11 Best Brushes For Mineral Powder Foundation In 2021

11 Best Brushes For Mineral Powder Foundation In 2021

A makeup brush can give your skin an even, smooth finish, irrespective of whether your foundation is a liquid, cream, or powder. While choosing your mineral foundation brush, what’s important is the finish and texture you are hoping to achieve. The right brush is as important as the mineral foundation you choose— it decides how your foundation will look on your skin. So, you have to decide whether you want to go for a kabuki brush, flat brush, buffer brush, or a duo-fiber brush. Because getting your base perfect is essential for the rest of your makeup to sit well.

Today, you have all kinds of makeup brushes in the market, each made differently and serving a specific purpose— and at times it can be mind boggling. We hope our review of the 11 best brushes for mineral foundation will go a long way in helping you achieve an even coverage with a smooth and flawless finish.

11 Best Brushes For Mineral Foundation

1. Lamora Flat Top Kabuki Brush – Rose

This soft, silky, and dense brush is one of the best mineral foundation brushes you can hope for. Your foundation will look airbrushed and flawless with this flat top kabuki brush. It’s great for everyday use and covers all blemishes and imperfections with precision. It has a pink and copper wooden handle and high quality synthetic bristles, and can be used as a powder or stippling brush to apply powder, cream, and liquid products without absorbing the product. This 100% vegan and cruelty-free brush is extremely soft and durable, and very easy to clean. This mineral foundation makeup brush ensures that you have a smooth and flawless coverage that stays put.


2. Beauty Junkees Mineral Foundation Brush – Round Kabuki

This round kabuki mineral foundation makeup brush picks up just enough product without wasting or making a mess, and blends it easily on your face to give a smooth, flawless finish. It has high quality, soft, dense, synthetic bristles that are ideal for applying both loose and pressed compacts, as well as liquid foundations evenly. It is easy to hold and work with, and it’s an ideal pick for stippling, blending, buffing, contouring, and finishing. You can buy this cruelty-free, round kabuki brush alone or as a set of 5 brushes along with a travel brush holder.


3. Matto Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

These synthetic, ultra plush, soft fiber, chemical-free brushes are hand crafted by professional makeup artists to ensure long time use. It’s made with premium raw materials and so there is no chemical smell. The soft and silky fibers give a smooth touch to the skin, and help to create a flawless base and a perfect finish. This 2-piece makeup brush set is suitable for setting a liquid or cream base and powder foundations. The flat kabuki brush is used as a cream or liquid foundation brush to set the base. It also builds coverage and conceals blemishes and imperfections by stippling the product. The round kabuki brush can be used with any type of foundation, though it is usually used with mineral foundation and powders. These 100% cruelty-free brushes are also easy to clean.


4. BareMinerals Core Coverage Foundation Brush

Designed with convenience in mind, the BareMinerals powder foundation makeup brush comes in a sleek and retractable black casing that ensures the bristles are always clean and stay intact. Made to provide full coverage, it gives quick and detailed foundation application with a beautiful, airbrushed finish. Great to carry while travelling, this mineral foundation brush has tightly packed, synthetic fibers at its core, and softer fibers on the outside so that you get an even and smooth foundation finish. The small size of the brush offers a more targeted coverage, especially as you contour around the eyes as it prevents the powder from going into your eyes.


5. Simply Essentials Flat Top Kabuki Brush

This flat foundation makeup brush gives you professional results with its high quality design and performance. It’s extremely soft against your skin, gives you smooth and full foundation coverage, and blends the product flawlessly. It is designed to apply your favorite foundations, powders, bronzers, and blushes, giving you superior control during application. It also does wonders while buffing liquid foundation or mineral powders into the skin for smooth and even results. This brush is made with the highest quality synthetic materials, and its dense bristles deliver quick and precise application with seamless blendability. It can be cleaned with baby shampoo or warm water and a few drops of white vinegar. It comes in a beautiful presentation case, making it a great gift for someone who has love for makeup.


6. Daubigny Flawless Foundation Kabuki Brush – Black

This kabuki mineral foundation brush has a sleek design which makes it a great travel companion, and is suitable for professional or home use. This multi-functional, hand-made brush gives your skin both full coverage and precise application, and the dense, synthetic bristles are soft and comfortable. The foundation makeup brush is light, compact and easy to use, and its ergonomic design fits perfectly into your hand while applying makeup for a flawless finish. This cruelty-free brush is also easy to clean and maintain. There is no shedding of bristles, which is ensured by a 9-step process during manufacture.


7. Patelai 3 Pieces Large Powder Mineral Brushes

This set of 3 kabuki makeup brushes work with your blusher, bronzer, contour palette, highlighting powder, loose powder, and liquid foundation to offer a flawless finish. The soft and gentle bristles are made of synthetic fiber that do not shed, are odorless, and do not absorb excess makeup. The brushes are dense and shaped ideally to apply makeup and the bristles do not fall out during application. The ergonomic handle undergoes a high-gloss plating process that makes it durable and prevents fading. They also feature a large, fluffy, and dense brush head, making it easy to work with the brush. These brushes give a picture-perfect finish while protecting your sensitive skin. The attractive colors of these brushes make them an ideal gift for friends.


