11 Best Bottle Brushes To Buy In 2021


If you are looking for the best bottle brushes that you can use to clean your bottles and make them crystal clear, this post is for you. Bottle brushes help keep your bottles free from dirt, stains, buildup, and deposits.

They are made with different materials that aid in cleaning. The bristles of bottle brushes are usually made of nylon, silicone, or sponge. Choose the most practical bottle brush from the list below.

11 Best Bottle Brushes

1. Dr. Brown’s 3 Piece Bottle Brush

With three similar-sized bottle brushes, this set comes in an attractive blue shade. The brushes have a sponge and bristles that help reach and clean all the areas of the bottle and sippy cup. The ergonomic handles have ridges, and the base has channels suitable for delicate cleaning.


  • Dishwasher-safe (only top rack)
  • Specifically created chevron channels for Dr. Brown bottle nipples
  • Storage clips
  • No-slip handles


  • Sponge and bristles may fall off
  • Does not fit big bottles

2. Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

Designed with an eye-catching style, this bottle brush set comes in four sizes and has handles that resemble different green cacti. The mini bottle brushes are suitable for cleaning straws and tiny details. You can easily store the different-sized brushes in an organizer vase, and they are ideal for cleaning bottles, sippy cups, and small parts of milk pumps.


  • Long-lasting bristles
  • Organizer cup allows brushes to dry faster
  • Functional design
  • BPA-and PVC-free


  • Metal on brushes tend to tear bottle nipples
  • Brush bristles may flatten with use

3. Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush

Kitchiny long-handled brush is made of silicone and helps clean bottles of various sizes. The silicone bristles bend easily and are designed to fit into flask and jars of different sizes and even narrow-neck bottles. It does not collect dirt, is easy to maintain, and does not leave any bad smell.


  • Reduces chances of bacterial growth
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not scratch glassware
  • Bristles are long-lasting


  • Bristles are small
  • Handle and head are soft and may bend

4. DdLuck Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brush

Made from 100% BPA-free silicone, this brush has a long handle that allows you to reach the base of tall bottles easily. The brush does not retain odor and stains, is long-lasting, and can be used to clean water bottles, coffee mugs, and juice containers. Also, the bristles are soft and do not leave any scratches.


• Bristles bend and reach all areas of bottles
• Dishwasher-safe
• Heat-resistant up to 450°F
• Useful for cleaning blenders


• Bristles are too short
• Does not cause soap to lather

5. CiaraQ Bottle Cleaning Brushes

The set has ten dishwasher-safe bottle brushes to clean several different-sized bottles. They come in various diameters, suitable for cleaning narrow-neck bottles, tubes, and straws. Made from nylon bristles and a steel body, they are long-lasting and can be used to clean keyboards and fans.


  • Keychain keeps brushes together
  • Do not scratch glass
  • Nylon bristles do not damage mesh filters
  • Small bottle brushes clean tubes easily
  • Easy to hold and use


  • Brushes are not long enough
  • Thin bristles

6. Munchkin Shine Bottle Brush

Munchkin’s stainless steel brush comes with long-lasting nylon bristles. Its flexible neck allows you to reach every corner with ease. In addition, the brush has a suction cup base for easy storage on countertops.


  • Nipple brush in the handle
  • Bristles prevent splash-back
  • Replacement head is easy to install
  • Do not scratch glass


  • May develop mold
  • Base may start to chip

7. Scotch-Brite Glass and Water Bottle Brush

With an agent preventing bacterial odors, the bristles provide 360° coverage for effective cleaning. The brush is long-lasting, and you can clean it in the top tray of a dishwasher. The bristles can efficiently clean plastic, metal, or glass bottles.


  • Does not scratch glass
  • Plastic bristles are ideal for cleaning ridges
  • Suitable for narrow-neck bottles
  • Non-slip handle
  • Durable


  • Bristles may be soft
  • Narrow bottles may be difficult to clean
  • Bristle position may not be optimum

8. Mama Bear Bottle Brush

Created from BPA-free material, this set of three bottle brushes is specifically designed to clean formula bottles and sippy cups and is suitable for homes with newborns and toddlers. With a sponge tip and bristles, it helps reach hard-to-get areas easily.


  • Suction stand with clip easily fixes onto walls and counters
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • High-quality sponge tip
  • Base channels suitable for cleaning nipples


  • Soap does not remain in the sponge
  • Wire on the brush may bend

9. Quickie Bottle Brush

The bottle brush can work as a flask and water bottle brush cleaner, and the nylon bristles can compress easily to fit into the openings. The bristles are flexible yet durable, while the handle is easy to grip.


  • Hang-up feature
  • Easily reaches the crevices in tall flasks
  • Suitable for cleaning dishes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not ideal for small water bottles
  • Air drying may take time

10. Tissa Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Suitable for cleaning beer and wine bottles, the brush has extra length and bristles and can fit within bottles with small necks and wide bases. The handles are made from long-lasting plastic, while the wire body has bristles that remain firm and do not bend after prolonged use.


  • Not bulky
  • Fits easily into different odd-shaped bottles
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy-to-grip handles


  • Metal core may bend easily
  • Handle may come off

11. Amazer Bottle Brush

Available in a set of two, you can use these brushes to clean bottles and sippy cups. The bristles are made from durable nylon and are fixed on the brush with copper wire. Each brush has a stand for easy storage on the countertop for air drying.


  • Easy to use
  • Suits different-sized bottles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Small brush is hidden in the handle


  • Might be uncomfortable to hold
  • Bristles are rough

How To Choose The Right Bottle Brush?

Here are some factors to consider when buying a bottle brush.

  1. Type: Some brushes are ideal for cleaning feeding bottles and nipples, while others can help clean jars and narrow-neck bottles. Choose a brush that suits your needs.
  1. Size: Check if the brush can fit into narrow necks and is long, and bends enough to easily reach all the areas, especially if the bottles are tall or have irregular shapes.
  1. Numbers: A bottle brush set is preferred in homes with babies for cleaning various sized bottles. If one of the brushes bends out of shape or breaks after daily use, you can use another. Also, a set with mini bottle brushes is designed for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in breast milk pumps and nipples.
  1. Material: Most bottle cleaning brushes are made from silicone, and these are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Other brushes have a combination of sponge tips and bristles made from nylon. Choose brushes that are BPA-free.
  1. Maintenance: Choose brushes that are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, heat resistant, and do not retain odors.
  1. Coatings: Some bottle brushes have antimicrobial coatings that prevent microbes from building up and being transferred to jars, sippy cups, and bottles, which can cause illness.
  1. Storage: Choose a bottle cleaning brush that comes with a suction cup to place on countertops or walls for storage and easy access. Brushes that come with a hang-up hole can be a good option.

The best bottle brushes ensure faster and easier daily cleaning tasks at home. Choose a standard bottle brush that can clean wide and narrow bottles of various sizes. If you have infants and children at home, choose small bottle brushes that come in sets and easily clean infant bottles, tubes, and nipples. Hope this list of the best bottle brushes helps you find the right one.

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