13 Best Bowling Bags For Bowlers In 2024 And A Buyer's Guide

The best bowling bags do not give way to the pressure of the heavy equipment associated with the sport. Ordinary bags are not designed for such loads and often damage your precious equipment. Unfortunately, most bowlers who enjoy the sport for recreation and light-hearted competition are not aware of these bags and often spend more to replace their equipment than what they saved on avoiding the purchase of a bowling bag.

Here are some best-selling bowling bags from trusted brands to help you carry all your tried-and-tested equipment and have a competitive edge over other players. The post also lists a variety of quality bowling bags and a buying guide to help you choose the right product.

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Types Of Bowling Bags

Bowling bags are available in different designs, sizes, and styles to make them suitable for bowlers of all stages. Whether for professional bowlers or beginners, they come in two basic types.

  1. Tote bowling bags: Tote-style bowling bags are ideal for beginners and recreational players who need single or double ball bowling bags. These bags might come with added compartments to carry bowling accessories such as shoes and other essentials. They have handles to carry with your hands or a padded handle to carry on your shoulders.
  2. Roller or luggage bowling bags: Roller bags are ideal for professionals with in-depth expertise who need multiple bowling balls, as they come with wheels for easy maneuvering. They have numerous compartments to store two or more bowling balls and accessories.

13 Best Bowling Bags

1. Best With Padded Carry Strap: Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag Image: Pyramid

Pyramid’s bowling bag has a separate storage compartment to carry two balls, with a padded divider. It has a shoe compartment on the top that can carry a pair of shoes up to US men’s size 16. The side compartment allows you to carry your towels, keys, phone, and other accessories you might need at the game. Durable and easy to carry, the bag is made of 600-denier polyester material, and the wheels come with a metal axle. Watch this video for a thorough understanding of the product.

Material: Canvas | Color: Black/Black | Material: ‎Canvas | Item Weight: ‎6.59 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎21 x 13 x 15 inches


  • PCP molded plastic base for extra protection
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Padded carry strap
  • Three-inch wide rubber wheels for easy movement


  • Roller handle may not lock in position
  • May not be suitable for tough use
protip_icon Did you know?
The wall paintings in some ancient Egyptian tombs depict the existence of bowling in 3200 BC. However, the first standardized rules were established in 1895 in New York (1).

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 3,564 satisfied customers on Amazon have said good things about the product.

2. Best Compact Design: Athletico Kingpin Bowling Bag

Athletico Kingpin Bowling Bag Image: Athletico

Suitable for a single bowling ball, this bag has enough space to carry all your bowling accessories. It is a lightweight bowling bag with two vented compartments on each side to carry your shoes up to US men’s size 14 and all your bowling gear, including towels, socks, ball cleaner, and wrist support. The pocket on the front is convenient to carry your personal belongings. It is constructed from 600-denier polyester and jacquard weave fabric. The adjustable and removable shoulder straps, along with Velcro-closed padded tote handles, make this duffel-style bowling bag convenient to carry. Click here to check out a detailed personal review of this high-quality bowling ball bag.

Material: Polyester | Color: Black | Outer Material: ‎Polyester | Item Weight: ‎1.85 Pounds


  • Thick foam padded bottom
  • Reinforced 3mm hard plastic bottom
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Strong built and durable material


  • Might be difficult to remove the ball from the small opening
  • Foam insert may not be deep enough to keep the ball in place

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The tried-and-true product has earned over 2,547 good reviews on Amazon.

3. Best Durable: Brunswik T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag

Brunswik T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag Image: Brunswick

Made from 600-denier fabric, this bag from Brunswik can hold a single bowling ball. It is spacious enough to hold shoes up to US men’s size 14 and other accessories, including towels, phones, and keys. Available in multiple colors, it has a shoulder strap and handles to hold and carry the bag conveniently. Here’s a review video showcasing a tester’s experience to help you get a better understanding of the product.

Color: Black | Material: ‎Other | Color: ‎Black | Item Weight: ‎0.01 Ounces | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎14 x 11 x 3 inches


  • Durable
  • Shoulder strap with adjustable design
  • Can handle heavyweight
  • Detachable foam ball holder


  • No plastic footing or support at the bottom
  • No separate compartment for shoes and accessories

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 1,085 reviews on Amazon indicate that this product has a loyal following.

Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag
Best With Padded Carry Strap
Athletico Kingpin Bowling Bag
Best Compact Design
Brunswik T-Zone Single Tote Bowling Bag
Best Durable
Material ‎Canvas Polyester ‎Other
Color Black/Black Black ‎Black
Weight ‎6.59 Pounds ‎1.85 Pounds ‎0.01 Ounces
Dimensions LxWxH ‎21 x 13 x 15 inches- ‎14 x 11 x 3 inches
Outer Material- ‎Polyester-

4. Best Stylish Design: Storm One Ball Rascal Roller Bowling Bag


Storm Rascal bowling bag with wheels is a convenient way to transport your bowling gear. The top handle makes it easy to carry with hands, and the multiple compartments allow you to carry all your bowling gear in one bag. It is made from 400-denier polyvinyl fabric.