8. Juvitus Sable Brown Nylon Bristle Brush With Sifter Jar

You can put your favorite powders, dry shampoos, and mineral foundation in these jars that are both handy and travel-friendly. You just need to dip the brush into the sifter for the product and apply. To save the product from spilling, the powder cannot travel from the base and sifter to the brush. This luxurious, high quality product has a snap-on cap that protects both the brush and product from falling out. It has a mirrored top which makes touch-ups easy while you are on the go. The portable jar base holds up to 15 grams of powder and comes with an attached soft sable tone kabuki brush, and is especially suitable for those who desire to create custom shades with their foundation.


9. Mineral Fusion Flawless Mineral Foundation Brush

This mineral foundation brush is designed to work as a liquid foundation brush, and the soft bristles help to blend it into your skin for buildable coverage and a natural look. This cruelty-free brush is made of high quality material and is versatile so you can apply foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, and more. This product is free of toxins and harmful ingredients, and is ideal for light to full application of loose or pressed foundations. You can clean the brush with a mild cleanser for a longer life and durability.


10. Vabogu Powder Mineral Foundation Brush

These colorful and attractive foundation makeup brushes have high-quality synthetic bristles that are silky soft, durable, flexible, and retain their shape. They pick up just the exact amount of product and apply it evenly. The brushes are not too firm yet not too soft, so that you can blend in your foundation perfectly. They are ideal for stippling, blending, buffing, contouring, and finishing, and give smooth, streak-free coverage. The soft angle of the sculpting brush creates a natural, blended look. This versatile product can be used with cream, liquid, or powder products for contouring, highlighting, and setting. As these brushes don’t shed or absorb excess product, they are easy to clean and maintain.


11. Energy Mineral Powder Makeup Brush

This brush for mineral foundation is extra large in size, and made of best quality vegan, cruelty-free, plush, synthetic bristles, featuring a copper ferrule and a wooden handle. This versatile kabuki brush can be used for applying foundation, blush, bronzer, or finishing powder, and provides medium to full coverage. It can be used with both loose and compact powders and applies it smoothly and evenly for a flawless finish. This fluffy and dense foundation brush is super soft and holds and blends the makeup beautifully onto your skin. The hand-cut, dual colored bristles are the perfect shape, and deliver a seamless and precise application. Its unique pearl grey handle which is stamped with a silver logo is anti-slip, so it gives greater control while applying makeup.


Now that you have been through our review of the 11 best mineral foundation brushes, let us offer you a few guidelines to follow, so that you choose the best brush for yourself to apply seamless and flawless foundation.

How To Choose The Right Mineral Foundation Brush

  • Brush shape:

Kabuki brushes are great for powder foundation and minimize product wastage while flat brushes are thin, flat foundation brushes used to paint on the product, and give sheer to full coverage. Dome brushes are used for more precise application of mineral foundation, and angled brushes are excellent at providing coverage to hard to reach places. Oval brushes are best suited for creamy foundations, and tapered brushes are dense, pointed, and with a multi-angle design, used for filling in fine lines, pores, and covering imperfections. And lastly, buffing brushes are the easiest to use, and perfect for women on the go. They have dense bristles, pick up a lot of product, and are great for powder foundations.

  • Natural hair vs. synthetic bristles

Earlier, natural hair bristles were the preferred choice for mineral foundation because the powder clung well to the brush. But now, the technology behind synthetic bristles has improved to an extent that it has taken over the market. Synthetic bristles are extremely soft which helps in application, as they lightly grip the product and gently and evenly distribute it over the skin. There is also less chance of them causing skin allergies. On the other hand, though a fluffy makeup brush made from the finest animal fur may seem fancy and luxurious, it’s not very sustainable nor is it a cruelty-free option.

  • Liquid vs. powder foundation

Liquid, powder, and cream foundations all require different types of brushes for application. For liquid foundation, you’ll need a flat brush that allows you to use a painting technique for streak-free application and full coverage. For powder foundation, a fluffy and dense kabuki brush will do the trick.

Choosing the best mineral foundation brush is as important as the foundation itself. A good foundation brush eases the application process and can give you amazing results. Using the right brush to apply your mineral foundation makes all the difference in how it looks on your skin. It affects coverage, texture, and the finish of your makeup. So, you need to choose a brush that will work best with your foundation and give you a flawless finish. But whether you choose a liquid, cream, or powder foundation, finding the best foundation brush isn’t always the easiest task. We hope that our review of the 11 best brushes for mineral foundation will help you towards this end in finding the ultimate brush.