robot faces. The one who matches the five robot faces wins the game. You need to shake the randomizer to reveal the robot’s eyes, mouth, nose, color, and face. It includes 120 robot heads, one randomizer, 20 tokens in four colors, and more and can be played by two to four players.

20. Winning Fingers Shape Toy Puzzle Game

Travel-friendly with three difficulty levels, the child has to fit the shapes in the mold quickly to win. The shapes are stored securely at the box’s side when not in use. It will enhance their STEM skills, concentration, and fine motor skills.

With 20 pieces, two players can play this game at a time.

21. Mighty Fun! Brain Freeze

In this game, kids will learn about various mental skills. It is quick to set up, with minimal components, and easy to learn. The players race to guess the treat correctly, and the one who guesses right will win the game.

It includes two brain freeze boards, two shields with a stand, two pens, two wipe cloths, and a rule book. Two players or teams can play at a time.

How To Choose The Right Board Games For Five-Six-Year-Olds?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right board game for five-six-year-olds.

  1. Preferences: Make sure you talk to your child before you get a game for them. Know their likes, dislikes, interests, favorite themes, etc., to pick a product that your child would love playing with.
  2. Players: Make sure the game allows playing with a flexible number of people for fun group activities.
  3. Educational benefits: Choose a game that provides an educational experience to your child. In case your child is not very keen on studies, this method would be beneficial.

Can I Change The Board Game Rules To Help My Child Understand?

Yes, you can change the board game rules to help your child understand easily. However, make sure you do not change the rules frequently as the child would never learn to abide by them.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have prepared this list of the best board games for 5–6-year-olds after scouring various website reviews and forums to find the products with the highest ratings. We have also ensured that these games are age-appropriate and safe for kids by going through the features of each product. In addition, this article includes a buying guide and pointers on choosing the right board game for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do board games help 5-6 years old?

Board games are not only fun to play but can also help improve the different skills of your child. They enhance critical thinking and analytical skills while being entertaining, especially when played with more than two people.

2. How do I keep my five-year-old from losing all the pieces of a board game?

Adult supervision while storing the pieces can teach the child to be responsible. We recommend board games that do not have many pieces. In case a game has many pieces, you can store them in a box such that it becomes easy to access whenever possible.

3. My child can’t sit still very long, can he play board games?

The key to choosing a game that your child can play for a long time is to check if the theme of the game appeals to the child’s tastes and preferences. You can also invest in a relatively easier and simpler board game, to begin with, and check the maximum duration it takes to complete the game.

Teach your child strategy, imagination, and other skills with these board games for five-six-year-olds. They ignite creativity and self-regulation skills and are easy to understand. So, explore our list of the best board games for five-six-year-olds, consider their interests, and pick the right game to create memorable, fun-filled memories.

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