15 Best Bookshelves Of 2022


A bookcase allows you to organize your lovely collection of books. It is the most respected piece of furniture in a bookworm’s house. So if you have a stack of books lying on the floor, perhaps you should take a look at our list of best bookcases.

There is not much to consider while selecting a bookshelf except a few major points. Foremost, it should be sturdy and have a good capacity. It would be convenient to have additional features to store books properly, such as adjustable shelves, doors, lighting facilities, and others. It should be made of durable materials, including glass, PVC, or wood. Finally, it should have an aesthetic appearance that lifts the room’s aura.

A few bookshelves are convenient and customizable, which enhance a room’s overall appearance. Read on to buy the right bookcase.

15 Best Bookshelves

1. Coavas Folding bookshelf

Coavas Folding bookshelf:


The Coavas folding bookshelf offers the perfect solution for convenient and spacious storage of books at home or office. It can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. The stand comes with a robust metallic framework, providing safe and reliable storage. This four-shelf bookcase has been given a quality finish and blends in easily with almost any interior decor.


  • Does not require assemblage of the shelves
  • Easy to set up and install the entire bookshelf in a minute
  • Can be folded to save space
  • Better stability and fall resistance with its iron construction
  • Rustic-styled bookshelf can improve the overall appearance of the interior decor


  • A tad small—you may want to check the size before purchasing it

2. Sauder Bookshelf

Sauder Bookshelf


Add a touch of mother nature to your living room or office space with the Sauder wooden bookshelf. This corner bookcase is made of engineered wood with highland oak finish, which makes it perfect for storing books. The three-tier bookshelf is available in various colors and has spacious shelves for placing books of all sizes. If you are looking for cutting-edge and innovative furniture, this solid-wood bookcase is the one for you.


  • Great choice for small spaces
  • Two shelves can be adjusted based on the storage requirement
  • Lightweight at just 30.8 pounds
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Sturdy base


  • Cardboard back

3. Winsome bookshelves

Winsome bookshelves


The Winsome bookshelf is another product that can add a natural woody appearance to your study, living room, office, or any other space. It can be easily moved about and set up. It is made of solid beechwood that adds to its strength, and features an open back that gives it an airy and spacious look. The unique, narrow bookcase design gives your home a modern and contemporary feel.


  • Entire bookshelf can be easily folded up into a single piece
  • Roomy shelves
  • Features slated-styled sides
  • Flexible and convenient to store kitchen items too


  • A tad heavy

4. Sauder Trestle Bookcase

Sauder Trestle Bookcase


The Sauder trestle bookcase with five shelves has a classic Jamocha wood finish. If you are looking for a ladder bookcase, then this is the one for you. It allows you to store your books at any place. The engineered wood construction is designed to make your room look perfect and inspiring. You can place almost anything on it, from trophies to awards, and photo frames and books to other collectibles. It weighs around 16lb and comes with a strong, anti-slip base for support.


  • Available in various color options and sizes
  • All sides of this bookcase are highly polished
  • A classy and versatile addition to your home
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for corner storage


  • Comes with a wide top and four-legged base
  • Absence of a closed-back

5. Coaster Bookcase

Coaster Bookcase


The Coaster bookcase is designed in an asymmetrical snaking style that gives your room a classy, contemporary, and chic look. This glossy white bookcase is made of glass, melamine paper, and sturdy boards. Expert craftsmanship is seen in both the color options offered. It is available in glossy white and black finishes. It can be set up to a height of 63in and offers ample space for placing books and other collectibles.


  • Glassy tempered shelves are see-through and enable you to spot your book with ease
  • Available in two stylish options that blend with the interior decor
  • Weighs 77 pounds and has a solid base
  • Provides large storage spaces with vertical space distances


  • Uneven arrangement of the shelves makes it difficult for placing it in small spaces

6. Ameriwood Home Moberly Bookcase

Ameriwood Home Moberly Bookcase


The Ameriwood Home Moberly Bookcase is designed to offer ample storage space. The upper half of the bookcase comes with a closed back and an open, airy front. The lower half features cabinet-like doors that protect your collections within. This stylish bookcase with doors gives your home or office a traditional look.


