15 Best Callus Removers For Soft Skin In 2021

15 Best Callus Removers For Soft Skin In 2021

Removing calluses from your feet can be a long process, as these rough skin patches are usually formed over several months or years. A callus remover can be a good investment to scrub away tough skin. It is made from durable surgical steel and looks similar to a cheese grater. Soaking your feet or hands before using a callus remover can help get rid of dry, hard, and painful calluses.

We have reviewed the best callus removers and foot peels for soft and supple feet.

15 Best Callus Removers

1. Rikans Foot File And Callus Remover

The lightweight Rikans foot callus remover can effortlessly remove callused skin from your feet. Its easy-to-grip handle and the large scrubbing surface allow it to use from various angles as per your individual preference. You can remove dead skin from cracked heels whether your feet are dry or wet after soaking in water.


2. BTArtbox Large Foot Rasp

The large foot rasp comes with a handle that provides you an ergonomic grip. Its sophisticated laser plated blade and frame are made from surgical quality steel that is easy to sterilize and keep clean. The waterproof blade of the callus remover does not rust, lasts longer, and has sharp holes to remove dead skin cells at a faster pace. It includes a brush for cleaning the remover.


3. Oneleaf 2PCS Professional Pedicure Rasp

The pedicure callus removal features the latest design, including a cheese grater style foot callus remover to remove stubborn calluses. As for the foot file, it is composed of two sides. The file helps smooth the hard areas of your feet and provides a finishing touch during a pedicure.


4. Dr Scholl’s Duragel Callus Removers

The foot callus remover is ideal for those who want foot peels or a corn remover in the form of medicated cushions. Each of the four disc-shaped cushions contains callus remover cream, and they are designed to be applied once, so they are enough twice for both feet. The exfoliating acid in the discs works fast, and it softens the dead skin of hard calluses within hours to provide greater pain relief.


5. Kened Foot File Callus Remover

The foot dead skin remover tool set is composed of five pieces. There are two foot scrapers made from durable surgical-quality steel ideal for removing rough calluses and three foot files. Each file has a coarse side ideal for removing dead skin cells and a fine side that smoothens the skin. The steel blades are resistant to rust, while each handle is ergonomically designed for a firm grip.


6. Kinepi Foot File Callus Remover

Created from Corundum stone, this is a natural foot skin remover. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle carved from beech wood, while the natural stone does not shed despite frequent use. This all-natural hard skin remover helps scrub dead skin from cracked heels. It can also be used for toe calluses removal and smoothens the skin gradually, leaving it soft and supple.


7. Miukaa Callus Remover

With this metal callus-remover foot tool, you can efficiently remove calluses and dead skin. It includes ten high-quality blades convenient to change and a water-resistant handle. You can also use it as a finger callus remover and is easy to wash and clean.


8. Sumi Eco Eco-Friendly Nano Glass Callus Remover

Created as a foot skin remover, this tool is made from durable, environmentally friendly surgical-grade glass and is waterproof. Cut using an advanced laser technique, the foot callus remover tool has 3D nanodots engraved. The foot sander provides an ergonomic grip making it ideal for removing callused skin from wet or dry cracked heels.


9. Weetiee Foot Scrubber With Stand

One of the premier professional callus remover tools is surgical steel blades that are easy to clean. The foot callus remover has two blades, one with raised points to remove callused skin while the other convex-shaped points to smoothen skin. It includes a stand that allows easy storage and built-in holes for water to drain away.


10. Tcocos Foot Shaver Callus Remover

The three-piece set includes a callus remover tool, foot file, and ingrown nail files. All three products are composed of premium steel and are designed not to harm the skin while removing the dead cells. Ten blades are provided for the head while the cover stores dead skin. It also has a pad of silicone ideal for pedicures and manicures.


11. Gilden Tree Callus Remover

The remover foot soak set is an ideal choice if you do not want to use a rechargeable electronic foot file. It includes a callus remover gel and a clay foot sander with scrubbing and buffing sides. The gel callus remover foot soak is designed for overnight application to soften callused skin, which is then removed in the morning using the calluses remover for soft and comfortable heels.


12. MagicYee Callus Remover

The set of three callus remover foot files can treat you to a pedicure at home. Each foot file has two sides, the coarse side to remove calluses and the fine side to smooth the rough skin. You can use it on dry or wet skin. The callus removers have a hole on the ergonomic handle that allows them to be hung easily for drying.


13. IPQXE Foot Scrubber

IPQXE foot scrubber works on fingers, feet, elbows, and knees. It has 11 micro blades arranged in hundreds of small circles over its scrubbing surface. Therefore, it allows you to remove calluses safely within three minutes. The ergonomic handle offers a secure grip when you are using it.


14. Vusoset Glass Foot File

Give yourself a relaxing pedicure at home with this foot skin remover cum file. Its scrubbing surface is made from glass composed of several thousand nanoparticles, and it functions well as a heel callus remover. The electroplated plastic handle has an ergonomic design that offers an easy grip. There is a jade bead on the base helpful for a foot massage.


15. Onstep Foot File

Ideal for heel and toe calluses removal, this rough skin remover for feet has a scrubbing surface composed of naturally occurring Corundum Stone. With this callus shaver tool, you can gently remove the callused skin, resulting in less damage. You can use it on wet or dry cracked heels that leave the feet soft and smooth.


How to Choose the Right Callus Remover?

Here are some points you need to consider when buying a callus remover tool for your needs.

1. Material: A foot callus remover made from steel is ideal, and the chances of infection are minimal. Some prefer callus removers made from Corundum stone as they are traditional options and are gentle on feet and hands. Pads containing callus remover gel can be applied overnight or during the day to soften dead skin that is easy to scrub.

2. Scrubber: Some have a cheese grater-style scrubbing surface, while some have a precise laser cut scrubbing surface and natural stone versions.

3. Cleaning: A rechargeable electronic foot file and callus remover are not easy to clean as the battery might damage. Manually operated callus remover tool can be fully immersed in water and cleaned thoroughly.

4. Power: Most prefer manual callus remover tools that are easy to remove dead skin to remove. Some prefer rechargeable electronic foot files to remove calluses within seconds, and these come with additional rollers.

Your feet absorb a lot of shock as you walk, and wearing high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes might result in rough calluses forming at the heel and toes. A callus remover is more than just a hard skin remover for feet, as it can also be used on fingers to remove tough calluses and dead skin. Moreover, it also helps prevent skin from ripping and tearing and allows you to wear shoes or grip equipment when working comfortably.

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