15 Best Body Mists In India In 2024

A body mist is a light and soft version of a body perfume with a subtle scent that makes you smell fresh throughout the day without being too overwhelming. The light concentration can be applied daily and is safe for direct application on your skin. We have listed the best body mists in India. Keep scrolling and take your pick.

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15 Best Body Mists In India

1. Calgon Morning Glory Fragrance Body Mist

Calgon’s delicate and soft body mist has a subtle aroma that you can use in the morning to get a long-lasting fragrance. The light blue shade spray smells like morning flowers. The body mist’s active ingredients include alcohol, water, propylene glycol, fragrance(parfum), etc. The body spray is suitable for the most sensitive skin without side effects.

2. Japanese Cherry Blossom Signature Collection Fragrance Mist

The product is made from a sensual blend of Japanese cherry blossoms, oriental woods, delicate mimosa petals, and vanilla rice. It has the signature collection bottle design with a gentle fragrance. The eight-ounce bottle is an excellent choice for daily use, and you can apply it to your entire body for a long-lasting, soothing, and refreshing fragrance.

3. Blue Nectar Uplifting Body Mist

Blue Nectar’s body spray is enriched with a potent mixture of cardamom and rose, a super safe and long-lasting product. The compact body mist provides support in aromatherapy. The soothing body mist is made of high-quality handmade paper and is suitable for men and women. You can apply the body mist directly to the skin for hydration. It contains active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, licorice, aloe vera, hazel extract, aqua, and preservatives.

4. Body Fantasies Signature Body Spray

Body Fantasies fruity body mist perfectly blends the fragrance of white florals and sensual woods. You can apply the 3.2oz spray on your pulse area, including the inside of your wrists, bottom of your throat, behind your knees, or behind your ears. The clean and crisp aroma of the body mist stays throughout the day without being overbearing.

5. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer body mist is a five-ounce bottle, essentially non-comedogenic and gives your skin a light and delicate feeling. The SPF 30-rich body mist can act as super sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The product recommended by dermatologists protects your skin from aging. The non-greasy formula is waterproof and can easily last for a long time.

6. Fogg Ossum Body Mist

Fogg Ossum body mist is infused with mild roses and citrus fragrance and rich in floral undertones of mandarin orange, honeysuckle, wild berries, gardenia, and jasmine.  The long-lasting fragrance mist comes in an attractive pink package and can effectively eliminate odor in the body.

7. Bella Vita Organic Celeb Mist Perfume

The all-natural hydrating organic perfume body mist is an ideal blend of the most effective antioxidants, vitamins, and kokum butter, rich in highly essential fatty acids. The product keeps your skin moisturized and firm and provides you with a calming and pleasant fragrance. Natural essential oils can provide you with a unique aroma that lasts for four hours. The 250ml fragrance body mist can be applied on the body’s pulse points, such as inside the elbows or wrists, below your midriff, behind the knees, and ankles.

8. The Body Shop Body Mist

Body Shop body mist has a sweet and attractive strawberry fragrance. The refreshing body spray is rich in cold-pressed strawberry seed oil and sugarcane essence and can easily last for hours. The product comes in a 100ml bottle and can be used by pressing the nozzle on the top. The citrus fragrance of the fruity body mist is not apparent, but it can ensure that your body stays free of sweaty odor.

9. Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Vetiver Body Mist

The powerful blend of aloe vera, sandalwood, and vetiver makes this body mist super effective and provides a cooling effect and long-lasting fragrance to your skin. The aloe vera juice contained in the body mist can keep the skin hydrated and soothing, sandalwood can purify your skin, and vetiver can be used as an antiseptic with detoxifying properties. It’s a body mist that not only smells nice but also has skin loving properties.

10. Bryan & Candy New York Floral Splash Fragrance Body Mist

The fragrance body mist is a delicate blend of poised peonies, silly lilies, white musk, hibiscus, magnolia, and cassis, making your skin smell fresh. The body spray is safe enough to be applied directly to the skin, and it can maintain an irresistible fragrance for a long time.

11. Victoria’s Secret Women’s Seduction Fragrance Body Mist

Victoria’s Seduction fragrance body mist is a sensual blend loved by women. The body mist contains delicate freesia and red plum for a soft aroma. The body mist comes in a 250ml bottle and has a shelf life of approximately 1800 days. It is one of the most luxurious and long-lasting body mists.

12. Skinn by Titan Perfume Mist For Women

Skinn Titan’s The Oh So Flirty Kissed perfume body mist is a travel-friendly product with citrus and fruity aromas. Even in the scorching summer heat, the sweet and refreshing scent of body mist will make you smell good all day long. This spray perfume mist comes in a 200ml bottle. It is an excellent choice for women of all ages.

13. Ossum Perfumed Body Mist Pleasure

The refreshing Ossum perfume body mist is rich in aquatic and floral fragrances, which keep the skin soft and rejuvenated. Apart from pleasure, the body mist offers two other variants, including romance and delight. The aroma of the 190ml body spray will last long without regular reapplication.

14. Yves Rocher Perfumed Mist Body

The all-natural Yves Rocher perfume body mist has a sensual tone of bourbon vanilla extract. You can easily apply it to your body and hair with excellent results. The vegan product is entirely safe to use on the skin and does not contain parabens, colorants, mineral oils, sulfates, and silicones. The body mist comes in environmentally friendly packaging, and the spray bottle is practically recyclable.

15. Ital Veloce Shooting Stars Fine Fragrance Body Spray

Ital Veloce Shooting Stars Fine Fragrance is inspired by the beautiful night sky. The body mist has a pleasant and sensual fragrance, making you smell like fresh flowers all day long. The body spray is rich in aromas of jasmine, white flowers, sandalwood, moss, peaches, etc. The liquid body mist comes in a 210ml bottle and can be used on all pulse points.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Body Mist In India?

Check out these essential points before you make your choice.

  1. Fragrance: Choose the one that suits your personality and style. If you are a romantic, choose thefloral scent and choose the citrus-scented body spray and woody scented products for daily use if you like the classic style.
  1. Long-lasting: Choose products that can provide a lasting effect for at least six to eight hours. Body mists with higher alcohol concentrations are long-lasting and do not have to be reapplied frequently.
  1. Travel friendly: If you are an employee, choose a lightweight and easy-to-carry body spray.
  1. Weather: The weather plays a crucial role in selecting a body mist. The citrus mist is perfect in summer, while the woody body mist is considered a great winter choice.
  1. Safe and non-toxic: Be sure that the product does not contain harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, etc. Choose all-natural body mist made of non-toxic ingredients because they are safe for your skin.

Harman Awal, a fashion expert and owner of Your Girl Knows, says, “Some body mists contain moisturizing agents and antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, look for a body mist formulated for sensitive skin.”

If you are a perfume enthusiast looking for lighter notes, a refreshing body mist would be perfect for you. The mists listed here last long but are not overpowering. These body mists are also infused with quality ingredients that do not irritate your skin and senses, thus making them ideal for those with sensitive skin too. Moreover, they come in travel-friendly bottles and are lightweight and easy to spray. Finally, choose a mist based on the weather—a citrus mist for the summer and a woody body mist for the winter.

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