14 Best Bowling Shoes For Women In 2021


Your love for bowling will increase if you own a pair of the best bowling shoes for women. Made of leather and rubber, they are designed to enable friction-free smooth movement for the player. They even let your feet slide properly to avoid any strain or injuries arising out of friction. These even allow good movement while carrying heavy bowling balls. So if you are wondering whether bowling shoes for men are separate from those of women, yes, since women’s feet are narrower than men’s. So before you go and hit the bowling track again, do not forget to get your hands on the most comfortable pair of bowling shoes. For further guidance, keep reading our post and pick the best.

14 Best Bowling Shoes For Women

1. Brunswick Women’s Karma Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Women's Karma

Designed with comfort and style in mind, these bowling shoes have performance upper mesh material, foam-padded collar, and tongue that offers better flexibility. It has a slip-on, adjustable lace design that makes it easy to wear and take them off. Rubber outsoles make the shoe lightweight, and this helps in playing game after game without your legs feeling exhausted. The microfiber slide soles enable quick sliding on the track.

2. Brunswick Bliss Women’s Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Bliss Women's

These leather bowling shoes have a performance upper mesh, lightweight rubber insole for added comfort and flexibility. It has a foam-padded collar and tongue. It has pure slide microfiber soles on both soles that paves the way for a superior slide immediately. It has a lace that can be adjusted according to your comfort. It gives a better grip, and you can enjoy your game without any worry.

3. SaVi Women’s Classic Bowling Shoes

SaVi Women's Classic Bowling

These shoes are suitable for both right or left-handed bowlers and come with slide soles that are open on both sides. Designed with comfort in mind, the shoes are made of super-light breathable material. They come with a 2-year warranty as well. The rubber insoles are 40% lighter when compared to other shoes in the market, making them one of the best bowling shoes for women.

4. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

BSI Women's Classic Bowling

These bowling shoes offer a modern look combined with a classic design. They have a sports leather upper, padded foam, and tongue. The sole is stitched and glued for better durability. It has an interchangeable sole and lightweight EVA midsole. The logo is beautifully embossed on the sides of the shoes to enhance the classic look. The shoe size runs one size bigger than your regular shoes.

5. Dexter Women’s Kristen Bowling Shoes

Dexter Women's Kristen Bowling

This lace-up pattern gives a very trendy, sporty, almost suede-like look to your bowling shoes. Made of durable Nubuck PU, the shoes come with a fabric lining and padded collar. When worn, these bowling shoes provide good comfort because of the breathable side vents, removable EVA footbeds, and S8 microfiber slide soles.  It also has a non-marking rubber outsole and a defined heel design.

6. KR Strikeforce Women’s Opal Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Women’s Opal

Sporting a Komfor-Fit™ construction, these bowling shoes have a new hybrid K2 Kool Komfort Mesh. It has a microfiber upper for lightweight support and added breathability. With a padded collar and tongue, it has a fully textile lined exterior. It has a new non-marking flat rubber outsole. It also features a FlexSlide Technology™ microfiber slide pad on both the shoes. It has universal slide soles and comes in a vibrant black/hot pink combination.

7. Dexter Women’s Vicky Bowling Shoes – Silver/Grey/Purple

Dexter Women's Vicky Bowling

These stylish bowling shoes have a bold colored V marked on the sides that give it a cool, retro look. It has universal microfiber S8 soles, soft manmade upper, U-throat upper pattern, fabric-lined tongue and collar. It also comes with non-marking rubber outsoles, along with a defined horseshoe heel, and a soft, supportive footbed with fabric surface. The shoes are available in a vibrant silver/grey/purple mix color.

8. Brunswick Aura Ladies Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Aura Ladies Bowling

These bowling shoes have an athletic style, with a breathable mesh upper and foam-padded collar, tongue. The lightweight rubber outsole, with a unique pattern featuring the letter ‘A,’ adds comfort. The pure slide microfiber slide soles give you a superior slide immediately. Available in three colors, these shoes are very good-looking and are comfortable enough to let you perform better in the alley.

9. Hammer Womens Vixen Performance Bowling Shoes

Hammer Womens Vixen Performance

The first pair of high-performance bowling shoes from this brand is Vixen. It is designed to enhance your bowling performance as well as provide great comfort. It has a durable, microfiber upper CMEVA outsole. Ortholite footbed gives maximum breathability, and its STA-DRY open mesh tongue and padded collar absorb sweat. It has an H-Bar heel locking system, interchangeable soles, and heel on left shoe only to boost your performance.

