11 Best Busy Boards To Buy In 2021

11 Best Busy Boards To Buy In 2021

When your baby reaches a certain age, the easy, soft toys may no longer be entertaining for them. A busy board includes various activities compiled in a single board that helps keep your toddler interested and playful. It promotes a fun way of learning new things and improves different skill sets, including hand-eye coordination and effective problem-solving. Busy boards can be used by children of varying age groups and are suitable for the early growing and learning years of a toddler. However, older children may also enjoy playing with a busy board to gain advanced skills.

Here, we bring you a list of the best busy boards to help you pick the right one.

11 Best Busy Boards

1. VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board

With switches, latches, and keys, the busy board from VTech helps enhance your child’s motor skills. It includes an inbuilt voice function that teaches numbers from one to five and introduces the family and pets. Children can open the doors to hear sound effects and melodies that keep them occupied. This unit is easy to maintain, and you can clean it with a slightly damp cloth. The child gets a chance to learn various things with the help of a number song, an Alphabet song, and a song about the house. Toddlers aged from 12 to 36 months can play with this busy board.


2. Han-mm Preschool Montessori Busy Board

Made from soft and flexible wool felt, the busy board from Han-mm does not have any hard corners. It is lightweight and portable and helps enhance your child’s critical skills through fun activities. Children can learn to get dressed on their own and build their self-confidence. It includes six colorful buckles, a snap pocket, blue elastic, a cloth button, an olive buckle, and other fun accessories that are non-toxic and harmless.


3. DeMoca Montessori Busy Board

Suitable for children up to three years, the busy board includes ten preschool activities that help enhance their motor skills. Made of wood, this kit includes colorful wooden pieces such as a teaching kit for shoe tying and zipper snaps. It can help keep your child busy during long car or airplane journeys, and it is lightweight. Toddlers can spin the gear wheels, solve the labyrinth or even play with the switch button. This busy board can also be used for autistic children as a sensory toy or for Alzheimer’s patients as a therapy toy.


4. TT. Remax Montessori Busy Board

TT. Remax Montessori busy board uses eco-friendly paint that helps prevent bacterial breeding and forms a mirror surface. You can clean this board with a cloth wipe. It has been tested to be child-safe under different USA consumer acts. The board helps enhance the fine motor abilities of your children and helps develop memory, reasoning, creativity, and care. It weighs 2.55lb, so that you can carry it around easily.


5. BrainUp Toys Busy Board

Lightweight and travel-friendly, the BrainUp Toy busy board helps enhance your child’s essential abilities and skills. It features nine activities, including the abacus, lock and key, gear wheels, noisemaker, push-button, numbers from zero to nine, etc. Toddlers between the ages of one to three can enjoy playing with this busy board, and its high-quality material is child-safe.


6. KLT Busy Board

KLT busy board is made from soft wool felt, making it flexible and lightweight. It helps the children learn how to get dressed with fun activities, including a zipper, cloth buttons, and a snap belt. The tools are colorful and eye-catching. There are puzzles with different difficulty levels to keep the toddler engaged while enhancing their basic skills. You can carry it along during long journeys. Children aged three years and above can play with this busy board to develop perception and sensation.


7. Loyalse Montessori Busy Board

The 20-in-1 busy board includes numbers, puzzles, wheels, telephone, lock and key, etc. This busy board promotes self-dressing skills for toddlers and also helps enhance problem-solving and cognitive skills. Children aged three years and above can play with this busy board. It is made from non-toxic basswood, water paint, and metal hinges that do not rust easily.


8. Laxdacee Toddler Busy Board

Made from high-quality felt wool, the Laxdacee toddler busy board comes with an adjustable strap that is lightweight and portable. This Montessori toy includes numerous games to draw the baby’s attention. It’s an ideal preschool pastime to train toddlers to develop the motor ability, hand-eye coordination, and basic dressing ability. The components are designed for small hands, and the bright shades can attract a child’s attention. The sensory board has various difficulty levels and is also suitable as an autism toy.


9. Beinou Busy Board

With various dressing ability practices, buttons, shoelaces, belts, zippers, etc., the Beinou busy board comes with 26 animal letters and ocean animals. The fins are movable and connected to the board through straps. It is made of gentle wool felt fabric and does not hurt your child’s skin. The board also includes an adjustable shoulder strap for the toddler’s convenience. Children can learn dressing skills and spend some quality time with their parents while playing with this busy board.


10. BrainUp Toys Toddler Busy Board

The BrainUp Toys busy board comes with numbers, pegged puzzles, etc. It enhances play-and-analyze excitement with different puzzles and helps discover different ways to tie kids’ footwear. This busy board has latches, wheels, time telling clock, a lock and key, and other fun activities. The base is crafted from high-quality natural wood, examined under European EN71 toy safety standards, and dyed with vibrant non-toxic water-based paint. It is lightweight and portable.


11. La-la-llama Montessori Toddler Busy Board

Made of high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, the La-la-llama Montessori toddler busy board lets the children explore different activities and learn playfully. It helps enhance physical skills, motor skills, concentration, and eye-hand coordination. The board also helps the toddler to gain basic numeracy and literacy skills. Children aged from three to four years can play with it safely as the board is smooth-sanded and doesn’t have sharp corners.


How To Choose The Right Busy Board?

Make sure to check for these features when buying a busy board.

  1. Material: Most busy boards are made from soft felt wool that makes them strong and safe. Some may be of good quality plastic material. Choose a material that fits your requirement.
  1. Activities: Activities such as lock and key, puzzles, and zippers are some basic ones included in several busy boards. Choose the board that includes various activities to help enhance your toddler’s different skills.
  1. Portability: If a busy board is lightweight, it can be carried around easily, even during long journeys. This will ensure that your children will not get bored during traveling or disturb you while driving.
  1. Safety: Almost all the busy boards are made with your child’s safety in mind. Buy a board with soft corners and a smooth surface to help prevent accidents. Some busy boards also undergo safety testing to produce quality products.
  1. Additional features: Additional features could include adjustable straps or the design. These features are added to maximize the level of comfort and make them parent-and child-friendly.

Busy boards can be a great way to boost your toddler’s confidence and help promote different skills. They can lead to some precious bonding time between the children and their loved ones. The above list of the best busy boards might help you buy one for your child.

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