  • Polished nickel handles and overall polished finish look can suit almost any existing decor
  • Handles give a firm and steady grip
  • Adjustable shelves are spacious for storing books and other collectibles
  • Vertical construction makes it ideal for corner storage


  • Available in limited color options

7. Modrine Bookshelf

Modrine Bookshelf


The Modrine bookshelf offers a vintage storage facility with its five-tier shelves. This Etagere bookshelf features an open design that enables easy cleaning and maintenance. The thick metal tubing construction adds strength and long life to it. The additional X-bracing structure adds to its sturdiness and gives it stability. Each shelf board is thick and can withstand heavy books.


  • Capable of holding a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds
  • Spacious shelves
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Impressive length and breadth
  • The design can complement any surrounding


  • Drill holes may not align

8. Bush Furniture bookcase

Bush Furniture bookcase


The Bush Furniture bookcase gives your interiors a traditional appearance with its simple and timeless design. It comes with five shelves, of which three can be adjusted to meet your requirements. The other two shelves are fixed and offer added stability. You can store your books, decorative accessories, collectibles, and more in it.


  • Available in three colors, namely Espresso Oak, Harvest Cherry, and Heather Gray
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Shelves are quite spacious


  • Available only in limited color options
  • Middle and top shelves may not hold heavy books

9. Babyletto Bookcase

Babyletto Bookcase


This unique bookcase is designed like a spruce tree. It adds a stylish and playful silhouette against the wall and is perfect for storing books, toys, and collections in kids’ bedrooms and nurseries. This is the bookcase to have at home if you are welcoming a baby, as it is created for fun and functionality. It can hold a maximum of 15 children’s books per branch. It has sufficient space between the shelves, and the hardwood construction is strong and stable and attaches well to walls.


  • Hidden hardware construction gives it a neat appearance
  • Free of lead and phthalates
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Made of natural materials and is non-toxic for kids
  • Children can easily reach the cells and read their favorite books
  • Available in different color options


  • Cannot withstand the weight of large and bulky books

10. Hombazaar bookcases

Hombazaar bookcases


The Hombazaar four-tier, four-legged bookcase is a vintage unit. This multifunctional etagere bookcase can display books, elegant showpieces, and decorative accessories. The X-shaped cross brace keeps your books intact. It is designed for practical use with spacious open shelves and makes a style statement.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can withstand 110lb weight on each shelf
  • Ample space between shelves
  • Comes with geometric-shaped designs
  • Squared feet prevent toppling over


  • May rust over time

11. CY Craft Bookshelf

CY Craft Bookshelf


Have you been searching for a floating bookshelf? If yes, the two-piece CY Craft bookshelf could be a perfect choice. The entire structural framework is transparent and clear when mounted on the wall, making it almost unnoticeable. It is made of pure acrylic material with 5mm thickness. It has both back and front supports that hold the books in place. This modern bookshelf has round and polished edges to keep your walls free of scrapes and scratches during installation and use.


  • Can be customized based on your requirement
  • Ideal for storing awards, souvenirs, trophies, glass showpieces, and more
  • Comes with mounting hardware and directions for installation
  • Shelves are see-through and inviting


  • A little expensive

12. Himimi Bookcase

Himimi Bookcase


The Himimi bookcase is a four-legged and four-shelved vintage with a ladder-like construction framework. You can use it as a bookshelf, storage rack, plant stand, and much more. The shelves are designed for multifunctional use. The rustic style of this bookcase with its heavy-duty metal frame adds to its durability. This metal bookcase can be placed in your living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen balcony, etc.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with 18 months of quality assurance
  • High-grade particleboard is super durable and provides stability


  • May not be very sturdy

13. KidKraft bookcase

KidKraft bookcase


As the name suggests, the KidKraft bookcase is ideal for kids’ study rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries. The multicolored single unit is large enough to store toys, games, puzzles, storybooks, large drawing and picture books, and more. This versatile product is considered as one of the best bookshelves for toddlers and kids.


  • Closed-back to support the items and books kept on the shelves
  • Made of wood and looks like a puzzle joined, making it attractive to kids
  • Completely kid-friendly
  • Includes three shelves


  • The puzzle pieces cannot be separated and adjusted for more space

14. Wallniture bookshelves

Wallniture bookshelves


This Wallniture bookshelf is uniquely designed to appear invisible and boost the overall appearance of your room. It can be easily set up and mounted on the walls. It comes in a set of three per unit and is a stylish and crafty way of storing books, magazines, DVDs, and more.


