21 Best Board Games For Teenagers And Adults In 2022


Finding the best board game for teenagers can be tricky, especially since they are at an age where they cannot really be called kids or adults. Teens may not be too eager to play snakes and ladders, but choosing the right board game may tempt them to go back to their favorite childhood pastime. After all, we never grow out of some things in life, do we? The latest games are much more than a plain old deck of cards. They are challenging, interesting, and filled with excitement. They offer compelling, crazy, and fun experiences. To make your search easier, we have listed some of our top board games below.

21 Best Board Games For Teenagers

1. Best Beginner-Friendly:Exploding Kittens – A Russian Roulette Card Game

Ideal for those who are into goats, laser beams, explosions, and kittens, this one is a simple card game. It is perfect for almost any occasion, including road trips, beach trips, game nights and so on. The game is beginner-friendly and takes only two minutes to learn. This game lasts 15 minutes and can be played by two to five players. There are 56 cards in total, each with hilarious illustrations. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

2. Best Fast-Dealing:Monopoly Deal Card Game

If you’re looking for a fast-dealing and entertaining card game, Monopoly Deal Card Game is an apt one. You can play this game with up to five players. One game takes 45 minutes with five players, 35minutes with four players, 15-25 minutes with three players, and 5-15 minutes with two players. You’d need to gather three entire property sets while ignoring deal breakers, forced deals, and debt collectors to win. This monopoly card game may be played by up to five players and is fast-paced and entertaining. Watch this video to get a detailed review of the product.

3. Best For Traveling:Exploding Kittens Throw Throw Burrito – A Dodgeball Card Game

You can play this 15-minute dodgeball card game with two to six players at the same time. There are 120 cards, two foam burritos, and seven tokens in the set. This one is ideal for traveling, camping, and picnics. Although it is a straightforward game, it requires some space to play. However, you would have to collect matching sets of cards quicker than opponents while throwing squishy airborne burritos, dodging, and ducking to win.

4. Best Trivia Game:Hygge Games… I Should Have Know That Trivia Game

For those above 14 years of age, this game can be played by two or more people at a time. This one is a trivia game where you must answer the questions correctly. The 400 questions covered in the game are entertaining and addictive.

5. Best Dexterity-Based:Gutter Games The Bonkers Battle Of Wacky Challenges

Available with up to 160 challenges, this game allows you to bet on your skills with duels, buddy ups, battle royales, and solo challenges. You can win by betting on your skills to complete various dexterity-based challenges successfully. You will find plenty of tricky challenges that will test the skills of teenagers and adults. The pack contains 80 betting tokens, five balls, 10 cups, four dice, a sand timer, a tape measure, a memo pad, and chopsticks. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product.

6. Best Easy to Master:Taco Vs Burrito – The Wildly Popular Surprisingly Strategic Card Game

Although easy to master, this game comes with action cards that shift the game into unpredictable territory. This card game is exciting from beginning to end and is suitable for all ages. Mastering the game takes only a few minutes, and you can complete it in 10-15 minutes with two to four players.

7. Best Family-Friendly:Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game

Everybody can enjoy a fun game for families with this card game. Four to ten players can play this game at once. It’s based on Cards Against Humanity, but it’s entirely family-friendly. It is a quick, easy-to-learn, and attention-grabbing game that offers simple play. However, these cards contain gratuitous bathroom humor. These are durable cards, and one pack contains up to 455 of them and rules in a custom shrink-wrapped box.

8. Best Easy to Learn:Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game

Easy to learn, this board game can be played by up to two to four players at a time. The average playtime of the game is around 45 minutes. The game line includes multiple expansions and stand-alone titles. The concept of the game revolves around four diseases threatening the world. And the team of specialists need to find a cure. Hence, everybody must work together and apply the strengths of their characters to eradicate the diseases.

9. Best Logic Game:Pressman Mastermind Game

Simple and fast, this one is a strategy game where players take turns setting up and solving secret codes. There are more than 2,000 potential combinations that make this game different and interesting. This mastermind game helps you learn STEAM and STEM principles, such as logic, deductive reasoning, and more.

10. Best Thrill Game:Hasbro Gaming Scattergories Game

This game lets you score when you quickly present items before other people do. You need to play in teams to get the maximum thrill playing the game. The pack includes instructions, score sheets, Scattergories cards, a die, and a timer.

