11 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy In India, 2024

The joy of becoming a new parent is unparalleled. However, with the excitement to meet the little one, pregnancy brings along umpteen questions and concerns for the expecting parents–what to eat, what’s good for the baby, what to expect when the baby arrives, postpartum care, etc. Along with medical and elderly advice that is readily available, good pregnancy books can help the mother and the father get detailed insights about prenatal and postnatal care.

Having the right book by your side for guidance is crucial, hence we rummaged through multiple options and have lined up the best books to read during pregnancy.

Vichitra Goel, writer, professor, and book reviewer, says, “When it comes to the health of a to-be mother, trust the inputs of an industry expert. Whether it is your diet, a health concern, physical fitness, or mental wellbeing, no one can guide you better on these than an expert. Thankfully, these books penned down by such professionals can hold our hands and take us through pregnancy.”

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11 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy In India

1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Heidi Murkoff

Empathy, warmth, and humor are things you can expect in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff. The book, which has been a helpful guide and friend for millions of expecting mothers and fathers, covers everything from tips, diets, and advice to insights for the new generation and first-time parents, and covers not just prenatal, but postpartum, and IVF pregnancy too. Also, keeping abreast with the current lifestyle and trends, the book includes information about new pregnancy and birthing practices, medical coverage, parenting tips, and expert advice on healthy and organic diets. Named by USA Today as one of the “Most Influential Books of the last 25 Years”, the book addresses every possible question and concern (even the new ones!) that a parent could have during pregnancy and after giving birth.

2. Bump To Birthday Pregnancy & First Year Journal – Helen Stephens

At first, the book will guide you through your pregnancy, and then, be your journal to log in all your baby’s firsts! More like a companion on your beautiful journey to motherhood or fatherhood, for that matter, Bump to Birthday provides insights and guidance through every stage of pregnancy with information regarding your baby’s development. Filled with colorful illustrations, it has pages to track all your baby’s firsts from crawling, talking, 1st tooth, to 1st birthday! Also, this parent and child diary is a cute gift to give during the first trimester.

3. Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad! – John Pfeiffer

Step aside to-be mommies; this one is strictly for the to-be dads! There are several ways you can make the next 9 months smooth and stable for her, and the book says you start with the easiest step — by saying “you’re beautiful” every time she feels otherwise. And although she has stocked up her bookshelf with the best pregnancy books, you wouldn’t want to be standing there waiting for her to give you instructions when in pain. Hence, this book will be the only guide you need right from when the stick shows 2 lines to when it is time to welcome the little one. From how to handle morning sickness, mood swings, doctor visits, painting the nursery, to picking names, this book can be your best friend for all 40 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After – Rujuta Diwekar

Both diet and exercise play crucial roles during prenatal and postpartum stages. Also, women during pregnancy must follow a healthy and nutritious diet that is nourishing for the unborn baby. And with Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar (India’s top health expert, btw!), you can consider your health, workout sessions, and postnatal recovery to be in good hands. However, what makes it one of the best books to read while pregnant are the delicious recipes! From healthy meals to heritage-rich grandmother recipes, this book has a dish for all your cravings. Besides this, it has recipes to binge on before getting pregnant too. Need we say more?

5. Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy – Dr. Gita Arjun

If you are looking for a guide from a trusted expert, here’s one from an eminent gynecologist and obstetrician in India. Dr. Gita Arjun’s Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy simplifies pregnancy terms, stages, and processes to make it an easy read for the expecting couple. Besides , the book is ideal for couples who are in the planning stage too. With every chapter filled with aesthetic illustrations and designs to make the reading enjoyable and easy to understand, this book from a prominent parenting expert contains everything from expert advice on modern pregnancy techniques to empowering notes to brace yourself through pregnancy in a healthy and happy manner.

6. My Pregnancy Journal – Alison Mackonochie

Every woman goes through uncountable changes during pregnancy, and this amazing pregnancy book and journal will help you keep a tab on those “happy changes”! My Pregnancy Journal will guide, remind, and track everything you go through during the prenatal stages. With notes on how the baby is developing, why your body is changing, what you should be planning, and what to expect, the diary is also a journal with dedicated space for you to store mementos and stick pictures of you growing with your baby. Writing prompts for each week enable a to-be mother to record all her special days along with cherishable moments captured in pictures. Sounds cute, isn’t it? Now, whether you are expecting for the first time or waiting for the new addition, My Pregnancy Journal offers guidance for what to expect with each chapter.

7. The Pregnancy Handbook For Indian Moms – Dr. Vinita Salvi

It’s common for Indian pregnant women to be bombarded with a mountain of myths, superstitions, and old wives’ tales regarding pregnancy. However, the right Indian pregnancy book can help her separate facts from fiction through the prenatal stage. For a healthy pregnancy, a woman must prepare her body for all the changes that she will go through, be well-aware about which tests and precautions she must take, switch to a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. The Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms by Dr. Vinita Salvi answers all the questions an expecting mother would have right from her first trimester to labor and childbirth. Another one from a field expert, this book can help you smoothly sail through illnesses and risk factors too.

