15 Best Bourbon Glasses In 2020

15 Best Bourbon Glasses In 2020 web

Whether you drink beer, whiskey, rum, or vodka, it is more about experiencing the liquor than it is about just gulping it down for a high. And for the best experience, it is important to have the right glasses to pour the drink in. While the company you have and the ambiance also make a difference, the right kind of glasses and accessories can make that drink truly enjoyable. If you are a bourbon lover, getting that right set of glasses can create that perfect evening for drinks with friends or a loved one.

Here, MomJunction gives you a carefully curated list of some of the best bourbon glasses, which will make your drink as classy and chic, as the vessel holding the drink itself.

15 Best Bourbon Glasses

1. Whiskey Glass Gift Set of 2 Bourbon Glasses &Whisky Rocks Chilling Stones -By Brotec


Packaged in a neat wooden casket that is lined with a velvet pouch, this set of two whiskey glasses comes with two coasters and six whiskey stones, making it a great gift for bourbon drinkers. The glasses have a capacity of 10oz and are made with lead-free crystal, in a unique twisted design. The whiskey stones are a great add-on to ensure your drink remains chilled without diluting the flavor. If you’re looking to get a gift for someone who loves their whiskey neat, go for this.

2. Set of 4 Bourbon Glasses By-Brew To A Tea


This set consists of four high-quality, lead-free, and double-walled whiskey glasses that can turn your bourbon drinking experience into an exquisite one. With a capacity of 210ml, these condensation-resistant borosilicate drink glasses make a classy drinking affair, while keeping your drink cold for longer. The glasses are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe, which makes them a low-maintenance and a high-on-experience product. The glasses come in a beautifully designed box, making them excellent gifting options.

3. Lighten Life Whiskey Glass Set In Luxury Gift Box


Simple, yet classy is what defines these bourbon glasses. Neatly packed in a box, the four bourbon glasses are made with lead-free crystal glass. These heavy and durable glasses can make a great gift for any occasion. The thick-wall design of the glasses keeps the drink cold for longer, without the need to add more ice, thus also keeping it stronger.

4. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set With 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses-By Godinger


This set is quite interesting as both the glasses and the whiskey decanter are etched with the globe motif. To top it, the decanter has an antique ship-like design as well and rests tilted over a mahogany tray. The decanter has a capacity of 850ml, while each glass holds 300ml of bourbon. The icing on top is the gold stopper that adds a touch of sophistication to the entire set.

5. Godinger Whiskey Decanter and 2 Whiskey Glasses Bar Set


Italian made whiskey glasses and glass decanter make a beautiful addition to one’s bar set. These beautifully crafted glasses make them one of the best to enjoy your bourbon in. The elegant decanter has a capacity of 36oz, while the cocktail glasses hold 12oz of drink each. The beautiful glasses are packaged, along with the decanter in a box, with a weight of just 3.7lbs.

6. Bourbon Scotch Rum Glasses-8oz Set of 6 – By Jexivi


These bourbon glasses are best for enjoying that perfect bottle of scotch with your friends. The lead-free glasses are thick and quite sturdy. They make a simple, yet a classy edition to one’s personal bar set. Each glass has a capacity of 8oz and is of optimal size for any party. The box comes with six glasses and serves great as a gift.

7. ELIDOMC Premium Whiskey Glasses, Set Of 4


These bourbon glasses make a cool gift owing to their unique shape towards the base. The set of four glasses is classy and stylish, enhancing the experience of drinks with friends or family at home. The gasses are large with a 9oz capacity and can also fit in scotch stones plus a decent amount of drink. The glasses come in a gift box, which has a soft magnetic closure and is lined with a satin cloth inside for a premium finish.

8. Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Set of 4


The elegantly twisted design makes these glasses one of the best bourbon glasses. Made with lead-free crystal, these cut glasses sparkle brightly against the light. Its shape, the thick sides, and base make it break-resistant and quite durable. Whether bourbon or any other drink that you have on the rocks, these glasses will hold a substantial 10oz of a drink easily. The best part is that these are dishwasher safe as well.

9. Greenline Goods Bourbon Trail Kentucky Etched 10oz Tumbler (Set of 2)


The beautifully-etched design of the bourbon trail map, with coordinates, is what makes these bourbon glasses unique. The dishwasher safe glasses are handmade, and the map is drawn by hand, giving them an old-world charm. The glasses are made with high-quality crystal with a heavy base and can hold 10oz of a drink. The glasses come in a neatly packed gift box, making it a perfect gift for all the connoisseurs of the drink.

