20 Best Books For Toddler Boys In 2021


Reading is an excellent activity to get the toddler to sit in one place and learn something. A good book can also inspire the child to read more and embrace the adventure of getting lost in the world of fiction. Reading also promotes early development in children.

Serving that purpose is a range of toddler books that you can choose from. If you’re looking to stock up the kids’ library with the best books for toddler boys, you’ve reached the right place. MomJunction gives you a curated list of books that give new wings to your little one’s imagination. Remember, these books are as much for girls as they are boys. So, if you think these are a good read for your little girl too, then do not wait to buy.

20 Best Books For Toddler Boys

1. Little Blue Truck Book by Alice Schertle

Little Blue Truck Book by Alice Schertle

Little Blue Truck is an interactive book featuring farm animals, great sounds, and rhymes to engage your little one. This book for toddlers sends a message of being helpful and kind to one another. Rhyming adds up the flavor, and language makes it a fun read. The variety of animals that the truck picks up on the way, along the muddy country roads, pique the interest of the reader. The book that teaches kids about friendship and helping others comes with a downloadable party kit.

2. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

This toddlers’ nighttime storybook is a board book with flipping pages. Every turn of the page will expose the child to colorful illustrations that can get them hooked to reading. The book can help your little one develop their imagination and curiosity. The vivid illustrations of stars at nighttime, engines, and truck with huge wheels make reading this book an unforgettable experience.

3. The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen-1

The extensive illustrations, the energetic rhymes, and the personality of the characters coalesce to make The Pout-Pout Fish an interesting book to read for toddler boys. The playful book tells the story of little pout-pout, who finds out that he is not meant to spread dreariness, as he travels along the vast ocean. The cheerful storyline is sure to turn your angry or upset kid’s pout upside down to spread smiles.

4. Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Dear Zoo A Lift-the-Flap Book

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is an interactive book that features all the animals that the zoo has sent to the reader as a gift. Children can look at cute images of wild animals, including a lion, a monkey, and an elephant, among others that your child loves to look at. The book is written in a simple language for little kids to understand and has small rhyming phrases that they can read and remember easily. The book can encourage the child’s imagination, and every flap of the page lets them uncover a new animal with an interesting tale to tell.

5. P is for Potty by Naomi Kleinberg

P is for Potty by Naomi Kleinberg

The 30-page P is for Potty through Sesame Street is a flap book that teaches toddlers how to use the potty the right way. If you have a toddler who you are potty training, this resplendent book aids the potty-training toddler in a fun way, especially when they’re on the potty seat. Inquisitive tiny tots usually perform what they perceive, and the toddler books would guide them amiably. This is one such book that delights them surprises all the way.

6. Peek- A Who?

Peek- A Who

Flap the page to peek “Moo,” “Poo,” or “Boo”! The board book by Nina Laden is a subtle way to keep infants engrossed in imagination with real illustrations and rhyming phrases. Exuberant colors, abounding pictures on each page add to the child’s anticipation of what they will find on the next page and make this a thrilling book to read.

7. The Goodnight Train by June Sobel

The Goodnight Train by June Sobel

Bedtime rhymes and celestial dreams with never-ending stories integrate to make the Goodnight Train. Take everyone in the train of dreams to make tiny tot enjoy togetherness and get astonished with different noises on the way. Unique picturization with rhyming phrases make this nighttime fantasy fiction more fun and real.

8. The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Books

The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Books

Babies listen to every story interestingly when dictated well. The Little Blue Box of Bright Board Books is a set of four books fetching insurmountable fun for the toddlers. Imagination, creation, development, combined with the child’s inquisitiveness, contribute to make it a great read for the kids. It includes classics such as Dr. Seuss’ Hop on Pop, Ten Apples Up On Top, and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, among others.

9. ABC’s for Boys by Michael Kracht

ABCs for Boys by Michael Kracht

Learning the ABCs can become fun and joyful for your little boy with this toddler book that expresses alphabets in a way that they may like. A mix of letters, words, and a variety of vehicles are present to make little boys amused. One to three-years-old kids would benefit by recognizing various alphabets in the playful method and get overwhelmed by their colorfulness.

10. Around the Farm, World of Eric Carle

Around the Farm, World of Eric Carle

Around the farm is an extensive and delightful experience for all the toddlers under three years old. An amazing book to go through with 30 buttons that give out 30 farm animal sounds when pressed. The colorful images, hands-on interaction, and the sounds all aid in the child’s sensory development. The book introduces the child to several animals and makes for a great pick for reading and parent-child bonding.

