24 Camp Songs For Kids To Sing Around The Campfire

Do you want to motivate your little campers with the best camp songs for kids? Some high-spirited songs can get them grooving and stay excited throughout camping. Children enjoy camping, but they could get tired easily. To keep them charged up and double the excitement, make them sing camping songs that are easy to follow and quite entertaining. Music can be the best way to stay engaged and pumped up. Keep scrolling through our posts for some enjoyable popular songs with great harmonies for children.

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Camping quenches different thirsts. It lets people unplug technology, distract from home and people, and connect with nature.

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Types of camp songs

Most camp songs have straightforward, rhyming, and repetitive lyrics in choruses that are suitable for kids of all age groups. Let us have a look at some types of camp songs.

1. Songs that go around in the circle

Camp songs for kids that go around in the circle

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Here, everyone sings the same lyrics following similar tunes, but at different intervals. The kids can form small groups, one group starts singing a few verses of the song. Then the second group starts the same verse at another time.

2. Repeat after me songs

Introduce new ditties with this style of camp songs. Children can also improve their vocabulary with the help of actions. In this style, the lead sings a verse from the song, and the rest have to repeat.

3. Songs with movement and actions

These camp songs and odes involve physical movement along with singing. Kids find such action songs fun and enjoy participating along with others.

4. Silly camp songs

Silly songs may or may not make any sense. But the funny lyrics, melodies, and jumbled words can make it entertaining for the kids.

Aimee Pfitzner, a music teacher and mom, shares, ” I haven’t met a child yet who did not like to sing silly camp songs, and it is the perfect ending to your time together and keeps the kiddos singing right up until the final day of school (i).”

24 Most Popular Camp Songs for Kids

1. Camp Granada (Hello Muddah, Hello Fuddah)

Summer campers have enjoyed this classic song for decades. Written by Allan Sherman and Lou Busch in the 1960s, this parody is based on the letters that Allan received from his childhood when he was at summer camp.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

2. Down by the Bay

This children’s song can be enjoyed by adults, as well. This song was performed by Raffi in his 1976 album. The chorus, easy-to-follow lyrics, and melodious tune are sure to get your kids grooving to this song.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

3. This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

This famous folk ballad about the United States is easy for kids to learn. It is one of those paeans that brings a tear into your eyes as you look up with pride. Woodie Guthrie wrote this song in 1940 inspired by an album, Worlds’ on fire.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

4. Home on the Range

This timeless classic is brought to you by Roy Rogers. It talks about America’s Wild West history and is fun to sing at the camp’s bonfire.

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When you sing along to the nursery rhyme, your child learns new words.

5. There’s a Hole In the Bucket

Originated from a German folk song written in the 17th century, this classic melody narrates the story of Henry and Liza. It talks about a hole in the bucket and how these two little kids work a way around fixing it.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

6. The Llama Song

This camp song consists of unusual lyrics about llamas and various animals. Incorporate singing and dancing to make it a lot more fun for the kids.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

7. Kookaburra

Marion Sinclair wrote Kookaburra in 1932, who was a primary school teacher from Victoria. Kookaburra is an Australian animal. The catchy music and peppy lyrics are sure to get the kids laughing out loud.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

8. Camptown Races

This song was originally titled “Gwine to Run All Night” by Stephen Foster and was first published in 1850. The simple lyrics and fun rhythm of this song make it a favorite of kids across the world.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

9. She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain

She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain, camp songs for kids

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Adapted from the African – American gospel, ‘when the chariot comes’ this traditional song is a must-play during a campfire. After hearing this a couple of times, you will find it hard to get this tune out of your head.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

10. Land of the Silver Birch

This Canadian folk song is one of the favorite camping songs for kids, pays tribute to the nation’s natural beauty. Featuring the hills, lush wilderness, and beautiful sights, this song takes you on a country tour and fills you with pride.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

11. I’m Being Swallowed By A Boa Constrictor

Written and performed by a well-known author, Shel Silverstein, this poem was later turned into a song. The light-hearted, catchy, and funny tune has made this song a favorite of kids across all age groups.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

12. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Originally a Scottish folk song, my Bonnie lies over the ocean is quite popular in the western parts of the world. Often sung as a campfire song for the boy scouts, this comes in many variations. The song’s repetitive chorus and slow pace make it relatively easy for everyone to sing along.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

13. Baby Shark

Baby Shark, camp songs for kids

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Baby shark is one of the most popular songs in recent times. Though the origins of this song are unknown, it has become a favorite anthem amongst families. This song features a pleasant way of introducing various members of the shark family.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

14. Boom Chicka Boom

This high-energy song is an all-time favorite amongst kids. As the lyrics are easy to remember, children enjoy singing and dancing to this fun number!