8. Baby On Board, An Ordinary Couple’s Extraordinary Pregnancy Journey – Sonia Sahijwani Saini

Morning sickness, cramps, labor pains, and more, pregnancy is a challenging phase for every woman, and not all are ready to dive right in. Similar was the case for the author of Baby on Board, who takes us through her journey of dealing with the fear of childbirth to motherhood, the most beautiful phase of her life. Unveiling her fears, anxiety, and overcoming the challenges of motherhood, here’s an extraordinary journey from a mother to all the expecting mothers out there.

9. The Mindful Mother: A Practical And Spiritual Guide – Naomi Chunilal

If you are looking for spiritual books to read during pregnancy, The Mindful Mother will be a great choice. Given how postpartum depression is common these days, the book comprises simple self-development practices that can help you get through pregnancy, childbirth, and predicaments of being a new mother. Moreover, to make the reading time a breeze for you, the author delivers insights and wisdom with a hint of humor. Enriched with the principles of yoga and Buddhism, let this book of mindfulness help you sail through the joys and frustrations of motherhood with ease.

10. Fit Pregnancy: The Complete Health Plan For You And Your Baby – Namita Jain

Chart out a wholesome plan for you and your baby with this book that’ll coach you through various prenatal dilemmas because a healthy you means a healthy baby! The book answers all possible questions, states facts, and hopes to prepare the mother for all the changes, which may or may not occur during pregnancy. Yep, it has an answer to all your “is this normal?” confusions too. A book you can depend on when you have queries regarding diet, traveling, shopping, stretch marks, and more, so you can enjoy a fit pregnancy.

11. Own the Bump – Payal Gidwani Tiwari

Yoga is quickly becoming a solace for new generations expecting mothers. And this book by Payal Gidwani Tiwari, a yoga instructor and dietician, has made it easier for women to prepare the mind, body, and soul for the impending changes. With illustrations and workout sessions to follow during the prenatal and postnatal stages, it’s helping women embrace the changes and brace through the initial phase of motherhood and recovery blissfully with yoga.

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Books are the best companions, hence proven. There you go, those are the 11 best books to read during pregnancy in India. Do you need more assistance with choosing the right book for you? Check out our buying guide below for tips and features to look out for before buying.

How To Choose The Right Books To Read During Pregnancy In India?

Not every book on pregnancy may help. So, look out for the following features before buying the book:

  1. Purpose: All pregnancy books are not designed the same and serve different purposes. Some target the most common questions and changes while some negate fiction to present facts. Others are solely based on pregnancy-friendly diets and exercises, etc and some books guide and help you keep track of your pre and postnatal journey, such as the My Pregnancy Journal and Bump to Birthday Pregnancy & First Year Journal. So, decide what information you are seeking and then choose a book accordingly.
  2. Readability: The readability and tone of the book are essential features. You’d need a book that is easy to understand when you are in a dilemma and not the one that’ll make you turn to Google (or Merriam-Webster!) to decipher the words and phrases. Before buying, read the excerpts of the book to get a better idea.
  3. Author: Reading about the author helps in understanding the perception of the book. Ideally, you should pick a book which is written by a mother, a doctor, or by someone who is an expert on the topic. You can always have the assurance that the advice is coming from someone who has been through something similar or is an expert to deal with what you are going through.
  4. Reviews: Browse through the reviews of customers who have bought the book earlier. Their feedback will help you understand why you should or should not buy the book and whether the book is helpful for you or not. You can look out for the readability, tone, or whether the book has what you seek in the review section too.
  5. Year of publication: Given how trends, practices, and techniques change every year, an outdated book will pile on your doubts rather than be helpful. And the best way to find out if the book is updated or in line with the new trends is to check the year of publication. Also, if you are wondering how successful the book has been among mothers, check the edition. More editions mean the book has been successfully selling on the market. However, do keep an eye out for the classics, some advice and suggestions never change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of reading books during pregnancy?

A good pregnancy book can be your guide and trusted companion during pregnancy. These books are written by experienced mothers or doctors and are based on facts and experiences to help an expecting mother during prenatal and postnatal stages.

2. How does reading during pregnancy increase my baby’s intelligence?

There are no proven theories that state reading can increase a baby’s intelligence. However, reading to your baby will improve the sense of recognition and help the baby respond quickly to your voice with time.

3. When can I start reading to my baby in the womb?

Once you are 6 months along, you can start reading to your baby. Although babies get familiar with the sounds inside the wombs much earlier, by 6 months, they have developed the ability to recognize, learn, and respond.

When you are pregnant, you are extra careful about everything you do, from the foods you eat and the clothes you wear to how far you travel. One of the most effective ways to ensure a smoother pregnancy is to keep up with new information in the field and read the right books to access much-needed knowledge about the body. The best books to read during pregnancy are filled not only with instructions and dietary guidelines but also detailed information about prenatal and postnatal care. Reading these books will help you approach the pregnancy with more confidence and prepare you for the things to come, so you enjoy the journey and welcome the little one healthy and happy.

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