  • Closed sides to prevent books from sliding
  • Smooth edges at the back come with fixtures for wall mounting
  • Saves floor space


  • Books can only be arranged vertically
  • Cannot accommodate books with a wider breadth

15. Storage Maniac bookshelf

Storage Maniac bookshelf


The Storage Maniac bookshelf is a one-of-a-kind floating bookshelf that comes in a pack of four. It is made of premium-quality material that serves as a heavy-duty book storage facility for any room. The white bookcase blends well and gives your room a spacious and organized appearance. The construction and design of the storage maniac bookshelf are unique and innovative.


  • Strong steel material is rust-resistant
  • Sturdy metal shelves that can be wall-mounted
  • Saves up floor space
  • Perfect storage option for small and confined spaces


  • May not hold bulky books
  • Available only in a single-finish color coating

How To Choose The Right Bookshelf?

There are several essential factors to consider before buying a bookshelf that complements the rest of your home and offers functionality.

1. Size

Bookshelves come in different sizes and shapes. A good bookshelf needs to fit into the space available in the room without looking too overcrowded. You could decide on a wall-mounted one, fixed bookshelf, or an adjustable or portable one.

2. Material

The material is of prime importance as it makes a bookshelf reliable and durable. Choose a bookshelf that is made of sturdy metal and hardwood as these can withstand the test of time.

3. Style

A stylish bookshelf can enhance the interior decor. You could choose from several styles, ranging from vintage, rustic, traditional, classy, luxurious, modern, and contemporary.

4. Adjustable shelves

Adjustable shelves give you more space for placing bulky and large books. You can customize the shelves based on your need.

5. Open and closed back

An open-back bookcase appears to be more spacious and airy. The books can be easy to access from all sides. It also offers versatility and can fit into any corner or space in the room. On the other hand, a closed-back bookshelf offers support to the arranged books. The back ridge prevents the books from sliding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to organize books on a bookshelf?

Searching for books in a crammed bookshelf can be overwhelming. Your best solution lies in organizing your books in a way that enables you to find and pick them out easily. One way of doing it is by separating the paperbacks, the printed material, and hardbound books. Another option could be to organize them based on color. You could also stack the heavier and bulky books at the bottom. Placing them lengthwise or vertically can give you a good view of the book title and the author’s name.

2. What do you put under bookshelves to protect wooden floors?

The base or legs of a bookshelf can leave your wooden flooring prone to scratches, chips, and deterioration. To prevent damage to hardwood floors, you can cut out furniture grippers, rubber discs, or pads that enable smooth sliding. You could also place anti-skid rugs before setting up the bookshelf. It could serve as a decorative rug for your room while protecting your wooden floors at the same time. Another DIY remedy includes using rubber bath mats, sink lines, etc.

3. What are the uses of a bookshelf at home?

Bookshelves clear up space by organizing the collection of books and other items that might otherwise be freely lying around. Without a good bookshelf at home, your room would look messy, disorderly, and unorganized.

  1. Great appeal: A bookshelf can make a style statement by blending in with the existing furniture and decor. It can serve like a centerpiece for placing and protecting your most-prized and valuable collections. You could use it as a display space for your book collection, trophies, magazines, journals, showpieces, collectibles, antique collections, photographs, and other accessories.
  1. Easy access and convenience: Well-arranged bookshelves provide easy access to all you need and enable you to manage your collections and add new editions to the old ones in a hassle-free manner.
  1. Motivational: Having a bookshelf with all your valued collections can be motivational and encouraging. It can inspire you to take on new ventures and give you better access to all the information that you might need.
  1. A reflection of your personality: Bookshelves are a reflection of your personality, your interests, hobbies, and goals in life. They reflect your unique self within the personal confines of your home. They enable you to become one with yourself and explore your inner talents to the fullest.

If you are fascinated with books, a pile of poorly organized books might be your pet peeve. Thus, you will need the best bookcases and bookshelves. The best bookshelves are easy to assemble and come in trendy designs to complement the décor of your room. These bookshelves are also designed to withstand the weight of heavy books. Besides, a neatly organized set of books on a bookcase is guaranteed to kindle your interest and motivate you to read more.

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