11. Mattel Pictionary Quick Drawing Board & Guessing Game

Including two erasable markers and boards for drawing, this game has different categories. It is ideal for people eight years of age and older. Playing this game doesn’t need you to be an artist. This one is a classic quick-draw game. It features white-barreled pens with black ink and a catch-all category with up to 400 bonus clues.

12. Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game

A fun family game, this one is ideal for both teenagers and adults. All you would have to do is choose a card and read it aloud. Then quickly, write two answers that you think other players can write. You will win or lose based on whether or not your answers match those of the other players. You can customize this board game as you want it to be with creative answers of your choice. The pack includes 400 category cards, score sheets, a 15-second timer, and an instruction card.

13. Gatwick Games It’s In The Bag

Gatwick Games build on the classifying phrase guessing and acting activities by adding a touch of ridiculousness to make it more interesting. It is a fast-paced game that is simple to comprehend. You and your team will have to work together to guess the cards available in the bag as quickly as possible.

14. Clash Of The Cards Bamboozled – The Bluffing Dice Game

Players would have to roll the dice and beat or tie the previous player in this party-style bluffing game. However, if they don’t, they’ll have no choice but to bluff. Every player is given three lives at the start of the game. And if you’re caught bluffing, you’ll lose one life. You’ll get a Bamboozled card if you get away with bluffing. You can get a life back, change the dice, or get out of a bind with each card. The rules are simple, and it takes only 15 minutes to complete the game.

15. Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game

With simple rules, this strategy board game is unique and can be learned and finished quickly. You would have to ensure that you play all of the tiles. With strategy, you would have to play faster and match tiles on two or more sides. It takes three minutes to learn and twenty minutes to play this game. The pack includes a short manual with pictures. The board game helps improve strategic thinking, communication, and spatial recognition.

16. Big Potato Herd Mentality Udderly Addictive Family Board Game

In this family strategy board game, you have to flip a question, get a pencil and follow the crow. Try to figure out what others’ answers would be to varying questions. And, if you win, you get cows. If your answer is an odd one out, you will get a dreaded pink cow, and you will not have any more chance of winning. Four to 20 people can play this game at a time.

17. Phone Phever Board Game

Boardgame lovers will enjoy playing Phone Pheyer’s board game. The game offers cards that have up to 1200 unique trivia challenges and questions across six categories, such as technology, history, politics, law, movies, music, TV, and more. Three or more players and teams can play this game. It is compatible with all smartphones and does not require any app.

18. Buffalo Games Brain Games

Adequate for perfect family game nights, Buffalo’s Brain Games puts you in a challenging situation. There are up to four categories: mind and body, language, vision, and logic. You will have to complete challenges from each category to win the game successfully. Three to six people can play this game at a time.

19. Therapy U Head Rush Social Skills Games

With quick self-reflection and less hesitation, with this game, you can build self-esteem. It is also perfect for starting meaningful conversations that allow people to reflect on desires, memories, feelings, and overall self. Each game has been crafted skillfully to help players improve self-resilience, self-control, emotional regulation, self-reflection, and social skills. There are 108 cards, and more than three players can play at a time.

20. Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game

With one game board, 100 wooden letter tiles, one drawstring letter bag, four tile racks, and a game guide, you get a perfect, classic game for your teenager. You can have a wordy showdown and flaunt the knowledge and skill of quickly coming up with a variety of unique and different words.

21. Big Potato Twenty Second Showdown

Quick to learn and easy to play, this fun game can be played by 5 – 20 people at a time. You need to pretend various scenarios, such as pretending your shoe to be a phone and ordering a pizza or finding a plant and hugging it. You would have to race to complete the challenges before the hourglass runs out.

How To Choose The Right Board Games For Teens?

Here are a few things to be kept in mind while choosing the right board games for teens:

  1. Number of players: Some games can be played by one to several players. For example, some board games have set participants, while others have a variable number of players. Therefore, ensure that you check according to your preferences.
  2. Game duration: When buying a board game for teenagers, look for something that will keep their attention and provide quick results. Because teenagers get quickly bored, you should avoid purchasing excessively long or extremely challenging games.
  3. Theme: While choosing a theme, keep the teenager’s preferences in mind. If they have a favorite topic, look for a game that is based on that topic.
  4. Complexity: Some games demand you to take turns, plan, and think critically. On the other hand, some games are quick and easy to play. So, choose accordingly.

When shopping for the best board games for teenagers, look for something trendy and adventurous. Of course, it would be ideal if you could play with friends and family for a fun-filled experience.

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