Material: Foam | Material: ‎Foam | Color: ‎Pink | Item Weight: ‎1.75 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎12.4 x 9.6 x 6.4 inches


  • Stylish design
  • Dual-stage locking telescopic handle
  • Easy-glide wheels
  • Foam base for ball protection and support
  • Spacious
  • Stands upright


  • Handle may not lock properly

5. Best With Multiple Handles: Brunswick Zone Double Roller Bowling Bag

Brunswick Zone Double Roller Bowling Bag Image: Brunswick

Designed to hold two bowling balls, this is a user-friendly bowling bag with retractable handles and extra compartments for bowling shoes and accessories. It is made of 600-denier polyester fabric that is strong enough to hold the bowling balls safely. This tried-and-tested bowling bag with shoe compartment allows it to hold shoes up to US men’s size 17. Its padded and Velcro-closed handles are sturdy and make carrying easy. 

Material: Other | Color: Sky Blue | Material: ‎Other | Color: ‎Sky Blue | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎22 x 14 x 12 inches


  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Multiple handles
  • Three-inch rubber wheels for easy maneuver
  • 5-inch retractable handle
  • Sturdy and durable


  • No straps to hold the balls in position

6. Best Lightweight: Hammer Dye Sub Triple Tote Bowling Bag

Hammer Dye Sub Triple Tote Bowling Bag Image: Hammer Dye

The Hammer triple tote bowling gag has a see-through window at the top for quick checking. The wide skateboard wheels help with easy transportation, and you can roll the bag around with the adjustable pull strap. The bag looks elegant with a contemporary design. Measuring 24 x 8 x 11 inches, it offers ample space for three bowling balls at a time.

Material: ‎Other | Color: ‎Black | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎30 x 10 x 10 inches


  • Suitable for tournament and travel players
  • Lightweight design
  • Sturdy base made of molded EVA
  • Built with 600D fabric


  • May not have a compartment for shoes

protip_icon Quick tip
Wipe the bag clean with a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water. Let it air dry, and do not use an air dryer or heater for drying, as it can damage the bag’s fabric.

7. Best Tote-Style: DV8 Tactic Triple Tote Bowling Bag

This tote bowling bag by DV8 can hold up to three balls and has rubber pull handles to make it easy and comfortable to carry. Moreover, this is a compact bowling bag featuring wheels to allow you the flexibility to pull the bag when you don’t want to lift and carry it. The bag’s top is transparent, allowing you to have a peek at the contents without having to open the bag.

Material: Rubber | Color: Black | Material: ‎Rubber | Color: ‎Black


  • Durable
  • Long adjustable straps
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Limited size options

8. Best With Shoulder Straps: BSI Deluxe Single Ball Bowling Bag


This tote bag measuring 14 x 13 x 9in is ideal for occasions when you have to carry only one bowling ball. The combination of pink and black bestows a stylish appeal to the bowling bag, and you can carry the versatile bag on the shoulder or like a handbag depending on your convenience. Further, it has a foam-based cup to keep the ball in place and protected.

Material: Other | Color: Pink/Black | Material: ‎Other | Color: ‎Pink/Black | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎14 x 11 x 3 inches


  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps
  • Has a separate compartment for shoes
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Includes a zippered pocket for extra storage


  • Doesn’t feature wheels

9. Best With Side Pocket: Brunswick Blitz Double Roller Bowling Bag

Brunswick Blitz Double Roller Bowling Bag Image: Brunswick

Suitable for carrying two bowling balls, this bag has a shoe compartment on the top that is spacious enough for US men’s size 17. This bowling bag with an accessory pocket by the side gives you adequate storage options for your personal belongings. The time-tested bowling bag is made from 600-denier fabric and is available in four colors. Its carrying handles come with a Velcro wrap, and the retractable locking handle makes it easy to transport.

Color: Purple | Color: ‎Purple | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎10 x 15 x 23 inches


  • Velcro straps hold the balls in place
  • Three and a half-inch wheels for easy roll-on
  • Five-year warranty
  • Molded plastic cup inserts for balls
  • Plastic footer for a stable upright position


  • No handle on top for lifting
  • Side pocket may be small

10. Best With Easy Grip: Himal Bowling BagFor Single Ball

Himal tote bowling bag can hold a single bowling ball with enough space to carry all your bowling essentials. The separate shoe compartments on each side are ideal for carrying bowling shoes, water bottles, towels, etc. It also has a front zipper pocket to store small items, such as keys, phones, and wallets. The bowling bag is made of 600-denier strong polyester fabric.

Material: Polyester | Color: Black | Material: ‎Polyester | Color: ‎Black


  • Metal vented shoe compartment
  • Detachable, adjustable, and padded strap
  • Durable hardware
  • Foam padding for ball protection and support
  • Buffer design on the bottom for added protection
  • Velcro close tote handles for easy grip
  • Can carry two pairs of shoes on each side


  • Shallow ball insert
  • Bag may be bulky

11. Best With Vented Shoe Compartments: Papazau Single Ball Bowling Bag

You can pack all your bowling gear in this single ball tote bag from Papazau. There is an oversized pocket on the side to store your bowling shoes, water bottles, towels, ball cleaner, etc. The front pocket and the small top pocket come in handy to store small items for quick access. The Velcro-closed handles and the padded shoulder straps make the bag comfortable to carry. This 900-denier waterproof bowling bag is made to stay durable and last longer.

