11 Best Bouncy Balls In 2022


A fun toy for children and adults, bouncy balls are suitable for a quick catch game or party goody bags. So, check out our list of the best bouncy balls to choose the right one. High elasticity and ultra-stretching capacity determine the quality of the bouncy ball. These balls are popular for their high flex and the ability to maintain their shape when bounced on hard surfaces.

Bouncy balls are made of high-quality rubber and other polymers for an optimal bounce on impact. We have included products of various sizes, funky patterns, vibrant colors, two-tone combos, and more to suit your requirements. So, explore our list to learn more.

11 Best Bouncy Balls

1. Best Environement-Friendly: Pllieay Jet Bouncy Balls

The 24-piece set of bouncy balls from Pllieay are made of non-toxic, environment-friendly PU materials. They are one-inch in diameter and can be used in several games or as party bag fillers. These lightweight bouncy balls come in bright colors and random patterns, adding a nice touch to party decorations. The high elasticity and good strength give these balls a high bounce.


2. Best Neon: Fun Express Neon Swirled Bouncing Balls

The mini neon rubber bouncy balls from Fun Express have attractive swirly patterns in rainbow colors. They are crafted from premium-grade rubber, giving them a large amount of recoil and bounce. This bulk set of 48 bouncy balls are 0.75-inch in diameter, making them good party favors or creative additions for your craft project. You can use them in trick-or-treat bowls or as classroom rewards for students.


3. Best Sensory Balls: Bedwina Big Knobby Balls

Bedwina’s five-pack tactile sensory bounce balls are 18-inch in diameter and have knobs for an easy grip while throwing and catching. They come deflated and have a hand pump for quick and easy inflation. The bright colors and large size make them ideal for party games, playing catch, and rolling them in the playground without fear of getting lost.


4. Best Grip: Stages Sensory Builder Bouncy Ball

The flashing lights and spikes on the bouncy balls make them ideal for tactile and sensory stimulation. This pack has ten balls of three-inch diameter each. They can be used by teachers, parents, and therapists to address ADHD/ADD, high anxiety, and autism issues to enhance attention and focus. They light up when they bounce and make a squeaking sound, making them a fun toy for children of all ages.


5. Best For Indoors And Outdoors: Pangda Bouncy Balls

The Pangda bouncy balls are crafted from superior-grade elastic polymer to give them a high bounce and recoil. This bulk pack contains 120 balls of 0.88-inch diameter and can be used indoors or outdoors on various surfaces, such as wood, marble, and concrete. They can be added to goody bags, used as prizes in party games, or as a part of party decorations. They are ideal for huge gatherings and activities that require a large number of balls.


6. Best For Added Bounce: Rhode Island Novelty Icy Bounce Balls

The frosty look and icy texture on the 12-pack Rhode Island Novelty bouncy balls give them an extra bounce. These balls are 1.5-inch in diameter and are slightly bigger than the standard bouncy balls. They are suitable for throw and catch games and pet toys. You can also use them for party games and favor bags, and the balls have a good weight balance.


7. Best Colorful: Juvale Bouncy Balls

The gravity-defying mini bouncy balls are made of premium-grade compressed elastic polymer to give them high recoil. This bulk pack has 100 balls of bright neon colors and is 0.9-inch in diameter. These high-flying balls make attractive additions to party favor bags and game awards.


8. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Maxflo Pinky Bouncy Balls

The classic pink bouncy balls from Maxflo are crafted from dense sponge rubber to give an extra high lift when bounced. They are 2.5-inch in diameter, making them ideal for wall ball games, stickball, hit the penny, or improving hand-eye coordination. You can use them for stress relief during massage therapy and yoga. These lightweight balls come in a pack of three and are packaged in an attractive gift box that you may use for awards in party games.


9. Best Lightweight: ArtCreativity Icy Bouncy Balls

The frosty, two-toned ArtCreativity bouncy balls come in various vibrant color combinations, such as purple-pink, orange-yellow, and yellow-green. The 1.5-inch diameter balls make them portable and allow them to be slipped into pockets of any size with ease. This set of 12 balls has an extra layer of elasticity to give them higher bounce on hard surfaces, including asphalt and wood. These lightweight balls work well as stocking stuffers, piñata fillers, and treasure hunt prizes.


10. Best Smiley Design: ArtCreativity Smile Face Bouncing Balls

The fluorescent green bouncy balls feature a smiley design and are ideal for glow-in-the-dark-themed party favors. They are crafted from superior-grade rubber to give them an extra high bounce. The pack has 36 balls of one-inch diameter each, and you can place them under a light for them to glow. They are ideal for on-the-go fun at picnics, parks, and playgrounds.


11. Best Shimmery: Entervending Bouncy Balls

The bowling ball pattern and shimmery, colorful look of the Entervending bounce balls make them fascinating toys for children. These five large bounce balls of 1.77-inch diameter come in five different colors. They are eco-friendly and crafted from premium-quality rubber to give a high bounce. Designed to fit children’s and adults’ hands, they help improve hand-eye coordination and focus retention.


How To Choose The Right Bouncy Ball?

Here are some important factors to keep in mind while buying a bouncy ball.

1. Size: Small balls are ideal for chasing and give a higher bounce as they are lightweight. If you need a ball to hit with a bat or to play catch with a group of friends, a large size will be more suitable.

2. Quantity: Some balls come in bulk packs, while others come in smaller sets of three, five, or a single piece. Bulk packs are ideal for party favors, prizes, and decorations.

3. Sensory experience: If you’re looking for tactile sensory experience along with bounce, choose balls with knobs and spikes along with lights and sounds.

4. Shape: Apart from the classic round shape, bouncy balls come with craters and flatter edges for easy change in directions while hitting a surface. They add extra fun to the game and provide mathematics lessons on angles.

A bouncy ball is one of the most sought-after fun toys for kids that is made using highly elastic rubber. They exist in vibrant colors and are durably built to maintain their shape when bounced on hard surfaces. Playing with a bouncy ball has its benefits apart from having fun, like improving hand-eye coordination and focus retention. To buy the best bouncy ball, you might want to check if it fits perfectly in your little ones’ hands. Besides, the balls that are not made up of toxic materials and did not emit a strong odor will be an apt buy for your child.

Why Trust MomJunction?

In this post, we have listed the best bouncy balls to let your children play catch. We have included balls with optimum bounce and amazingly funky design. We have put forward our recommendations after exploring multiple products and user reviews to offer you an unbiased opinion. Moreover, the list includes a few pointers you should consider when choosing the right bouncy ball.

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