10. Pyramid Women’s Path Sport Bowling Shoes

Pyramid Women’s Path Sport

These shoes offer the best of quality, performance, and style. They suit bowlers of any skill level and can be used by both right and left-handed bowlers. Packed in an eco-friendly shoe bag, the pair of shoes have metal eyelets, heavy-duty stitching, padded tongue and collar, and arch support. The microfiber slide soles offer consistent sliding and quick break-in. With a two-year warranty, these are one of the best bowling shoes for women.

11. KR Strike force Kross Women’s Bowling Shoe Black Purple

KR Strike force Kross Women's

With a soft, durable upper, these bowling shoes have a fully textile-lined padded collar and tongue. They come with raised heels along with a non-marking rubber outsole. It boasts of Komfort fit construction and has K2 Kool Komfort Mesh for providing breathability and added comfort. It has a No. 8 Microfiber slide pad with FlexSlide technology. The shoe is available in a vibrant black and purple combination.

12. Pyramid Women’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes

Pyramid Women's Path Lite Seamless

These seamless athletic shoes promise to provide the ultimate performance, comfort, and quality. With universal slide soles, these shoes can be worn by both right and left-handed bowlers. They come with a removable comfort footbed that adds extra support to the player’s feet. The shoes also have microfiber sliding soles along with raised rubber construction heels. It comes in a variety of colors to add that style to your bowling shoes.

13. Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes: THE 9

Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes

Made of toehold hyperflex engineering, these shoes have highly abrasion-resistant toe material. You can now avoid peel-back and prolong the time of wear. The toe-hold clip secures the shoe by locking onto the bowling track, providing better grip and comfort. It has dual hinges to ensure proper alignment. The patented interchangeable soles make them the perfect pair of shoes to add to your collection and go bowling. It has soft-grain leather upper.

14. Storm Istas Multicolor Bowling Shoes

Storm Istas Multicolor

It has a lightweight, breathable fabric U pattern upper. Molded removable EVA footbed gives flexibility and comfort. Non-marking rubber outsole along with a defined heel, Black Ice, and S8 microfiber slide sole on both the soles and a full fabric line stitching with a padded collar are some of its other features. It has a sporty and creative look, which makes it a must-add to your shoe closet if you go out bowling often.

How Should Bowling Shoes Fit?

The fit of the bowling shoes should be similar to that of your regular shoes. To check if your bowling shoes fit well, see if the width is not too tight or too loose. It should be approximately half of your thumb width when measured at the end of your toes.

How To Choose The Right Bowling Shoes For Women?

Men’s shoes are wider when compared to women’s bowling shoes. The first thing to keep in mind is that women’s shoes have a narrower fit. Having the perfect pair of bowling shoes can help you perform better on the track and give you great comfort if you have to wear them for an entire day. Shoes that do not fit perfectly can cause discomfort, pain, or worse, you may slip and get injured seriously.

Ensure to also check for good gripped soles, interchangeable soles for quick slide, good quality mesh upper, which adds breathability, and a stylish finish to help you look better. Having a pair of bowling shoes can definitely help you up your game and emerge as a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are bowling shoes necessary when you go bowling? 

It is mandatory to use bowling shoes, rented or your own when you’re playing at a bowling alley. This is usually to avoid dirt, dust, etc. from being deposited on the bowling track, as well as to allow you to move smoothly on the track without damaging it.

  1. How can I get my bowling shoes to slide better? 

Bowling shoes can be slippery. Wearing bowling shoes that slide helps you to move and slide on the polished surface of the bowling track. You can choose the ones that have interchangeable soles, and a microfiber slide sole that helps in sliding quickly. Choose rubber outsoles, non-marking kind of bowling shoes to slide better.

  1. Can you turn regular shoes into bowling shoes?

One of the main differences between regular shoes and bowling shoes is the sole. Bowling shoes have non-marking, microfiber slide outsoles. This helps in sliding better and easily while you are bowling. Regular shoes can have rough soles or slippery soles that prevent you from playing the game well.

Bowling shoes have no heels and have a better grip on the track due to the rubber sole. Hence it is always better to buy bowling shoes rather than turning your regular ones into bowling shoes. You can avoid injuries as well by using specific bowling shoes.

Buying bowling shoes may not guarantee you a win. But over a period, when you start playing often, these shoes come in handy. They help you save the cost of renting bowling shoes, and you can practice more often, thus honing your skills and improving performance.

Proper care and maintenance of these bowling shoes can help you use them for years. It also serves as a long term investment.

Which of the shoes from the list would you buy, and why? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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