10. JoyJolt Halo Crystal Whiskey/Scotch Glasses Set Of 2


These handmade, tulip-shaped glasses are beautiful to savor your finest drinks. The 100% lead-free crystal cut unique bourbon glasses come in a beautiful gift box, which makes it an ideal gift for several occasions. The dishwasher safe glasses are solid at the base, with a thin rim edge. The glasses have a drink holding capacity of 230ml.

11. KANARS Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses Set Of 4


Made of high-quality lead-free crystal, with a diamond-cut detailed design, these glasses come in a set of four are among the best bourbon glasses. These come packaged in a neat gift box and can be used for gifting. The glasses are pretty to look at and breakage resistant too. The platinum glass production process makes them more a little stronger and heavier than the regular whiskey glasses. These are also dishwasher safe and are more sustainable than others.

12. Cork & Mill Bourbon Gift Box with Whisky Stones, Glasses, Tongs, Pouch, And Booklet


This is an elaborate set for a bourbon connoisseur. The complete set of six glasses with stainless steel whiskey stones, a storage pouch, tongs, and a detailed 20-page booklet on basic whiskey production, makes it one of the best bourbon glass sets. The unique, tulip-shaped glasses have a drink holding capacity of 6oz, and the shape allows the pleasant aroma of the drink to move towards the glass rim slowly. This prevents the strong fumes to rise immediately, keeping the drink stronger for longer.

13. Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glasses, Set Of 4


This is a cool bourbon glass set, which has been created with clear fire glass composition, giving them a superior brilliance. The glasses have resilient sidewalls with a thin rim, which in turn are chip-resistant. The glasses are also made with lead-free crystal, are dishwasher safe, and are highly durable. The set includes four glasses, each having a capacity of 8oz, making it perfect for even decently large drinks.

14. ZENS Hand Blown Bourbon Glass Set Of 2


These crumpled, octagon-shaped glasses are a sight to behold. Perfect and unique, these bourbon glasses are handblown from lead-free, premium quality borosilicate glass. The glasses are double-walled, allowing ample time to let the ice cubes melt. The set, consisting of two glasses, with a capacity of 7.4oz or 220 ml, makes it ideal for those endless drink parties.

15. Whiskey Glasses 10.5oz. (Clear Glass) By Nicely Home


These neat whiskey glasses are among the cool ones and come with an old-world charm. The glasses are designed to perfection for you to enjoy smooth whiskey, scotch, or any kind of mixed drinks. They are sturdy, chip, and scratch-resistant. Being sturdy enough, they can be put in the dishwasher as well. The beautiful gift box of four whiskey glasses comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tips To Choose The Right Bourbon Glasses

  1.  Shape: Most whiskey connoisseurs prefer to have a specific tulip-shaped or tumbler-like bourbon glasses so that they can also enjoy the aroma of freshly poured whiskey. The regular glasses tend to raise the strong fumes a little more suddenly and strongly, spoiling the experience, while specially designed bourbon glasses bring the aroma up slowly and steadily, letting you enjoy it better.
  1. Whiskey stones: The whole idea of enjoying whiskey or scotch is to have it on rocks. However, while ice cubes tend to melt and dilute the taste of the otherwise “neat” whiskey, substitute steel or stone rocks don’t. Getting a set of glasses with such whiskey stones is a great bar add-on.
  1. Double-walled glasses: This is a good requirement, especially when you want your drink to be at the optimal temperature. Double-walled bourbon glasses ensure the rocks don’t lose on their temperature fast.
  1. Narrow rim: The only way to enjoy fine whiskey is to sip it slowly and relish it with its aroma. That’s why glasses with a narrow rim or edge serve well for whiskey drinkers, letting them enjoy the aroma of the drink. Choosing bourbon glasses with a narrow rim should be a good parameter, especially if you are keen on becoming a whiskey connoisseur.

Choosing the right bourbon glasses is essential if you want to enjoy the act of whiskey drinking. The whole idea of perfectly-shaped glasses is to assist in the process of drinking and nosing whiskey, which is to smell the aroma while drinking. Choosing from our meticulously curated list of the best bourbon glasses should help you feel sorted with your next bourbon glasses.

What’s your preferred type of bourbon glasses? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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