11. First 100 Board Book Box Set by Roger Priddy

First 100 Board Book Box Set by Roger Priddy

This set of three books with dazzling picturization offers the child new things to learn. The sturdy board pages help the kids to refine their fine motor skills. The books, each, introduce the child to colors, shapes, and words packed for indefatigable fun and amusement. You can leave the child to look at the book for long, as they browse the visuals and stare at the images in awe.

12. Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants!

Get Ready for Big Boy Pants

Another book to help you with potty training your kid, the Potty Superhero introduces simple techniques to help the child in their potty training ordeal. The story makes it fun and interesting as it depicts the journey of the superhero in transitioning from diapers to potty chairs. The book encourages the child to use the potty instead of diapers and uses a positive approach to help the parent or caregiver to train the toddler to use the potty.

13. My First Toddler Coloring Book by Tanya Emelyanova

My First Toddler Coloring Book by Tanya Emelyanova

This fun book with numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and animals is a magnificent choice to uplift the motor and recognition skills in a child. The book uses a playful approach to facilitate kids in comprehending various numbers, shapes, and letters. My first toddler coloring book is also a good way to indulge in creative activity and learn new things. A 100-page book with big shapes, an array of colors, numbers to shade, this is a good investment to keep your child engaged for hours.

14. Baby Touch and Feel: Truck

Baby Touch and Feel Truck

Is your baby fascinated by big cars and trucks? Then this book about trucks is you need to engross them and get them to sit in a place. The kids can sense and feel the truck and develop their motor skills by flipping through the pages. This simple and easy-to-read book will take them to an imaginary world and put a smile on their cute face. The little hands will love touching and understanding the design and details of each truck that they come across in this book.

15. Vroom, Vroom, Trucks!

Vroom, Vroom, Trucks

This lift-the-flap book by Karen Katz makes the quirky illustrations that enable intense learning for preschoolers. The Vroom, Vroom, Trucks book splendidly describes adventurous trucks, and cute bulldozers to entertain the little ones. Kids can flip pages to look at an array of illustrations, relishing the different colors, pictures with unprecedented characters that pique their interest.

16. T is for Tiger: A Toddler’s First Book of Animals

A Toddlers First Book of Animals

An amalgamation of letters and animals is accessible in this toddler booked named T is for Tiger. Read this book to them to enhance their education by guiding them about animals. The bright-colored illustrations, stories featuring a variety of animals – an animal from every letter from A to Z incorporated in the book will engage them fully. This book lets their imagination go beyond just simple letters.

17. Sesame Street Elmo Manner Books for Kids

Sesame Street Elmo Manner Books for Kids

A set of books that not only makes toddlers envision but also gives them an inspirational and meaningful message to be good, to share, to be polite, and much more. This series of 8 books with ample colors magnifies the view of kids and keeps them engaged for several hours. Toddlers can gain knowledge and uplift motor skills by going through pages of this Sesame Street Elmo books

18. I Can Color: Toddler Coloring Book

Toddler Coloring Book

This coloring book for little boys actively captures them in amusement, leaving no stone unturned. The simple, adventurous pictures of animals, nature, butterflies in the book can be colored using crayons or pencils. With this book, kids will love to color for extended periods to stay busy and enjoy their toddlerhood. This coloring book can promote cognitive development and boost their motor skills.

19. Open The Garage Door

Open The Garage Door

The best books for toddler boys must include Open the Garage Door by Christopher Santoro, considering that the tiny tots, especially boys, love vehicles. The fascinating of quirky illustrations and various colors in the lift-the-flap book is distinct. Different parts of the book attract the kids and encourage them to flip the pages to read further. Just let the garage door open with this book for endless fun.

20. Good Night, God by Ginger Swift

Good Night, God by Ginger Swift

This small, flip-through book with an inspirational message is about thanking god in a sweet way, for all the beautiful things in the world. Good Night, God is a beautiful book for one-to-three-year-old kids and lets them explore the many good things that surround them. Carry this small pack of books anywhere to make your tiny tot appreciate the things.

How To Choose The Right Book For My Boy?

  • Do not judge the book by its cover. Go through the illustrations or read the story to know if your boy will enjoy it.
  • Choose it according to their age so that they could initiate reading and respond to the storyteller.
  • Get your hands on a book that could upswing their fun level through amazing pictures and coloring options.
  • Buy a book for a growing mind that can guide them, inspire the little kid, and teach them something worthy.

The sheer development of toddlers is determined by properly looking after their needs and interests. The books with impressive illustrations and an array of colors assist in improving their sensory and motor skills, while a significant number of rhymes teach them how to memorize things. Such books could build their mental ability and sharpen their skills too.

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