Material: Rubber | Color: Black | Material: ‎Rubber | Color: ‎Black


  • Vented shoe compartments on each side
  • Easy-to-carry two pairs of shoes up to US men’s size 14
  • Rubber feet at the bottom protects the ball
  • Foam ball holder to cushion the ball


  • Might be difficult to store shoes larger than size 12

12. Best With Zipper Pocket: Moxy Double Roller Bowling Bag

Made from 600-denier nylon fabric, Moxy double roller bowling bag is strong and durable. The top handles with Velcro and the retractable locking handle offer perfect grip and make it easy to transport your double bowling balls. Its main compartment can hold two balls separated with a divider and contains a special shoe compartment that can store up to US men’s size 15. It has a side zipper pocket to store towels and other accessories for bowling time, and the small zipper on the top can hold small items, such as keys and phones.

Color: Purple/Black | Material: ‎Nylon | Color: ‎Purple/Black | Item Weight: ‎5 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎22 x 16 x 4 inches.


  • Spacious shoe compartment
  • Velcro straps to hold the bowling balls
  • Plastic footers to keep the bag in the standing position and to protect the ball
  • Five-year warranty
  • Four-inch wide wheels


  • Non-ventilated shoe compartment
  • No top handle
  • Might be difficult to lock the handle after few uses

13. Best For Easy Rolling: KR Strikeforce Cruiser Single Roller Bowling Bag

KR Strikeforce Cruiser Single Roller Bowling Bag Image: Krstrikeforce

The roller bag has a retractable locking handle that can extend up to 39 inches, and the handles on the top have Velcro closure to help lift the bag. It has a separate shoe compartment, a front zipper pocket, and a side slip-on mesh pocket to store all your bowling gear and personal items. The bag is made from 600-denier fabric, and the main compartment has a foam bottom to protect the ball.

Material: Nylon | Item Weight: 4.5 Pounds | Color: Red/White/Black | Outer Material: ‎Nylon | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎10 x 20 x 17 inches | Wheel Material: ‎Polyurethane


  • Spyder wheels for easy rolling
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Five-year warranty
  • Stylish design in attractive colors


  • Non-ventilated shoe compartment
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Bowling Bag?

Here are a few factors you should consider to choose the right bowling bag.

  1. Carrying capacity: Single ball, double ball, triple ball, four-ball, and six-ball bags are available. Choose one accordingly.
  1. Type: For single balls, a tote bag is ideal. If you don’t want to carry the weight on your shoulders and want spacious bags, roller style bags for a single ball are also suitable. For double balls and more, the roller-type bowling bags are suitable as they are easy to transport.
  1. Extra space and pockets: Choose bags with extra pockets to carry all your bowling gear, especially your shoes.
  1. Material: The fabric quality and the hardware should be durable to carry heavy bowling balls. It is not safe to carry them in flimsy bags as it might cause an accident or damage the bowling ball. Look for a sturdy bag with a plastic base or a foam base to keep your ball safe and secure.
  1. Special features: Look for special features, such as Velcro straps and ball inserts that will help keep the ball in place, shoe vents to keep your shoes airy and fresh, locking handles, wide wheels, multiple handles, padded shoulder straps, double zipper design, etc. for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size bag should I use for bowling?

The bowling bag should be big enough to accommodate at least one bowling ball and a pair of shoes. Most standard bags can fit shoes up to US men’s size 14.

2. What are bowling ball bags made of?

Most bowling bags are designed with 600D polyester oxford fabric, which is easy to maintain. They come equipped with padded and molded cups or pockets to hold the bowling balls. Some bags also have a heavy-duty plastic bottom attached to the base of the bag for sturdiness.

3. Can I use a bowling ball bag to carry my shoes?

Yes, most bowling bags have a dedicated pocket for the shoes. Although the average shoe size they can accommodate is up to US men’s size 14, a few bags are sizable enough to carry up to size 16 as well.

4. How much does a bowling bag weigh?

On average, bowling bags can weigh between three to five pounds, depending on the number of attachments. Since the exact weight is likely to change as per the brand and model, going through the product details provided by the manufacturer can give a precise assessment.

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Bowling is a target sport that requires you to carry several accessories, and ordinary bags are not designed to handle much weight. Thus, bowling bags are ideal for your next game because they have a sturdy build, a durable exterior and compact design, and come with adjustable straps for comfort. Moreover, they are convenient, spacious, easy to travel with, and feature shoe vents that keep your shoes airy and fresh, so you can show up to your game looking and feeling confident.

Infographic: A Quick Guide To Bowling Bags

Bowling bags are available in various styles and designs to make the bowlers comfortable while carrying them. The types mentioned in the infographic below can help you clearly understand the bags and how many balls they can hold.

Different Kinds Of Bowling Bags

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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  1. The Physics of Bowling: How good bowlers stay off the straight and narrow.

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