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

15. The Green Grass Grew All-Around

Introduce the environment and nature to your kids with this Appalachian folk song. As the song progresses, it encourages kids to look around and explore nature.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

16. Oh My Darling, Clementine

Oh My Darling, Clementine was written by Percy Montrose in 1884. This American folk ballad has a catchy tune that is easy to remember. Children would enjoy singing this song at the campfire.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

17. The Wheels on the Bus

This popular children’s song was written by Verna Hills and first published in 1939. The kids will enjoy singing this song on a bus trip or around the campfire. Though written in English, it is quite popular in other regions as well.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

18. Baby Bumblebee

Baby Bumblebee, camp songs for kids

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This song features the story of a boy who finds a bumblebee and gets excited to show the bumblebee to his mother. But unfortunately, he gets stung by it.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com

19. I Met A Bear

I met a bear, tells us about the singer who comes face to face with a wild bear. The song narrates his escape from the angry bear.

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20. We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Based on Micheal Rosen’s children’s book this song tells us the story of a group of siblings who are on a bear hunt. But when they finally come across one, they are terrified. What happens next? Find out by singing this peppy song!

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21. American Pie

In 1972, this song claimed the top spot on the US Billboard charts and remained so for four weeks. The song is loved for its relatable lyrics penned by songwriter Don McLean and its peppy music.

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22. Lean On Me

Released in 1972, Lean On Me was composed by musician Bill Withers. It is a song about friendship and support. Its heartfelt lyrics are what appeals most to its listeners.

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23. Yellow Submarine

This classic song by The Beatles is known for its catchy lyrics and tune. The lyrics are a story of a yellow submarine’s adventure under the sea.

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24. The Ants Go Marching

Famous for its catchy melody, The Ants Go Marching is a song that describes a humorous scenario of ants marching in a row as they overcome obstacles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some tips for teaching camp songs to children who may be shy or reluctant to participate?

Creating a welcoming environment with positive reinforcements, adequate repetitions of the lyrics, visual aids such as lyrics papers or illustrations, song-based actions, and collaborative spaces can help teach camp songs and solos to children who may be shy or reluctant to participate.

2. How can camp songs be adapted for different age groups?

Simplifying the lyrics and music, modifying the actions and speed for the children’s age, and using technology or musical instruments to regulate the tempo can help adapt camping songs to different age groups.

3. How do I make a camp song?

To create a camp song, create lyrics that are easy to remember and sing along to. Make sure to use a simple tune and include fun movements or actions that everyone can do together to make it enjoyable and get everyone involved.

4. Who sings in the family camp?

During a family camp, everyone, including parents, children, and camp staff, can join in and sing songs together to have fun and strengthen their connections. Anyone who is excited and willing can take turns leading the songs.

5. Are any hand motions or other actions accompanying camp songs?

Yes, people often act with their hands or body in camp songs to make it more fun and interesting. They might clap, stomp, use hand gestures, or move in a way that fits the song’s words or meaning.

Going camping with friends or family offers an excellent opportunity to bond and explore the wonders of nature. Camping can also teach children to socialize with their peers and learn more about nature. One fun way they can bond with peers is by singing together around the campfire. Hence, we have put together this list of the most common camp songs for kids to help you have a wonderful and memorable camping experience with your children. So, the next time you decide to go camping, ensure that you teach your children these songs and jingles and have a gala time.

Infographic: Tips To Make Camping With Children Fun And Easy

Camping is a one-of-a-kind experience for children. It lets them connect with nature, instills responsibility, and promotes healthy family bonding. So if you are planning your child’s first ever camping trip, you’ll need these hacks and tips to make it a comfortable, easy, and fun experience for them.

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Sing along with your kids to fun campfire songs! Enjoy classic favorites like “Food, Jungle Animal and More” plus a compilation of other fun songs.

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