11 Best Board Games For Groups In 2021


When you’re home with your family or friends, board games can provide some great fun. The best board games for groups bring out our competitive sides requiring us to plan, strategize, work in teams, and participate in something exciting. If you have shy members present, board games act as an ice breaker, helping them mix with the others and feel like a part of the group.

Choosing a good board game, however, can get confusing considering the wide variety available in the market. This is where we come in. In this post, we have curated some of the best board games for groups for you to bring home and engage everyone.

11 Best Board Games For Groups

1. Catan Board Game

The Catan board game is an addictive strategy game in which one can trade, build, and settle the island of “Catan.” The social game provides plenty of possibilities for player engagement, whether you play it with your family or a group of friends. The basics of the game can be mastered in minutes, yet the game has enough depth to keep one interested for years as you explore strategies and tactics. This 60-minute board game for adults and families can be played with three or four players.

2. Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game

In the Pandemic Board Game by Z-Man Games, the players strategize to eradicate the viruses before the globe is overwhelmed by the ever-increasing outbreaks. The team must work together and plan appropriately to find a cure for each of the four diseases threatening the planet before it’s too late. This easy-to-learn family and adult board game can be played with two to four players, and the average playtime is 45 minutes.

3. Spontuneous: The Song Game

Spontuneous: The Song Game is a simple yet engaging board game that draws families and friends together. Anyone who knows some popular songs can play this game that involves singing at least five words from any song containing the trigger word. Spontuneous can be played by four to 10 people aged eight and above and does not require you to have a good singing voice. It is a great game to play before sleep or while the burgers are sizzling at your next picnic, as it requires an average game time of just 30 minutes.

4. University Games Smart Ass Party Game

Find out who among your friends and family is the Smart A**! There are eight hints in each card, and the person who yells out the correct answer first wins the round and moves closer to being the ultimate Smart Ass. The game can be played with two to six people, and players progress across the board by answering questions. However, there’s a catch! You may encounter Dumb A** spaces, in which case you lose a turn, or Hard A** spaces, in which case you gain more questions and a chance to advance. The set includes a game board, six playing pieces and stands, 411 question cards, two jumbo dice, and clear instructions.

5. Regal Games Deluxe Bingo Game Set

The Regal Games Deluxe Bingo Game Set makes bingo nights a whole lot entertaining and offers hours of fun. The set includes a rotary steel bingo cage, 75 bingo balls, bingo chips, a bingo board, and 50 bingo cards. The firm, long-lasting automated ball selector is made of fused metal wire. A broad catch keeps the bingo balls on track, while the weighted ball selector keeps jams at bay. The bingo card is made of spill-resistant molded plastic cups, and the bingo cards, made of four-ply cardboard paper, have a large font that is easy to see for both children and adults.

6. Double Ditto

Double Ditto is a fun family game that both children and adults can play. Pick a card, read it aloud, jot down two answers you believe other players will write as well, and see if you could match any of the responses to those of other participants. Determine who has a mind that is in tune with yours. It’s a simple game that you can play right away. The set includes 400 category cards, a 15-second timer, score sheets, and an instruction card. This game can be played by four to ten players.

7. Off Topic Adult Party Game

Off Topic is a fun board game that gets your creative juices flowing and lets you have some hilarious conversations with friends and family during game nights. Draw a card to determine the topics, and roll the dice to determine the letter you must begin your responses. You’re ready to go when the sand timer goes off. The set includes a 20-sided die, 16 game cards, eight whiteboards, ten dry erase markers, and a two-minute sand timer. This is a perfect adult party game for two to eight players.

8. It’s In The Bag!

You will love the It’s In The Bag game by Gatwick Games if you enjoy charades and word guessing games and love going a little crazy during game nights. It’s like charades and expands on the old acting and phrase guessing games while adding a dash of absurdity to keep things interesting. Each team must guess the cards in the bag as quickly as possible. Each game delivers fresh obstacles and guarantees endless laughs as you watch your teammates come up with inventive and hilarious solutions.

9. Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game

Latice Hawaii is a strategy board game in which the complexity of the rules increases as the game progresses. The one-of-a-kind game is easy to learn and can be played for 20 minutes. To win, you must be the first to use all of your tiles. The set comes with 84 acrylic tiles, a board, four tile racks, 36 acrylic stones, a component organizer, a sand timer, a box, and a short illustrated handbook. The game is best played with two to four players.

10. Speed Charades Board Game

Speed Charades Board Game by Game Chef is a wacky version of the traditional family-favorite charades game. In this game, the teams go head-to-head to guess four of the five words on their card correctly. After ten rounds, the team with the highest points wins. The game set comprises 280 cards/1400 words, a scorepad, and rules, and the game lasts for 25 to 30 minutes and takes just two minutes to learn. It is a perfect game to keep everyone entertained on weekends.

11. Chronicle Books Trick Question

Here’s a game to tickle everyone’s brain during a family gathering. To outwit the other team, one will have to use their wits and outwit the other team. Every card in the deck has puzzles and riddles to keep the entire group thinking and laughing. The set includes 100 cards with 400 trick questions, two trickster totems, 32 scoring tokens, and a sand timer. So, gather your friends and family and have a great time outwitting each other.

How To Choose The Right Board Games For Groups?

Here are some points that you should consider when buying board games for groups.

  1. Attention span: Determine whether the game is engaging enough for the entire group to play it all the way through. Younger people in the group are more likely to like games that are short, straightforward, and easy to grasp. Thus, choose games based on the attention span of the group.
  2. Gameplay: When choosing the perfect board game for a group, the gameplay is crucial. Make a list of the games that you have already tried and disliked. This may offer you some insights into the selection of the game.
  3. Complexity: The difficulty level varies from game to game, so it’s vital to know how much is too much for the group. Sophisticated games take longer to learn and could spoil the whole idea of a game night. Look for games that are easy to learn and play.

Board games for groups provide excellent learning opportunities in multiple areas. These games are brain boosters and entertaining too. So get started now and select any board game of your choice from our curated list of the best board games for groups.

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